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If you crave a tasty and healthy soup, you can opt for a Transylvanian, famous throughout the country for its special flavor.

Preparation time: 60 minutes

Difficulty: medium


800 g pork

80 g of rice

1 large carrot

2 strains

1 celery

1 pastarnac

1 parsley root

2 fat peppers

250 ml cream

1 tablespoon flour


1 parsley bond

1 lemon

2 tablespoons oil

salt and pepper

Method of preparation

Cut the pork and boil for 40 minutes and foam well each time.

Heat a little oil in a pan and heat the onion, carrot, celery, parsley root, chives and chopped pepper, about 7 minutes.

Then add them over the meat, add pepper and a teaspoon of salt and let them boil 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile, put the boiled rice separately.

Rub the cream well with the flour and dissolve it with a little hot water from the soup. Pour the cream into the soup and stir continuously. Add the finely chopped tuna, lemon juice and let the soup boil for 5 minutes over low heat.

Then put the rice and serve it hot, sprinkled with fresh parsley leaves.

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Why do brothers and sisters move into a common room?

Why do brothers and sisters move into a common room?
Cheese cream, a healthy treat for mothers and children
Rules for successful communication in couples

Communication in a couple can face many obstacles, but for a healthy relationship you need to know the most important rules to communicate with your partner.

Sincerity is a very important element of communicating with your partner, but you will get the best results when you come up with four simple rules.

Don't miss out on the details

Men perceive the voice of other men differently from that of women, according to a study published in the medical journal NeuroImage. Your partner focuses harder on your voice when you miss out on the details.

Make your work easier by using a language that highlights the important parts of the discussion.

Talk to them without much eye contact

When discussing a more difficult topic, the future of the relationship or its obligations, avoid sustained eye contact.

When you look too much in the eye, men tend to notice a conflict and can respond aggressively or completely avoid the discussion.

Give her your admiration

The admiration and respect of the loved one are very important for men and they can more easily obtain the kindness of the partner when you make him feel appreciated.

Do not scratch your praises and make him feel appreciated when you ask him a request.

Tell him when you want to download

Because their first instinct is to look for a solution, men are not always receptive to the times when you just want to get rid of your problems and listen carefully.

Explain beforehand why you are telling them about your problems, so that they will not interpret the moment as a request for help and immediately start looking for a solution that will help you.

Author: Teodora Gheorghe

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Do you know that in Iceland it is not Santa Claus, but 13 Santa Claus who leave gifts to children? And could you tell who the Befana is? Discover different Christmas legends for children based on deeply rooted traditions in countries on all continents.

Christmas is celebrated all over the planet. But not in all countries it is celebrated in a similar way. Each area and each region has a series of popular traditions that they have passed from generation to generation through precious legends. We invite you to discover them together with your children.

Guiainfantil.com offers you a selection of beautiful short Christmas legends to read to children. Discover the story of old Befana or the little men who bring gifts to Icelandic children.

Enjoy with your children with these short Christmas stories based on legends that have been passed down from generation to generation orally. They are mostly tales and stories that hide fantastic values ​​to transmit to children.

The 13 Little Men of Christmas. Icelandic legend. Santa Claus does not arrive in Iceland ... but 13! We tell you the legend of the 13 little men of Christmas. a beautiful story about a very old tradition among Icelandic children on Christmas night.

The befana. Italian legend. We tell you the legend of Befana, or the witch Befana, a very popular story among Italian children. It is a Christmas legend to tell to children.

The spiders of Christmas. German legend. The legend of the Christmas spider. Short story for children, based on a German legend that tells of the origin of decorations and tinsel on the Christmas tree. Christmas story for children. Why are Christmas trees decorated with stars, balls and tinsel?

Christmas Eve's flower. Mexican legend. Poinsettia or Poinsettia flower. Learn about the short legend of Mexican origin to tell children at Christmas. Legend about the origin of the Christmas Flower. Short stories for Christmas. The Poinsettia is a universal emblem of Christmas. Dressed in red and green, she participates in Christmas more and more actively.

Tomte. Scandinavian legend. We tell you a Scandinavian legend for Christmas: Tomte, the Christmas gnome. It is a story about the Santa Claus of Scandinavia, very different from the one we know in other countries.

Santa's helper. Legend of Switzerland. This is a Christmas tale based on a Swiss legend. It tells the story of a girl who sent an unusual letter to Santa Claus. In it, he did not ask for a toy, but something very different. A Christmas legend to teach children to reflect on their actions and the consequences.

Artaban. American legend. Artaban is the story of the fourth wizard king. It is based on the story by the American writer Henry Van Dyke, entitled 'The other wise man'.

Babushka. Russian legend. Traditional Russian tale about the figure of Babushka, an old woman who distributes gifts every December 24 to all Russian children. But why does it do it? A children's story for children to know the true spirit of Christmas. Babushka's Christmas Story.

The robin's fire. Irish legend. Here's a lovely story for Christmas, based on an Irish legend. The protagonist, in this case, is a small bird. In this story they tell us the origin of robins.

The Snow Maiden. The Snow Maiden is a Russian legend that tells of who brings Christmas gifts to the children of this region at Christmas. Discover this endearing legend with your children.

Belsnickel. German Christmas legend. We tell you the legend of Belsnickel, a Christmas character closely linked to Santa Claus. Discover with your son this beautiful legend that is widely listened to in countries like Austria and Germany.

The beautiful ox. Legend of Bhutan. The story of the beautiful ox speaks of friendship, and of values ​​such as humility and respect. Very timely for the Christmas season, a great time to talk about values ​​with the children.

The socks of Saint Nicholas. Turkish legend. Christmas story based on a Turkish legend about Santa Claus or Santa Claus. Christmas legend for children about the figure of Santa Claus. Christmas story with values.

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Christmas Sharks Hiden Seek. Christmas Story. Christmas Song. Pinkfong Songs for Children

Video games are always in question, they are the subject of debates in thousands of homes, children are fascinated by them and many parents get the hair on end.

Children want to play in the afternoon, at night, when they get up, online, on the tablet, on the console ..., any time, excuse or platform is valid. And, parents, we think that it distracts them from their tasks and makes them more nervous. Possibly the appropriate thing is in the middle point, not much or nothing, this comes to corroborate a study that relates video games for children and academic success, especially in mathematics, science and language.

Alberto Posso of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology studied over 12,000 Australian high school students. The study, which was published in the International Journal of Communication, analyzed the relationship between students' academic results and their personal interests, hobbies, and activities outside the home, including Internet use.

What do you imagine the study detected? He raises his eyebrow yes, because it turns out that the data showed that lStudents who played online video games on a daily basis scored 15 points above average on math and reading tests and 17 points above average on science. Ultimately, there was a relationship between video games for children and academic success. It could not be assured that video games were responsible for this notable improvement compared to the others, but it was the only pattern that made the difference.

One of the explanations given for this academic success was that children who were better gifted in math, science and reading were more likely to "get hooked" on online video games. Being more effective students and with better academic results, they may have had more free time and dedicate it to online video games.

Another curiosity that this study revealed is that while online video games were related to good academic results, the use of social networks such as Twitter or Facebook was related to worse results. Users of these sites scored 4% lower, and the more frequent the use, the greater the difference.

These data should not be the excuse for the child to spend the entire afternoon playing video games, of course. I believe that The time a child spends with screens makes the difference between being a fun, positive and even educational time to being an addiction harmful to the child. A controlled and supervised time can bring the child these benefits:

  • Online video games allow multiplayer function, so the child can learn to socialize with other children from other parts of the world.
  • They improve the ability to teamwork.
  • Keeping track of time can help your child encourage your concentration and attention in sustained activity. In fact, some video games are specially made for children with attention disorders like hyperactivity.
  • They work the ability to store memories and improve memory.
  • Several studies claim that some video games have helped children with reading problems, like dyslexia.
  • They stimulate the logic and the ability to reason.
  • Improve visual ability, especially those whose action is performed in the first person and has a subjective view of the action.
  • Have been used in patients with pain to help you forget your discomforts ... and they work!
  • Children learn to take decisions in an agile and efficient way.

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Do you have too many games for your child and are unable to buy? You know the situation, aren't you? It's just a good idea not to throw out boredom games and replace them with new ones, but to replace them.

Instead of gambling, ask for a quote

Most kids, especially in Western societies, have too many games. The principle of less is more engrossed here: a child does not play well because a bunch of games get used to it, and in fact, they get much more creative because there are few things to do. Hanula Erika He shared his practice for the difficult situation that every parent experiences: the child has too many toys, covers the apartment, and they are getting younger, but they are not able to get rid of them. A careful parent will then, if he has the space, unload his oblivious toys into his floor, storage, basement to make room for the new ones. Bloody circles. The games are multiplying, the space is small, throwing it out without the kid could not do.But there is a solution: children of similar age they can swap the games they don't already play. Doing so will do more to blow: the games will survive, enjoy the others, and the magic of the new games will last for a while. Then when the magic is over, you can fold it up and give it back to the owner. "Whoever has a bigger cat will catch the weight in the next sentence. My 11 and 9 year old sons put Minecraft on the X-box and then shoved their seeds and more than just an urn (!) played with Angry Birds Jenga, though the Angry Birds have been ringing with us for years! " - blogs on bare-heart magazin.hu.
- 5 + 1 Tips for Starting Old Games!
- Not the musician, he learns to talk faster with a flashing game
- Why don't you play your games?

Sensitive children, like other children, need an education appropriate to their way of being. An education that helps them enhance all their innate qualities and abilities without forgetting to provide them with the necessary tools to reduce their usual feeling of vulnerability to the looks, comments or criticism of others.

Sensitive children, from the first months of life, react in a special way to sounds, textures, aromas, colors, but also to gestures, words and the looks of people around them.

They are children with many positive qualities but there are 3 characteristics that we must take into account when educating them:

- High empathic capacity. They pick up on the emotional states of other people quickly. However, this very positive social skill can make them suffer a lot if we do not teach them to handle it properly. Well managed is a skill that will help you a lot in your future social and work relationships.

- High emotionality. Their emotions overwhelm them. Positive emotions such as joy, excitement, surprise, or negative emotions such as pain, disappointment or anger can represent a real drama or an explosion of euphoria due to the way sensitive children perceive them.

- High drama. They tend to suffer a lot in the face of any adversity or setback. Any negative event can represent the worst day of your life. They suffer because their friend is sad, because they have quarreled with their classmate or because their teacher has not told them anything about the beautiful drawing they have made. So it is also common that we hear them complain about everything.

So if educating any child is already a challenge for every parent who wants to do well, educating sensitive children seems to be even more so because of their high emotionality and drama. Like any other child, they need loving, warm, and understanding parents. Parents who accept them as they are by helping them feel safe.

Sensitive children need above all:

- Feeling loved and heard. We all need physical contact to feel good. We all need to feel heard and cared for. But sensitive children especially are children who need greater displays of affection, understanding, and attention. They enjoy physical contact and conversations with others, no matter how old they are.

- Understanding and empathy. They are children who need to explain how they feel and what they need to feel good. They need us to put ourselves in their shoes and understand their point of view.

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Umbilical hernia in infants worries parents. However, it is the least dangerous form of the disease, which rarely requires rapid surgical response. A lot depends on the individual assessment of the situation. How can you tell if your child has a hernia? What symptoms are worth paying attention to? And what should be the first steps for a parent who suspects that the problem may be umbilical hernia?

Umbilical hernia, or what?

Umbilical hernia is a change that is often seen in patients Baby. It is diagnosed many times in children suffering from constipation, colic, often crying. The main symptom is bulge around the navel. Fortunately, a hernia does not threaten the child's life, usually it is not painful, there is no fear that as a result of oppression the child experiences discomfort.

A hernia occurs, when the large intestine, fat or other fluids are pushed out through a weak spot or hole in the abdomen. This is because babies still have weak stomach muscles, so vulnerabilities are found in thin areas on the stomach. During crying, screaming or straining in the tummy pressure increases which somehow pushes the intestines up. Those encountering resistance are able to get higher, which we observe in the form of an umbilical hernia.

Most often, weaker muscles are observed in the navel area, hence the name - umbilical hernia. It has a connection with the area called an umbilical ring formed by muscles, tissues and blood vessels. Umbilical cord muscle usually closes before delivery. Unfortunately, not all children (scientists still do not know why this happens), which is conducive to tissue bulge. It is worth adding that a hernia can also arise above the navel or in any area on the abdomen.

Umbilical hernia: symptoms

An umbilical hernia may be visible in a newborn baby after the umbilical stump has fallen off. However, it often appears in older children.

The main symptoms are:

  • soft bulge under the skin of the navel,
  • it is possible to push a part of the bulge inside,
  • the bulge is usually better seen when the child is sitting or standing, as well as when coughing, crying or defecating.

Hernia in a child can have different sizes: from walnut to tangerine. Usually, however, in a small child its diameter is not more than 2.5 centimeters.

Disturbing symptoms that may indicate an umbilical hernia (attention, immediate medical attention required) are:

  • stomach pain,
  • vomiting,
  • swollen belly.

How is umbilical hernia diagnosed?

Umbilical hernia can be diagnosed during a physical examination. The doctor is able to assess the child's condition by touching the tummy. Often, for a complete picture, ultrasound is also ordered.

After finding a hernia, the doctor will most likely invite you to follow-up visits, to determine if the hernia will close itself. During this time, it is usually recommended to put the baby on his tummy often to naturally strengthen the muscles and prevent "intestinal leakage". In addition, the doctor may pay attention to reduce the situation when the toddler is crying, trying to quickly and effectively respond to signs of impatience. He will probably also pay attention to the diet and feeding method to exclude the problem of constipation and colic as much as possible.

Often before the baby is one year old, the hernia disappears by itself. If this does not happen, especially before the age of 5, it becomes necessary surgery under general anesthesia. Most surgery is planned at 6-7 years of age.

However, he or she can motivate the doctor and parents for earlier surgery hernia size (when the hernia is large) and when clearly disturbs the child in everyday functioning. The surgery is necessary immediately when the toddler suffers from pain, swelling or comes to the situation when the intestines become trapped - which fortunately happens very rarely.

One operation is usually enough to remove a hernia. In a few cases, you have to make an appointment for two treatments, especially when the hernia was large and the abdominal wall needs correction. Complications during surgery are very rare.

A bright smile

Since Gabrielle's first two teeth are out, Valerie cleans them twice a day. She sits her daughter on her lap, back against her. She wraps a compress soaked in physiological saline around her index finger and rubs her daughter's teeth. This gesture amuses Gabrielle. Valerie massages her gums to promote blood circulation and the thrust of other teeth.

Since Gabrielle's first two teeth are out, Valerie cleans them twice a day. She sits her daughter on her lap, back against her. She wraps a compress soaked in physiological saline around her index finger and rubs her daughter's teeth. This gesture amuses Gabrielle. Valerie massages her gums to promote blood circulation and the thrust of other teeth.

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