Canned foods cannot replace fruit

Canned foods cannot replace fruit

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How to improve children's reading speed with these 10 great tricks

Many parents they despair at the slowness of their children when it comes to reading. To know if children read too slowly, you must first take into account the age of the child.

We offer you a table so that you can check the reading speed of your child and We explain how to improve children's reading speed with 10 great tricks.

With this table you can check your child's reading speed according to his age or according to the course in which he is. If you really notice that your child is reading too slowly, don't despair: write down these 10 great tricks to improve reading speed.

1. Read silently. Reading aloud has many benefits, but reading quietly does too. Among them, this one: you gain in speed, because the brain recognizes words much faster than when it has to transform them into sound.

2. Use your finger. It sounds silly, but it's not: if you use your finger or a marker, such as a pencil, you will be focusing your eyes on a line. The next line will not confuse you and you will be able to speed up when identifying the words.

3. Teach your child to visualize the whole sentence. Look at this phrase: "Juan left home at five in the afternoon." Instead of looking at each word, try visualizing the phrase at the same time. The brain, which is very agile, will focus on the first word, one in the middle, and the last. And he will be able to complete the rest of the line by himself ... Like this game ... how would you be able to read the sentence even if there are letters missing? :

- ‘My head hurts when it rains’.

4. Play with them to find the keyword (with a magnifying glass). All phrases have a special word that makes everything make sense. For example: in this sentence: 'Juan was late for the party', what would the key word be? Afternoon! It is what gives meaning to the phrase. With this game, your child will learn to quickly locate the important words and will be able to 'skip' the less important ones.

5. Change the order of the letters. With this game, you will enhance the deduction in the brain. We have already said that the brain is very clever, and is capable of 'finding out' a word just by seeing one of them correctly. For example, look at this sentence: Why, what kind of brain does he ask for?

6. Do not stop going to the library. Because there your child will concentrate much more, and will feel much more curious about reading. Silence will help you read faster.

7. Outside ‘internal voices’. Yes, yes, that little voice that repeats what you read even in a low voice. Well, that voice slows down when reading. Try to read without repeating to yourself. You will get it?

8. If you read, you read. Nothing to have the tablet next to, or the mobile, not even another book or class notes. All that will do is mislead you. Focus on what you read and make the rest of the world disappear.

9. Expand your field of vision. Readers who go slower, it is because their eye is not able to see beyond 4 centimeters on the paper. If you widen the visual field, you will be able to see many more words together and gain speed. And how do you do it? Practicing! Fix your gaze on a specific point in the room for a few seconds, then close your eyes. Try to visualize what was around that point. Okay, now try again, but with the idea of ​​getting a better perception of the objects around ... Come on, you can!

10. Ask yourself questions about what you just read. Okay, there's no use reading fast or slow if you didn't understand anything. And in addition to improving reading comprehension, asking yourself questions after reading will improve your reading speed. Remember: the better the reading comprehension, the higher the speed.

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During pregnancy, the hot bath seems to be an excellent way to relieve muscle pain. Although it is considered a good way to relax, the hot bath during pregnancy can prevent the normal development of the fetus.

Therefore, hot bath is not recommended in task, but if future moms still want to relax by taking a hot bath, the specialists have a number of recommendations that they should consider:

  • The water should not be allowed to get too hot, regardless of whether it is a shower or a bath in the bath.
  • If future moms choose to do one though hot bath, they should not be in the tub for more than 10 minutes.
  • A body temperature equal to or greater than 39 degrees Celsius can be dangerous for the baby, so future mothers should constantly take their temperature and not be in situations that could lead to an increase in body temperature.
  • During a hot bath if the future mother begins to feel discomfort, to feel bad or to realize that she no longer sweats, she should leave the bath immediately.
    Gabriela Hotareanu
    February 07, 2008
  • Caring for twin or multiple babies

    Caring for twin or multiple babies

    No wonder you are worried. After all, it is difficult for many parents to care for a single child and the idea of ​​having two (or more) at the same time can be disturbing.

    No wonder you are worried. After all, it is difficult for many parents to care for a single child and the idea of ​​having two (or more) at the same time can be disturbing.
    Often, such worries are unfortunately heightened by friends and family. Remember that not all parents receive the help they need; every new mom and dad needs more time, help, training, more money and more emotional support.
    In the case of twins, these needs are double, and more than that, you will need much more help than your partner can offer, so to avoid blaming him - or yourself. - when stress starts to build up, plan ahead and find a source of help ahead.

    Make sure you can call your friends or family members if you need them.
    Tell them politely to leave if you don't want to be there, but don't be too proud to ask for help if you need to.
    Can I breastfeed if I have twins?
    Of course. It is no longer difficult to feed two infants because high demand increases milk production. However, finding a good method requires exercise and patience. The secret is to find a comfortable position for you.
    How long should maternity leave be?
    In short, as long as possible. But the deciding factors will be reduced to what is best for you and your family, the health of your babies, how you feel physically and emotionally, your financial situation and your working environment.
    Alina Sica

    Tags Baby twins

    Seasonal trends: Boots and boots for winter 2011

    Seasonal trends: Boots and boots for winter 2011

    If you have not completed your winter wardrobe with footwear after the latest trends, find out which are the most important elements to consider when choosing boots and boots for winter 2011. From sports shoes to very elegant boots, designers have prepared collections that offer you variety to choose shoes that suit your style.

    Natural and ecological fur

    This season, the fur returned, as an accessory for boots and boots. Organic fur is the alternative for the animal lovers who want to enjoy the trends of this season. If in other seasons the fur had a functional role, for the winter 2011-2012, it can be integrated more easily into the elegant trends.


    Boots with laces and buckles

    The favorite accessories of designers this season for winter shoes are buckles. For a bold look, look for platform boots with elegant buckles.

    The boots with frontal laces are another successful look of the season, present in the collections Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs.

    Glossy or shiny skin

    The variations on the classic skin are an important trend for this winter. For glossy skin, you can choose bold combinations of colors from red and black to blue and purple.

    Look for bold shades when it comes to leather, for an elegant look, as in the collections Diane von Furstenberg and Isabel Marrant.


    Heeled boots

    Even though they are not very practical, the heels returned to the designers' attention for the winter boots this season. In the collections created by John Galliano and Jason Wu, you can find elegant models of heeled boots for special occasions.

    Boots with platform

    Don't give up comfort if you want to look at winter from above, with platform boots, another important trend this season. More elegant than in previous seasons, these boots can be accessed with another fresh trend: thick socks. If you want to keep an elegant look, avoid socks, but for a casual look, it is worth trying this look for winter 2011-2012.

    Tags Mommy Fashion

    Is it safe to let a relative or friend breastfeed my baby?

    La Leche League International does not recommend it. In some circumstances, though, having another woman, such as a friend or relative, feed your baby might be a good option, but there are risks to consider. This nursing arrangement is sometimes called "cross-nursing" or "wet nursing," which means feeding a child who is not biologically yours.

    Alternatives include pasteurized pumped breast milk from a friend or relative, banked breast milk, and infant formula. Your baby's doctor can help you decide what's best for your family.

    What are the risks of cross-nursing?

    • Infectious diseases: Some diseases, such as HIV, can be transmitted through breast milk. Other diseases, such as thrush, can be passed along through physical contact – a yeast infection in the other mom's nipples can cause thrush in your baby's mouth. The other woman might not even know she has a disease that could put your child at risk. In contrast, pumping and pasteurizing (see below) breast milk (at a donor bank or at home) reduces the risk of disease transmission.
    • Dangerous substances transmitted through breast milk: The person nursing your baby shouldn't smoke cigarettes or marijuana, use illegal drugs, or take medications or herbal preparations that aren't safe when breastfeeding. Even prescription and over-the-counter drugs could be potentially harmful to your child. Alcohol is also passed along in breast milk.

    What about getting breast milk online?

    It's just not safe to get breast milk from unvetted sources, in person or online, such as from Internet-based breast milk-sharing sites.

    You won't know if the milk has been collected, processed, tested, and stored safely. Donated breast milk should be pasteurized (heat processed to remove potentially harmful viruses and bacteria).

    It's also unlikely that the donors or sellers have been properly screened for infectious diseases. One study of milk purchased on the Internet found that most samples contained high levels of bacteria.

    What about getting breast milk from someone I know and trust?

    Getting pumped breast milk from a reliable friend or family member is an option, as long as you're diligent. Again, you'll want to make sure that the milk is from someone who has been medically screened, who is not taking any medicines or herbs that are incompatible with breastfeeding, and who doesn't smoke, use illegal drugs, or consume alcohol.

    You'll also need to practice safe milk handling and storage practices. To remove potentially harmful bacteria and viruses, you'll want to pasteurize (see below) the milk at home before giving it to your baby, for example.

    How do I pasteurize breast milk?

    The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine provides these directions:

    • Put up to 5 ounces of milk in an uncovered heatproof glass jar and place the jar in a small pan of water on the stove. The jar should be tall enough that the water can reach about two fingers above the milk level. (If you need more than 5 ounces for your baby's feeding, repeat the process with a second jar.)
    • Turn the heat on high. When the water reaches a rolling boil, immediately remove the jar of milk and place it in a pan of cool (not cold) water or on the counter. Cover with a lid or small plate.
    • Use the milk at room temperature within six hours, or refrigerate or freeze it.

    What are my other options if I can't breastfeed my baby?

    Alternatives include:

    • Banked breast milk: Milk banks operate under guidelines from the Human Milk Banking Association of North America. They screen donors for infectious diseases and heat-treat breast milk to eliminate harmful bacteria and other pathogens. You'll need a prescription from your doctor to get breast milk from a milk bank. Keep in mind that many banks have a limited supply and prioritize the most fragile babies.
    • Infant formula: If breastfeeding doesn't work for you, infant formula can provide your baby with the nutrition she needs.

    Which of these is best for your baby depends on your individual situation. Your baby's doctor can help you weigh the risks, benefits, and costs of each option, including having a friend or relative breastfeed your baby.

    Learn more

    Breastfeeding Position and Latch

    Name Imma - Meaning of the Name

    Origin of first name:


    Meaning of the name:

    The name Imma derives from the Hebrew "Immanuel" which means "God is with us". This name is found in the Old Testament.


    Imma is the daughter of Duke Hetan II of Franconia, contemporary of the eighth century

    Imma Be is the fourth single from Black Eyed Peas' The End album.

    This name refers to St. Imma who died in 1040. She was the founder of a community transferred to the Main Bank in Karlburg. His relics were proposed to the veneration of his faithful in a church of Bavaria, precisely in Würzburg, in 1236.

    His character :

    Imma is a person who is both open and communicative. Her character makes her a sociable and attractive person. She is very appreciated by his entourage for his behavior always full of good humor. She often develops a vision and a rather original conception of life in society. She can behave voluntarily, allowing her to be deeply involved in everything she does. Imma also feels the need to be surrounded and be cajoled. On the other hand, she has a great sense of responsibility.


    Imma, Emma, ​​Enma, Ella, Elia, Emilia, Emilia and Emmy.

    His party :

    The name Imma is traditionally celebrated on April 19 or November 24.

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    Boys' first names: Tom-Alexandre

    Boys' first names: Tom-Alexandre

    Tom Alexander

    A short, a long ... and here's an original name as we like them! The little Tom is Thomas's diminutive Anglo-Saxon and the great Alexander comes from the Greek alexein, meaning "to protect" and andros "man, warrior".

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