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20 english names for boys View the slideshow

Want a baby first name? Good idea ! Right now, they are really trendy, carried by births in the "so british" royal family. So, are you going to go for Archie, George or Ryan or Cameron? Discover quickly our selection of English names for little boy.

Karine Ancelet

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20 first names for boys (20 photos)


It is by this first name that our selection begins, because Archie could reach the top in England ... and not only! At the root of this recent craze was the birth on May 6, 2019 of Meghan Markle's baby and Prince Harry's Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Original, this name is a diminutive of Archibald, itself English form of the Germanic name Erkanbald, the words "aircan", natural, authentic, and "bald", bold, bold, brave ... traits that go with that first name. His birthday: April 30th. More information about first name Archie


Royal baby name of Prince William and Kate Middleton, born July 22, 2013, George, Anglo-Saxon version of our Georges, comes from the Greek "georgios", which means worker of the earth. A royal choice because it was the name of George VI, great-grandfather of William. Again, it's a name that should be popular in the coming years in England. It is celebrated on April 23 and hides a character both wise and curious. More information about the first name George


The name of the future King of England is the English version of French Guillaume and comes from the Germanic words "wil", will, and "helm", helmet. It is timeless in English-speaking countries and continues to be awarded regularly. His character ? Honest, straight, loving nature and great outdoors. His birthday: January 10th.


This name very popular in Britain comes from the Germanic "heim", home, and "ric", powerful. Two celebrities grow this first name, derivative Anglo-Saxon Henry: the brother of William, of course, but also Harry Potter! A name with a strong character that is celebrated on July 13th.


This Anglo-Saxon name that comes from the words "constancy" and "firmness" in Hebrew is appreciated across the Channel. The name of a little boy, who is in love with justice and quick wit, is celebrated on the 7th of March. More information on the first name Ethan


This English name is derived from the word "dear", which means dear or loved ... what to bring full of confidence to your little end who, calm and sociable will charm you and be loved. As he has no known date of celebration, why not with Aimé on September 13th. More information about first name Darrel


This Anglo-Saxon form of William is popular on the other side of the Channel. This derivative of Guillaume is composed of the terms "will" and "helm" which mean respectively will and helmet. Volunteer, your little end will surely be, but it will be as discreet and reserved. His birthday: January 10th.


The name Alistair is the English form of our Alexander, the Greek "alexein", protge, and "andros" which means manly man. Do you need a shoulder? You can count on him! His birthday: April 22nd. More information about first name Alistair


English version of James, James comes from the Hebrew "ya'aqob", meaning that God favors. A name that is celebrated on July 25th and cacahe an independent character and a little secret.


Mixed first name, Cameron derives its origin in the Celtic language, more precisely from the Gaelic term "camshron" which is translated by crooked nose. Is it a coincidence if, on the personality side, Cameron will be the king to lead you by the nose with his charmer side? His birthday: August 21st. More information about first name Cameron


Biblical name, Adam means in Hebrew man (formed with) red earth. Adam is celebrated on June 17 and has an ambitious and voluntary character.


It's not just here that this name is popular! It is also very popular in all English-speaking countries. Nathan comes from the Hebrew "nathan", which means God gave. Generosity is also the main character trait of this beautiful name to celebrate August 24th.


This name comes from the old English "broad leah", which signifies vast clearing. It is celebrated on January 1st and will guarantee you a calm and cuddly child.


Diminutive of Leonard, this name comes from the Latin "leo", which means the lion ... yet it is a little boy cuddly and very sweet waiting for you! His birthday: November 6th.


Although masculine, the name Damian comes from the Greek "Damia", nickname of the goddess Cybele, deity of the fertility and the harvest. It is celebrated on September 26 and hides a serene and protective personality.


From the Irish "rigan", meaning young king, Ryan was first used as a surname before becoming a first name. Curious and eager to discover, Ryan celebrates on March 8th. More information about first name Ryan


From the Greek "andros", man, Andy is a diminutive of Andrew, himself from the French name André. This name, which hides an extroverted and sociable character, is celebrated on November 30th. More information about first name Andy


Anglo-Saxon form of Olivier, this name comes from the Latin word "oliva", denoting the olive. Determined and courageous, Oliver celebrates July 12th.


Mixed name, Taylor comes from an old English family name that designated tailors or clothing manufacturers. Creative and ambitious, Taylor is celebrating September 24th.


Inspired by an Irish surname, Malone can be translated as "descendant of the servant of Saint John". Imaginative and quick-witted, Malone is celebrating on November 15th.

Parents have a very special relationship with patients because they have to take care of one of them in a very important life situation. But what type of baby do they meet in their job?

The nervous type

You can see that he is very stressed and scared when we look him in the eyes - for him there is a huge need for help and support for the mother in law.

The stoic type

From the very first minute, she is very balanced, ready to meet the newborn, and there is nothing that can swing her out of this state. Ready for birth, And without a little guidance, you don't need another one.

The calm type

Just like a stoic little mother, she cannot be moved out of the current state of mind. However, for him the specialist board is needed, they are very confident in their births and accept that what they suggest is the best number and the birthright.

The definite type

Х He who has a precise plan for his birth journey and is fully conscious of it as a task to be done. Anything goes, trying to comply with the determination.

The type served

(Of course, in the midst of childbirth, every woman is in a bit of a servile position, but she's much more of an average.) Х The one who is very uncertain can't decide what to do or not to do. She is not a teacher at the birthplace there is a need for a gentle hug, a caress.

Types of confident

Х One who arrives very confidently at birth because she is fully prepared for childbirth. Not at all afraid of the task before him, he is aware of his ability to accomplish this.

The loud type

He is very nervous when he comes to the birth, he constantly talks, just to feel himself, and occasionally repels newborns during birth. Your shouting is deep and gives you all the sensations about birth.

Pain is a well-worn type

She's very happy with the fact that she's going to bring a child to the world and it helps with all the pain in the midst of childbirth.

The surprised type

Х who is very nervous before birth, afraid of what you expect, then in the meantime, he realizes that this process is completely different than he imagined, And he wears it much better than he expected.

The type who you are

The woman who was worried about what was going on for 9 months, but it turns out that strong, fearless, and capable of anything. With or without pain relief, but it can. You can do it all the way through the natural way, even with a cupping, but you can do it. You are quiet, but you have succeeded. Whatever you are, You are impressed with what you have done or what you will bring to life. Because you, Mother, are beautiful and wonderful. (VIA)Related links:
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  • Do You Need to Prepare for Birth?

Make salmon-zucchini-sweet potato puree for baby 7-8 months

If you are playing with the little one in the first few months of your diet, try the following recipe!

Prepare a Baby Salmon-Zucchini-Sweet Potato Meal At the beginning of your baby's diet, you need to make some delicious ingredients - once your creativity is gone, the recipe is here! You can give sweet potatoes to your puppy at the age of 6 months, while zucchini can be added in the 7-8. you are advised to introduce it into your diet next month. With a few exceptions, meat can go to the menu from the age of half, so you can try salmon too!

Salmon zucchini sweet peas

I added 3 servings
  • 100 g salmon fillet
  • 185 g burgdesburgonya
  • 90 g of zucchini
  1. Use a steam functional blender to prepare the puree. If you have a smooth milk shake, try the roasted ingredients after the preparation.
  2. Wash and apply zucchini and sweet potatoes. Remove all skin from salmon, and if you find a salmon, you can. Grab the greens and the fish into 1 cm cubes.
  3. Remove the lid of the blender pan, then place the sides so that the side of the frying pan is on the bottom and replace the lid.
  4. Remove the top of the water tank and fill with water up to a level of 10/15 minutes (160 ml).
  5. Reassemble the machine, set it to 15 minutes, and after it has expired, return the switch to the "OFF" state.
  6. Remove the blender and turn it over on the blender's side, then put it back on the machine.
  7. Spray the steamed ingredients 2-3 times for 15 seconds.
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  • How to establish good sleep habits

    Newborns sleep a lot – typically 16 to 17 hours a day. But most babies don't stay asleep for more than two to four hours at a time, day or night, during the first few weeks.

    As time goes on, your baby will start sleeping less during the day and more at night. At around 4 to 6 months, most babies are capable of sleeping for a stretch of eight or more hours during the night.

    Help your baby get there by following these guidelines from the start.

  • 1. Learn the signs that your baby is tired

    For the first six to eight weeks, most babies can't stay up much longer than two hours at a time. If you wait longer than that to put your baby down, he may be overtired and have trouble falling asleep.

    Watch your baby for signs that he's tired. Is he rubbing his eyes, pulling on his ear, or being more fussy than normal? If you spot these or other signs of sleepiness, try putting him down to sleep. You'll soon develop a sixth sense about your baby's daily rhythms and patterns, and you'll know instinctively when he's ready for a nap.

  • 2. Make daytime playtime

    When your baby's alert and awake during the day, interact with her as much as you can, keep the house and her room light and bright, and don't worry about minimizing regular daytime noises like the phone, music, or dishwasher. If she tends to sleep through feedings, wake her up.

  • 3. Keep night time calm

    At night, don't play with your baby when he wakes up. Keep the lights and noise level low, and don't spend too much time talking to him. Before long he should begin to figure out that nighttime is for sleeping.

  • 4. Consider starting a bedtime routine

    It's never too early to start trying to follow a bedtime routine. It can be something as simple as getting your baby changed for bed, singing a lullaby, and giving her a kiss goodnight.

  • 5. Give your baby a chance to fall asleep on his own

    Some experts suggest putting your baby down when he's sleepy but still awake. They recommend not rocking or nursing your baby to sleep, even at this young age. Using this method, if your baby falls sleep at his last feeding, jiggle him gently awake before putting him to bed.

    Not everyone agrees with this strategy, however. Many parents rock or nurse their babies to sleep because they consider it normal and natural, because they enjoy it and their baby is thriving and sleeping well, or simply because nothing else seems to work.

Dana Dubinsky is a health and science editor.

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Meaning of the name Ventura. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Fortune. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

It is a name of good omen, which seeks to attract happiness. It is also used as a hypocoristic for Buenaventura.

Comes from venturum: "what is to come"

May 3


  • Ventura de la Vega, Spanish writer of Argentine origin (1807-1865)
  • Ventura Rodríguez, Spanish architect (1717-1785)
  • Ventura Pons, Catalan film director (1945-)

Ventura name coloring pages printable game

Ventura: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Ventura coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Ventura coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Ventura name to color and print

Your Guide to Spanish Last Names and Their Meanings. AF-264

Buttock delivery - natural or caesarean section?

97% of babies in 37 weeks gestation and later days are placed head down. In this way they are ready to be born. In other cases, the child lays buttocks down and very rarely sideways, when his arm or back is closest to the mouth of the cervix.

How is buttock delivery currently taking place - is there any possibility of natural delivery, or is Caesarean section recommended? What do specialists say? What are the current guidelines?

Gluteal position in the third trimester

Many children lay freely in the womb at the beginning of the third trimester. About a quarter of them are placed in the buttock position, but most within two months separating them for childbirth are arranged correctly so that natural childbirth is possible and proceeded as nature wishes.

How do you know that you are in danger of giving birth to a buttock?

How to know that the child is in the buttock position

If you are afraid that you are in danger of giving birth to a buttock, you may observe the way the baby moves - the pressure of the head high and kicking at the bottom of the abdomen. However, a certain signal is only information from a doctor who will definitely inform you about the child's position, checking it by cervical examination or ultrasound.

What if the baby is still in the buttock position at 37 weeks of pregnancy?

Although there are cases when the baby turns around in the right way just before delivery, the buttock position at 37 weeks of pregnancy and later should be a warning signal.

The doctor may recommend trying to change the position of the child by applying pressure to the abdomen and manually manipulating in such a way as to motivate the baby to market. However, not all women can undergo this procedure - it is inadvisable for pregnant expecting twins, women who have a small amount of amniotic fluid, who have problems with bleeding during pregnancy. In addition, this procedure involves the risk of - separation of the placenta from the uterus wall, as well as a decrease in the pulse of the child and may end in delivery.

Unfortunately, the child does not always want to move, even despite the doctor's efforts. It even happens that after correct rotation it returns to its gluteal position again.

Home ways to change the gluteal position of the child

There are home ways to change the gluteal position of the child. Unfortunately, it is not certain that these methods work. There is no evidence that they are effective. It is worth consulting them, if any, with a doctor.

You can try to help your toddler turn by using gravity. The following methods should be repeated twice a day, starting from 32 weeks of pregnancy.

  • lie flat on your back and place your pelvis so that it is above the floor, you can put pillows under your bottom,
  • make sure you get help from a loved one when needed,
  • stop the task when you feel unwell
  • stay in this position for 15 minutes.

Buttock delivery - what does it look like?

Unfortunately, the gluteal position rarely ends in a natural birth. This can happen when you are expecting twins and the first baby is placed face down or when the delivery is advanced when you reach the hospital.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) in 2006 announced a recommendation that gluteal delivery could take place naturally if the woman was well-built, had a wide pelvis, the child was medium-sized, in good condition and the pregnancy was without complications. Doctor's experience is also required.

Doctors, however, generally recommend caesarean section in the buttock position. It is safer. Buttock delivery by cutting seems the best solution.

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This male given name of Italian origin is widespread in the United States in the Hispanic and Latin American community.


Elmo Lincoln, American actor of German origin, known to have interpreted for the first time the character of Tarzan on the screen in the movie "Tarzan of the Apes".
Elmo Hope, American jazz pianist.
Elmo Lewis, British multi-instrumentalist musician.
Elmore James, real name Elmore Brooks, American blues guitarist and singer.

His character :

Elmo has a natural talent to turn every situation to his advantage thanks to his great sense of repartee. He is able to adapt to any situation. On a daily basis, Elmo is very attentive to the evolution of its environment. He relies heavily on his intelligence to move forward with confidence and adapt to all forms of change. He likes to be the center of attention of all, so he does his best to shine and attract the gaze of others.


Elmore, Elmi, Helmo, Helmi and Elano.

His party :

The Elmo are honored on June 2nd.

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Riddle: Been at sea for years

Guess riddle

The sand

Has been at sea for years
and still can't swim.

Guess, guess ... Riddles for kids are a great way to stimulate intelligence, logic and creativity in your little ones. Also, this children's game provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the family.

For this reason, in GuiaInfantil we have created a fun application to play riddles as a family, with thousands of riddles to stimulate children in their learning and help them learn vocabulary with a fun game.

You can search children's riddles from different categories, pick a random puzzle, get clues, and enjoy an afternoon of family leisure, in the company of our mascot Ragged. Go ahead and try your luck!

Different postures of women in childbirth

Different postures of women in childbirth

Childbirth is the culmination of the pregnancy process and the last step before the arrival of the baby. Today, most women prepare to endure this stage so that they can facilitate the birthThey even have the possibility to choose the ideal position to give birth.

In recent years, new protocols have been included in many hospitals for the future mother to decide the best position in the delivery. Although the most widespread is the so-called 'gynecological', lying on my backThere are others with their advantages and disadvantages that it is advisable to know.

Delivery lying on the spine is the most widespread method of giving birth, because favors medical intervention and it reduces bleeding, but it has been criticized because it reduces the work of the mother and hinders the natural process of childbirth by going against gravity. In addition, in this position the pelvic opening narrows and the blood vessels are pressured, making it difficult for the baby to get oxygen.

Another horizontal delivery option is to stay lying on one side. In this case, the blood vessels are not pressured and normal blood flow is maintained. Although a pro-gravity delivery does not occur, it is a position that favors the rest of the woman in labor and reduces the need for an episiotomy.

Women who give birth in upright positions They favor the natural process of childbirth by having the help of gravity. There are different postures, since mothers choose to stand with their back leaning against a wall or those that are squatting or semi-sitting.

These positions can be disadvantaged in case of epidural anesthesia, as the sensitivity of the legs is weakened, except if the so-called 'walking epidural' is chosen, which does not paralyze from the waist down. On the other hand,promote pelvic tilt and the pressure of the baby's head on the cervix, which is very advantageous for expulsion by reducing the effort in pushing.

One of the traditional options is seated delivery or using the delivery chairs, very popular for centuries around the world. The woman who gives birth while sitting will play with gravity in her favor, while maintaining a resting position and favoring fetal monitoring. On the other hand, delivery chairs have been criticized in some research for a possible relationship with increased bleeding in the mother.

Finally, there is the possibility of giving birth in quadruped position, on all fours. This mechanism, although it does not have the force of gravity, is ideal for women who suffer from back pain or hemorrhoids. In addition, the rotation of the baby is favored and the exit is smoothed, thus reducing the possibility of vaginal tears.

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