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Preschooler sexual behaviour: what's typical?

Sexual behaviour in your preschooler might be a bit confronting, especially the first time you see it. It might help to know that touching, looking at and talking about bodies is a mostly typical and healthy part of your child's development.

Open and honest talk about sex and bodies will help you guide your child's behaviour now. It also lays the groundwork for future talks about sexual development, respectful relationships and sexuality. It's never too early to start talking.

Typical preschool sexual behaviour: what it looks like

Your preschooler might:

  • touch his genitals or masturbate
  • kiss and hold hands with other children
  • show his genitals to other children of the same age and look at theirs - 'Show me yours and I'll show you mine'
  • play mummies and daddies, or doctors and nurses
  • copy behaviour he has seen - for example, pinching a bottom
  • use slang to talk about toileting and sexual activities.

What typical preschooler sexual behaviour means

The behaviour described above is typical for preschoolers. Your child might behave in these ways because:

  • it feels good
  • she's learning about touch and social rules
  • she's curious about the differences between boys' and girls' bodies
  • she's working out how bodies work
  • she's trying to understand families and relationships
  • she's testing limits to see what words are OK to use.

Some sexual behaviour and sex play isn't typical and might even be a sign of something more serious. Read more about problematic sexual behaviour.

How to respond to typical sexual behaviour in preschoolers

How you react is important, but your response depends on your values. Some parents are OK with this type of behaviour, and others aren't.

The most important thing is to stay calm, no matter how you plan to respond.

You can use sexual behaviour as an opportunity to help your preschooler learn. Talk with your child and answer his questions openly and honestly, but also at a level he can understand. For example, you could talk about public and private body parts, how girls and boys are different or ways of talking about bodies. You could say, 'I noticed that you're curious about boys' bodies and girls' bodies. Maybe we can find a book about bodies that we can read together'.

When talking with your child, it's a good idea to use the proper words for body parts - for example, vagina, vulva, breasts, penis, testicles and so on. This helps your child learn about her body and tell you clearly about any questions or concerns she has.

If you want your child to stop the sexual behaviour, calmly distract your child or find another activity. For example, if your child is playing 'You show me yours, I'll show you mine', you could say, 'Put your clothes on and come to the kitchen for a snack'.

You could talk to your child later about what behaviour is OK in your home and what behaviour is OK in front of other children, other parents or teachers. For example, you could explain that although you're OK with your child playing without clothes on at home, it's not OK when other people can see him.

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Essential action to develop the oral cavity in a harmonious way.
The first teeth appear around 6 months, the small has very quickly 8 incisors, ready to cut the food. This is the time to offer solids to eat, in order to develop a good musculature of the face, as well as a good position of the tongue, glued against the palate.
On the other hand, if you only feed your baby with milk, he will maintain a "primary" swallow. His tongue remains stuck between his teeth and his jaw grows less well.

María - Meaning and origin of the name María

If you are pregnant, you know that the baby you are expecting is a girl and you are looking for a name with a beautiful meaning and very popular for her, Maria it can be this name. Its history, its origin and meaning will surprise you. In addition, it is a name that, although centuries has passed since its origin, is still very fashionable among the names chosen by parents for their daughters. In Guiainfantil.com We will tell you everything about this beautiful name that begins with the letter M, even curiosities about what numerology defines as personality traits of the name Maria, as well as famous people who bear this name.

Maria is a feminine name of Hebrew origin, which derives from the word 'Myriam' which means: 'Excelsa', 'chosen one', 'the mother of God'.

The history of the Virgin Mary has made this name the most used in the Western world. According to the Bible, the Virgin Mary was born in Nazareth. His parents were according to tradition, San Joaquín and Santa Ana. Maria was of priestly family, descendant of Aaron; Isabel, mother of Juan and wife of the priest Zacarías, was his cousin. Mary and Joseph were of modest economic conditions, but rich in law-abiding holiness and virtue, as evidenced by the Gospel according to Saint Luke.

The name Maria means 'The one chosen by God', 'The beloved of God' since it comes from the Hebrew 'Myriam' what does it mean 'Excelsa'.

Why and when is the day of Saint Mary celebrated. Mary is a special name that has a very strong relationship with the Christian religion, for the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus of Nazareth, a person of vital importance. These are the days dedicated to Mary. Days on which the onomastics of the Virgin Mary, during the year:

- January 1 Holy Mary, Mother of God

- May 19 Mary, Mother of the Church

- August 15, La Asunción

- September 8, The Birth of the Virgin

- September 12, El Dulce Nombre de María.

- December 8, The Immaculate Conception of Mary

Popular, famous and famous people from the world of music, theater, cinema, science, literature and other professions, who bear the name María in its different variations:

  • María Callas, soprano (1923-1977)
  • María Carey, American singer, songwriter, actress and philanthropist (27.03.1970)
  • María Guerrero, actress and theatrical businesswoman (1868-1928)
  • María de Medeiros, Portuguese actress and film director (1965)
  • María Montessori, a revolutionary Italian pedagogue who developed the Montessori method of early childhood education, based on 'letting go' (1870-1952)
  • Marie Curie, scientist (1867-1934)
  • Marie Laforet, French actress and singer (1939)
  • Mary W. Shelley, writer 1797-1861)
  • Mary Donaldson, Australian lawyer wife of Prince Frederick of Denmark (1972)
  • María Elena Walsh, Argentine poet and singer-songwriter. Creator of Manuelita, the turtle, among many other children's songs (1930-2011)

The name Maria corresponds to number 6 of numerology. It is the number of emotional and sensitive babies, who have a clear vocation to help others.

  • Positive traits: Intuition, responsibility, generosity and sense of justice. These are people who exude confidence and security. They tend to be sociable and learn a lot through imitation.
  • Negative traits: Your sensitivity can become a weak point. They tend to be dependent on their parents and have a constant need for love and attention. Help them develop high self-esteem.

Without a doubt, Maria is one of the names preferred by parents for their girls. In general, the girls who bear this name are usually dreamy, friendly, sociable and with great analytical skills. If you are thinking of naming your baby Maria, but you want to combine it with another name, we have selected the 10 names that best combine with Maria, to form a compound name.

  1. Maria Belen
  2. Maria Clara
  3. Maria Cristina
  4. Maria Elena
  5. Maria Fernanda
  6. Maria Guadalupe
  7. Maria Isabel
  8. Maria Paula
  9. Maria Sofia
  10. Maria Victoria

Here we present 6 variants related to the beautiful name of the Virgin Mary, which can inspire you when choosing a name for your girl. We tell you the variants of Maria when this name is joined to others:

- Maria and Ana - Mariana

- Maria and Cinnamon - Marianela

- Maria and Elena - Marilena

- Maria and Isabel - Maribel

- Maria and Luisa - Marisa

- Maria and Stela - Maristela

If you like names with cute and attractive diminutives, then do not miss these 9 names that you will love. Know the diminutives of names that form other names with María.

- Maria Teresa - Maite

- Maria Fernanda - Mafer

- Maria Isabel - Maribel

- Maria de la Cruz - Maricruz

- Maria del Sol - Marisol

- María del Carmen - Maricarmen, Mamen, Karmele

- Maria de Lourdes - Lola

- Maria del Mar - Mar

- Maria del Pilar - Maripili

Maria is a popular name wherever you go. Learn what the name María is like in other languages:

  • Maria in English: Mary / Mirian
  • Maria in French: Marie
  • Maria in German: Marie
  • Maria in Italian: Maria
  • Maria in Japanese: マ リ ア
  • Maria in Chinese: 玛丽亚
  • Maria in Russian: Мария
  • Maria in Arabic: ماريا
  • Maria in Korean: 마리아

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How to help the child with homework

Homework involves, especially in the early years of school, the participation of responsible parents. If the issues of your baby give you migraines, find out how you can help him without conflicts and problems. To really help your child with homework, never offer to help him or her when you are not familiar with the subject they are working for. Once the responsibilities have been shared between parents and older siblings or with the help of a meditator, find out how you can help your child with homework in a few simple steps.

Show them that you are afraid

While your child is doing homework, you also choose an activity that does not please you, but cannot be avoided (respond to email messages, order invoices, etc.) Your little one will understand you are not the only one who has duties that cannot be avoided and you will give them a good example.

Let him take control

Ask your child to explain what they know about the topic and what are the obstacles. As he explains it, he can sort his thoughts and come up with new ideas. When you see that you are making progress, always encourage it and laugh together about things that seemed difficult a week or two ago.

Photo: man-woman.net

Suggest her the answer

When your little one is close to answering, you can ask them helpful questions or encourage them to approach the subject from new perspectives. Don't give him the answer, but help him get it alone, then praise him, which helps him face the next problem. If the little boy fails to find the answer alone, do not let him become frustrated and nervous, give him the answer and the necessary explanations.

Do not insist if you do not work well in the team

Among the reasons why you dedicate time to help with the topics are your relationship and the time spent with your family. If each attempt to help with the homework ends with screams, offer to help him remotely by looking for information on the internet or finding someone qualified to help him better.

Call a professional

If you can't find the time to help your little one with homework, call a meditator. Talk to the teacher or teacher who teaches the difficult subject and find out if a meditator could really help him make progress.

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Name Carmeline - Meaning and origin

Name Carmeline - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Carmel. Hebrew "carmel", orchard, vine. It is a mountain in Israel that gave its name to the female religious order of the Carmelites. His birthday: July 16th.

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