Winter or summer. When is it better to remove the diaper from babies

A TV in a child's bedroom is a bad idea

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Interview - Juan José García

Juan José García is the president of the Abracadabra Foundation, through which more than twenty supportive magicians bring magic to children and young people who are in a difficult situation, drawing a smile of hope on their faces. He believes that with magic one is able to believe that the impossible can come true.- What led to Abracadabra Foundation use magic in solidarity projects? Where did this idea come from?A few magicians have been doing magic in some hospitals and centers for the elderly in the Community of Madrid and we felt that we could unite the solidarity of many more magicians and thus reach many more people who were having a hard time and who needed to improve their spirits. . And the Foundation was established in May 2005, with actions throughout Spain.- Besides magic, what else do you contribute to the lives of children and young people who are going through a bad time?Our love, our company and solidarity, and the laughter that usually accompanies our magical performances. We feel close to your problems and we empathize with your situation. Hospitalized children are experiencing the starkest side of reality: illness. With our performances we want both the little ones and their families to forget the situation in which they are immersed, enjoy themselves and be surprised.- How does a child live the magic that you do? Tell us how is your reaction.Children are the most sincere and expressive audience. His life is to play and magic is still a game of illusions. If they like what they see they let you know with their faces, with their participation and with their laughs. Magic transmits feelings and values. Through it, the viewer is transferred to a different world from the one he is living.- What is the secret of success and the details of the project solidarity magicians of this year? Are you satisfied with the work they did?Our success lies in our sincere commitment to bring hope, magic and laughter to the most disadvantaged groups, in having extraordinary magicians committed to this goal, among which is Jorge Blass and because we have the support of many people, companies and institutions. Our goal is that a sympathetic magician of the Abracadabra Foundation visit all Spanish children's hospitals every 15 days.- Illusionism seems to arouse more and more people's interest. Now it is everywhere, on TV, in the cinema,… Why do you think that is happening?Magic has always accompanied the human being and illusionism is an art that has a great reception because in these times when you can see anything thanks to special effects, the magic that occurs a few inches from the eyes is also valued of the viewer. It has also helped this magical explosion that the broadcast of two magic programs on television have coincided in time: Nothing x here by Jorge Blass and Shalakabula with Alberto de Figueiredo.- In the midst of so many conflicts, so many misfortunes, and worries, how can we rescue magic in our daily lives?The true magic is in our environment: in a look, in a smile, in a sunset. From the Abracadabra Foundation We recommend to everyone that if they want to bring magic to their lives they can do it in a very simple way: helping as a volunteer, at least one hour a week, who is having a bad time.- How can you collaborate so that your work continues to bring the illusion to the lives of so many people who need it?The ways in which they usually help us are collaborating as a magician, or helping us with what each one knows how to do (in computer work, design, etc.) or collaborating in the search for sponsors. On our website we also show other ways of collaborating financially.- Finally, what is magic and what does it represent for those who do it? How does the magician live, behind the cards and handkerchiefs, magic?The greatest satisfaction of a caring magician is being able to draw a smile or a surprised face on a child who suffers from a disease. The feeling is so gratifying that one thinks that one is capable of MAGIC with capital letters. That is the true magic.- Images of the Magi in solidarity:For those who want to know more about the Abracadabra Foundation, they can visit:www.fundació

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In six districts of Budapest and 116 settlements, mosquito production continues in the week.

According to the announcement of the National Disaster Management Directorate, in Budapest, Pest, Győr-Moson-Sopron, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok and Csongrádd counties, the mosquitoes are produced in a total of 51 thousand hectares per week.Mosquitoes are also killed in Budapest districts In Budapest, III, IV, XIII, XXI, XXII, and XXIII. In the district and the settlements of Csepel Island, surface spraying is carried out, and in the vicinity of Szolnok, both air and ground procedures are applied. The Szigetkцzben the Dunбnбl, Csongrбd megyйben and irtjбk szъnyogokat the Tisza mentйn biolуgiai mуdszerrel - kцzцlte.Hozzбtette, was canceled due to the kedvezхtlen idхjбrбs korбbban Szigetkцzben adult szъnyogok fцldi permetezйse, I pуtolva fellйpnek ezйrt this is hйten lйgi йs fцldi permetezйssel against vйrszнvуk .Rain and relatively warm weather favor the development of mosquitoes. The rise of mosquitoes, the higher water levels of lakes and streams, and the millions of ponds, also contribute to the increase in the number of mosquitoes.
The weekly program for mosquito-breeding is when to install which can be sprayed at

In a fur coat in the car

In a fur coat in the car

Due to the thick winter clothes, we are definitely re-adjusting the child safety belt!

In a fur coat in the car

We need to let it go a bit further, or maybe we need to adjust height. Don't forget to check your tightness again in the spring. The paddle pad in the mud boots will unintentionally shuffle the first one in the back, so it is worth it to wash it off. It is still cold in the car when talking, but in full winter clothing on the move get sweaty the little kid, and when he leaves megfбzhat. If someone is traveling with us, ask them to settle on the little one and lighten their clothing. It is better not to heat the car, and sometimes lower the window to allow fresh air to enter.
If you are ready for a long sweatshirt, it is more warm than jacket and overalls nadrбgoth pulуverDon't give it to the baby. Whenever you talk, the walk upon page i, open the car door. Never leave your car alone for a minute!
  • The baby is driving
  • Comfortable safety
  • Under a long car
  • Super-mum ensures that the super-baby will not have atopic dermatitis

    Based on the latest discoveries related to the evolution of atopic dermatitis, Bioderma Dermatological Laboratories launches two new products for the prevention and treatment of atopic dermatitis.

    Bioderma Dermatological Laboratories collaborates with renowned specialists in atopy, in particular with Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieber, world expert in immunology and allergy. After 5 years of research, Prof. Bieber discovers the evolution of atopic dermatitis in three phases, thus opening up new possibilities for its treatment, showing at the same time the major importance of applying an adapted emollient, from the first days of the baby's life to reduce the evolution and aggravation of the disease.

    Based on the latest scientific discoveries, the Bioderma Dermatological Laboratories have developed a new generation of dermo-restructuring emollients that properly treat all 3 evolutionary phases of atopic dermatitis.

    Skin Barrier Therapy patent, present in both new products, restores biological and sustainable healthy skin barrier. It biologically stimulates the synthesis of lipids and proteins in the skin, limiting the adhesion of Stafilocol Auriu, an aggravating factor in atopic dermatitis.

    Atoderm Preventive

    Prevents the onset of atopic dermatitis

    Nutritional dermal restructuring cream for very dry skin of infants, babies and children, strengthens the skin barrier, thanks to the patent Skin Barrier Therapy thus preventing aggravation of dryness and triggering atopic dermatitis.

    The delicate, hypoallergenic fragrance and light texture that absorbs quickly into the skin is a real pleasure for babies and moms.

    For the complete safety of your baby, Atoderm Preventive is formulated in accordance with the Bioderma Dermatological Safety Card, which contains the following commitments: safety, efficacy, tolerance, monitoring.

    Atoderm Intensive

    It acts on all skin dysfunctions with atopic dermatitis

    Atoderm Intensive, is the first emollient and calming dermo-restructuring cream, which acts biologically on all atopic skin dysfunctions and its consequences.

    Atoderm Intensive biologically removes the skin barrier and blocks the adhesion of the Golden Staphylococcus, thanks to the Skin Barrier Therapy patent. It immediately calms inflammation and itching, delays the onset of a new atopic crisis, and improves the quality of life of the patient and his entire family.

    The latest-generation, ultra-fat and non-stick texture is quickly absorbed into the skin, providing a pleasant use. Tolerance is excellent: it does not contain perfume and preservatives.

    Download the Super Moms Guide here.

    Recommended price in pharmacies:

    Atoderm Preventive 200 ml - 58 RON

    Atoderm Intesive 75 ml - 33 RON

    Atoderm Intesive 500 ml - 115 RON

    "Pregnant 8 months, I missed all the pre-delivery classes, what to do?" Our specialist, Anna Roy, midwife, answers Hanane's question.

    The answer of Anna Roy, liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris

    • As part of the follow-up of the pregnant woman, the Health Insurance provides for 7 pre-delivery sessions reimbursed in full. These sessions can be performed by a doctor or a midwife, individually or collectively. They serve to explain the course of pregnancy, childbirth and the consequences of diapers. The pregnant woman learns breathing and relaxation exercises to practice during pregnancy and during childbirth. These sessions will allow her to understand the role of each member of the medical team and the delivery process. They will also help her discover how to care for her baby from birth and prepare for the return home.
    • In most cases, most women start attending birth preparation classes only at the beginning of their maternity leave, at seven and a half months of pregnancy. But it happens that some women fail to block their appointments and, for lack of space, can not attend these sessions often overloaded.
    • In this case, it is always possible to contact a liberal midwife. She will be able in 2 sessions to give you the essential information and to explain you the B.A BA of the childbirth. An accelerated method fully reimbursed by the Health Insurance. And to be reassured, we must not forget that medical teams guide and accompany women at the time of delivery. Regardless of whether or not they attended or attended birth preparation classes.

    Interview by Frédérique Odasso

    Preparation for birth: all our articles

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    "Come on," said Dad, giving me my jacket, "you probably want to get out of here." "Oh no, not at all, it's cold, and it's raining." "My darling daughter is not scared. Dad insisted, he leaned over and gave me a big wink, "I tapped my foot."
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