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I do not need anything !

I do not need anything !

His little fingers closed, his hands slightly bent, he is completely relaxed: your baby is satisfied. At this moment he has no need to play or be entertained. His message: do not offer me anything new, help me to find calm.

His little fingers closed, his hands slightly bent, he is completely relaxed: your baby is satisfied. At this moment he has no need to play or be entertained. His message: do not offer me anything new, help me to find calm.

Choco-caramel and white-raspberry chocolate entremet

Here is a recipe whose presentation is superb. We keep the idea aside to receive friends!


For the praline feuilletine:

  • 200 g of pralinoise
  • 40 g of praline
  • 12 lace pancakes (6 cases of 2)

For chocolate-caramel mousse:

  • 200 g chocolate-caramel
  • 1 whole egg
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 40 cl whole cream
  • 50 g caster sugar

For the white chocolate mousse:

  • 40 cl whole cream
  • 200 g of white chocolate
  • Some raspberries

For the decoration:

  • 100 g dark chocolate
  • 50 g white chocolate
  • 1 cat tongue box


Prepare the praline feuilletine:

Melt the pralinoise in a bain-marie or microwave, add the praline and crumbled crêpes crêpes. Mix together. Take cookie cutters and spread the mixture in the bottom.

Prepare the chocolate-caramel mousse:

Melt the chocolate-caramel. In a dish, mix the whole egg and the two yolks with the powdered sugar, when the mixture is sparkling, add the melted chocolate-caramel.

Whisk the firm liquid cream into whipped cream and add to the chocolate / caramel mixture. Pour the mousse over the praline pastry. Put in the freezer for 1 hour.

Prepare the white chocolate mousse:

(Take out of the freezer the entremets). Whip the liquid cream.

Melt the white chocolate in a bain-marie or microwave and add to the whipped cream.

Add the raspberries, and mix together and spread the white chocolate mousse on the chocolate-caramel mousse. Put back in the freezer for a few hours, this in order to have clear edges during demolding.

For the decoration:

Spread about 100 g melted dark chocolate on rhodoïd leaves, wait for it to be hard and with a cookie cut make small shelves in dark chocolate.

Melt about 50 g of white chocolate, with a sheet of parchment paper, make a small cone with a small hole and fill it with white chocolate. Draw horizontal lines on the dark chocolate pucks and allow to harden.

Then you can put chat languages ​​on the outline of each entremets. Here is your decoration is finished. Exit the freezer two hours before tasting.

After the outdoor jockeys, the National Consumer Authority (NFH) will oversee the jockeys of the capital's high schools in the coming weeks. With!

Today, we have serious requirements
match all playground games

The purpose of the authority is to make sure that outdoor games, ancillary equipment found in schools are compliant with standards and other safety requirements; it also assesses the condition of the devices.
In case of any deficiencies experienced, the staff of the efficiency department will call the attention of the institution to their remedy. In addition, the survey will pay special attention to the documentation required for such tools, the NFH said.

Half of the publicity tools have failed

The authority has recently completed an audit of playground equipment in stores. Effectively, 58 commercial units have checked 2247 gaming devices and raised objections in 389 cases.
There were a total of 333 public domain owned and operated playgrounds in the vicinity of the number of installed gaming devices and their operators. More than two thousand installed devices revealed some deficiencies in the middle, usually the certificate of adequacy, the maintenance and inspection plan, and the lack of inspection and inspection.Baby Room: Read the touch play chart and ask your opinion at [email protected]!
"Self development techniques, or how to better remember and learn faster" There are many activities we don't like. Responsibilities that we postpone until later with the feeling that this lack of readiness works to our disadvantage. It doesn't fit into the world that requires us to focus constantly, absorb new information, and react to a changing reality. We feel more often than not enough information, we complain about the difficulty in assessing the information we receive. The book "Technique of self-development" allows you to find mobilization, organize time in a better way and keep freshness and a desire for continuous development.

We learn all our lives

We often repeat today in the context of some professions that their representatives must study their whole lives. Meanwhile, readiness to learn should not be typical only for doctors or lawyers. Today, due to the dynamically changing reality and working standards in virtually every industry, hunger for knowledge is part of success. Only people who are aware of this and care about their development are able to live to old age in good intellectual condition. Recent studies confirm that, contrary to what was thought some time ago, the brain develops throughout its life. Whenever we give him a chance, he can cross every barrier and allow us to function better.

Science is not always interesting

The truth is that even if we work in an extremely interesting position, study an exciting field, or learn something that we have always dreamed of, then we will encounter difficulties in the form of: boredom, discouragement, problems with concentration, lack of mobilization.

They often appear when, simply by not listening to our own body, we do something by force, but it also happens that the reason for our passivity lies elsewhere. And this explains, among others, this book.

Time deficit

No matter what we do and how many responsibilities we do not have, nowadays a feeling of losing control over time is typical. And here we get to the next advantage of this publication. The authors explain what can be the reason for the lack of time, how to deal with this problem and how to prevent it.
In this regard, the issues already listed on the cover of the book are widely discussed:

  • creative thinking,
  • mnemonics,
  • mind maps
  • speed reading techniques,
  • methods of concentration


The book does not lack examples, exercises, listed the most important fragments and thoughts. The entire publication is very carefully prepared. You can see that the authors and publishers took the time to prepare the complete material.
Thanks to this "self-development techniques" are convenient to read. You don't have to read them from cover to cover. You can choose interesting fragments and come back to what interests us.

Is it worth it

This item can be treated as a source of information, an interesting set of techniques, data ... However, it is much better to try the information it contains. Unfortunately, this requires a lot of time and commitment. Changes will not happen overnight. However, it is worth trying ...

If you decide to introduce the tips contained in this book in life, be sure to write to us about it! Any opinions on this publication are welcome. I invite you to comment.

9 tricks to combat stress of the new mom

9 tricks to combat stress of the new mom

Stressed? Welcome to the club! Do you take care of the child, prepare dinner, have a house to clean, emails and phones to answer, do you feel that time is not on your side? Does it seem impossible for you to find some spare time just for yourself? We recommend you take a break and relax.
Taking a break from your daily schedule is enough to be able to charge your batteries, especially when you have to take care of the little ones and we all know how tired they can become at times, how cute they are. Leave the problems aside for a moment, at least for a short time, and give yourself a break. You can choose at least one of the following 9 tricks:
1. Keep a journal
Find some spare time and a quiet place and start a journal. There are no rules when it comes to a journal, except that you have to be honest with yourself. (You can lock your journal, if you consider it necessary, to keep your privacy in a safe place and thus gain the confidence and confidence to write as honestly as possible.)
A journal helps you process the experiences of your life. Make yourself a journal that you love to write every day. You can use different colors to express your mood. Write your feelings, talk about dreams, plans for the future, books you love, favorite quotes, whatever comes to mind!
Some people prefer to keep a log on their computer because it is easier and faster than if they would write by hand. Let the words flow ...
2. Move
It makes you move! The sport will certainly reduce the stress and guarantee the increase of energy you really need.
In many researches it has been found that exercise plays the most important role in reducing stress. It also helps the blood flow to the brain, increasing alpha brain waves and reducing blood and muscle pressure, increasing endorphin levels.
The level of endorphins leaves you with the feeling of goodness and energy after doing some exercises. Also, walking is a very good exercise, which you can do alone, with your partner or even with the children in the city.
3. Listen to the music
Let the tension that no longer gives you peace melt away with the music. Listen to the kind of music according to your state. Sometimes you are in the state where you want to listen to instrumental music, while at other times you want to feel the rock-and-roll beat. Choose exactly what you need.
Sing! Dancing! Let the music totally distract you!
4. Shave!
Why not? You can watch a comedy and you can laugh with your mouth to your ears, laughter is a good treatment. Also, laughter is a stress reliever, this stimulating the body to secrete hormones that help the brain eliminate endorphins anti-stress.
Even putting a wide smile on your face when you're not feeling so good helps your body change into a relaxed and happy one.
5. Enjoy good food
Food has an emotional impact on us every time. Poor fat foods such as popcorn or rice cakes activate chemicals in our brain in order to calm us and reduce stress.
Busy moms always forget to eat or not take certain snacks and eat what they find. Carbohydrates such as wheat bread, pasta or fruit give us a certain type of energy that is maintained for a longer period of time. Foods that run out of energy are those high in fat because they consume more energy to be digested.
Feed your soul!
6. Take time off for yourself
Allocate some time just for yourself, time to focus only on your person. Find a place in the house where you feel at home and alone, it may be a room or just an area.
One morning, ask your partner to take the rest of the family to the city and give yourself time to realize what it was like to be alone.
You can sleep, watch a romantic movie that no one wants to see from home, you can read or do anything else that pleases you. Just take advantage of loneliness. Let the day pass without having a schedule.
7. Catch a few rays of the sun
Spend a few minutes outside in the sunlight, regardless of the season. Even on a rainy day, a walk outside will help you recharge your batteries.
8. Perfect therapy: bath with foam
DON'T think about problems anymore, but just let go of the water and prepare a bath with foam and flavors. Baths and showers are considered important factors in eliminating stress.
9. Meditate
Meditation lowers blood pressure and dramatically helps reduce stress. Meditation and prayer can help you come into contact with your spiritual side. It is an effective method of relaxing, reducing blood pressure, slowing your breath, relaxing your muscles and last but not least, it helps to clear your thoughts.

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