Name Saveriu - Meaning and origin

Name Saveriu - Meaning and origin

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Petition to respect the rights of people with autism

Petition to respect the rights of people with autism

"People with autism need to get out of the 'Gray Zone' where I live today!"

Petition to respect the rights of people with autism

Non-governmental organizations that on April 2, 2012, on the International Day of Autism Awareness, unanimously carry the message of people with autism spectrum disorders, launched, on March 29, 2012, a public petition asking the Romanian State to recognize and respect the provisions of the Convention UN on the rights of persons with disabilities. From the date of the petition's launch until today, 585 signatures have been collected.

The petition can be read and signed online at: Petition for the respect of the rights of people with autism and will be distributed today, April 2, within the events that the organizations in Bucharest that fight for the cause of autism organize in the capital:

  • 10.00 - 18.00 - "ZONA GRI" event, in the Unirii Square park;
  • 11.00 - 11.30 hours, puzzle-fund formation (with information about autism), in Colta Park in the University Square;
  • 11.30 - 12.30, march of solidarity with people with autism, to the Unirii Square;
  • 12.30 - 13.00, launch of blue balloons, from Unirii Square.

At present, in Romania, the gaps and ambiguity of the legislation in force, in all areas (health, work, education) affect or affect the development, growth and social integration of children, young people and adults with autism, condemned to live in a "gray area" in which they have the "right" only to be ignored and marginalized and where they are often denied education in mainstream schools, are treated with reserve in hospitals and their chances of recovery are limited, due to insufficient infrastructure. assistance and intervention.

Moreover, the event "Gray Zone", held today in the Union Park, wants to simulate, for the inhabitants of the capital, the world and the rules after which the lives of people with autism, as condemned to work both the current legislation and the Romanian society.

"The gray area" is an event held by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation within the national awareness campaign "Give me a chance!", Carried out through the strategic project "And they must have a chance! - support program for social and professional integration of people with autism spectrum disorders ". The project was started on October 1, 2010, has a duration of 3 years, is implemented by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection - General Directorate of Child Protection and the Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies in Romania and co-financed from European Social Fund, through the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007 - 2013 - "Invest in people!".

On the occasion of the International Autism Awareness Day, Petition signatories, organizers of today's events in the capital, launch to the decision makers (notably the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education) a call for meetings and consultations on the rights of persons with TSA from Romania.

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Bruxism - grinding teeth in children


- I have 2 boys and one of them, Razvan is 7 and a half years old and grits very badly during his sleep. I mention that this situation appeared about half a year ago.


Bruxism (brushing of teeth) is a habit that consists of hitting and rubbing teeth between them.

It is an extremely common phenomenon nowadays. In adults bruxism may be a stress-related habit, but in children, bruxism seems to be related to the new sensation of having teeth.

Children can grit their teeth both day and night, but we probably observe at night, because at night they brush their teeth more powerfully. Dentists usually do not treat bruxism in young children because they do not cause long-term problems.

Milk teeth last only a few years, and bruxism often disappears when all permanent teeth have erupted. If it does not go away, the dentist will recommend the right treatment.

Bruxism in children occurs most often in the age group of 3-6 years and 10-12 years. Bruxism in children may also occur as a result of colds or ear infections.

Also, children can grit their teeth and reduce their discomfort from various allergies. Usually, bruxism disappears without affecting the final tooth in children. This habit can go unnoticed.

However, most of the time it is alarming: when it causes the awakening of those close to sleep or during the day when there is an engagement in an activity that is of particular concern to the person (child or adult).

Mirela Comancianu
Specialist dentist
office "Alexa Dentistry" Bucharest

Games that bring the child closer to books

Games that bring the child closer to books

Books are a wonderful universe in which the child can freely unleash his imagination and creativity. In an age when technology seems to take control of all children's interests, the book world seems to suffer in secret. But you are the one who can open his appetite for books from a very young age and help him read books with pleasure. You can do it in a fun way, by playing and playing!

Read them daily and imitate the characters!

When you still can't read, don't hesitate to read them yourself! You can help him to have fun and take everything as a game if you imitate the voice of the characters as you read and if you turn everything into a little game, making him guess what is next in the story (especially if you have already read them -they often and it's his favorite story), going to win something in the end.

Buy her coloring books!

Another fun method to help you get closer to the world of books is special coloring books! They cause children to use their imagination and creativity to give life to the characters so dry outlined in a few black stripes.

Play your mime by mimicking story characters!

Already your little one knows some stories and has favorite characters. Then it's time to start one of the most popular games: mime! You do it in turn imitating characters, and the other one has to guess them! Who recognizes the most characters, wins a prize put into play since the beginning of the small competition.

Make a little book together with your little one!

From covers to content or themes, it involves the child in a cute little toy that will become a fond memory over the years. Work together to create a personalized book, leaving the little one to make most decisions. It's just his book! You can have lots of fun looking for pictures, illustrations, making drawings and assembling all the components of the card!

The tree where books grow!

As your baby grows and develops his or her reading ability, buy more and more books to read alone (adapted to his or her age). And to be even more driven, use a creative and simple game. Draw on a large paper carton a tree trunk, a few branches and branches hanging a few circles on the leaves (4-5). These will become the books that "grow" in the tree. Somewhere somewhere he draws a much-desired prize from the child. Tell him that when he goes through as many books as the leaves are in the tree, he will win the prize! It would be nice and indicated that the prize is also a book with his favorite story or a game based on a story!

Play "you know and win" with topics from stories!

You will be the moderator, and some children the competitors. You will make simple card questions from stories that all children know. For example "how many dwarves are in the story with Alba as Snow?", "Who wants to eat Red Scufita?" and so on You can increase the degree of difficulty of the questions depending on the age of the children and their knowledge. Who knows how many answers will win the contest and implicitly a prize.

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