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Being a mother

Being a mother

Being a mother is an important turning point in life. Expecting to be a mother is a difficult process. During this process, some worries are experienced by every prospective mother. Diagnosis Education and Psychological Counseling Psychological Counselor Işın Akı offers some suggestions for expectant mothers.

Pregnancy is a very interesting period. In a closed box, the mother and father candidates wonder curiously about who the baby will look like and the health of the baby. With the dreams of growth, the baby's movement in the abdomen, gender, room, clothes, schools to be read in the future, profession to choose, and so on. dream about. Who knows, maybe you share the same feelings. The baby and mother become the center of attention not only of the father, but of everyone. Family, friends, everyone watches the baby's movements, they start to bring gifts. They create albums from the baby's ultrasound images. When the environment is so concerned, the mother and father experience different feelings. Işın Akı says: “The parents perceive everything about the baby in the environment selectively. He sees cute babies wandering around and feels sympathy. He compares it with his own child. dreams. The expectant mother also experiences this feeling differently from her husband. She wants her husband to take care of the same things and feel, but it is not possible. When a poor child sees a feeling of crying, etc…. He makes plans for the birth of the baby, and he is afraid of the birth. Which birth is better, without risk, etc.… investigates. ”

Pregnant mother's worries

With the learning of the reality of pregnancy, many expectant mothers enter into difference behaviors. How Does? Işın Akı gives the following examples: anne A mother who does not care about many things in terms of health can dress more tightly so that the baby does not get cold, and take care to eat and drink. However, after all, two-person life after birth will be a three-person mother may fear uncertainty. Stress is more common in mothers who have babies. The mother invests emotionally in her baby. thing is for baby. Many mothers during pregnancy, the baby begins to move home search, move, change the goods also enters the period.

Mom and dad give different reactions

The idea of ​​a baby brings new excitement, purpose, beauty to the family. Everyone in the family mobilizes for the baby. Research shows that babies of mothers who have peaceful, happy pregnancy have less sleep problems and have less gasses. In this respect, it is very important to have a good pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should carry the tensions and worries as above. The most obsessed issue for the mother-to-be is the reaction of the father to the baby. I wonder if he likes, will take care of, or if I will take care of the baby alone. However, this should not be considered too much. See what Işın Flux says about the subject: gör He sees himself as a composite container with his parents. He thinks that whatever I feel, how he reacts, he should. But women are focused, why men are sonuç .Yes… .but… mother-oriented.

Puzzles, Blue-Green Patches on Your Child - When to Worry?

As the baby begins to come, blue-green patches appear on his hands and feet. The relocation sometimes goes wrong, and the bigger shift results in hairline breakage and bleeding. What do you need to know about these and when is there a major problem?

Blue-green patch is a common feature of a small child

When a larger stroke touches a part of the child's body, the hair follicles may tear, become damaged, and in such a case the blood seeps into the near border. This is when the darkness (red and then blue, green) is produced. When the fallen blood was just absorbed, the darkness turned yellow. maximum Within 3-4 weeks the symptoms caused by the collapse will disappear.The location of the blemish may be very sensitive at first, but the pain will decrease with the change of color.Some people will find it easier to develop soft blue spots. Physical response to physical influences is highly dependent on how strong the wall of blood vessels is. (Vitamin C can strengthen the outer wall.)

When to worry and see a doctor?

- You may be worried about seeing blue spots on your child for no good reason. And if you experience nosebleeds, you should also tell your doctor. - Also, take the problem seriously if you notice a significant swelling in the yawn and complain of more pain than usual. Bone fractures or other serious problems may be present in the back. In such a case, your doctor will probably make sure that you are not affected. if it is seen by a specialist.- If the patch does not soften after 14 days, there is probably more serious problem.- If you hit the head, there is a much greater risk of serious injury. If fluid or blood leaks from your nose / blood, has a blemish on your ears, has a nausea, has a large swelling, has a wound on your head, has an unexpected loss of your mind, does not remember, .

How to alleviate the pain caused by rupture?

Pain relief can help with some cold stuff, like a portion of frozen peas or corn from the freezer. Don't put it directly on the broken part, put some clothes (like kitchen clothes) under it. In the first two days following the killing, you can close the killing part several times a day in this way. Do not take "ice cream" for more than 15 minutes. A crushing ointment that can be applied to children older than 3 years will reduce the inflammation process.Related materials:
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This cooling and vibration ring relieves toothache while allowing your baby to discover new shapes, textures and sounds. Where to find it? //

This cooling and vibration ring relieves toothache while allowing your baby to discover new shapes, textures and sounds.
Where to find it?

A dad, it's always there to protect you

Pregnancy and autism


- If I have an autistic 11 year old child, I am 39 years old and I am hypertensive, can I have a healthy child? What analysis should be done?


Autism is a condition whose etiology is not yet fully known; At present, numerous researches are being carried out to find out what are the factors that can determine the occurrence of autism. It is supposed to have genetic causes: it seems that parents who have an autistic child are slightly more likely to have other children with this disorder, however, autism does not seem to be due to a particular gene.
Other researchers incriminate various problems that occurred during pregnancy or birth, such as rubella viral infections, especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy, lack of oxygen in the baby and other complications at birth. However, there is no clear link. These problems occur at the birth of many children who are not autistic and many children with autism are born without having these problems.

The bottom line is that for now, it is not known what causes autism, nor is there a risk that it will occur in another child in the same family.
Age over 35 years and high blood pressure are conditions that place you in high risk pregnancy. In pregnant women (over 35 years old) the main maternal complications that can occur are: high blood pressure, diabetes, pyelonephritis, uterine fibroids, and the most important fetal complications are: chromosomal abnormalities, prematurity and fetal hypotrophy (low birth weight child) . The presence of hypertension before pregnancy is an additional risk for prematurity and fetal hypotrophy, as well as for other maternal complications.
Therefore, careful monitoring of the pregnancy by the obstetrician doctor is required, which from the first prenatal consultation, in addition to a thorough clinical examination can recommend further investigations, following which and according to your obstetric history (the problems appeared during pregnancy and previous birth) will be able to quantify the risks of this pregnancy.
A risky pregnancy requires intensive supervision: regular prenatal consultations with the obstetrician doctor, which may sometimes recommend interdisciplinary consultation depending on the associated conditions, in your case it may be cardiological consultation (to establish a treatment for hypertension) or you may be even recommend a genetic advice (considering the risk of chromosomal abnormalities among children whose mothers were over 35 years old), but despite all the risks you can have a healthy baby.
Dr. Ciprian Pop-Began
- Obstetrics and Gynecology -
Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology Prof. Dr. Panait Sarbu

The cold and harshness of the winter made most people feel unwell. No wonder, because the lack of sunlight drastically lowers the body's serotonin levels, which causes the brain to feel sick.

The chocolate has a great mood

Fortunately, it is easier to go through the turbulent times with a moody method.

Look for the light!

Make the most of your skin and your body to enjoy the fun of sunbathing. Even if you are on the sunny side of the bus stop, you can drop. Research has shown that artificial, sun-absorbing spectrum light can also have a mood-altering effect.

Eat chocolate every day!

A cube of chocolate a day can help eliminate bad mood. Chocolate is one phenylethylamine It contains a neurotransmitter known as a neurotransmitter and a mood stimulator, also called a neurotransmitter. Limit of Phenylethylamine endorphin released in the body, which produces a sensation similar to orgasm in man. There are twice as many in cocoa antioxidбns as in red wine, it lowers blood pressure and even removes wrinkles. However, instead of milk chocolate, it is advisable to consume the much healthier chocolate with at least 70% cocoa.

Find a victory in the bedroom!

There is a large amount of sexual activity in the brain dopamine which we start to have after sex, says Kimberly Flemke, sex therapist. A quick ride has an undeniable effect on the orgasm oxytocin is released in the body.

Eat fish!

People who eat foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon or tuna, are generally better able to handle their senses, Sarah Conklin, professor of psychology at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. The American Heart recommends that you eat fish at least twice a week. In addition to fish, peanuts and linseed contain enough protein to help prevent heart disease.Also read these:
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    Many times after delivery, we want to recover quickly, doing the same activity as before and with the same intensity. But we have to be very clear that it is a recovery period and, for that, our best allies are patience and, also, yoga. Do you want to know which postures are the most recommended and which ones you should avoid postpartum? Also, in the next post, I will tell you when and how to start this activity.

    Returning to practice yoga after childbirth is essential to recover little by little. As a general recommendation and always after consultation, it is suggested to start when the puerperium (quarantine) ends. In the case of a cesarean section, we will extend it to a slightly longer period, about 10 weeks.

    Of course, it is very important to consult a professional to give the go-ahead before resuming any physical activity. It is also essential to keep in mind that the practice will be beneficial if we take it very calmly and return to exercising safely and effectively, observing and respecting the times that our body and our emotions need.

    It is not necessary to have practiced yoga before to take postpartum yoga classes, but if we already have previous experience, we will find in these classes a wonderful transition to return to the previous yoga model. Now, you have to take into account some recommendations before starting the practice in a respectful way.

    1. Watch your abs
    If what you are looking for is a pretty chocolate bar almost immediately, mistake! you are going astray. Sit-ups can be very beneficial until they stop being so if we don't do them correctly and don't pay attention to proper execution. Consequently, caesarean section, diastasis, and low back strain can take a long time to recover. For this reason, we must pay attention to the deeper layers of the abdominal muscles, specifically the transverse muscle, in order to be able to take care of and respect our pelvic floor at the same time and avoid long-term pain and discomfort.

    Squats can wait
    Childbirth and postpartum are key moments to take care of all the organs and muscles of the pelvic floor. The effort exerted in labor (tears, hemorrhoids or episiotomies) can be very uncomfortable. Therefore, squatting positions should be done once we are fully recovered, and above all, we have to bear in mind that we must lower our level of demand in terms of the recovery of certain areas.

    Avoid very deep push-up or extension postures
    In postpartum work we seek stability more than flexibility. Thus, we pay special attention to slowly recovering muscle tone and gaining stability by strengthening the back. The lats, neck and neck, shoulders and lower back are very sensitive parts of our body during this period. Bad postures due to natural or artificial breastfeeding, breast augmentation, carrying ... all this can weaken and tighten all these areas of our body if we do not compensate with some more fluid exercises and movements.

    Many women sign up for this activity almost by 'prescription' and that yoga can be a tool to combat postpartum depression. The hours with the baby at home can make us eternal and what better way than to share this new stage with other women through parenting groups, breastfeeding or postpartum yoga classes. We can vent and share with them our fears, our tears or our doubts if necessary.

    Specifically, during postpartum yoga practice we secrete hormones that give us a greater sense of well-being. In addition, we strengthen the mother-baby bond, creating a precious and special moment for both of us.

    But above all, classes are a space to interact with other women who go through the same experiences and a moment to reconnect with ourselves, with our body and with that storm of emotions that invades us after childbirth.

    Going to some postpartum yoga classes with babies is a way to feel supported and accompanied during this intense, exhausting and sometimes desperate period, and to live a little better the changes in our body, who we are now and what we feel. And the mantra that must always accompany you from now on: 'Less is more'.

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