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With a smile ahead! Improvises a puppet theater

With a smile ahead! Improvises a puppet theater

Children breed, have a fever, have pain due to tooth growth or sore throat. When your baby is sick, your plans are over your head and you risk staying in the house for a few days. In such moments, to take care of him, you need power. Yes, sometimes from Panadol Baby.

Bring her smile to her lips

Turn any situation into a moment of joy. Smile them, make your child laugh and you will feel much better.

Laughter therapy has many benefits: both of you will have fun and enjoy a day spent together. Even if you are staying home alone.

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10 timeless toys for your baby

10 timeless toys for your baby
  • So many ways to play

    Your baby will learn to explore the world by playing. Here are classic toys that will keep her entertained, stimulate her imagination, and help her to develop new skills.

  • Toys with black-and-white patterns

    High-contrast patterns in black and white will captivate your newborn because they're the easiest for her to see. She'll be able to pick out the differences in shapes and patterns, stimulating her visual development.

  • Noisy toy

    A toy that makes a noise when it's pressed or shaken will keep your baby entertained for months to come. This type of responsive toy helps your baby become aware of what his hands are doing.

  • Mobile

    A mobile can add a new dimension to your baby's horizontal view of life. Look for ones with high-contrast colors and patterns. Your baby may enjoy a mobile that plays music. Attach the mobile to the crib rail but for safety's sake, make sure to keep it out of your baby's reach.

  • Wrist rattle

    A wrist rattle made of soft chewable fabric provides plenty of entertainment. Your baby will love experimenting with sounds she can make herself.

  • Cuddly toy

    Soft, easy-to-grab toys are perfect first playmates. Make sure that your baby's stuffed animal or doll is suitable for her age range. Your baby is likely to prefer small soft toys that she can easily hold, so don't be tempted to buy her a teddy as big as she is!

  • Ball

    Balls of various sizes help your baby develop hand-eye coordination and agility. Your baby will learn to grasp a ball when she's between 3 and 7 months old. The whole-arm coordination required to roll or throw a ball comes later, usually between 18 months and 3 years.

  • Wind chime

    Hang a set of wind chimes in a place where your baby can watch it move and listen to the sound it makes. Hold her up once in a while so she can jingle the chimes herself, too.

  • Soft book

    It's never too soon to get your baby interested in reading. Soft books are the perfect place to start. Lie down next to your baby so she can watch as you read to her. Even when she's still tiny, reading is a great way to help her start to understand language.

  • Building blocks

    When you first introduce your baby to blocks, you'll probably be the one doing most of the building. His contribution will be knocking them down! But as simple as this game is, it's teaching your baby important things about the world. As well as developing his hand-eye coordination, it's also introducing him to the basic laws of math and physics!

  • Stacking toy

    As your baby grows, stacking toys provide hours of fun for both of you! They're a fantastic way for your child to use her increasingly nimble fingers and to work on her sorting and building skills. Letting your child experiment with items of different size, shape, and color will keep her interested for longer.

  • Living Room Play Area - Open Ended and Waldorf Inspired

    Surprise tomatoes

    It's the peak season, so put the tomato in the spotlight in the menus of your gourmand. He will love the tangy taste of this ultra-vitaminized fruit-vegetable. From 18 months old.

    It's the peak season, so put the tomato in the spotlight in the menus of your gourmand. He will love the tangy taste of this ultra-vitaminized fruit-vegetable. From 18 months old.

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    Sealing of teeth, prevention against child caries

    Hello, I think that since cavities are created, Streptococcus mutans is a Gram positive bacterium, facultative anaerobic that is normally found in the human oral cavity, forming part of the dental plaque or dental biofilm. It is associated with the onset and development of dental caries, I think that it is counterproductive since if the fissure is contaminated it could create a covered caries therefore what should be done is that more brushing techniques and good habits of hygiene to the little ones

    Positive effects of skin contact

    Positive effects of skin contact

    Overweight (obesity) increases the risk of asthma in children

    Overweight or obesity increases the risk of developing asthma in children. It seems that those who exceed the normal weight in early childhood are at increased risk of suffering from asthma until preschool.

    Doctors claim that normalizing weight before school age helps lower this risk, which is a new and useful finding in preventing this condition in children at high risk of obesity.

    The weight of the baby influences the appearance of asthma

    Children younger than normal weight are at increased risk of several serious diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea syndrome, etc.) including asthma. The researchers found that children who are overweight at 1, 4 or 7 years are twice as likely to develop asthma by the age of 8 years than those who fall within normal weight limits.

    But the same is not true for children who were overweight at a young age, but managed to lose weight by school age. It seems that those who manage to normalize their weight get rid of the risk of asthma. This is the most interesting finding related to asthma and children, because obesity is already known to favor asthma, but it has not been discovered that weakening in time helps lower this risk and has a prophylactic purpose.

    The latest study in this regard was conducted in the United Kingdom, London, at King's College, and the research was conducted on the analysis and observation of over 15,000 children, aged between 4 and 11 years. Experts found that 17 out of every 100 children suffered from asthma, and many others who were overweight were at increased risk.

    Another discovery by experts revealed that the risk is higher among girls than among boys. Thus, if, in general, one of the risk factors for asthma is male, when it comes to the weight criterion and the incidence of asthma, the girls are the most targeted to suffer from this chronic disease.

    Doctors have failed to determine exactly what are the exact causes for which body weight influences the onset of asthma or the mechanism by which this phenomenon occurs.

    Recent findings are extremely important, as it warns parents that it is important to take urgent and healthy measures to restore the child's normal weight (balanced diet, physical movement, etc.) before it is too late.

    Obesity or overweight increases the risk of many other dangerous conditions and endangers the health of young children, but the fact that weight loss until preschool can prevent many of them, including asthma, is valuable information that can save a lot of asthma children, one of the most common, but also uncomfortable conditions.

    What is asthma and what are its main causes?

    Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease common among children, which is manifested by respiratory difficulties caused by the narrowing of the airways, which in turn is caused by irritation and inflammation of the airways following inhalation of allergens.

    The main causes of the disease are:

    • allergies (allergens);
    • respiratory infections;
    • inflammation of the upper respiratory tract;
    • emotional traumas;
    • exposure to toxic, irritant, etc.

    Besides the causes of this condition, there are also other risk factors which predispose the child to asthma, as is the weight in early childhood:

    • family history with asthma;
    • recurrent respiratory infections;
    • low birth weight;
    • male gender;
    • obese pregnant women;
    • precarious living conditions.

    A nutritionally and calorically balanced diet, a rational consumption of sweets and the encouragement of physical exertion should be sufficient to prevent overweight and subsequent obesity in the child.

    If the baby eats balanced and is physically active, but still gets fat, go to the doctor for further investigations.

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    There are many myths about food and drinks that determine our eating habits and the way we prepare children's menus. It is time to banish some of those popular beliefs that are not true.

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