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Food, sleep, well-being, physical activity ... where are we? What are the good reflexes to have? This is what the association Axa Prévention wanted to know, whose barometer assesses the state of fitness of the French. Each video discusses a health issue deciphered through a micro-sidewalk, the results of the latest health barometer and the advice of an expert.

Diet: a key factor of health

Eat well ... it's never too late to start! What are the best practices for eating really rhyme with health? Do the French have a balanced diet? Answers through a micro-sidewalk and the advice of Serge Hercberg, professor of nutrition at Paris XIII University.

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Sleep is health

Sleep well is an essential factor in our health. What are our good and bad sleep habits? Do the French sleep enough? What are the keys to recovering a baby's sleep? Answers through a micro-sidewalk and the advice of François Duforez, sleep doctor at L'Hôtel-Dieu in Paris.

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What are the keys to happiness?

Psychological well-being has a real impact on our health! Are the French happy? What is stressing us? How to stay calm and avoid conflicts? Answers through a micro-sidewalk and the advice of Charles Peretti, professor and head of psychiatric department at the Saint-Antoine Hospital in Paris.

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Moving is good!

Having a regular physical activity, moving, playing sports makes you feel better, maintain your body and prevent certain pathologies. Everyone knows, but ... are we really moving enough and under what conditions? What activity to practice? What are the recipes of a good physical shape? Answers through a micro-sidewalk and the advice of Serge Simon, doctor and former top athlete.

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Chocolate tagliatelle flambé with cognac

3 ways to help young kids build language and literacy skills

3 ways to help young kids build language and literacy skills

The Four Stages in Acquiring Language

Debbie Koenig

Debbie Koenig

our site is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming. With thousands of award-winning articles and community groups, you can track your pregnancy and baby's growth, get answers to your toughest questions, and connect with moms, dads, and expectant parents just like you.

Parents Need to Eat Too Trailer

Blind: this is how much the tubers cost this time

Friday is the end of the 2018/19 class, and the mid-month and a half-month summer break will begin for almost a million general and high school students. Over the course of the year, many students will spend part of their holiday in the camp.

Based on this year's forecasts, last year's record will be broken, with more than 215,000 children expected to be recruited.Tуth Bйla, the leader of with MTI, said that the number of growing children was also responded to by the organizers, and where possible, new turnarounds were initiated, as the price was published in March. we were able to put candidates on the waiting list. With the launch of the new tours, children who have not yet booked are also given the chance to get the best pitches. It has to be noted - he explained - that the huge demand, that is, the increased number of recruits, has also led to an upturn. So you have to pay more than one percent on a vacancy this year than last year, the average cost of a sunbathing plant is 35 thousand, while the average cost of taking a sunbathing plant is 50 thousand forints. Vacations begin on Fridays According to a review published on the portal, the most popular platform in 2019 is the sports, even English and IT tied for second place in the podium. In the third place were the increasingly dynamic skill development guards, which were followed by the military and military defense and adventure guides. It is interesting to learn that more and more hungary in Hungary or extreme tubfor which demand is steadily increasing.In the geographical distribution, the leading position, like in the previous year, is still owned by Veszprém County, while the other two are the Pest and Fejér counties. It can also be said that the highest concentration of sunburns can be observed in Budapest, but it can be stated that in the larger towns, county Children, young people are invited to participate in this year's 72 camps with nearly 2200 participants. Starting in mid-June, they offer horse-riding, long-distance and patronage workshops in thematically organized multi-day troops, as well as youth work and traditions. Not only will they gain insight into the topics they choose, but they will also acquire physical education, field skills, and knowledge that they can use in their daily lives.
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  • What to do with ovis kids on summer?
  • Should your child have a summer vacation or a lot of activities?
10 tips for perfect family trips

With the beautiful weather, the time of short or longer trips with the whole family comes. The enthusiasm is at the highest levels, especially if you choose places that children have not tried yet or if you are planning a vacation otherwise, in nature, in a special place or one with many activities in which the whole family will be involved. However, planning a trip with the whole family can become complicated, so we have gathered 10 useful tips worth considering and simplifying things.

1. Children like to be involved in elections. Instead of deciding the whole itinerary and making plans with each activity, you can ask the little ones what they think about a certain thing and what they would like to experience in addition to what you have put on the list.

2. Surprises are nice, but when you go on vacation try to prepare the little ones, tell them where you are going, how long you will stay there, otherwise it is possible that the sudden changes in the environment will not only bring smiles to the children , but also confusion and question marks.

3. When you go to places that are still undiscovered, try to find out (online or from friends) what places are worth seeing, how you can spend an evening in the family, about child-friendly restaurants and fun in the area. Thus, you will have all the information at hand and you will not be taken unprepared, regardless of the situation.

4. Establish from the beginning a travel budget. Often this will prove to be too small and will be supplemented, but at least you get an idea of ​​how much you should spend and how much you actually spent in the end.

5. If you are leaving with your family car, do not forget the special car seat for children and make sure the model fits and can be mounted on the vehicle seat without any problems.

6. Invent games on the way to your destination. Even if it is only a few hours, a car trip can prove to be very tiring for children and quite long. Some well-chosen games (such as counting cars of a certain color or singing in the car or counting trees on the road) can save the situation.

7. Try to have separate luggage and ask the children to do their luggage with your help. It is very important for the little ones to feel useful and responsible, and when they are allowed to choose part of their luggage they will feel more than responsible for the things they choose.

8. Do not forget at home the favorite toys of the little ones and not a few story books, you never know when you will need them. In addition, it would be good to have a surprise, like a new toy, that will come as a gift at the right times.

9. Give up expectations, every trip with your family is unique and brings back beautiful memories that will never be forgotten.

10. Whether you have stayed at a hotel or a guesthouse, do not forget to take in your luggage and hygienic disinfectant. It ensures the efficient disinfection, without chlorine, of the surfaces with which the family comes in contact and you can use it with confidence on the clamps, switches, the toilet bowl, cabinets and other surfaces or objects in the room.

For excursions in nature, where water sources are scarce, take in the bag the antibacterial gel Igienol. Just a few drops of gel applied to children's hands removes bacteria for a long time.

Pilates method during pregnancy

Pilates method during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the woman experiences changes of a psychological and physical order. When it comes to the physical part, many women feel limited. The change in the body causes them to lose elasticity, and also maintaining posture is very difficult to achieve, as the pregnancy progresses. For this reason, it is very important to follow, from the first months of pregnancy, a specific physical activity for the gestation period (prepartum and postpartum).

The regular practice of exercises favors the healthy development of pregnancy, in addition to maintaining weight, strengthening the muscles, and stimulating the woman's blood circulation. The movements of the Pilates method, with the assistance of a competent professional, they meet all the qualities and requirements for a woman to have a healthy pregnancy and a smooth delivery.

Pilates movements can be beneficial for the expectant mother, helping her maintain good posture, alleviate some of the usual pains, and become more aware of changes in her body. The technique is applied according to the needs of each stage of gestation, and is subject to the energy changes that occur day by day.

As it is a light exercise program, designed to strengthen and tone muscles through gentle stretching, it allows cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strengthening, increased flexibility, and improved posture, coordination, breathing, and concentration.

Through the practice of the Pilates method, the pregnant woman You will get to know your body better and learn to 'listen' to its messages, thus better mastering your movements. Among the benefits of practicing the exercises of the Method during pregnancy, we can highlight:

During pregnancy:
- Strengthening of the abdominal wall, which will favor the expulsion in labor.

- Prevention of abnormal separation of the abdominal wall muscles.

- Decrease in the lumbar curve caused by the increase in size and weight of the abdomen

- Decrease in the tension generated in the muscles, through relaxation and stretching.

- Strengthening of the muscles of the legs, stimulating blood circulation.

- Strengthening the muscles of the arms to adapt the posture to the increase in weight and volume of the chest.

- Improved sleep and concentration

- Improvement of the respiratory mechanism due to better oxygenation of the tissues and the baby.

During the delivery:
- Benefits during childbirth. Shorter deliveries, fewer cesarean sections.

- Body awareness of postures during childbirth.

- Increased endurance, relaxation.

After delivery:
- Quick postpartum recovery, strengthening the abdominal area.

- Reduction of incontinence symptoms, improvement of circulation and constipation.

It is recommended to start practicing the Method when the discomfort of the first months of pregnancy begins to disappear, usually from the second trimester, and always with medical authorization. If physical exercises are performed, at least in the last months of pregnancy, probably the pregnant woman will not have risks of suffering from hypertension, lumbago, urinary tract infections, edema, varicose veins, etc.

The practice of the Pilates Method is absolutely contraindicated in some circumstances such as: hypertension or heart disease, premature rupture of membranes, premature labor, incompetence of the cervix or habitual abortions, bleeding, placenta previa, maternal diabetes, lung disease. In cases of hypo or hyperthyroidism, hyperthermia, anemia, extreme fatigue, uterine contractions or excessive obesity, it is recommended to practice the Method, from when it is previously authorized by the doctor.

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