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It annoys him to share his room

It annoys him to share his room

You only have one room for two children? Your elder is thinking about sharing his space? Rest assured, cohabitation offers many benefits and there are many ways to work out.

The problem

You dreamed of giving them a room to everyone but the price of real estate decided otherwise!

Who disturbs it?

  • Your elder. He finds himself with a baby who takes naps twice a day or a cadet with whom he has - for now - no hooked atoms!
  • You. You are afraid that your "big" suffers from a lack of privacy ...

He dreams of a room of his own

The ideal that society sends us today is in the sense of luxury, comfort, individuality: each one his bedroom and your child wants it! Yet until adolescence, the benefits are many to share the same room. Between brothers and sisters, a real relationship is established based on the exchange and respect of the other ...

  • What has to be done. Stay tuned for your child. What would he like to create his own corner? A piece of furniture with wheels that moves to structure the space at will? Colors on the wall to delimit its territory? A mezzanine whose access will be forbidden to the youngest?
  • This corner does not need to be very bigbut it is necessary that your elder can isolate himself, sulk, dream. Respect his need for property: he must have his shelves, his boxes and his toys! Why not a lockable trunk ...
  • What to tell him. "Would you like us to put a little desk just for you in the hall or in the living room?"

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Victoria Merkys

Victoria Merkys

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The baby's crawling usually occurs around 7 to 9 months, when he is able to support himself while sitting by throwing his weight forward and placing his hands in front of his body acquiring the crawling position. It is in this position that the baby is indicating to us that it is ready to begin crawling.

Can we help the baby crawl? Of course! The best way to do this is through play, as it is the most stimulating way for the baby to learn. Write down all these games to stimulate baby's crawling.

We must take into account an aspect such as parachute reflex, consists in that if we hold the baby by the sides and incline him sharply forward, the baby opens his arms as if he wanted to hold on. This reflex has to appear at three and disappear at twelve months. This reflex is useful for holding on in the event of a fall and also for learning to get up.

When begins to crawl, jerk, or crawl, it does it forward and backward. The most common is that they begin by moving backwards since it is easier, especially if their form of crawling is in a sitting position.

Normally, this stage has two objectives to achieve with crawling: either move to acquire objects and explore them. Even trying to get close to furniture and chairs to try to stand up and get up. Later, around 9 months, he will begin to crawl with one hand raised or occupied by a toy or object of interest and will even be able to crawl up stairs.

With these two objectives in mind, we will try to carry out activities, exercises or games that are related to your interests.

1. Put an object so you can reach it: For starting to stimulate crawling, we must first have a toy that is of interest to him on hand, we put ourselves at a distance that allows him to move a little without help, and once he starts a small movement we help him to adopt a crawling position and we encourage him to posture can go in search of the toy.

2. The towel game: we roll up a blanket in the shape of a roller and holding the baby by the trunk is placed on it, in this way what we will do is push the baby back and forth so that he is resting on his hands. We can do the same but putting a sheet or towel around the baby's trunk and getting up until he supports his hands and makes force with them.

3. With the help of mom and dad: Another way to achieve this exercise is for the mother or father to sit on the floor with their legs open, putting the toy in one of them and the baby on the other leg, in this way the baby must pass over both legs and thus be able to achieve it and you will be able to help him acquire the appropriate posture.

4. Obstacle games: when the baby already controls these exercises that we have seen previously we can place 'obstacles' in a small distance that includes; cushions, tunnels with chairs, rolled up blankets, and encourage him to pass them to reach his toy.

5. He catches: crawl next to the baby doing chases in different directions so that we can go chasing the baby and ask him to chase you. Or do races both crawling.

The most important thing is not to force any posture, if we see that the baby is not ready to crawl yet we will let him continue playing and we'll watch until we see that it's ready. Remember that we have to adjust to its evolutionary development.

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