My daughter asks me to read the same story to her over and over again

My daughter asks me to read the same story to her over and over again

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Imaginary games - spatial solids

We know that for Holidays you would like to spoil your family and friends with delicious dishes. Beside the traditional menu, which does not have to miss the tasty sarmale, the refreshing beef salad and Romanian rum, sit on Craicun table a few festive snacks.

Instead of buying them from the market, reserve a few minutes for a quick and easy recipe stars with cheese. It is prepared so easily that you can ask your child to help you! You will definitely be pleased with the final result!

Preparation time: 30 minutes


- a sheet of dough for the foliage (or 320 grams of dough made in house);

- a shaved cheese cup (you can choose parmesan, smoked cheese, gingerbread or classic, depending on your preferences);

- flour;

- 2 tablespoons of milk;

- seeds or spices for decorating the stars, at the end. We recommend dry poppy, sesame or oregano.

Method of preparation

1. Spread the dough and sprinkle grated cheese on half of the surface (do not use all the cheese because you will need this ingredient and in the end, to sprinkle over the stars). Then fold the dough;

2. Sprinkle a little flour on the worktop and, with a facet, stretch the dough filled with cheese until you get a thin sheet;

3. To get the star shapes, use special shapes, which you can find in most supermarkets, especially now on the verge of Holidays. You can let your child take care of this part, which will surely fascinate him;

4. The time has come to prepare the oven and the pan in which the dough will bake. Heat the oven to 180-200 degrees and, while reaching the right temperature, place baking paper on the tray;

5. Put the starlets on the tray and grease them with a little milk. Then sprinkle with them the grated cheese that has left you and your favorite seeds or spices (poppy, sesame, oregano, etc.);

6. Allow the stars to bake for about 10-12 minutes, until they become Romanian and get a golden hue. At the end, place them on a platter and invite your family to devour them as they are warm.

Good appetite!


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You may have read a lot of information about the education of children with autism, but we must also look at other perspectives. Have you ever stopped to think how siblings of children with autism feel? It is common for them to develop a series of feelings that can be difficult to understand from the outside, although parents must be attentive to them.

The relationship between siblings is a very intense and natural bond in which you play, argue, negotiate, give in, have envy, etc. This bond gives rise to a very close relationship between equals and unique characteristics that will guide the little ones throughout their lives. This bond will be a very important source of learning since it will determine your personality, the management of your emotions and the way you relate to others.

That one of the siblings has autism does not have to be something negative, but it is a situation that will influence the dynamics of the family.

Little ones are very affected by everything that happens around their environment. Thus, the siblings of a child with special needs such as autism have feelings that are very difficult to understand by other people. These are:

1. Loneliness
Not being able to share your feelings with your sibling as equals or the need for more attention from the sibling from their parents can be triggers for emotions such as loneliness or isolation. The environment must be careful that this does not happen.

2. Feelings of guilt
Many children feel that they have some responsibility and guilt for their brother's special need.

3. Shame
The child, as he grows up, 'sees' that his family is not the same as that of others and this is difficult for him.

4. Fear
This feeling is due to the insecurity caused by not understanding why his brother behaves differently from others.

The experience a child may have with a sibling with autism depends on how old they are. The maturational and emotional skills that the child has to cope with this situation are a fundamental condition.

In addition, the environment and the degree of bond between family members and the way in which they communicate will be key to making living with a sibling with autism easy or difficult. Thus, so that coexistence is easier for the child the following points must be taken into account:

- Acceptance
The child must understand that his brother is different, but that he is is not bad.

- Be prepared for uncomfortable situations
As you get older you should be prepared to face teasing about your brother. Parents must provide the child with strategies to cope with this type of situation as well as possible.

- Make you participate
There comes a time when the little one must know what autism is. For this, it will be important that they participate in the guidelines and therapies that must be carried out.

- Friendship between siblings
That the brothers play with each other is very important. Both can be enriched from this game, since it strengthens the ties between them and enhances the social relationships of both with others.

- Sweetie
Children and siblings alike will be reinforced and rewarded. It will be important to let them know that they are loved equally and that they should not fear for their safety. Children often copy behaviors of their siblings with autism to get attention, so parents must be careful that this does not happen.

You can read more articles similar to How siblings of children with autism feel and how to help them, in the Autism category on site.

Understanding Autism

Should I worry if my baby rolls over onto his tummy while asleep?

Should I worry if my baby rolls over onto his tummy while asleep?

My baby rolls onto his tummy and cries. I put him on his back and he cries. What can I do?

Varicella outbreak in Buzau county

More than 90 students of class I and II from the high school in the locality of Buzo Pogoanele became ill with chickenpox. 18 persons, two mothers and the rest of the children, were infected with chickenpox in the Maternal Center and in the Minor Emergency Reception Center in Buzau. It seems that the disease has reached the centers after the admission of a family from Berca in which there is a sick child with chickenpox.
(Ioana Sarbu)
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Name Domingo - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Dominic Portuguese form, Domingo name comes from the Latin "dominicus" resulting in "offered to the Lord".
In the Spanish language, Domingo is the day of the Lord, that is, Sunday.


Known as Plácido Domingo, José Plácido Domingo Embil is a Spanish opera singer and conductor.
Domingo Hindoyan is a Venezuelan conductor.
Domingo Cavallo is an Argentine politician and economist. He is known to have founded the convertibility plan that fixed the exchange rate at equal parity between the dollar and the peso.
Seventh president of the Argentine Republic, Domingo Faustina Sarmiento was an activist, fighter, intellectual and Argentine writer.
Domingo Gómez-Acedo Villanueva is a Spanish international footballer who played as an attacker.
In the service of the Pope in 1170, Saint Dominic preached poverty and evangelical simplicity. His disciples having taken his example, a new order of preachers was born, the "Dominicans".

His character :

With a laid-back character, Domingo is a conscientious and methodical man. From the outset, he gives the image of a responsible and rational man. Man of conviction and ambition, he is persuaded to hold the absolute truth. Under his serious appearances and directives lies a person full of fantasy and humor. Domingo appreciates the simple pleasures of life, loves human contact, laughs, sings ... He is a pleasant companion, shows great patience and is constantly willing to help. On the contrary, he is never satisfied and is always looking for perfection and novelty.


Dominique, Domenech, Domingo and Dominguez.

His party :

The Domingo are celebrated on August 8th.

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From 3 years old: The fear of the monster

Polochon is an adorable little man, as his mother says. He hates to find himself alone in the dark because of the monster ... A facetious album to relativize the fear of the monster ... By Mr. Ramos, The School of Leisure, Pastel, 9,98 €. Where to find it?

Polochon is an adorable little man, as his mother says. He hates being alone in the dark because of the monster ... A facetious album to relativize the fear of the monster ...
By Mr. Ramos, The School of Leisure, Pastel, 9,98 €.
Where to find it?

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