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Name Kathya - Meaning of Children

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Name derived from Catherine, Kathya comes from the Greek term kataros which means "pure".


Still no celebrity members of the name Kathya, maybe your youngest will be?

Catherine of Alexandria or St. Catherine is a martyr virgin of the third century. Condemned for her faith, she was tortured and decapitated around 320. St. Catherine is the patron saint of philosophers and teachers because of her eloquence and erudition before the judges.

His character :

Kathya has a strong personality. She never lets herself be turned on her feet. Intelligent and confident, she knows how to impose her ideas. In addition, Kathya is an active person and a go-getter. Dynamic and full of energy, she has the incessant need to be physically active.
Kathya easily befriends others through her kindness and generosity. Kathya is, among others, a great adventurer with a conquering spirit.


Kathie, Kattia, Catie, Kattie, Kathya, Cathya, Cathia, Catia, Katya, Cathie, Katie and Katia.

His party :

People named Kathya are honored on April 29th or December 25th.

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Christmas cabana for children with star shape

Christmas cabana for children with star shape

The Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas lunch they are very special moments. The family gathers around the table and celebrates the festivities surrounded by delicious food. If you are already tired of putting the same recipes every year, we propose you original ideas and very easy to prepare for starters and appetizers with Christmas shapes for children and adults.

We present this proposal to make a sofa shaped like a Christmas star. Children will not only love it but they can also collaborate perfectly in its preparation.

  • Bread
  • Sandwich cheese
  • York ham
  • Egg Yarn
  • Olives
  • Star-shaped mold

1. Use a star mold to cut a slice of bread. Do the same with York ham and put it on top of the bread.

2. Cut also with the mold, a slice of sandwich cheese and put it on the ham.

3. Finally, add some spun egg and a piece of olive. Delicious!

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The chicken sauce is a sauce from the French cuisine, served hot.


Preparation time

40 minutes




1 tablespoon butter

2 tablespoons flour (or food starch)

1 onion

1/2 glass becomes white

100 g mushrooms chopped for sauce (or given by chopping machine)

1/2 glass of cream

2 cups bottom of chicken

2 yellows

100 g butter

juice from a lemon

Method of preparation

Cut the thin onion, then squeeze it into a gauze and place it in a pan with the wine.

Allow the sauce to drop, then add over it a chutney prepared from the cold butter mixed on a plate with flour.

Pour into the pan and consume the chicken or a beef background. Add the mushrooms with a mixer, pour the cream and let the sauce drop.

Strain the obtained sauce, with the help of a clean gauze, then add in it the two yolks and a piece of butter

Put lemon juice to taste.

The type of kitchen


Tags Sos Sosuri

Constipation in infants Question:

- I have a boy of 4 and a half months and he is constipated. I give him Milumil 2; I tried apple and carrot juice for nothing. What should I give her?


Typically, the baby between 0-4 months breast-fed, has on average 2-4 chairs per day (ranging from 1 to 7 per day), yellow-golden, creamy, while the artificial one has 2-4 chairs , light-yellow (from whitish to bright-brown), of a chicky consistency to solid.
From 4 months to 1 year, the chairs are formed (of greater consistency than before), similar to the adult one. However, there are large variations from one child to another, generated by the large functional variations of the colon, constitutional factors, nutrition, habits.
Some infants emit solid stools every 2-3 days, while others have 4-5 stools of soft consistency daily, but have reduced quantity; neither can others be said to suffer from constipation or diarrhea, as long as these manifestations do not accompany other signs or symptoms.

In order to be able to say that this is constipation, in addition to issuing the chairs at large intervals (several days), they must have a high consistency and their elimination must be done with effort.

Read more about Constipation in infants

The pathological constipation can be given by:

  • stenosis of the colon or rectum
  • abnormal motility (functioning) of the colon: Hirschprung's disease, megacolon, "elongated" colon (longer than normal), spastic constipation, hypothyroidism, rickets, visceral prose
  • insufficient stimulation of defecation: spinal cord syndrome, organic, cerebral diseases, repeated enema.
    Therefore, if your boy does indeed have signs of constipation (not just rarer chairs) investigations should be conducted to rule out these causes.
    For infants with a tendency to constipation, it will be preferred between fruit juices over those of orange, pears, grapes, apples, peaches, plums (attention: some infants may develop allergies to some fruits) and avoid carrot juices, as they cause stains. of greater consistency.
  • Glycerin suppositories (for children) may be given occasionally if necessary. For infants with diversification, carrots, rice, cheese will be consumed in moderation and semi-liquid foods (soups, sauces) and high in fiber (vegetables, fruits) will be preferred. And last but not least, proper hydration helps maintain normal intestinal transit.

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    Meaning of the name Vilehado. Name for boys

    Meaning of the name Vilehado. Name for boys

    Among all the names for boys we highlight Vilehado. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

    History of the name Vilehado

    It comes from Germanic, its Latinization is Willehad. It can also be seen in the Villehado graphic variant.

    Meaning of name Vilehado

    From wil -, "wish", and -hathu, "war"

    Santoral of the name Vilehado

    November 8th

    Origin of the name Vilehado


    Famous people with the name Vilehado

    • Saint Villehado, first Bishop of Bremen

    Vilehado name coloring pages printable game

    How can we help our child overcome stress?

    Don't think that being an adult can be stressful, since even small children can be stressful, and there are things in their lives that cause them anxiety.

    How can we help our child overcome stress? (Photo: iStock) Because kids are very sensitive to the world around them, they also tune in easily to the sensations of their parents. In our previous article, Núdasdy Nбdasdy, a clinical psychologist, has helped us with the signs of this in babies, smaller and older children. And once we know that our child is showing this, the specialist is now also recommending us a lightweight method to help him relieve tension.

    Stability and predictability

    According to Naba Ndydasdy, it helps a lot for young children if life is stable, with a predictable rhythm, if we succeed in creating it in the family. - Family habits, agendas, breakfast and evening routines, holidays and weekends are a focal point for children. The recurring, recurring, familiar events make the time and the correlation of events more understandable in the lives of children - and that makes the world safer, "the expert said. it is also important for children to have a free time in their lives: when there is no program, outside, in a hurry, but you can just be a kid, do whatever you want. When they do, they just live things, contemplate, figure things out, or just have a little boredom when nothing else is needed. - It is also very important that the adult world does not steal the child, not having to deal with something that is not her own the psychologist suggested.

    The close proximity to safety

    To help the child cope with stress more easily, a safe, loving parent-child relationship, as well as a welcoming, supportive, choosy, calm environment also helps. - It all contributes to making the child more personable, better able to cope with stress, and able to handle difficult situations according to age. At a young age, it is basically the presence of the parent, the caring of the parent, the trust in the parent that protects the child, since small children do not have, and do not have to have, an unequivocal coping strategy, their methods are to seek the closest safety to safety, Nurbas Nbdasdy said. The clinical psychologist recalled a personal story when his baby was fluttering up in the wheelchair high and decided to that you have a lot of fun and can handle a child, or that you need help, and that is different for a child. - It is important that the parent knows the child very well, is aware of what he / she needs to help and what is going on alone. In order for this knowledge to develop in the parent, it is necessary to spend a great deal of time with the child so that he / she is really listening and communicating with him / her - the professional called attention. In addition to this, it is also important at all ages that if a child has something difficult, talk to him or her, answer his or her questions according to his or her age, let's try to understand your hardships, let's listen.

    Let's get ready for the change

    According to the psychologist, unexpected situations are the most difficult to handle in times of stress, so it is worthwhile to prepare the child to change, to think, to change, to change, for example. - Adults, because of their life experience, can better anticipate more, That way, parents can help their child plan, the expert added, to keep them from being exposed to the conditions and to have the few easy solutions they already know. Related links:
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    • Dad, don't stress because the baby will develop slower
    • Baby babies are more stress-tolerant
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