Meaning of the name Cástulo. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Cástulo. Name for boys

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Dad and mom are born

Dad and mom are born

The more you know about your child’s health, the better you’ll be at handling the inevitable issues that crop up. Find out about pesky but harmless nuisances like pinworms, infections such as hand, foot, and mouth disease, uncommon diseases like measles, and chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, and cystic fibrosis. Get helpful health guidance, whether your baby has an umbilical hernia or your child develops a urinary tract infection.


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Cheaper by the Dozen


Tom and Kate Baker (Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt) were childhood sweethearts who met at college, married and went on to have an unusually large family of twelve children. They are living quite happily, if somewhat chaotically, in their middle class lifestyle when Tom is invited to Chicago to coach the Stallions. The Stallions were his old football team and the job offer is Tom's dream come true; however, he has great difficulty persuading the children that the move will be a good one. Kate is very supportive of Tom as she knows what the job means to him but Tom has to promise the family that they will be a much happier and stronger family in their new home. Charlie (Tom Welling), the oldest boy, is particularly unhappy about leaving his girlfriend behind.

The Bakers move into their new house which is in a fairly upmarket neighbourhood. Their new neighbours are not very welcoming. Not long after, Kate learns that her book Cheaper by the Dozen is to be published and she needs to go to New York for a few days. Never having left the children before, Kate is reluctant to leave Tom on his own. Tom insists that he will be able to manage and sends her off with his blessing.

Tom is unprepared for the total chaos that reigns while Kate is away which makes for all kinds of amusing events. The few days turn into two weeks and Tom has increasing difficulty managing his family and devoting time to his career. This gives Tom the opportunity to asses what's really important to him. The crunch comes when Kate decides to come home early and invites the crew from Oprah to film her 'one big happy family', who are not particularly happy on that day.


None of concern


There is a lot of comic violence done for laughs, including the following:

  • Mark's frog falls into the bowl of scrambled eggs causing it to spill everywhere. Tom goes to catch the frog and slips in the scrambled eggs.
  • The neighbour's son Dylan falls over the balcony and hangs from the chandelier. Tom jumps on to save him but the chandelier crashes to the floor taking both of them down.
  • The children dislike Nora's boyfriend Hank and so trip him up making him land in the wading pool.
  • The children soak Hank's underwear in a bucket of mince then set their dog loose on him. The dog goes straight for Hank's groin pulling him off his chair, then attacks him from the backside.
  • Hank runs outside and the neighbourhood dogs all come after him chasing him into his car.
  • One of the children vomits onto the kitchen floor and his brother slips over in it.
  • The brother knocks another child into a ladder, knocking off the tradesman who crashes to the floor.
  • The young twins throw cakes and spray water at the guests at Dylan's birthday party.
  • The bouncy castle blows up, propelling Tom into the air. He lands on Dylan leaving him with a black eye and a broken arm.
  • Tom gets a dart thrown at his foot.
  • The door is split open with an axe.
  • The children are all fighting when the TV crew come to film them.
  • Nora hits her self-obsessed boyfriend Hank.

There are also some other scenes that are not comic:

  • The twins fight each other.
  • The twins throw blocks at their teacher.
  • There is a lot of verbal harassment at the new schools the children all have to attend. Mark, in particular, gets his glasses taken off and thrown to the ground.
  • Mark's siblings gang up against his attackers.

Content that may disturb children

Under 8

There is not a lot of scary material in this movie except for the following:

  • The dog attacking Hank seems quite vicious.
  • Mark runs away from home and all the family have to go and look for him.

From 8-13

Some children in this age group might still be scared by the dog attack.

Over 13

There is nothing that would scare children in this age group.

Sexual references

  • Nora and Hank are told that they can't sleep together at home so Nora moves in with Hank.
  • Tom says that 'twelve kids later they (Tom and Kate) have still got the heat'.
  • Tom tells the neighbours that they had twelve kids because 'he couldn't keep her off him'.
  • Tom needs Nora's help but she won't come unless Hank's allowed to sleep in her room.
  • Hank asks Tom and Kate if they will be 'popping out another one soon'.
  • Nora eventually goes home to help and sneaks Hank into her bedroom. In the morning they confront Tom who is angry about the situation.

Alcohol, drugs and other substances

People drink alcohol at a wedding.

Nudity and sexual activity

There is no nudity but Hank and Nora kiss seductively in front of her parents' house.

Product placement

None of concern

Coarse language

This movie contains some mild coarse language and name-calling.

Ideas to discuss with your children

While this film has its funny moments and is quite entertaining for all ages, it has an unreality about it that diminishes its appeal. Such a large family would be quite rare today and the fact that Kate has not aged much since she got married and has given birth to twelve children and found the time to write a book seems most implausible. The film looks at the issues of parenting and whether it's possible to have a demanding career simultaneously.

The take home message is that two parents with a large family cannot both have a career. You might like to discuss this conclusion as well as other values in the movie such as a strong family bond, loyalty, care and concern. You could also talk about some of the negative elements of family life, such as:

  • sibling rivalry
  • having fun at another's expense
  • the use of violence to solve conflict
  • name-calling, intolerance, disobedience, deceitfulness and harassment.

What should a sick child eat

What should a sick child eat

There are few times that our young children get sick and, as a consequence, they tend to be down and inappete. What can we feed them, especially when the illness lasts for more than a couple of days? Our fear is that they will lose too much weight and that, therefore, greater weakness will ensue that will hinder their recovery.

Younger children tend to get sick very often, colds from viruses are the order of the day. Avoiding it is complicated because they are in contact with other children or adults with colds that can easily infect them, since their immune system is developing and their defenses are 'unaware' of many of the most common viruses.

Prevention is the best, but in younger children it is not easy to have habits such as washing their hands well and not releasing their coughs and snot with the one next to them. When our child falls ill we must know that we should not force them to eat, since it is quite common and normal for them to lose their appetite.

In principle, the child should eat what he wants; Unless it is a gastrointestinal ailment (which will require a soft or hydrated diet), the child does not have to follow any special diet, and, if he rejects certain foods, we should not insist that they eat them.

The most important thing is to know that during the illness children need more fluids than normal, we must encourage them to drink, especially when our child has a fever: broths, milk, smoothies, juices (but not soft drinks or cold drinks).

Breast milk for the little ones who are still suckling is one of the most appropriate foods during convalescence, apparently sick children prefer to consume breast milk instead of other foods that are already part of their usual diet. So, if we continue to breastfeed our child, it is recommended that we continue with it and increase the frequency of feedings during the illness.

For the older ones, we can offer them their favorite foods, in such a way that they are more appetizing. Let's try soft foods that are easy to digest and easy to chew and swallow: puddings, yogurts, cooked rice, omelettes, pasta, soups, purees, etc.

After the disease, it is time to regain lost strength and for them we must provide them with a careful diet, with a greater number of nutrients: proteins and vitamins to regain the lost weight and continue with adequate growth. We can even provide them with extra servings, but yes, of nutritious foods: fruits and vegetables at all meals, dairy products, especially whole grains, legumes, eggs, fish, meats, nuts, avoiding fried or fatty foods and sweets.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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Best Foods for Cough and Cold in Kids

Andrea Updyke

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Herm Johnson Big Crash 1985 Indy 500 Practice

When the diagnosis of childhood cancer is known, it is normal make parents feel confused, anxious, disoriented, and totally lost in the face of the complexity of the language of diagnosis as well as treatment therapies.

For this reason, it is necessary for parents to prepare, inform themselves, and learn the smallest detail about the disease, so that their child's acceptance of the disease is calmer and more controlled, and so that they too are able to explain cancer to children.

Talk to your child's doctor. Their experience will be a comfort and support for you. It is important for parents to talk to their child about cancer clearly, honestly, and smoothly. Consider the opinion of the specialist doctor. He will know how to saywhat may be the most convenient time for your child to know what he has. So when the time comes, parents can pass security and tranquility to their child. There is no reason to despair. The energies should be focused on the solution of the disease and not on the search for possible causes. It is necessary to fight for the cure and not to look for culprits.

Cancer can be explained to a child in different ways, depending on how old he is, since a 2-year-old will not understand the same as a 5 or 8-year-old. Apart from that, you have to keep in mind that each child is a different world, and that is why you have to find the appropriate way to tell each of them. We have found some clues that can help you:

- As much as parents try to explain to a 2-year-old baby what cancer is, he will not understand. You will know that you have a 'pupa' that needs to be cured, without further ado. At this age, what they need is to feel that their parents are there and that they protect them. They will need a lot of support, encouragement, and strength, especially when they need to be pricked, have a bothersome test, or go many times to the doctor and hospital.

- From 5 years old, the child will already understand something more about the concept of disease, especially when he experiences it. At this age, you probably want to know why you have it. Explain that why is not important. Yes, your cooperation and collaboration in treatment is. Tell her that cancer is "bad" cells and that treatment will kill "good" cells. Confidence must be conveyed through positive attitudes.

- From 7 years old, the child will understand the disease better. You can already talk openly with him about the subject and make him understand that the cure will also depend on his collaboration. At this age, the child will already express better what he feels, his fears, his doubts, and will hardly show resistance to do some analysis or to take medications, even if he knows their effects. In any case and at whatever age it is, the love and support of the family is essential. Children want to feel protected and covered.

How the child will react when he learns that he has an illness that will make him or her visit the hospital many times is anyone's guess. Everything will depend on the way the child is, their mood, the medical and family support they have, the type of cancer they suffer from, and the evolution of the treatment.

Pain, as well as the duration of the disease, are factors that are very difficult for a child to experience. And if to that is added that he has to be more separated from his parents, his friends, schoolmates, it is even worse. The position of the family is very important for the evolution of the treatment.

You have to think that everything is overcome when you maintain good spirits and hope. If you have a child with cancer who is in the hospital, try to create a good environment for him. Seek to distract him as you can, with toys, stuffed "friends", coloring pages, and prizes for each test passed.

You need to use a routine, for example, to study and do your homework. If you find it convenient invites some of his friends to come visit him. You will love to share your experiences with them, and thus "blow off steam". Little by little the child will adapt to the new and temporary situation, and family and social life will normalize. The important thing is that everyone is united to overcome the disease.

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