10 Activities for a 7 Month Old: How to Entertain a 7 Month Old

10 Activities for a 7 Month Old: How to Entertain a 7 Month Old

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Study: Vitamin D consumption in baby nutrition

Also known as "Sun Vitamin", Vitamin D it is essential for the healthy growth of your child. It is naturally synthesized by our body when we expose ourselves in summer to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, but your little one needs it and on colder days.

A constant supply of Vitamin D in the body of children can fight rickets and can help development of the immune system. Introducing Vitamin D into a child's diet helps prevent these diseases, but also transforms them into a healthy adult. Because we wanted to find out more, I asked a few moms what is the importance of this vitamin.

Between August 3 and 17, an online study was conducted on Vitamin D consumption, but also on the perception of mothers about the importance of this nutrient in the nutrition of the child. The study was conducted on a sample of 1,404 mothers from urban areas. The research contains 12 questions that outline the importance of Vitamin D, but which is the view that mothers have about the consumption of Vitamin D in the nutrition of the future adult.

The most important results of the study revealed a deficit in daily consumption of Vitamin D, but also the uncertainty of the mothers regarding the amount of Vitamin D that the child receives daily.

Vitamin D is naturally synthesized by the body, provided it is exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays, mainly in summer. The benefits of Vitamin D are numerous, its main role being to combat rickets in children. However, information on the functions of Vitamin D is not widely known. Regarding the time spent by mothers with children in the sun during April - October, 72.33% of the responding mothers said that they spend more than 15 minutes with the baby in the sun.

52.6% of the responding mothers started to introduce cow milk into their baby's milk after 12 months. Cow's milk, however, is not a food rich in Vitamin D; 250 ml of milk provides about 7.3% of the daily dose of Vitamin D, so the diet of the little one should be enriched with supplemented foods.

Lactates are part of the baby's diet, and 59.65% of the respondents said that the little ones drink milk daily, but they also consume different kinds of cheese or yogurt, and 17.29% of them still breastfeed their baby. Breast milk is the ideal food for infants and young children.

Foods that are natural sources of vitamin D as well fatty peaches (salmon, tuna), eggs or livers they should be consumed in larger quantities and often the little ones do not find these foods to be very tasty.

These aspects came, as expected, from the present study:

  • 98.27% of mothers do not give their children tuna meat in the daily diet;
  • 95.1% of mothers do not introduce 3-4 eggs into the child's daily diet (to ensure daily dose of vitamin D);
  • 95.68% of mothers, avoid introducing into the daily feeding of the liver child

Vitamin D intake from baby nutrition:

  • 4 out of 10 mothers do not know if their child receives the necessary vitamins through nutrition;
  • 42% of the study participants cannot assess whether their child has a sufficient amount of Vitamin D, and 35% of them claim that Vitamin D intake is provided by nutrition and exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays;
  • Only 34.01% of the respondents offer their children milk with added Vitamin D in their diet, and 29% of them say that they only offer cow milk to the child;

Importance of Vitamin D:

  • 11.24% of the respondents consider that Vitamin D plays a major role in brain development;
  • 55.62% of mothers believe that Vitamin D is essential for bone development;
  • 19.6% of the study participants consider that Vitamin D plays a decisive role in the good functioning of the immune system

Vitamin D deposits run out in 6 weeks, and during the autumn-spring period, we need to pay more attention to Vitamin D intake, as follows:

  • 58.5% of the responding mothers pay more attention to the Vitamin D intake during this period;
  • 41.5% of the respondents do not believe in such things

A new day means for the little ones new opportunities to explore and play, and parents need to make sure that their body is prepared to face the daily challenges that children encounter in their adventure.

Supplementing the Vitamin D requirement in the first years of life helps to develop the child's body and turn it into a healthy adult.

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I'm Ready to ChangeEvents with Gabi Vцlgyesi, Unique Singer

I'm Ready to ChangeEvents with Gabi Vцlgyesi, Unique Singer

A child from Romania has conquered the hearts of the English

A child from Romania has conquered the hearts of the English

He is 15 and has amazed the United Kingdom. The BBC television station broadcast the story of Cornel Hrisca Munn, a boy born without hands and without a foot, adopted from Romania by a British family. He conquered the English a week ago, when he came in second at the national drum contest.
British journalists say the novel is the real winner of the contest "Young Drummer of the Year 2007". Even though Harpal Mudhar, from Essex, a boy of Pakistani origin, received the title and the money, his name is less British. Cornel Hrisca Munn has become a real star, especially after the BBC's public broadcaster broadcast his entire story. Cornel was adopted from a children's home in Romania by the Munn family in Worchester. The boy was born without hands and without a foot, and his parents left him at the orphanage because doctors told them the boy would not survive.
After 15 years, he has become one of the best drummers in the UK. Last week he managed to reach second place in a competition with 420 competitors. "I feel like I have no limits. I never give up after the first try," says Cornel.
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Foto Freedom
February 16, 2007

The profile of the tyrant child

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If you like desserts with apples and cinnamon, you can make some pancakes with apples. We offer you a delicious recipe.

Photo: cakescraps.wordpress.com

Preparation time

60 minutes




For pancakes

125 grams flour

2 eggs

120 ml milk

120 ml of water (or mineral water)

30 grams melted butter (2 tablespoons)

1 salt powder

oil, fried

For the filling

8 apples

2 tablespoons butter

6 tablespoons old

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Method of preparation

Mix the ingredients for pancakes, chill the dough and then bake the pancakes.

Prepare apple filling. Clean the apples from the bark and remove the turnips. Add the apples to the large grater, then sprinkle them immediately with lemon juice so that they do not oxidize.

Melt the butter in the pan, add the apples and leave them to a simmer, until all the juice left by them evaporates. Add sugar to taste and cinnamon powder. Leave the apple mixture to cool.

Fill the pancakes with the apple mixture and serve them simple or powdered with sugar.

The type of kitchen


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How to implement the 'Diapers out' operation

The time has come and you can't wait any longer. Your child is already more than two years old, the weather is good and it is time for you to fulfill the duties of a mother or father: remove your child's diaper. What do you need? Well, a lot of patience, perseverance and above all that you notice with your intuition that your child is ready to control his sphincters. After all, no matter how good diapers are, children will feel uncomfortable, at some point, with them.

My daughter gave up diapers when she was 2 years and 5 months. It was funny because since it was so hot, she almost asked us to take it off. It was there that we decided to try to remove the diaper. We start by removing it during the day. When she woke up, she no longer changed her diaper. We would go to the bathroom, I would put her on her potty to relieve herself, I would clean her and she would put on a panties, period. The process to get the child to acquire the habit of controlling the toilet is slow, my daughter leaked the pee sometimes, but it is very important to dress as motivations for the children. And for that, it is recommended that one of the parents be on vacation at home.

As much as you repeat to your child that he asks you to pee or poop, you always remain in expectation wondering why he does not ask you. Voluntary toilet training is a habit that must be acquired just like eating, sleeping, dressing alone, walking, washing hands ... and as such it is easier for some children than others. It is not related to the intelligence or autonomy of each child, but it is related to their level of maturity. If you notice that the child is not ready, do not insist. Each child has their moment and comparisons in this sense only annoying. Follow some guidelines to see if your child is ready for this checkup.

- When he complains about how uncomfortable the diaper is

- When you notice that the diaper is getting drier when changing

- When, when removing the diaper, your child manages to control his urge to urinate, after asking you

- When your child knows how to differentiate the urge to urinate or evacuate.

If you think your child is almost 'asking' to remove the diaper, follow some tips on how to put the diaper into practice operation 'diapers out':

- Parents must be at home and convinced that it is time for the messages their children emit.

- Explain to the child the importance and what this great step consists of for him to grow up. And ask for your collaboration.

- Remove the diaper during the day and teach the child to go to the potty when needed.

- Observe the signs that the child wants to pee. Squeezing your legs or jumping are well known and infallible signs.

- Always motivate, congratulate and reward the child when he manages to relieve himself on the potty.

- Never scold or punish or pressure your child for not being able to control his urine. In the face of a leak, tell him that it was just a failure and that you trust that he can overcome it. No criticism or humiliation. Children cannot control their toilet bowls on their own.

- Every time you go to the bathroom, tell your child. This way you will be encouraging him to imitate and follow your example.

- When your child is able to control his needs during the day, it is time to start removing the diapers at night. It may take a little longer since everything will depend on its maturity. Between the removal of the diaper during the day and the night it can take 15 to 30 days, or more. If you have already been through this experience, tell us how it went with your son.

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