5 adventures you can have with your baby without leaving home

5 adventures you can have with your baby without leaving home

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There is a friend in me. Toy Story Song Lyrics

Toy Story is one of the most famous Disney and Pixar movies and, how could it be otherwise, it contains one of those children's songs with a message that Guiainfantil.com brings you closer.

With the title song of this film, the value that you want to highlight is that of friendship. They say that friends are the family that is chosen, because a true friend, to whom you can tell all your sorrows, joys, worries and concerns and who you know will always be there, becomes a brother.

There is a friend in me, there is a friend in me

When you fly away and maybe you miss your sweet home

What I tell you you must remember

Because there is a friend in me

Yes there is a friend in me

There is a friend in me

There is a friend in me

And when you suffer here you will have me

I will not stop being with you, you'll see

You don't need nobody else

Because there is a friend in me

There is a friend in me

Others may be much smarter than me

That may be, maybe

More will never be who can be

A faithful friend and you know it

Time will pass, ours will not die

You gon 'see it, you better know

That there is a friend in me

There is a friend in me

There is a friend in me

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Youve Got a Friend in Me -1 Hour Long- Toy Story

Name Essia - Meaning of the origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Variation of "Essie", "Essia" is most often considered as a diminutive of the first names of Latin origin "Estella" / "Estelle" or Persian original name "Esther". These names of different origins have the same meaning and mean "star".


Essia Baaziz, professional makeup artist of Tunisian origin working in the world of theater and cinema.

His character :

Reserved by nature, Essia has a radiant personality that combines charm, pride and coquetry. It exudes a strong impression of ensuring a successful course. His temperament is further strengthened by his ambition, endurance and determination. She never goes back to work and is able to make sustained efforts over a long period to achieve her goals. However, Essia has significant problems with motivation. When a subject does not interest him, his results are pitiful. Nevertheless, if her entourage manages to stimulate and challenge her, she will easily reach the highest peaks.

This woman of character gives little importance to the outward signs of wealth and assigns sentimental value to her personal effects. Whether they are luxurious or not, they are his business and they are invaluable to him. Tense and nervous, Essia has temporary but regular anxiety attacks. However, most of the time, she knows how to control her character weaknesses. When she manages to calm her doubts, this hard worker shows herself capable of prudence, reflection and perseverance. During her good days, she leaves room for the power of her intellect and puts aside her worries. Small, Essia is disciplined and shows predispositions for art as well as languages. His family will have to take advantage of his abilities to approach, inspire and accompany him in his personal development.


Essie, Esther, Estella, Estelle, Estera and Esti.

His party :

No specific day is dedicated to Essia.

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Why are pregnancy dreams more vivid and memorable?

Dreams are like funhouse mirrors that reflect your emotional state. And considering pregnancy can feel like an emotional roller coaster, it's no surprise that your dreams may be more vivid and wild than usual. (A boost in the hormone progesterone during pregnancy could be a factor in causing those emotional ups and downs.)

If you're better able to recall your dreams now, you can chalk that up to pregnancy too. Most people remember only an occasional dream, even though we all dream every night.

But pregnant women typically wake up throughout night because of bladder pressure, anxiety, and other pregnancy sleep disturbances. And the more often your sleep is interrupted, the more likely you are to wake up with a dream fresh in your mind.

What your pregnancy dreams mean in each trimester

Some experts say that pregnancy dreams reflect your excitement, fear, and apprehension about the physical and emotional changes happening to you. They point to certain themes that they believe are common to each stage of pregnancy.

We asked psychologist and dream expert Patricia Garfield, author of Women's Bodies, Women's Dreams, to tell us what some common pregnancy dreams might mean.

  • Deciphering pregnancy dreams: First trimester
  • Deciphering pregnancy dreams: Second trimester
  • Deciphering pregnancy dreams: Third trimester
  • Deciphering pregnancy dreams: Your final weeks
  • Deciphering expectant dads' dreams

Eva writes, researches, and edits for a wide variety of subjects including parenting, medicine, travel, natural history, science, business, and the arts.

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29 Weeks Pregnant - Your 29th Week Of Pregnancy

Guess riddle

Chalk and blackboard

A white lady
through a black field,
what are you doing
and the field fills up
of white footsteps.

Guess, guess ... Riddles for kids are a great way to stimulate intelligence, logic and creativity in your little ones. Also, this children's game provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the family.

For this reason, at GuiaInfantil we have created a fun application to play riddles as a family, with thousands of riddles to stimulate children in their learning and help them learn vocabulary with a fun game.

You can search children's riddles from different categories, pick a random puzzle, get clues, and enjoy an afternoon of family leisure, in the company of our mascot Ragged. Go ahead and try your luck!

First steps to a sugar-free life

It's not that hard to give up roula! The sweet taste of the fruit is just enough to blossom.

The fruit juice of the fruits dries the sugar

Let's see what you can do!
1. Anything incredible, but you don't even have to keep sugar at home. What is not in hand is easier to cancel.2. Do not buy or reclaim sweets, no more than your own, sugar-free jam.3. Also avoid seeing candy as a reward.4. Convince your family members of the benefits of sugar free! It is best if you seek to accept the natural sweet taste and direct your family in this way.5. Tea without tea is also very tasty when you have the raw material.6. Chocolate is quite a little satisfying, if you have the bulk of cocoa beans, non-vegetable yeast and sugars, the homemade fruit yoghurt gives you just the right amount of sweet taste. You can add bananas or soaked raisins and popcorn in raisins instead of sugar, these solutions will also increase your natural fiber content. The recipes usually contain too much sugar, and the results will be much less refreshing.Mйz: The most common natural sweetener, it contains important enzymes and trace elements besides sugar, its sugar content is lower than that of crystalline sugar (so a cinnamon contains less sugar than a cinnamon crystal sugar). But also with honey only a little hasznбlj! Remember that the goal is to gradually reduce your need for sweetness. It is also not advisable to consume honey without limit!maltitol: It is made from cornstarch, has a sweetening effect similar to sugar. Removes teeth, has an energy content of forty percent less than sugar. It slowly increases, so that it raises the blood sugar slightly and has a glycemic index of only 20-30.Xylitol / nyнrfacukor: The sugar is forty percent lower energy content, low glycemic index, tooth-friendly, sugar-like sweetener. It is made from the fibers of corn cobs and poplar trees.stevia: It is a natural sweetener, a plant from South America with 30 times the leaves and up to 300 times as sweet as sugar. Calorie content 0, does not cause tooth decay, vitamin A and trace elements. It can also be used for cooking and cooking. It can be used in the form of plant leaves (as a spice) or in the form of drops (drops, tablets).

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