11 Powerful Cleaning Tips

11 Powerful Cleaning Tips

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Italian Baby Names for Boys. All About Baby Names. Days Of May

If you think it is very difficult to take care of a baby at home, do not decide what to expect when you set off with your baby. You need a calm head, but first of all, a strict preparation to feed it, calm it when it cries and change the baby. Your baby, the smallest living in the house, will be the one who needs the most things in you. There is also no harm in getting prepared emotionally before going out. After all, when you go out, you will need the most flexibility, creativity and a sense of humor.1. You are in the mall and your baby is hungry! Help!You're actually in one of the best places you can be. Most large shopping centers have baby changing and breastfeeding rooms where families can easily relax. So you can breastfeed your baby comfortably and without being disturbed by anyone. You can also use mother-baby stores as a safe place. You can breastfeed your child in these stores, which are usually trial rooms where you can sit down and take the stroller easily. Compared to many western countries, nursing mothers in our country are welcomed with much more understanding. This gives you the chance to breastfeed your baby comfortably. If you're going to bottle-feed your baby, you'll need a lot more preparation. Feed your baby before leaving home. Prepare very well for the second chance. Get ready-to-eat food, baby bottles and thermos with hot water. Do not carry your food with you in advance, as this may cause some bacteria to form. For a lighter stroll, you can get hot water from the shopping center's food and beverage department. Gently ask for hot water in the dining area, or even ask them to fill the bottle with hot water. Remember to check the temperature before giving your baby food as usual. 2. You went to a friend's house for lunch. Your baby needs to sleep, but where?If your baby is less than three months old, your baby sleeps wherever they are, as long as it's safe! As your baby grows, it becomes harder to try to put her to sleep outside the house. While in another home, find a quiet room and prepare a ”campsite“. Place a cool blanket or towel in a safe area. Never leave your baby alone on a bed and make sure there are no extra blankets and pillows to keep your baby from breathing around. If your host has a cat or dog, either close the door of the room or make sure the animal is somewhere else.
Carrying a safe portable baby bed may be difficult, but this is the best way to keep your head comfortable. You can easily find this kind of baby equipment from baby shops where you can find many different kinds. Also, if you carry the baby monitor with you, you do not need to check your baby frequently.
3. You went to a game with your baby and you need to change your baby's gold, but the toilets are filthy!Since you cannot rely on the cleanliness of the toilets, a well-crafted baby bag is most useful now. Even if there is a baby changing room, do not change your baby anywhere you are not sure of its cleanliness. Lay your baby's diaper on the floor. Place newspaper papers underneath it if you can find it. The more you can place between your baby and “who knows what's out there kadar the better! Wet wipes, cloths, toys and disinfectants that will distract your baby's attention should be at hand. After all, you realize you don't have much time to linger! If the toilets are too dirty, you can try to do this where you sit. You can achieve this with some exercise in advance. Especially if you have a friend to help you, you are really lucky. Because one can hold the baby, the other can change the baby's diaper. 4. Your baby started crying in the restaurant, but what could he want?Don't panic first, because you can make your baby cry more when you feel your tension. Also, the parents around you will understand. The best thing to do is go out first, then ask questions. Give your baby a pacifier while going out. Then try to understand what the mysterious problem is. If you've recently fed and changed diapers, maybe it's crowds and noise. He may have come across a lot of things to surprise him. Sometimes even those who come to love your baby will cause your baby to rebel. If you can't calm your baby, take your baby out for a meal with your partner. If you have not been able to calm down in this way and think that the crying crisis will last longer, pack your food and come home. But don't let such situations push you into negativity and put you in the house.
What are expectant mothers afraid of and why are these good fears unfounded?

Exciting and unexpected situations for the (more or less) nine months before the baby arrives - and most of us are worried for the rest of this time. But most fear is basic.

What are pregnant mothers afraid of?

What are you afraid of? Lots of vomit, my baby is not getting enough nutrition.What is the currency? The smallness that develops in your body is very effective when you need to get what you need. Abbуl "gains" the important nutrients you give her - even if you look at it. And with regular fetal vitamins, you provide him with this. You need to start worrying a little if you smell so much that you start to rinse it off. However, this can be easily treated with medical help. The important thing is regular and balanced nutrition: if you feel like this, you cannot hold on to anything, then take smaller doses more often. And if you can only put down one or two of your food, you can still calm down and the baby will get what he needs.What are you afraid of? I'm doing something you love for your baby.What is the currency? The disadvantage of too much and easily accessed information is that a mother often fears about things that she shouldn't. In addition, you are incapable of complying with all the rules and regulations without being included. Most of the time, we are forbidding admissions because research results are uncertain about their effects. It is easiest to talk to your doctor at the beginning of your pregnancy and follow the main guidelines. And if we are really looking for something, such as a "forbidden" meal or a hair dye, we simply look for alternatives!What are you afraid of? Parenting starts early.What is the currency? There is a good basis for this fear, as the number of early births has increased significantly in recent decades. However, this does not mean that you are bringing your baby up too soon - rather, it means that babies arrive between weeks 34 and 36 and developmental disorders or complications occur during this period Low. Healthy lifestyle, smoking and alcohol avoidance, and regular medical check-ups can significantly reduce your chances of premature birth.What are you afraid of? Something terribly uncomfortable happened to me in the birth room.What is the currency? I am distracted by the Danube: I beat the doctor, got diarrhea when I was born, yelled so loud that I heard it in my neighbor's life, and in the end, you have to shut your eyes to it. everyone has a natural abstinence.But if you do a parent several times a day, like doctors, birthers, and neighbors, you will eventually get used to it. And if you are afraid of your parent because of this, think that what's going on in the baby room is between the walls of the baby room, and you have to focus on one thing: the baby.What are you afraid of? Never again will there be the same sex.What is the currency? It's hard to imagine that things will ever "rearrange" after birth, though most of the time it happens. And sex - especially in the first period - loses its significance to sleep. However, after some time, will and will appear, according to a study, women are almost 100 percent proprietary. If you feel insecure, start slowly, carefully, and get to know each other's body again. And if it doesn't work, it's worth a visit!What are you afraid of? I will never win back my old man.What is the currency? As much as you think of the earthly bully you feel at the end of your worthiness, we are reassured: this will not always be the case. Of course, don't start with the stars who bikini up in the bikini a week or two after birth. Research has shown that women are only 15 to 20 percent excess after childbirth, so there is a good chance you will regain your old form (or you will just get better). Breastfeeding will revitalize your metabolism and your new low calorie intake with the addition of a well-balanced diet and exercise that will help you slowly eliminate the extra bones.Related articles about pregnancy fears:
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The danger of rubella in pregnancy

The danger of rubella in pregnancy

Rubella is a viral infection that mainly affects children and young adults. It is a contact-transmitted disease that causes mild fever, nausea, conjunctivitis, and a rash that begins on the face and neck and progresses throughout the rest of the body.

On our site we tell you what the risks of rubella in pregnancy, a disease that can alter the normal development of the baby and even cause death.

Rubella is transmitted by contagion, once the infection is contracted, the virus spreads throughout the body in 5 or 7 days. In fact, a person can become infected and show no symptoms for up to two to three weeks after exposure to the virus. In children it is a mild disease that occurs with fever, conjunctivitis and between 50 and 80% of cases with a rash, that is, a rash all over the body.

However, in pregnant women the risk is high, since if the woman is infected in the early stages of pregnancy, the chance of passing rubella to the baby is 90%.Having rubella in pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, can be the cause of:

- Spontaneous abortion.

- Death of the baby.

- Congenital malformations that constitute what is known as congenital rubella syndrome.

Even nursing babies born with rubella syndrome can shed the virus for a year.

If during pregnancy the woman suffered from rubella and the baby manages to survive, it could be born with what is known as congenital rubella syndrome which can cause disorders such as:

- Hearing loss.

- Heart problems.

- Encephalitis.

- Eye problems.

- Autism.

- Diabetes mellitus.

The best prevention against rubella is vaccination. The vaccine contains a live attenuated virus strain and provides a long-term level of immunity greater than 95%.

The rubella vaccine is present in most childhood vaccination schedules, therefore girls have protection against it when they grow up. However, the increased risk of rubella in pregnancy is shown in countries where there is no childhood vaccination plan.

If you have already received the vaccine or have had the disease, it is most likely that you are immune. If you are not immune to rubella, you should get vaccinated before you get pregnant. It is advisable to wait a month to try to get pregnant.

Source: WHO (World Health Organization)

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How to fight dandruff in pregnancy

How to fight dandruff in pregnancy

Many pregnant women experience a lot of discomfort throughout the nine months of gestation. For many, fluid retention or weight gain is a problem. For others, the problems have to do with hygiene and beauty. In this area is dandruff, which for many future moms is something completely new that appears for the first time during pregnancy.

During the pregnancyThere are many physical changes that women experience, and many have to do with their hair. The hair weakens as gestation progresses, and the same happens with the nail. However, at the same time that the hair can lose its usual strength, it also more dandruff appears. The reason has to do with the hormonal changes of pregnancy, which produce alterations in the sebum of the hair and cause it to fall more or to be born weaker, as well as to appear more dandruff.

To remove dandruff that comes out in pregnancy you have to be careful with the shampoos you use. Taking into account that the hair is weaker, it is not good to choose washing shampoos that are very aggressive, but those that are free of parabens. If what we want is to carry out a shock treatment with Natural medicine, we can tell you some homemade tricks that help prevent the dreaded little white dots from appearing in the hair that end up staining the shoulders.

- White vinegar: One of the remedies that we can carry out is the one whose protagonist is White vinegarWe must not abuse, simply with a few drops together with water, we must make a mixture to wash the hair, which will stop the production of dandruff in the pregnant woman after rinsing.

- Space more hair washing: It also helps not to wash your hair every day, since the scalp tends to have more oil and that can generate unwanted dandruff.

- Aloe vera: Finally, a aloe vera leaf It can also be a great ally against dandruff that occurs during pregnancy. The homemade trick in question consists of applying the aloe vera mass to the root of the hair along with a few drops of olive oil to act as a homemade mask, being quite effective not only when it comes to removing dandruff, but also to restore the luminosity and vitality to the hair in pregnancy.

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Esther's Diary - Week 27 Welcome!

Esther's Diary - Week 27 Welcome!

Esther's Diary - Week 27 Welcome!

Curled tummy, tight clothes… It's time for some good turquoise, baby linen can wait a bit!

I woke up this morning to the phone alarm and at the moment of waking up I thought again that I had to get up because I was going to give birth. These nerve wracking are the remnants of the university period, when we learned nights in the exam period, and when we wake up at dawn, after a maximum of two hours of sleep, we can go on our first exam. Interestingly, and for me, it is absolutely clear that there is an emotional similarity to one's parenthood: one half or one more year of study, if you succeed. I have doubts about whether it is normal to compare a parent to an exam, but since I have never been to it, let me know.

Photograph: Bbcsi Rуbert Lbszlou

We went to barley to go turkish. Because you are turkish! It is known that Turkish, better-known second-handers glow in the old-fashioned glow of today, which many people call the economic good. Of course, this is also true, although we can buy new clothes at similar prices, but unfortunately the result is much simpler. And not only men love to hunt, but so do we. Who's that, who's that. The big meetings that are often with cool new clothes will never be understood by others. When in a moment you are in love and feel it immediately, it is worth starting out in symbiosis. Of course, it takes patience, a little routine and not least a good place to go. In a crappy place, there are crappy stuff. Then we can spend half a day in the clothes, then we find nothing usable. We and Bari now had to update our wardrobe because of our big belly, and now because the weather is getting hotter, it's getting more fun. For the first time, I filled my cart with twenty kicks, affectionately and eloquently telling each other how cute and how old I was just putting my baby clothes in my shopping cart. Then we passed on to the women's section, and among the many colored, cut, trimmed, lined and batik summer dresses, the dense, full-bodied maternal feelings suddenly disappeared, and nowhere sad! chick bought me. As my financial resources were limited, I had to make two decisions, and I was lured by the selection and testing. I didn't hesitate a lot, threw back baby clothes and chose summer clothes (and how well I did!). Bari laughed at the sudden turn, and I don't think I should explain, and I still have time to buy the baby. Because we're pregnant, we're still women. Sхt! Each male should note that he is making a balanced female gold.
The excess weight is also high during pregnancy. I have no idea what it is that makes them drink, it makes public what they eat, but for example, I barely have a taste for it, I have one all day long. I can imagine that this will also change from pregnancy to baby. I put my guts on my body in a very consolidated way, so far I can have 7-8 pounds extra, and I have the surplus on my stomach (belly), so I use my old jeans without any problems (I lower my belly like carpets). Weight is just as easy a request for women, but pregnant, I get it, the baby is loose, because it is another condition, many people eat more, is restricted or restricted. I really miss sports, and as my stomach grows, I don't have much room for muscle mass. The shed is my base, as far as I can go, on foot, which has had the effect of opening my outer arm a bit. After that, Giza checks, like a prisoner, how much I carry and how much I walk. You can also review your flight, like airport taxis, and if you think something (!) Is superfluous, it will be removed. Funny fuck this Giza. And now he's tired, because it's easy to walk around with me every day, because if you don't come with me (and don't check), who knows how many kilometers I get home ...

How Depression Affects Parents in Children

There are many factors that can affect the emotional development of children and one of them is the emotional situation of the parents. One of the most frequent emotional disorders is depression, which can occur after childbirth in the case of the mother (what we know as postpartum depression), or it can be a disorder that is already present or that appears at any time at any time. of both parents. This is how depression affects parents to children.

According to several studies, parental depression can affect children's school performance, as well as their emotional and behavioral areas. If we also take into account the hereditary factor, children of depressed parents are more likely to develop depression during their lives. These are the effects of parental depression on children:

- The relationship of the mother's depression and its effects on the children is well studied and known, but we cannot ignore the effects of parental depression on the children. Depressive symptoms can make mothers and fathers more prone to fatigue, are more irritable and are more likely to argue with their children. This can lead to inappropriate parenting patterns, sometimes too hostile or emotionally lacking.

- As we already know, children learn mainly by imitation, so they children are very likely to react to the world just like their parents do, with a negative vision of the world and the reality that surrounds them, thus reproducing the depressive patterns of the parents.

- The emotional stability of parents contributes greatly to the feeling of safety and comfort of children. Depression affects parents' ability to guide, support, and protect their children as they develop.

- Parents with depression tend to attend to the demands of their children to a lesser extent than parents who do not suffer from it, so bonding and the development of secure attachment may be affected, leading to insecure or ambivalent attachment styles. In addition, they tend to make little eye contact with their children, they do not smile as much (compared to parents who do not live with depression), they show less affection, or they show more negative affection, and this affects the emotional development of their children.

- These parent / child relationship patterns can lead to more irritable behaviors, more likely to reproduce depressive behavior patterns in children, (although not all children of parents with depression will also present this disorder).

- The emotional state of the parents also affects the family nucleus, not only the relationship of parents and children, but also influences the quality of the couple's relationshipSo, in general, the home environment may not be as stable and safe as would be desirable. Since marital conflicts negatively impact the family environment, disturbances in marital functioning associated with parental depression diminish the ability of parents to provide children with the support they need to achieve competence and overcome adversity.

The psychological treatment of the father or mother with depression is essential for a good personal and family functioning, as well as to ensure optimal emotional affective development in the children. You do not get out of depressive states alone, so having the support of professionals who support us, guide and guide us is essential.

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