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5 LOW-PREP Activities for Kids Using Water

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On Friday, April 1st, the National Journal and the Litera Publishing House bring you the 5th volume from the Muzzy collection (book and DVD). For all children to learn English, French, Spanish, Italian and German quickly. Because it's fun and efficient, but especially loved by all!

Muzzy: 15 CD books and 15 DVD books that will help you unravel the mystery of languages!

How important is it for your child to know at least one foreign language? How will this influence his future? At school or at work, English and French are the first on the mandatory list! And as we live in the century of speed and globalization, languages ​​such as German, Italian or Spanish should also be included in our knowledge bag. With very little effort, foreign languages ​​will no longer be a mystery to your little one.

The course represents a program of rapid language learning, the great or merit being that it works with the same efficiency both among children and adolescents, but also among adults. Your child will learn the most important words in 5 foreign languages: concepts about health, time, feelings, days of the week, people and places, how to dress, about family and friends, about home life and hundreds of other words and phrases. , which is the basis of the vocabulary of any language of the world.

From volume 5 we learn the days of the week, the months of the year, the seasons and many other surprises that we let you discover with the little ones!

The multilingual course includes: 15 books with DVD, which presents an engaging story with nice characters, supported by cartoons and a vocabulary with over 500 words in each language. Interactive MUZZY includes 15 CD books: over 1,000 exercises and computer games. Solving requirements are subtitled in Romanian.

For 30 weeks, every Friday, the National Journal will be accompanied by Muzzy!

The price of a volume will be 14,9 RON.

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The diet with which Cori Gramescu, one of the best known fitness trainers in Romania, managed to lose 40 kilos in 2 years has become, in a very short time, the source of interest and food model for women who want to drop a number high weight, without endangering his health.

Cori's diet is considered a lifestyle adopted long, healthy and healthy. It is a fairly relaxed cure and does not imply an extremely strict eating program, but rather observance of clear eating principles. The rich and diversified diet prevents starvation, and if it is combined with constant sports, the exceptional results are not delayed to appear from the first weeks.

The basic principles of diet

  • increased water consumption (hydration is very important in this diet and the water can be replaced with a lemonade or mint or a glass of fruit juice only after sports sessions, from the gym);
  • no fried, fatty and unhealthy foods;
  • no sweets;
  • no carbonated or commercial juices.

Dietary recommendations in diet Cori Gramescu

The diet menu consists of 3 main meals and 2 snacks. For these meals, Cori offers food suggestions to take into account and consume throughout the diet. The trainer does not recommend a strict menu, with precise foods for each meal, but it is up to the consumers to choose the preparations they want, but within certain quantitative limits.


Breakfast should be the most satisfying and nutrient-rich meal of all, to give you the energy you need throughout the day. You can choose between:

  • skimmed milk - yogurt, cow's cheese, cottage cheese, cow's or goat's milk, healthy etc (150 g);
  • eggs (1 egg per day);
  • grilled meat, well seasoned (alternative to sausages) -100 g;
  • fresh vegetables - 250 g;
  • whole grains (3-5 tablespoons) mixed with a little juice from fresh fruit.

Snack 1

  • 300 g of seasonal fruits.


  • grilled beef - 150 g;
  • vegetables - 300 g;
  • 3 tablespoons of whole or wild rice, buckwheat, or quinoa (only on days when you go to the hall).

Snack 2

  • a small, natural yogurt with a few almonds or walnuts.


  • over - 150 g or very weak red beef - 100 g;
  • steamed vegetables, cooked or grilled, seasoned with a little olive oil and flax seeds - 200 g;
  • a small green salad.

The fitness instructor has felt on his own skin how tempting are the meals in the city and the menus of the restaurants or how difficult it is to keep the diet when you are always on the run. For this reason, I recommend to all dieters to always have a bag of almonds, nuts or cashews or fruit in their bag to quickly quench their hunger when they do not have time to eat without affecting the diet.

At the restaurant, you can order only grilled steaks or grilled fish with vegetable toppings (without potatoes) or salads, with the mention of bringing your sauces separately, so that you control the amount placed in the preparations and avoid excessive intake. of calories from these.

What do you think about the diet proposed by Cori Gramescu - easy or difficult to maintain? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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Saint Manuel's Day, January 1. Names for boys

Manuel is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin that means 'God accompanies us' and we can affirm that it has been, is and will be one of the most frequent names in the world, because Manuel never goes out of style. A very appropriate name for your baby if you do not like extravagances, but not old-fashioned names either. He celebrates his name day on January 1, which is Saint Manuel's day.

Manuel or Emmanuel is also the other name that Jesus had. The weight of its meaning makes the boy named Manuel have a lot of confidence in himself, something very important to achieve success in life. Manuel is sensitive and sociable and exudes optimism which makes him the soul of his group of friends. Her curiosity is insatiable, but she tends to be scattered, so she sometimes needs help to focus.

Manuel is the form that this name takes in Spanish, because in most languages ​​the variant Emmanuel and the like are used. The affectionate nickname of Manolo and the diminutive Manu are very frequent, although we especially like the Asturian variant Nel. Imanol is the form that Manuel adopts in Euskera, although we have it perfectly assimilated as Spanish.

Imanol is precisely the name of some well-known and beloved characters such as the film director Imanol Uribe and the actor Imanol Arias. Nor can we forget the importance of the philosopher Inmanuel Kant. Singers like Manu Carrasco and Manu Chao carry your son's name all over the place, although Manuel is not a name that needs promotion.

That Manuel is such a frequent name dates back to the time of the reconquest, when Jews and Moors had to convert to Christianity in order not to be expelled from the peninsula. So, most of the converts chose the name Manuel, for its meaning, to baptize their children and guarantee them a better life.

On January 1, in addition to being known in the Catholic Church as the celebration of Emmanuel, the name of the Messiah, it is also popular because more saints are celebrated on that day. Read well on our list in case you have to congratulate someone else on this date!

  • Holy Mary, Mother of God, virgin
  • Saint Almaquio
  • San Claro
  • Saint Eugene
  • Saint Frodoberto
  • San Fulgencio
  • Saint William Abbot of Saint Beningno of Dijon
  • Saint Joseph Maria Tomasi
  • St. Justin Bishop
  • Saint Odilon of Cluny

Read more: [Calendar of the names of saints in January]

There are many names for boys that begin with the letter M, besides Manuel. If you still doubt whether to keep it and want to see more name options that start with this alphabet letter, take note of the most popular, original and special!

  • Frames. There are two versions as to its origin. Some point out that it is of Germanic origin and that it means 'virile', while others point to Latin roots and that it means 'consecrated to Mars'. Its best known variants are the Italian, Marco, the German, Markus, the French Marc or the English Mark.
  • Matthew. Biblical name, name of a saint, and the name of one of the 12 apostles in the New Testament. Can you ask for more? Before Matthew became an apostle (and the patron saint of bankers and accountants), his name was Levi. Mateo comes with the fancy nickname Teo and variations Matteo, Matias and Matthias. Mateo has made a dramatic rise in popularity since 1992, and although he has slowed down, he shows no signs of stopping. International soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo named one of his twins Mateo in 2017 and that has put him at the highest point.
  • Milan. In recent years it has become very fashionable again, since the couple formed by Shakira and Piqué chose it for the first of their children. Many people related it to the Italian city, but this name also has its origins and its history. Of Slavic origin, it means dear, gracious and loving. He celebrates his saint on December 7.
  • Martin. It borrows its form from the Latin name Martinus, which came from Mars, the Roman god of war. The popularity of the name in the ancient Christian world was influenced by Saint Martin de Tours, a disinterested 4th century bishop who was the patron saint of France.

Have you heard of numerology? It is about the science that studies the relationship between letters, numbers and divine forces, that is, it allows you to know the personality of your child through the digits that hide each of the vowels and consonants that compose it. In Manuel's case, it would be 1, like the day he is born. Chance? Not!

Positive traits
Since he is born he is used to being number 1 and that is something that will greatly influence his life and his relationship with others. At school, for example, he will always be chosen as the class delegate and, in terms of studies, being a very demanding and perfectionist person, he will always seek to be among the most awarded. On the other hand, they are children with a lot of initiative and pro activity. You will have to take a good look at the list of extracurricular activities, because you will want to sign up for all of them!

Negative traits
What we are going to tell you may shock you, but the fact of always wanting to be in the spotlight of others will cause certain problems of self-esteem and insecurity. And it is that at the moment in which the attention turns to another side that is not his, he will not bear it! Something similar will happen at home, because children governed by this number will always seek the affection of their parents, specifically their mother, until they can become a bit absorbing and limiting.

You can read more articles similar to Saint Manuel's Day, January 1. Names for boys, in the category of Saints - Biblicals on site.

Days Of The Week Song. Kids Songs. Super Simple Songs

Praise is an excellent way to motivate your child or reward them for good behavior. However, too much praise can create a situation where your child expects praise for every activity they do or only do activities that will result in praise. Good praise is specific and related to effort, not just outcome.

An example, if your child is toilet training, giving them praise around the specific activities that they do with toilet training, even if they're not successful in reaching to the toilet, can increase their success with toilet training. Simple statements such as, "I'm really proud that you came and told me that you needed to use the bathroom when you felt your urine coming" can increase the number of times that your child will come to you when they need to go. Praising their effort – "I appreciate the fact that you went to the bathroom and you pulled your pants down by yourself" – helps to reinforce the actual activities that they're doing to allow toilet training to happen.

For older children, when they are participating in sports and other activities, praise their courageousness for trying out, praise their effort as being part of the team. And while it's fine to praise the home run they hit, putting greater emphasis on their effort as opposed to the outcome can reinforce their behavior for future times.

Breastfeeding Requirements May Cause Postpartum Depression

Breastfeeding Requirements May Cause Postpartum Depression

Breastfeeding has become a requirement for new mothers, although not everyone can meet it for a variety of reasons. Excessive pressure and sensation of failure, on the other hand, has a very bad effect on moms, even after birth depression can develop.

Breastfeeding pressure can cause post-natal depression Source: iStock As we have become more aware of the benefits of breastfeeding, its useful effects have been recognized. Throughout the years, professionals have increasingly encouraged newborn mothers to breastfeed. For those mothers who, for some reason, are unable to do so, the expectation from society is very destructive: it can lead to anxiety, depression pressure treatment for pressure. The authors emphasize that Newborn mothers who are not capable of breastfeeding should be supported both physically and psychologically.One of the co-authors of this article, Ana Diez-Sampedro he has medical but also personal experience as he was hoping for successful breastfeeding at the time of his twin birth because he could not feed his baby in this way. "We think that breastfeeding is usually the best solution, but this is not the case with some mothers" According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, women should only breast-feed their babies for the first six months, and then continue breastfeeding for at least one year, even with solid foods. However, these goals are not achievable for all women, which has to be negatively affected not only by those working in health, but also very often by other mothers who say "it will work if you are still better". Stress due to inadequacy, coping can trigger sensation of inadequacy, failure, isolation, and can lead to postpartum depression.The authors of this article seek to rectify this exclusionary mindset from the health worker concerned with maternal care. According to pregnant women and mothers, professionals need to be aware of the challenges of breastfeeding and the relationship between failed breastfeeding and postpartum depression, we need to prepare for the emotional support of the moms too. Secondly, pregnant women are educated on breastfeeding with their parents they should also talk about safe eating practicesso that prospective mothers know the least about what other options they have. (Via)

The most influential children in Hollywood

The most influential children in Hollywood

In Hollywood, not only the actors are famous, but also their children. The little couples of Jolie-Pitt, David and Victoria Beckham are just a few of the cases where the celebrity of the parents made their children known, while Suri, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, is the clear example in which the parents' relationship has to win. following the arrival of the little girl in the world.
Forbes magazine has made the top of the most influential children in Hollywood, monitoring, for a year, a group of 50 children with a maximum age of 5 years. The producers of the top centralized the number of appearances on the Internet and in the press, and then turned to the services of an institute specialized in opinion polls, to find out how well known these children are among the public and how loved their parents are. … Continue on

The magic word in child development: Movement!

The magic word in child development: Movement!

The first thing the mother expects with excitement from the moment she learns her pregnancy is to feel the movements of her baby. Mothers describe this feeling as edilemez indescribable mutluluk happiness. During pregnancy, the baby's movements are constantly monitored, and if he / she remains inactive for a certain period of time, he / she is worried if there is a situation that does not go well. It is even said that the movements of the baby in the womb decreases, increases the happiness of the mother and dances after a nice meal. The movements of the baby in the womb during pregnancy is an indicator that the pregnancy is on its way.

Stating that the baby's mobility continues at full speed after birth Anadolu Health Center Child Health and Diseases Specialist Namik Kemal Akpinar, It emphasizes the importance of movement in terms of child health and development.

Stating that the mobility in the arms and legs in the postnatal baby continues as meaningless and involuntary movements compared to adults. Namık Kemal Akpınar, with the development of the nervous system over time, meaningless and involuntary hand-arm leg movements began to decrease, he says.

Development in the movement system continues from top to bottom

Over time, voluntary movements began to be in the control of the upper brain, indicating that the development of the movement system continues from top to bottom. Namık Kemal Akpınar said, “In the evaluation of development with the movement system; head control, reaching out with arms, holding hands, development of thumb control, assisted sitting, unsupported sitting, crawling, sorting, walking, running, climbing and descending staircase. The fact that these stages of development begin to take place in the appropriate months is an indication that the movement system is developed. ”

Dr. Namık Kemal Akpınar says, leri The limb movements in the first 6 months are the movements that facilitate the baby to poop and gas output and are necessary. ”

Give your baby wide range of motion

As the child begins to crawl, tours to explore and learn the outside world begin. First, he begins to reach out to his alluring toys and objects, discovering distant points of view over time. The drawers it can reach are the most curious points. It is infinitely enjoyable for them to get up there, pull the drawer and throw away the contents. During this period, the baby should be provided a wide range of motion. Namık Kemal Akpınar, ın Do not keep sharp-edged objects in the vicinity, remove the covers hanging from the coffee table or table. After starting to walk, prepare the environment for the possibility of sudden movements and stopping, expand the area genişlet warns.

The development of mobile babies is ahead of their peers

Stating that there is no excess weight or even less weight in moving babies, he said. Namık Kemal Akpınar said, dan Since their perceptions about the environment and researcher aspects are at the forefront, their development is also ahead of their peers. Moving babies fall asleep faster after fatigue, sleep depth and time will be more, ”he says.

Dr. Namik Kemal Akpinar, last warns about walking babies:

Lucky First Names: Alaia

Lucky First Names: Alaia


The name Alaia is synonymous with "virtuous" in Arabic, while it means "happiness" and "joy" in Basque. Come on, we take the second option, do not you?

Duke University scientists have discovered a new white that defines the communication between neurons in the brain. The mutation in your white leads to autism.

A study in Nature deals with mice suffering from autism in experimental conditions, where the Shank3 was caused by mutation of the name white. Animals, like patients with this disease, are incapable of socializing, and at the same time are graciously repeating certain behaviors. A number of genes, biochemical and environmental factors have emerged in the background, but so far science has failed to provide a convincing explanation. Since only a few patients are present in a wide variety of factors, effective drug therapy would be very difficult. The New Approach, according to researchers, may be the basis for targeted therapeutic agents.

Autism-related whites have been found

Shank3 is present in special cellular connections (medical synapses), which is essential for cell-to-cell communication. Mice carrying the Shank3 mutation avoided social contact with the rest of the individual, as well as repetitive, sometimes dangerous behavior.
According to the research, the central request is the relationship between the brain cortex and stock exchanges. Where this relationship was, there was normal behavior in the individual, where mutation in Shank3 prevented communication between neurons and experienced autistic behaviors. He led the exam Dr. Guoping Feng according to him, this mutation would be the primary disorder in autism, and the many variations described would be the consequence of this disorder.
The discovery of the new helps to understand the functioning of the brain and can lead to the development of new, targeted drugs in the future, but there are still many studies to be done.
Baby Room: Today, we are hearing more and more about autism, just because the umbrella movie made the problem well known. Today's examinations and research results allow professionals to detect mild cases of autism spectrum disorder, thereby enabling more and more patients to become professionally qualified, more likely to integrate. If you are interested in this topic, read this exciting novel by Jodi Picoult House Policy. The domestic situation is not discussed in this article.

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