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Name Gadiel - Meaning of the Name

Paracetamol is related to men's sexual performance

Paracetamol is related to men's sexual performance

Nursing strike - 6 simple solutions - The Breastfeeding Companion

"Bad boy versus uncle Muniek"

Nick Bruel is known for funny books and original illustrations.

"Bad boy versus uncle Muniek" is a proposal for older children, considered to be New York Times bestseller. Is it really a book that is worth reading to a child or handing it to a few years old to get to know it?

This is a booklet quite specific, for people with a specific sense of humor - a bit absurd, distant, surprising, unusual - that is, exactly what they are bestowed on children of early school age and some adults. It can be particularly warmly received by cat lovers, people who like pets, often moody and like cats walking their paths. Its great advantage is the so-called second bottom, intended for older readers. There are also some interesting facts that may be of interest to adults.

The main advantage of the book are black and white illustrations and a semi-comic form - which is very different from contemporary color-saturated publications in the classic edition. "Bad Cat" is a book that stands out in the market in terms of content, form and treatment.

What will we learn in the section "Bad male versus uncle Muniek"?

It is worth noting that Mamania publishing house offers other parts of the story about a crazy cat.

The cat stays at home without the owners and ... in a rather specific way shows his longing or, as the author says, separation anxiety. He is looked after by his uncle Muniek, who suffers from many humiliations on the part of his downy pet, is received, gently puts it off, unpleasant.

Are you interested in particulars? What exactly is going on? Why does Uncle Muniek after a week with a cat and a "good dog" dream about ... fish?

The book has less than 160 pages, but don't let it fool you. "Bad boy" is read very quickly, because the text is not so much ... The reader is left at such a moment ... that you want to reach for the next part.

Thank you to Mamania Publishing House for sharing a review copy of the book.

Name Hilarion - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Latins, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Hilarion is a Latin name hilaris resulting in "happy" or "cheerful".


Metropolitan Hilarion, theologian and Russian Orthodox Bishop; Spanish composer and musicologist Miguel Hilarion Eslava.

The Hilarion are celebrated in tribute to Hilarion of Gaza, also known as Hilarion the Great. This disciple of St. Anthony joined him in the desert of the Thebaid to learn the life of a hermit. He then returned to Palestine to establish the monastic life there. He retired to Paphos and died there around 370.

His character :

Balanced in nature, Hilarion is distinguished by his intelligence, his will and his emotivity. Sociable and extrovert, he finds no difficulty in reaching out to others. Prudent, he is selective in his associates. With a strong personality, he is thus easily influenced and imposes by his mere presence. Persuasive, Hilarion easily manages to convince others to join his cause. Determined, he gives himself the time necessary to undertake and succeed his projects. A seasoned Challenger, he never resists challenges and looks forward to them. Failures only motivate him further. Reliable and serious, Hilarion is a man of his word. Although he is intuitive, he gives very little credit, preferring rather to trust his intelligence.

Spontaneous, Hilarion knows how to win people's hearts. He has a strong sense of friendship. Loyal, he shows great loyalty to his friends, who know that they can count on him. Curious by nature, Hilarion is interested in art, all forms of artistic expression and even the paranormal. He reads a lot and is cultivated as soon as the opportunity arises. He enjoys meetings and exchanges to enrich his knowledge, whether professional or personal.



His party :

The Hilarion are celebrated on October 21 in tribute to Hilarion of Gaza.

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An apple or a carrot? Small steps to an "adult" meal

An apple or a carrot? Small steps to an "adult" meal There comes a moment in the development of every little person when milk is no longer enough and the demand for other foods is increasing. If your toddler is looking at the contents of your plate with interest and seems to swallow every bite of pork with you, he is probably 4-5 months old, it may mean that soon the time will come to start introducing solid foods into his diet.

An apple or a carrot? So what for the first meal?

If you are breastfeeding, you can postpone this moment until your baby is 6 months old. However, if you give modified milk, you will probably start at the age of 5 months. Before making the first attempts, go to the pediatrician, he will help you choose the best time to introduce a new diet.

Here comes the eternal question that spends many parents' sleep. Where to start? The store shelf is full of colorful dishes for rookies, but which ones to choose at the beginning? There are several answers to this question and each of them may prove to be the correct one in your case.

An apple or a carrot?

Most parents start this adventure with an apple or carrot. It is accepted that these ingredients they rarely sensitize children, so they are a safe meal for a beginner gourmet. I would not be myself if I had no opinion on this subject.

I think that if there are no other contraindications, we should choose vegetable for the first meal. WillIt is a carrot that depends on us, but its natural sweetness will be easy to accept for a child accustomed to the sweet taste of milk.

You probably wonder why the vegetable. Well, for a simple reason: if a child learns the taste of fruit, it may (not necessarily) be more difficult for him to accept the dry taste of vegetables, which will be a source of stress and unnecessarily shed tears of you and the baby ...
First meal and digestive problems

Before serving the first carrot, it is worth stopping for a moment and analyzing what our baby's digestion processes look like. If you suffer from constipation, serving a carrot will only aggravate this problem. In this situation, it will be better to start with an apple, because it has relaxing properties.

Or maybe a pumpkin or potato?

When starting the adventure with new foods, we don't have much choice. In addition to carrots and apples, we can choose a pumpkin or potato, enriching them with a little bit of real butter or olive oil, rice, rice or corn gruel.
However, we should remember to introduce the ingredients one by one, with a few days apart, so that in case of allergies or intolerances we can quickly find and eliminate its source.

What butter for the child?

When choosing butter, do not look at the price, but at composition and expiry date. It should be of good quality, so-called Extra butter without the addition of salt and hardened vegetable fats. It should have not less than 82% fat. The longer the shelf life on the packaging, the better, because the butter is fresher. Let's not be ashamed reach deep into the shelf, there are definitely better cooling conditions. We choose extra butter for one more reason. It has much smaller lactose content than others available on the market. If your child is allergic to cow's milk protein, or your child is genetically allergic, it will be safer to use olive oil. And in this case, as with butter, it should be olive oil. extra vergine, i.e. cold pressed with the longest shelf life. We also remember to store it in a cool and dark place no more than 3 months after opening the package.

The art of tasting

It may take some time for your toddler to find out new flavors and textures. Don't be put off by the contouring curve and spitting. If we do not give up and try consistently, most likely after a few days the face will be less acidic, and much less food will land on the bib. For particularly resistant people, I recommend adding a little breast or modified milk to the meal. Perhaps the taste familiar to the child will make the carrot quite tasty.
How do you give your first meal other than milk?

We already know what to give our child. Now it's time to think about how to do it. Some parents prefer to give soups in a semi-liquid form, through a bottle. I strongly advise against this way of feeding, because it promotes the development of caries and does not teach the right way of eating, "drawing" food from teaspoons, chewing and swallowing. This is a very important element of oral training because the same muscle parts that are used later in speaking are started.

She worked well with us plastic spoon BabyOno brand. It had a great shape and size suited to a small mouth, and at the same time it was shallow enough for a child to easily gather a portion of food from it.
price around PLN 7 for two.

The next step will be choosing the right position to eat. We must remember that it is not a lying position. In this position, the child is exposed to inhalation of food and does not provide adequate breathing conditions. To start with, it should be a reclining position, e.g. in a car seat or in a high chair with adjustable backrest inclination. When the child is sitting firmly and eating with a spoon will no longer cause major problems, we will move to a sitting position, thus shaping the right eating habits.

All that's left for me is to wish my little ones a tasty meal, and my parents good luck!

Carrot soup with rice

1 carrot
2 tbsp soft-cooked rice or rice gruel
Butter or olive oil

Carrot clean, wash, grate and cook in a small amount of water until soft. Combine with rice and ½ teaspoon of butter or oil and mix thoroughly until homogenized. Instead of rice, you can use instant rice gruel.

Pumpkin and potato puree

1 medium potato
½ cup pumpkin
Butter or olive oil

Clean, wash, grate the vegetables and boil in a little water, or cut into cubes and steam until tender. Transfer to a dish, combine with ½ teaspoon butter or olive oil and mix to cream.

Carrot cream with potato

1 carrot
1 medium potato
Butter / olive oil

Grate cleaned and washed vegetables on a grater or cut into slices. Cook in a little water or steamed until soft. Add ½ teaspoon butter or olive oil and mix until smooth.

Pumpkin cream

1 medium carrot
Half a glass of pumpkin
1 small potato
Butter / olive oil

Cut the cleaned and washed vegetables into cubes and steam until tender. Transfer to a dish, add ½ tsp butter or olive oil and mix to a smooth cream.

How to prevent the serious spread of herpes to newborn babies

How to prevent the serious spread of herpes to newborn babies

Names for babies born in March

All parents would like to choose a name for their baby that matches their character and personality. But it is still too early to know what his temperament will be like. However, children's astrology can give us some clues about their personality, based on their zodiac sign. In addition, they could choose a name for the baby inspired by the month of his birth. We have some ideas for perfect names for babies born in March.

March is the month that in the northern hemisphere, on the 20th and 21st, welcomes the Spring season. Babies born in March are from the Pisces or Aries signs, two different signs that share some common characteristics. In a general way, march babies They stand out for their charisma. Some as dreamers and others as adventurers, these babies live their life discoveries passionately.

If you are still not sure what name to give your baby, but you know that he or she will be born in the month of March, check out this list of the most used names for boys and girls this month.

1. Ainara. The name is of Basque origin and means 'swallow'. Its popularity is increasing and today it is one of the most fashionable names. Like it for that exotic touch and because it exudes personality.

2. Alvaro. The name is of Germanic origin and means'the one who protects everyone '. It is a name with a long tradition that has not been worn down by use, but remains original and with a very elegant touch.

3. Eduardo. This name is of Germanic origin and its meaning speaks of wealth. It is elegant and distinguished and maintains a modern touch despite having a long tradition. Without a doubt, a strong name with personality.

4. Juan Antonio. The Hebrew origin of Juan joins the Etruscan origin of Antonio in one of the most frequent names for boys. While the meaning of John refers to the compassion, Antonio's is totally unknown to us, something that only increases the appeal of this forceful name with personality.

5. Maia. Of Greek origin and with a meaning maternal, This name belongs to one of the characters in Greek mythology, one of the Pleiades nymphs from whose union with Zeus the messenger god Hermes was born.

6. Nicolas. This name is of Greek origin and its meaning refers to the people's victory. Its strength is such that the name remains oblivious to fashions and trends, looking at all times an original and distinguished name.

7. Rodrigo. It is of Germanic origin and, according to its meaning, Rodrigo 'bring the glory '. Few names for such aristocratic boys find like this one that reminds us of the nobility and the adventures of the Middle Ages.

8. Selene. It is of Greek origin and its meaning speaks of light, although in reality it is the name it received Moon as divinity. Despite being one of the most beautiful names for girls, it has not been used much so it is still original and modern.

9. Vanessa. This name of English origin has one of the most curious origins. It was invented by the poet Jonathan Swift in 1708 as acronym of his beloved and soon it was spreading as one of the most charming names for girls.

8. Zoe. For a short name, Zoe contains great strength in its meaning. Of Greek origin, it means'lifetime', making it one of the most eloquent and charming girl names. Like for its simplicity, but also for its originality.

If you have ever thought of naming your baby inspired by the names of the saint of the month in which he will be born, considering the saint, month by month, may be a good alternative. Giving names of a saint that corresponds to the baby's day of birth is an ancient custom in some countries such as Spain, which is preserved to a limited extent today.

Know the 7 most popular saint names of the month of March. Maybe it will give you some idea or inspiration to choose the name of your baby.

1. Africa
Female name of Greek origin that means 'without cold', although some give it a meaning of 'exposed to the sun' or even 'where the sea foams'. He celebrates his holy day on March 5.

2. Carlos
Male name of Germanic origin that means 'strong man', 'man with vitality'. Celebrate your name day on March 2.

3. Jose
Name for a boy of Hebrew origin that means 'abundance'. Saint Joseph's Day is celebrated on March 19, when Father's Day is commemorated in many countries.

4. July
It is celebrated on the day of San Julio on March 30. Julio or Julia is a name of Latin origin that means 'He who belongs to the Julia family' or 'He who was born in the month of July'.

5. Luisa
A unique Germanic feminine name, meaning 'illustrious warrior'. His masculine form is Luis.

6. Maximilian
He celebrates his holy day on March 12. It is a masculine name of Latin origin that means 'the great one'. His numerology is number 3.

7. Patrick
He was a Catholic missionary known as the patron saint of Ireland. He celebrates his saint's day on March 17, when St. Patrick's Day is commemorated. Patricia is her feminine form. Name of Latin origin that means 'of noble or patrician origin'.

8. Katherine
On March 24, Saint Catherine's Day is celebrated in honor of Saint Catherine of Sweden. Did you know that this name is Greek and that it means 'pure' or 'immaculate'?

9. Sixto
For all those parents who are looking for a name with tradition but that at the same time sounds original, Sixto may be a good option. He celebrates his saint on March 28, in honor of Saint Sixtus Pope.

You can read more articles similar to Names for babies born in March, in the On-Site Name Trends category.

Name of babies born in March and April

Tomatoes also make a treat

Tomatoes also make a treat

Tomatoes can also be consumed by the little ones. The bright red button bites more easily than apples, snacks, and teas, and it can be added in small cubes for cooking.

Yeah, yeah

We can take it with you to Tzziurai in a small box. Tomatoes are 94 percent water, thousands very thirsty. This excellent egg can be made from tomato homemade: chilled with basil, sugar, lemon juice and rosemary, and is one of the best drinks in the can. The fruit acids in it stimulate the functioning of the stomach and the pancreas, and make them good. The healing power of tomatoes is also significant. They also contain cosmetic creams for fungal diseases, inflammatory processes, and cosmetic creams for problematic skin. lycopene (which, in addition to tomatoes, is also responsible for the life-style of the watermelon) reduces the likelihood of certain cancers (eg, stomach, breast, prostate), defects in the skin and UV rays. Lycopene is soluble in fat, so it's worth using tomatoes with olive oil.It is important to know that the stem and parts of the green leaf may cause vomitingso we should remove them before handing over the fruit. Immature tomatoes are not a pickle for children, either. The redder the healthier!
- Do your grandma's methods really help?
- Refreshing tomato soup with mosaic balls

What mother is Rbk (VI. 22. - VII. 22.)

What mother is Rbk (VI. 22. - VII. 22.)

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