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When can you cut a baby's hair

Riddle: Everyone says they love me

Riddle: Everyone says they love me

The maternal diet after childbirth has a great influence on the milk produced by the breast, not on the quantity or quality, but on the tastes, smells and the amounts of some of the nutrients it contains.

We explain what foods change the taste of breast milk.

It has been shown that the particles responsible for flavoring food are able to cross the placental barrierTherefore, inside the uterus, where the fetus swallows amniotic fluid on a regular basis, it is already in contact with the most frequent flavors of its mother's diet. However, while in utero the baby cannot do anything about it, he can do it when he is taking breastmilk, rejecting it if the taste in question displeases you.

Although this is possible, it is more often the case that breastfed babies are more drawn to trying and accepting new foods later, as they are used to the usual taste changes of breast milk. The formula milkObviously, it is always the same, with the same taste and smell, unless the brand is changed.

Actually, it could be said that all flavors pass into breast milk, but the baby is already used to them and knows them from his intrauterine stay. However, unknown flavors or some known but stronger or more intense, can surprise you, both for better and for worse.

- Garlic: The fact that the flavors of foods pass into breast milk is something that has always intrigued researchers, and there are several studies on it. For example, in one of them, conducted more than 20 years ago, garlic pills were used to observe their effect on the infants versus a control group given pills without garlic (placebo).

Interestingly, when the intensity of garlic was higher in milk, the more attracted the babies were to breastfeed. This double-blind study, where neither the mothers nor the researchers knew who received the garlic pill and who received the placebo, was able to demonstrate the presence of both odor and garlic essence in the composition of the breast milk of the group of mothers who took garlic pills.

- Asparagus, onions, artichokes and Brussels sprouts: Other foods potentially involved in the intense flavor change in milk are asparagus, green and white, onions, artichokes, or Brussels sprouts. The taste and odor of these foods is detectable in the milk for a variable period of time, generally depending on the intensity of the same and the amount of food ingested, therefore, whatever the effect on the infant, disappears after a few hours, returning to normal.

The consumption of some of these foods is also usually associated with the appearance of flatulence. East it is also not a reason to avoid its consumption during lactation, since, although the mother can suffer a terrible afternoon of gas after eating a plate of gratin cauliflower, for example, the gases that it produces do not cross the intestinal barrier, do not pass into the blood, and therefore, do not leave by breast milk, so the baby is completely safe.

In this way, although it is not necessary to avoid any food beforehand because it changes the taste of the milk or because it produces gases, it may be the case that the baby rejects the breast on some occasion due to the change in the taste of breast milk, so it is the mother's decision to avoid or not the food in question.

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Diseases of the female genital tract

Most women occasionally experience vaginal problems usually associated with menstrual cycle disorders, sexual discomfort, infections, inadequate contraception or pregnancy-related changes. Here are the most common disorders of the female genital tract and how you can identify them in time.
Certain changes in vaginal secretions may be the first sign that indicates a possible genital disorder. Similarly, a symptom such as frequent urination, accompanied by burns and discomfort, is an important alarm signal.

Common genital disorders

Gynecologists treat every day patients with the following common genital disorders:
* sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia or gonorrhea);

* vaginal infections: vulvovaginal candidiasis, bacterial vaginitis, genital herpes, trichomoniasis;

* infections of the cervix (cervicitis).
All of these diseases cause abnormal vaginal leakage and usually occur as a result of unprotected or unhygienic sexual acts, adverse drug reactions or improper intravaginal washes.

Vaginal infections

Symptoms of vaginal infections are: secretions that have an unnatural color (gray, green to yellow) and have an unpleasant odor, irritations, itching or swelling in the vagina, burning sensation in urine and pain or bleeding during sexual contact.
If you think you might have a vaginal infection, you should follow these steps:
* avoids any sexual contact or intervention in the pelvis area until gynecological control; thus, you will prevent the spread of the infection;

* Do not do vaginal washings on your own, because you will push the infection to the uterus and uterine tubes, triggering pelvic inflammatory disease; in addition, you will unbalance the level of good bacteria in the vagina.

Irritations, basics, excrescences and swelling in the vulva area

There are several conditions that are manifested by these symptoms, and one of the most common is vaginal irritation caused by the use of inappropriate soap in the intimate area and its insufficient removal by rinsing or that triggered by wearing too tight clothes.

Any visible modification of the tissue of the genital tract requires you to visit the gynecological office as soon as possible.
The treatment of the diseases of the genital tract is determined by the doctor according to the nature and causes of the problem, the severity of the symptoms and your general state of health.

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How sports influence children's back health

Sports during childhood is necessary, not only to guarantee healthy and adequate growth, but also to avoid problems derived from sedentary lifestyles (such as obesity or childhood overweight). Sport is necessary too to ensure good back health.

In this video of, the doctor Domingo Carretas, specialist in the back Health of the Kovacs Foundation, explains why it is so important that we encourage our children to practice a sport from a young age.

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All About Toilet Training in Babies!

You're tired of diapers, your baby has grown up, and all of its peers have started to meet their toilet needs themselves, or they'll start day care and they need to get into the toilet habit!

Which of these reasons toilet training If you ask yourself that there may be a valid reason for starting your studies, unfortunately none of them is a valid reason to start this training.

  • So what is the correct answer?
  • When to start?
  • How do I know my baby's ready?

Before starting toilet training in infants, each parent has important questions to answer. Read our article for answers to questions and much more.

What is Toilet Training?

Babies are born in the first weeks, day 15-20 times Pee 2-3 times poop.

For babies whose number of poo and pee he makes during the day becomes less frequent, this poo and pee they make out of their control is quite disturbing.

For this reason, they become restless after doing it and finally perform the crying action, which is a sign that he has toilette. If this event occurs out of control, emancipation is one of the biggest obstacles in the path.

Potty training baby control poo and pee, by using the toilet or potty; being an individual, being able to make its own decisions, self-reliance, achievement and freedom.

How to Tell the Right Time to Give Toilet Training to Babies

When babies grow a little and become more aware of the environment, they realize that the poo and pee they are very uncomfortable with are actually something that comes out of them.

About After 18 months recognizes the changes in the body that begin to take place before the toilet and knows that the poop or pee is about to come. But cognitive awareness is not enough to start training.

They need to be physically and emotionally ready to provide toilet training to babies. To see if they are ready, you need to observe whether they have the following physical and emotional competences.

Physical Competencies:

For babies to use potty or toilets, of course they must first learn to stay in balance and walk. Besides, your little cub;

  • Should be able to go to the toilet and check his muscles until he pants down and hold his pee or poo
  • To be able to express orally that the toilet is coming
  • To open the bathroom door and lamp to enter the toilet
  • Should be able to lower and collect the lower garment itself

Be able to sit on the toilet or potty and be able to stay balanced on the toilet after sitting!

  • Should be able to close the lid after finishing the work and then press the flush
  • He should be able to wash his hands on his own, even if he needs help getting his butt cleaned in the first place.

Emotional Competences:

Children must be emotionally ready, primarily after meeting physical expectations. The signs of emotional readiness expected from babies to provide toilet training are as follows:

  • The fact that he constantly stops sticking to the mother is the first sign that he wants to be free.
  • While dressing up or eating, it's not necessarily me that I'm going to do it and trying to disrupt what you're doing,
  • Willingness to make your own toilet,
  • Not to develop feelings of fear or disgust against potty.

How should toilet training be given to babies? You can watch our video.

What to Consider During Toilet Training in Children!

Your baby's own toilet to learn to learn, is an important step towards freedom. Negative experiences in this process are strong enough to negatively affect your baby's development and even your character.

Therefore toilet training in children The process is not a period to be passed, but rather a period for parents to pay attention.

  • Be child-centered when deciding to start education. The important thing is that you are not ready.
  • You should talk to your child and take this decision together before you start training.
  • A real toilet for toilet training in children may seem a little big and scary. Therefore, it will be easier to start with potty.
  • Go with your baby while you are taking the potty and give him a choice.
  • If your baby has not made any progress after you start training, do not force it. Take a break.
  • Make encouraging sentences when your child is able to go to the toilet. But while doing so, remember that this action is a natural phenomenon and don't exaggerate the praise.
  • Never be angry or warned of accidents such as incontinence. Instead of concentrating on the accident, focus on successful experiences.

Toilet Training Continues at Night?

One of the situations where the parents are in the most dilemma is whether to tie the baby under the night. Toilet training at night continues well; however, the method depends on your baby and you.

Some parents who observe that the child has toilets in certain time intervals prefer to take the child to the toilet periodically by setting the clock at night.

Some parents prefer not to wear diapers at night and continue to focus on daytime. Some parents say that toilet training should continue at night with natural flow; lay down a special waterproof sheet and feel uncomfortable with the baby's own wetness. when the night toilet arrives He waits until he says it.

It may also be preferable to try this method with the training pant.

Harms of being oppressive in the education process!

Toilet training is essentially an individualization effort. Therefore, it is important to treat your baby character and psychology deeply and permanently.

A child who is forced to make or not to make a toilet, even though he or she has not yet fully controlled, can deliberately keep the toilet on or off for a long time just to make his parents happy or angry.

In the toilet training process, your baby's psychology and your behavior are the most important things for this process.

This approach may cause the baby to have an external dependent character that cannot make its own decisions in the future.

Researches have shown that individuals who receive toilet training with repressive parents are either very stingy or extravagant is one and in social relations problems.

Is Toilet Training in Boys Different from Girls?

One of the things most parents wonder about is the girl and toilet training in boys whether there is a difference. Of course, there are some differences during the training. One of these differences is the speed at which you learn to toilet.

Research has shown that girls are faster than boys.

Because boys are more active than girls in general, it is not easy to sit in the pot and wait for that poop to come.

Another difference in toilet training in girls and boys is that it is necessary to pay attention to the post-toilet cleaning process from front to back in girls; in men, it is important to teach both sitting and standing toilets.

In addition, different games and toys can be used depending on gender in the methods applied to show positive attitude towards girls and boys against the toilet. Boy child girl getting to work with her doll garbage truck It can begin.

Of a baby toilet training Considering the fact that she uses an average of 6000 diapers until she starts taking them, we can understand that you want to start this training immediately. However, you should keep in mind that starting this training before your baby is ready can lead to personality disorders that cannot be compensated by money.

Therefore, in this process, you should focus not on yourself but on your baby and its developmental characteristics. You should remember that your child is special and you should never compare it with others.

Click on the link below to review our article on toilet training products.

// www. / Toilet-training auxiliary-to-be-What-urunler /

Click on the link below for the products you need for toilet training and easy access to products

//www.e- / baby-toilet-training-products-c4211 /

We wish you the best of this process, happy days!

Absence of one of the testicles, or both in the scrotum.
In more than half of the cases, the male sexual gland descends spontaneously in the first year of life. Otherwise, surgery is required around 2-3 years to eliminate the subsequent risk of infertility.

Fetal alcoholism syndrome, detected in the newborn's chair

Children who have been diagnosed with Fetal Syndrome (SFB) are more prone to psychiatric and behavioral problems later in life, including a high risk of school dropout, unemployment or delinquent behavior, Science Daily reports.
Studies have shown that early intervention is the key element in minimizing the negative effects of SFB. Unfortunately, early diagnosis of SFB is not always possible, especially if certain physical features are not present. Now there is a new way to diagnose those children affected by SFB.
Dr. Jennifer Peterson, who is currently working at the Cleveland Clinic with others, studied a group of 216 children whose mothers drank different amounts of alcohol during pregnancy. The levels of fatty acid ethyl ester (SEAG), which are produced when alcohol is processed in the digestive system, were measured in the first newborn chair. The babies were then given developmental tests at the ages of 6 months, one year and two years.
Newborns with higher levels of SEAG in their first chair were at greater risk of developing developmental disorders. Measuring the levels of SEAG in the newborn's first chair could be a useful method in identifying children at risk for SFB, which could make early intervention possible.
Alina Sica
March 10, 2008

List of things to do in 2016 - 4 reasons why recycling should be on the list

Among the thousands of things you have to do every day, they seem to forget you. But it started another year and what better time to think that you would like to try the sea salt and do those things that you have delayed so long, if not now?

We propose an experiment. It also puts the selective collection and recycling of waste on the list of things to do this year. Here are 4 reasons to try:

A clean world

We know you have a lot of worries. Your little one wants to play and has energy as much as 10. At work you have a calendar head. Saving the planet? Has anyone to deal with it! Save it on leave! Only, you see, if all the mothers and all the fathers in the world would say the same, the planet, poor of it, would remain in nobody's care. And you know which is the most unpleasant part? That chicken will grow in an ugly world, where garbage pits will be all over the place.

European studies show that, in Romania, a person generates 272 kilograms of waste. Of which, only 3% is recycled, which means that the rest of 97% reaches the garbage dump. Compared to other European countries, where the recycling rate reaches 95%, Romania ranks last in this ranking.

Shameful and worrying, isn't it?

You teach the little one the value of things

It is so easy to throw a useless thing in the trash. But are you sure that this is what you want the little one to learn? Make recycling a useful and interesting lesson. Show him that things that are of no value to him can be useful to someone else and can lead to the creation of something new.

In Romania, there are recycling factories that transform waste into resources. For example, in the GreenTech factory in Buzau, more than 5000 tons of PET containers arrive monthly, ie the plastic bottles from which we drink water or juice. In the factory, all the impurities are removed, so that the plastic bottles are as clean as possible, then they are sorted on colors, ground and thoroughly washed. In the end, there are small, clean pieces, called PET flakes. These are the raw material from which other plastic products are made.

Did you know that from a plastic bottle can be made other bottles, cushions for sofas or pillows, various components for the car, or even wet towels and stuffings for children's diapers?

You can be a role model to others

If you think that you are alone in a world of unselfishness and your effort does not matter, let us tell you a secret: it is not so! If you start, you will be able to convince others, and others in turn will be models for more and more.

I checked this theory. We have colleagues who have put up information posters in the blocks where they live and who go weekly to the collection stations with their trash bin full of waste. At first, the neighbors were curious about their recyclable bags. Then they asked what it was. And when they found out that everything goes to recycling, they slowly started to organize themselves and look for selective collection solutions. And they feel guilty if they see someone throwing everything in the groin.

Everything has to start somewhere! Why not start from you?

You save money and you get rewards

If you are still not convinced that the environment and city in which you live have something to gain if you start to recycle, then consider what benefits you can have.

There are selective collection systems that reward you. For example, if you use any of the SIGUREC solutions, you will receive valuable vouchers that you can use when shopping. The vouchers are calculated based on the following reference values: 3 bani / a PET, 3 bani / dose of aluminum, 1 ban / a jar or bottle of glass, 15 bani / kilo of paper or cardboard. For WEEE, the value per kilogram varies depending on the type of device delivered, between 20 bucks / kilogram for lighting equipment and 9.7 lei / kilogram for mobile phones.

After you get your voucher, you go shopping in the partner store near the collection point, and at the cash register the voucher value decreases from your voucher. It may not be a fortune, but it is something extra, not minus.

And if I convinced you, take the first steps in smart recycling:

Find out here what types of waste you can selectively collect: CLICK HERE

Find the selective collection solution that suits you: CLICK HERE

Get your shopping voucher

Download the SIGUREC application on your phone or tablet, scan your received voucher and win prizes: CLICK HERE

We wish you a wonderful and clean year!

The SIGUREC team - your partners in collection and recycling!

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The pompous bear. Short story that teaches children to be themselves

The pompous bear. Short story that teaches children to be themselves

Self-esteem, confidence, self-confidence ... All of these are very abstract concepts that children have trouble understanding. For this reason, Marisa Alonso offers us this story entitled 'The Pompous Bear', which is designed to teach children to be themselves. The following story conveys to children that you do not have to change to like other people. You have to love yourself as we are!

In the forest they were celebrating. The flowers and trees stood upright in all their splendor, forming beautiful window displays. That night there was a festival and all the animals came to the clearing in the forest, very happy, with their best clothes.

Everyone saw Pompous Bear arrive on the path: big, furry, dressed in pink leggings, colorful bracelets and necklaces and earrings in the ears. Some looked at him smiling and nudged each other as he passed by, but Pompous Bear made it a point to enjoy the night and ignore the mocking stares.


- Your! Where are you going like this dressed? - He heard behind him.

Pompous Bear turned and saw the angry wolf.

- Is to me? - He said surprised.

- You're making a fool of yourself! Get out of here! - repeated the wolf.

- I'm not doing anything! Let me enjoy the verbena!

Then the wolf pulled out its fangs and approached him threateningly.

- Get out of here! You're not welcome!

I am not doing anything wrong! Dressed as I want! - Pompous Bear replied, recoiling from the wolf's aggressiveness.

The forest animals that were witnessing the scene, were milling around.

Why don't you leave Pomposo alone? It doesn't hurt anyone wearing like this! - Said a young fox raising his voice.

The wolf glared at the fox.

- Who do you think you are? Dwarf fox! - He yelled, forgetting for a moment Pompous Bear.

- A little fox who tells only the truth! - The fox's parents said supporting their son.

- Leave Pompous Bear alone! - said the hares and rabbits.

Everyone dresses how they want! - Said the snakes and snakes.

- Not hurt anyone! - said the owls and owls.

- Why don't you just leave him alone? - the moths and butterflies spoke.

- Enough already! We want to enjoy the night! - Said the toads and frogs valiantly jumping in front of Pomposo to protect him.

Faced with the avalanche of protests, the wolf had no choice but to lower his ears and left very angry.

The music played again, and everyone, also Pompous Bear, they enjoyed the verbena.

Since our site We encourage you to use this book to practice your children's reading comprehension and to make them reflect. In fact, we adults can also draw an interesting lesson from this story. Here are some questions that you can ask the little ones to check if they have paid attention to the story. This is a 'true or false' exercise.

- Pomposo bear was dressed in a very humble and simple way. True or false?

- The wolf loved Pomposo's clothes. True or false?

- The rest of the animals tried to defend the bear. True or false?

- Everything that happened managed to embitter the vervain of the animals, who no longer had a good time. True or false?

In We have many other stories that can be very useful to work on self-esteem with our children. Below we have put together a small compilation with children's favorite stories.

- Starfish
This story, which takes place in the deep sea, teaches children how important it is to accept and love yourself. It tells the story of a starfish who tries to woo an octopus without success. She won't succeed until she learns to love herself.

- Nadia's story
In this case, this short story is intended for children who do not trust themselves and who tend to miss themselves. Nadia will realize that, if she sets her mind to it, she can become whatever she wants.

- I like how I am
All children are the same, but at the same time different. And it is these differences that make them different and special. This is what this short story entitled 'I like the way I am' talks about this.

- Cloud and lightning
Fables are a very useful educational resource for children to understand some notions that are more complicated to explain. An example of this is the need to learn to love yourself. This children's story will appeal to both children and parents.

Stay tuned to our site to read many more stories with values!

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