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The dessert round

Cakes, pies, pancakes ... sweet recipes ... a real treat! Discover our dessert recipes to finish the meal gently or to taste at tea time.

Discover all our recipes

Tiramisu of red fruits

This is a very fresh dessert that does not need cooking. This red fruit tiramisu recipe is really easy to make.

See the recipe.

Lemon Cream

A vitamin and gourmet dessert recipe with good citrus zest.

See the recipe.

Papillotes of pears with vanilla and star anise

A delicious dessert to serve hot or warm, accompanied by a cloud of whipped cream or a sorbet with pear.

See the recipe.

Brownie with chocolate and pear

This is a brownie that changes brownie! And as always, the duo poire-chocolat does wonders ...

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Wonders of dark chocolate and its nougat surprise

A surprising blend of sweetness where the intensity of chocolate reveals all the sweetness of nougat and caramelized almonds with a hint of honey.

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Choco-caramel and white-raspberry chocolate entremet

Here is a recipe whose presentation is superb. We keep the idea aside to receive friends!

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Caramel cream and popcorn

A melting heart and a touch of crisp with popcorn ... a recipe that will delight all gourmands, young and old!

See the recipe.

Orange chocolate terrine

A true delight with melting chocolate and candied orange peel to enjoy with your family.

See the recipe.

Fluffy kiwi-lemon

The mellowness put themselves in exotic time with this recipe gourmet and full of vitamins. To test absolutely!

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Mirabelle donuts

Plum donuts, that's a gourmet idea! These delicious little wonders will be appreciated by young and old.

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Clafoutis cherries-pistachios

The cherry is in the spotlight in this summer recipe where it mixes with pistachio to bring a touch of originality, full of flavors. With its soft and melting texture, this cherry-pistachio clafoutis will delight you.

See the recipe.

Frost Island Cups

We offer ourselves the sun at dessert time with this recipe straight from the islands ... And if you wish, replace the vanilla ice cream with coconut ice cream.

A gourmet recipe.

Profiteroles with chocolate and cream

Gourmet and cocoa-addicts, treat yourself! Because the profiteroles are too good ...

See the recipe.

Mini-galettes des kings with frangipane and jam

Too crisp these mini-galettes! And the whole family will melt for their melting heart blend of frangipane and jam. Who is the queen?

See the recipe.

Makis pancakes with jam

And if you surprise your gourmands with sweet makis with jam? An ideal recipe for snack made with pancake batter. Who will come to eat them with chopsticks?

See the recipe.

Sandwich bar with calissons and raspberries

A delicious gourmet recipe wish to seduce the most greedy.

See the recipe.

Panna cotta with strawberry jelly

A gourmet and fresh seasonal dessert that will please your little family.

See the recipe.

Meli-melon with red berries

A colorful and vitaminized dessert this meli-melon! As its name suggests, it contains melon, but also full of summer fruits!

See the recipe.

Red fruit salad with black olives, chocolate and churros

A 1000% original dessert with red fruits and black olives! And greedy with churros and chocolate.

See the recipe.


A recipe rich in chocolate for your greedy. To taste in small bites because it is rich in calories.

See the recipe.

Pancakes and fruit skewers

The freshness of the fruits is combined with the sweetness of the pancakes in this vitamin and gourmand dessert at a time. And then, eat a dessert on a skewer, what a pleasure!

See the recipe.

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Over-parenting causes immaturity and frustration in children

The problem of hyper-parenting, that is, that need to solve all the problems of our children, to the point of anticipating them, is a hot topic.

We could summarize his reasoning as follows: I love him so much that when I see that this or that thing is a danger or can make him suffer, as a mother or father, I understand that I have to avoid itIn the same way that when he is hungry I feed him or when he is cold I clothe him.

However, experience ends up showing that, in addition to being a practice that generates certain levels of stress and burden on parents,This hyperprotection causes in children, among others, future problems of frustration and immaturity, since life establishes with all of us, in our adult life, a dialogue that we must know how to speak, and the more words we have in our vocabulary, the better; but if in our childhood we have not been allowed to experience realities such as denial, or responsibility, words that are otherwise widely used in life, our language will be rather poor.

It is not an easy subject, reason points to some things but the heart seems to pull the other way. I propose a vision that allows us to get on both sides, which consists of seeing our children as living beings, in an expansion process in which we participate, and we can enjoy, provided we bear in mind that said expansion must meet two requirements: experimental, and own.

- ExperimentalBecause, by way of example, they are not going to learn to walk based on explanations, but with practice, giving themselves a few great asses and receiving the appropriate stimuli and help to end up supporting themselves; taking him by the hands, yes, but not carrying him. Also some physiological processes speak clearly in this direction, our son has to experience constipation and flu experimentally so that his body "learns" by its own means to relate to certain pathogens generating the defense mechanisms that allow it to overcome them; And this process is essential if you want to lead a normal life later.

- Own because their expansion, their growth, is not a copy of ours, we have traveled a path and we have an experience to contribute to them, but they do not have to tread exactly in our footsteps. Because he, or she, is the protagonist of his life, and as such he must be assumed in everything that happens to him; if you hit a table, the table is not "bad, bad", but an opportunity to realize what has happened, in order to avoid it in the future. In this way, the relevant role will not be played by something external, the chair, but by him, or her, as the capacity to realize, to learn, and to handle reality.

Respecting these two concepts, experience and protagonism, our participation in this process can be joyful, as long as we enjoy (and, why not, make our) this expansion in which we are, so to speak, aside, pushing, guiding and encouraging, and not on top, being a weight. Thus, instead of transmitting fear and prevention due to dangers that are often to come, and unfathomable, let us share with them day by day the joy of their fulfillment, the pleasure of living, and teaching how to live, the adventure of life.

Jordi Calm Guiteras

Personal adviser

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Preparing for Your Newborn - Parenting U - Childrens Hospital and Medical Center

There is a special bath technique that will put the baby to sleep

Sonia Rochel, a French newborn baby and infant, has developed a special bath technique that relaxes babies to the point where they practically fall asleep.

You need to learn Sonia Rochel's special bath technique

The sound of the constantly rustling water, Sonia its caressing, slow touches recall the idyllic status of the mother in its infancy. The Thalasso Baby Bath technique may seem a little daunting at first, since the water infects the eyes, mouth and ears of newborns, but it is completely safe. Babies do not cry, on the contrary, a 15 minutes massage and rocking they are so relaxed that they stay awake all night long. Sonia does not use any bath products except the water and the power of touch to heal The infant baby renowned for her bath technique has been working in the profession for 39 years and also educates parents in France so they can apply this special technique at home. However, you are warned that somebody (like watching videos), without knowledge and practice, will try it with you. " my world-wide appeal is theirs, "says Sonia. "When I meet parents who want to learn the technique, I first notice how afraid they are of the bath. The most important thing is to get rid of that fear because your baby will be able to relax, too." tip that anyone can take, as we can guarantee a more enjoyable bath for babies.

1. Never bathe a hungry baby!

If the baby is hungry, even the finest baths will not be able to soothe. Sonia thinks it's ideal if 20-30 minutes after dinner you are going to take a bath.

2. Don't be afraid your little ear or eyes will get wet!

There will be no harm to the baby if a little water enters the eyes or ears. In fact, sooner you will be much more confident in the water.

3. Use a Baby Shower Head!

How good is a relaxing head massage at the hairdresser? Newborns also feel very comfortable when they are massaged by water jets. Get a baby shower headand gently splash water on the little head.

4. Prepare for Sudden Movements!

Newborn babies have the flickering, sudden, reflex-like movements that come with keeping one hand in hand at all times. For example, when they accidentally get to the edge of the code, they get ready or start chiming. Hold the baby with one hand, but the other should always be close to the baby for such cases.

5. Focus on standing!

Sonia is aiming at the whole method of letting parents realize that bathing is not about washing the baby quickly, especially with regard to the armpits and other inclinations. It's about enjoying the warmth of the water, the warmth, relaxing with the little ones and having a good time. Only with this change of attitude can you make the bath a lot more special for your baby.Video about bathing:The following articles are also related to the bath topic:

Simona: origin and meaning of the name for girl Simona

5 essentials for the happiness of the child

I propose to leave aside a few paragraphs all you have read about what it means to be a parent and what children in general want. And, from the moment we stopped in the "science", let's begin to look at our child with all the love you carry and try to understand Him or EA or EI as smaller men, each having its own particularities. its.

Growing up that even in the book, trying to match their behaviors to the theoretical contents, there is a risk of losing that essentiality given by the uniqueness of each one. So, I invite you dear parents, to find out the answer to: what defines your child and you will see that, for each child, the answer is different.

1. What exactly makes him feel loved? Attention to the nuance: what you do / say to reach the child as a proof of love, yes? Let him do it to feel loved.

2. What should you do to make him feel understood? I would like to note that it is always about how the child perceives not be forced to "guess" from what you say or do that was understood.

3. It feels my child safe? In the family, at school, in the world, are you sure that coming to me with a problem will you find support? Are you sure I'm there for him?

4. Does your child feel accepted? How can you do that? By simply accepting it with good and evil. Let me accept it as it is, not how I would like it to be. And if he fails to come to his parents with whom he can discuss it for the simple reason that he knows he will not be rejected, blamed, labeled but accepted and supported.

5. Let your parents know that you are "good". Yes! Our children see it I understand more than we like new adults to believe. If you take care of yourself, your well-being, you will be a good example for them and give them a sense of security that you will be around them for a long time to come.

And if you want to see him really happy, then I recommend a fun and educational program: NERF camp. Here playing with comrades of the same age is the main activity that your child will enjoy and comes in such varied and attractive forms that the little one will certainly be happy!

In the NERF camp, your child is learned through games and through interaction with others about friendship, team fun, positive communication, outdoor movement, sports and relaxation under the supervision of specialists in communicating with children. I trust that in your NERF camp your little one will have so many beautiful memories on how many lessons to rely on later in life.

Discover the NERF Camp on:

Article written by Ligia Moise, psychologist.

Tags Happiness children

There is still time to go shopping for your children. But what toys put in Santa's hood? CE standard, security, marketing ... it is sometimes difficult to navigate. A small revision is required with this quiz.

Question (1/6)

Girl play, boy play ... from what age do games or toys have sex?

Never. Children play whatever their age, regardless of the girls 'and boys' games. From the age of 3, they show a preference for certain toy games according to their gender. From 6 years, their toy games are really sexual.


At age 3, your child becomes psychically sexed and, from that moment, he will tend to specialize: your little girl will want makeup, your little boy will play with a sword ... Yes, children need to to assume in their own sex. And even if dad does the cooking, cleaning and the dishes ... they ask for sex toys!


Simon and his flea. Children's story about friendship

Friends are very important, it is not necessary to have many but very good ones. Good friends listen to us, understand us, support us and are in good times and bad.

To make children understand the value of friends in childhood, we suggest that you read this touching story, Simon and his flea, a children's story about friendship, that you can then comment as a family to extract all its meaning.

Simon was an abandoned dog. He had no family, no home, and no occupation. The only thing poor Simon had was a smug flea in his hair.

- Simon, you're useless. They don't want you in any job and you're getting thinner every day. If this continues like this, I will be forced to abandon you too –the flea used to say to him vainly.

- I'm an honest dog. I just lack luck in life. I also play the harmonica well.

- That's true, but what use is it?

- It helps me to accompany myself and feel alive.

- Silly stuff! Exclaimed the flea, laughing at the dog.

"Don't laugh at me, we both have something in common," Simon continued.

- What do we have in common?

- Your name and mine, both have five letters.

"I think it's the only thing we have in common," the flea replied proudly.

Simon spent cold winter nights in a ramshackle abandoned barn.

He lay on a pile of straw that gave him warmth. That freezing night he felt very cold and had to dig through the straw to cover himself. With so much movement, it happened that the flea brushed against a blade of straw and fell to the floor of the hayloft.

Simon searched for her among the pile of straw. As it was very dark, he couldn't find her.

He called her several times.

- Flea, little flea! Where have you been? Won't you want to abandon me too?

The flea did not know what to do. She was lost in so much straw and she couldn't stop sneezing. She was very sad and then realized how much she needed Simon.

-How proud and vain I have been! Simon is a good dog and I had to lose him to realize it.

Simon didn't know what to do. He thought it was the end of his long relationship with that little animal that tickled his ribs.

Simón played the most beautiful of his songs with his harmonica.

The flea heard the melody, the sound clearly reaching it. Simon couldn't be far away. Guided by the music, which she heard with increasing intensity, she managed to see a flash of light. It was the metal of Simon's harmonica.

She took a breath and contracted all her little legs. He jumped like he never had before.

The flea managed to get on the harmonica that Simon was still playing.

The dog, mad with happiness, saw the flea leap to the beat of the song. The truth is that he danced phenomenally.

- Forgive me, Simon. I have not been fair to you –the flea apologized.

- Get back on my back, little flea. From today our luck will change.

- Thanks. How warm I am here between your hair!

The two of them huddled and slept until dawn.

Later, the story goes, that Simon and the flea formed a very famous duo of artists. Between songs and dances they managed to buy a house to live comfortably and be happy forever.

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