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Stale phrases that are said to children and that you should banish right now

Who wouldn't want children to come with an instruction book under their arm when they were born? And it is that, the upbringing and the education are not always easy. When our baby is born there are many voices that we hear. Everyone around us always knows more than we do and they don't hesitate to make it clear to us. But we must remember that only parents have the right answers: our instinct is the safe bet. And often our instincts tell us that we should Banish some of the stale phrases spoken to children right now (and that they probably told us when we were little).

If our little one is happy, we are on the right track. Although no one says it's easy. Many times it is the children who put us parents to the test: tantrums, contradictions, demands, fatigue, fights ... And to this we must add our own fatigue, endless working days (which little adjust to the family conciliation) , stress, worry about making ends meet ... Add it up and go on. And, of course, our patience disappears and lets out the ogre that we carry inside.

However, times are changing. And we already know that learning and education are not achieved with severe authority. Working as a family, affection and tenderness is the key. Today's parents also prepare and educate ourselves to be better parents. Many studies and educational currents support that our little ones will be happier with a positive education, that is, one that highlights the virtues of the child in the face of their failures and bad behaviors. And the thing is, there is no bad child or good child, only little ones becoming adults and understanding a world built by others.

For all this, neither the spanking, nor the slapping, nor the shouting, nor the slapping should come out of the trunk of the past. Similarly, we must banish from our vocabulary those fillers that we have inherited from our elders and that today we already know that instead of helping us in the formation of our children, they only serve to ridicule them, label them and lower their self-esteem and security. Nor should we make value judgments about how they were educated before, or blame grandparents who did the best they could with the tools and information they had at their disposal. They were other times, with other crises and other social values, where respect and good manners due to the fear of what they will say left emotions and feelings aside.

Next, we want to share from our site some of those phrases from then that nowadays we better bite our tongues before pronouncing them.

1. Because I said so, period
Without a doubt, this is the great 'hit' that has been heard in most homes. He came to say something like 'I'm in charge here and you have neither voice nor vote and whatever I say is done'. Fortunately, today we integrate our little ones and make them participate in family decisions. You have to explain yourself and make the child understand things, otherwise he will end up thinking that his opinion does not matter to anyone. It is important to listen to them and try to reason with them the answers as a family.

2. Boys don't cry
Before, men were trained to be strong and courageous. And the tears were a symbol of little manhood. How many adults are there today with knots in their throats because they were not taught to express their emotions as children? Life is full of laughter and tears and none is the heritage of any kind. Of course children cry and it is also very healthy to do so. Tears are just that, tears, and no one is stronger or braver for not crying.

3. Behave like a lady
If boys were asked not to cry, girls were required to 'see, hear and shut up'. No running, well-placed and immaculate clothes, no fights, or climbing a tree ... The list of things frowned upon in a 'young lady' is long. Today we already know that the work of psychomotor skills in children does not depend on gender either. The little ones have to experiment.

4. Don't play tomboy football
It is a variant of the previous sentence. Also very listened to and repeated. Thanks to the feminist struggle, little by little, little steps are being taken to end inequality. And although there is still a long way to go, we already see women's sports in 'prime time'. We are on the right track.

5. If the teacher has scolded and punished you, then you have done something
Where has the presumption of innocence been hidden? If parents are not capable of standing up for our children, then who will? eye! Nor is it a question of disavowing the teacher, only of knowing both versions of the facts because the teacher by the simple fact of being the adult does not have to be the bearer of the absolute truth. And it is that, the world is full of injustices.

6. Slaps are being distributed and you carry all the tickets (or ballots)
Surely a parent when reading this you are visualizing a flying shoe. Zero violence. That has to always be our motto. No spanking, no slapping. Nothing. We must resolve conflicts with words and a lot of tenderness. If our little ones learn that problems are solved with blows, we will continue to have a violent society.

7. If you misbehave, at night the coconut (monster, wolf) will come to take you away
Scare or death. Before it was brought up with fear and threat. But what need was there to have a bad time with nightmares? There is no explanation. Our little ones should not be afraid of the night and although they should learn that their actions have consequences, they should grow freely and not thinking that something bad is going to happen to them.

These are some 'famous quotes' that generation after generation have passed from parents to children, always under the presumption that it was for the good of the child, and that if they were heard today someone could end up calling Social Affairs or Child Protection. Do you remember the ones they said to you and that you would never repeat to your children?

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Why do babies have to read stories?

Reading stories is good for babies! Speech-language pathologists say this and repeat it: reading is essential to the development of the child's language. But when to start and how to do it?

The advice of Charlotte Thirion, speech therapist.

From what age can you read stories to your baby?

  • I would say from 6 months. Choose books in foam or cloth that your child can handle. He will learn how to turn pages, discover colors and textures. His first experience of the book will be that of manipulation.

How to read stories to toddlers?

  • It is necessary to choose very short stories, with a sentence an image. Show the pictures, describe what you see. Your child will listen to the music of the language and understand what it is about. And little by little, he will try to pronounce the words himself, often to make you happy. This is the phase of understanding.
  • Gradually, increase the richness of your sentences. You offer your child models of correct syntactic structures, on which he will take example. But do not force yourself to build complex sentences. Adapt to your child, enjoy reading the story, have fun! Tell simple things, within reach of your baby. Reading a story is above all a time of exchange and sharing.

He asks to always read the same stories, why?

  • Repetition allows him to memorize the vocabulary of the story. And when your baby wants to change books, he'll be ready to discover new words and phrases!

Open the doors of writing

  • The most important thing is to develop the curiosity of your baby around the book: this familiarizes him with a written future. When, later, he enters school, it is natural that he will discover reading and will want to learn how to decode this writing.

And why not a baby magazine? Our article

Juno: origin and meaning of the name for girl Juno

Juno: origin and meaning of the name for girl Juno

The list of features that should be met by ideal furniture for children and adolescents is long. Counts functionality, durability, versatility of solutions applied as well as appearance.

The furniture in the children's room and later in the youth room should be liked by obtaining the highest marks from strict reviewers, who are teenagers and later teenagers. After all, it's about kids they wanted to stay in their rooms, that they would consider them as their zone, as if beyond their parents' influence.

Furniture they have a character, individual appearance, which will be accepted by kids. The youngest want to have a real impact on the possibility of changing their appearance. And here comes the first difficulty, because children's tastes change very quickly... It is difficult to keep up with him and make him decide to change the interior design. However, there is a way ... There are proposals on the market that reconcile all these seemingly conflicting needs of children and parents.

For example, Wójcik furniture that has everything we expect from furniture for children and teenagers. We took a close look at them and grant the Children's and Youth Furniture Line a Parental Hit Certificate. Why?

Angel collection

Furniture for children and teenagers for years

Furniture should grow with children. Thanks to this, they can be changed so that they would be liked by a preschooler, student and later a teenager. These are exactly what Wójcik Furniture that meets the strict standards imposed by small users.

They are not premium class furniture, their price is so attractive that it is acceptable to almost everyone.

Wójcik Furniture Cayman collection

By choosing Wójcik furniture, we choose good quality at a good price. What does it mean?

These are not pieces of furniture that we pass on from generation to generation, it is an ideal proposal here and now, a great product that will meet the tastes of children through the fascinating years of growing up. Wójcik furniture will serve without a problem for 10-15 years, which is practically as much as it takes until the children "decide" that they are "adults" and choose the set themselves not from the "youth" line, but recommended for adults.

Furniture that grows with children

In the furniture category for young people, you can choose different furniture lines. One of them is Hobby, a collection that changes with the needs of the child. Thanks to this, you can easily arrange a room for both a small child and a teenager.

How it's possible?

The basis is furniture decors in an original wild oak color and replaceable fronts that can be changed according to current needs, choosing among 5 colors: turquoise, vanilla, brown, purple or neutral wild brown. This way you can make quick changes to your child's room at a low cost.

Durable and safe

Wójcik furniture is made of laminated board resistant to scratches, damage, moisture and high temperature. Thanks to this, they prove themselves in a world where children and adolescents rule. That is, where various ideas and increased requirements appear when it comes to the durability of the solutions used.

An original design

There are no two the same people, so if you plan to arrange a room for younger and older children, what counts are all the possibilities that allow you to adjust the space to individual expectations.

In the youth collection Wójcik, except for interchangeable frontsthat instantly change the nature of the interior, we have other options, for example, the option choosing colorful stickers that will make the room more attractive for school children, which can be removed when a child reaches teenage age and the stickers are too infantile for him.

When it comes to Wójcik furniture, what you like is often noteworthy - fvivid colors, combined with subdued colors, all in order to get a harmonious effect with a clearly defined character that affects the atmosphere of the interior.

Amazon collection

Angel collection


In a room where children and teenagers stay, often small children play side by side and teenagers rest, especially safety is important. It is not only about such a structure that is particularly resistant to scratches and damage, but also additional solutions that increase the comfort of using furniture.

The system was used in the collections of Wójcik Furniture handle-free opening. Thanks to this, the risk of the effects of painful bumping into furniture has been eliminated. In addition, the lack of handles allows you to create a minimalist effect in the interior.

Stable market position

There are many good furniture manufacturers who are just starting their adventure with design. However, the advantage of companies with many years of history is experience. And this is a priceless value. Wójcik is 30 years old this year.

For three decades, the manufacturer has created a brand that is associated with great aesthetic solutions and high universality of solutions. In the line of youth furniture, it provides the series: Alien, Amazon, Angle, Cayman and Hobby. Selected photos above. All can be viewed here.

We recommend Meble Wójcik as great furniture perfect for children and youth room!

21. Bayadère combination

Smartphone dependency may cause popping up

They will be poppy, meaning the neck and backbone of the kids who spend more than a day in front of their smartphones or other monitors, according to an Austrian spine specialist.

The phone has a pinching effect on the spine

Even at the age of six, an unhealthy backbone develops, telefonnyaknak call. The increase in the number of cases calls attention to the magnitude of the danger - he said James Carter New South Wales Welsh Specialist for Daily Mail Australia. Contrary to normal spinal curvature, they develop a pope, which often causes head, neck, shoulders and back pain"- explained the expert. He added that every other patient he or she is experiencing this problem is a child or a teenager. for anxiety and depression can also lead - quoted by The Daily Telegraph's online publication. Do not use your laptops or lying down or lying down or raising the monitors to eye level.Related Articles:
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First Name - Meaning and direction

Prepare with the children a sustainable (and economic) return to school

Pregnancy and shingles area Question:

- I'm pregnant in week 35 and I made the Zoster Zone. This can affect the baby. If I do not get the disease until I give birth, will the baby be able to get chickenpox? How serious is chicken pox in newborns?


The shingles area is a viral skin infection caused by the varicella-zosterian virus (the same one that causes varicella). If the shingles or chickenpox area appears in a pregnant woman, there is a risk that it will develop a viral pneumonia that can often be severe, but which, if resolved, does not in itself influence the development of the fetus. For the fetus, however, a maternal infection with varicella-zoster virus can sometimes lead to congenital malformations due to the transmission of the transplacental infection. These congenital malformations include: chorioretinitis (affecting the visual analyzer), cerebral cortical atrophy, hydronephrosis (renal impairment), skin and bone defects.
At a pregnancy less than 13 weeks, these changes were observed in only 0.4% of cases. It is estimated that the highest risk is in the case of the infection that occurred during the 13-20 weeks of pregnancy, the period in which the malformative changes were detected in 2% of the cases. Exposure during birth upon contact with this virus can cause fetal infection, which can evolve from mild forms, characterized only by a rash and up to severe manifestations, which can go up to a generalized infection with disseminated visceral damage (depending on and the health of the newborn).
In your case, having 35 weeks of gestation, the main risk is the transmission of the infection to the fetus during birth. Therefore, it would be advisable for the birth to occur after the infection was cured. Talk to the obstetrician doctor who monitors your pregnancy progress on your problem.
Dr. Ciprian Pop-Began
- Obstetrics and Gynecology -
Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology Prof. Dr. Panait Sarbu

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