Hator: origin and meaning of the name for girl Hator

Hator: origin and meaning of the name for girl Hator

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Tricks to know if you are pregnant with a boy or a girl

We also reported that Sentin, who is suffering from another year of spinal cord dementia (SMA), needed $ 700 million to treat. The mother told me in a row that a man had given her the last 100 million forints.

One person gave $ 100 million (photo: Facebook)In less than a week, we managed to collect the 700 million forints needed to treat myocardial infarction in Senta, a patient with other annual spinal cord disease (SMA). His mother, Sebestyin Balzzsek, said in a show that one person had donated the last 100 million forints. Who this player doesn't know is because he doesn't want his name to be made public. One is the bare-eyed Zoltan Maga, who really moved Sentry with every stone, and the other generous gift was Lincoln and his family. Thank you for being among the thousands of people of Yugoslavia who have succeeded and have succeeded in working together! - Worth the parents' post.

Riddle: About the cow, the «o»

8 HOURS OF LULLABY BRAHMS Best Lullaby for Babies to go to Sleep

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More fragile and delicate than that of the adult, she claims to be well nourished and hydrated. Our selection in pictures.

Gentle care for the baby's toilet (10 photos)

Soothing washing oil Biolane

For the needs of the driest and sensitive skin, a washing oil that cleans, nourishes, soothes and protects the fragile skin of babies. For a soft skin and hair! 7,30 € (Biolane).


Uriage washing oil

Protective, it gently cleans baby's skin while softening and protecting it. It also strengthens the skin barrier. 11.76 th (Uriage).


His trio of oils, 100% natural, is ideal for massaging toddlers.

Face and body care oil Primalba: 12,90 € 50 ml (A-Derma).


Its soft, non-greasy texture soothes, sanitizes and protects the area around the mouth.

Baby Peri-Oral Care: 6,30 € the 30 ml (Uriage).


Thanks to its blueberry extracts, it cleans gently.

Dermazero Cleansing cream surgras baby body and hair: 10,90 € 500 ml (Rogé Cavaillès).


Enriched with moisturizing agents, it respects the skin, even the most sensitive.

Gentle Cleansing Milk Face and Body Baby: 11,35 € 500 ml (Nuk Care).


Highly concentrated in calendula extract, it calms redness, insect bites, chapped skin ...

Balm soothing and repairing: 6,90 € 40 ml (Klorane).

High security

Its new asset, Perseose Avocado, protects the epidermis from aggression.

Hydra Baby face cream: 6.82 € 40 ml (Mustela).


It soothes very dry and irritated skin.

Pure & Sensitive Baby Comfort Cream: € 4.30 per 150 ml (Nivéa).


Sweet almond oil and cocoa butter, its very creamy texture prevents drying out.

Calendula body lotion: € 10.50 per 200 ml (Weleda).

Monique Fort

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Sleepwalking and children

It is a sleep disorder that causes a child, partially asleep, to wake up during the night, to sit in bed with wide eyes and a firm gaze, being able to walk around his room and do other things, without be remembered after what he did.

The child may sit up in bed, play with his clothes, move around the house, open and close doors, dress or undress, turn lights off or on, moving with little coordination. There are children who are even capable of going outside. If you try to talk to a sleepwalking child, they usually won't answer. It may make some whispers, but they will be unintelligible. This disorder usually occurs during the deepest stage of sleep.

One in 10 school-age children will have sleepwalked at least once. Sleepwalking can be caused, in many cases, by some interruption of regular sleep patterns or by a feverish state.

In childhood, this disorder is not related to psychological or emotional problems, and it is very difficult for it to be related to temporal lobe epilepsy. In general, it is harmless and tends to disappear with age.

If you find your child walking around the house asleep at night, the first thing you should do is carefully guide him back to bed.

On the way, to prevent the child from injuring himself, tripping or hitting the wall or some furniture, remove dangerous objects or objects that are preventing his passage.

Keep windows and doors locked to prevent your child from escaping, and don't make noises that might wake him up. That might scare you. Never shake the child or treat him like a sick person. And don't allow your child to sleep on top of a bunk or have free access to a ladder at night.

Seek to maintain a routine at bedtime, prioritizing your child's rest, and thus be able to solve the problem. Medical help should be sought only in cases where sleepwalking persists and the situation is uncontrollable.

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Sleep walking in children - Brief overview - Paediatrics

Time management tips when you're a mom

Time management tips when you're a mom

Time management tips when you're a mom

We, mothers, know that nothing compares to the joy that one day brings in the company of our little ones.

Sometimes, however, all the activities we are responsible for leave us too little time to play and have fun with our treasures.

But there are also ways in which we can better manage our time and have more moments with our loved ones.

Here are some simple tricks to better manage your time!

A little bit every day

Weekends are made for relaxation, but often we fill our Saturdays with cleaning activities and Sundays in the supermarket and in the kitchen.

Instead of leaving all these household chores for the end of the week, it is best to do a little each day, so that they do not all gather at once. Aspirate Mondays, Tuesdays wipe away dust, Wednesdays wash clothes and so on, for each day of the week.

Use your reliable allies to get things done faster. A vacuum cleaner that cleans your entire home in record time and a washing machine is one of the appliances you can't miss.

You will find here washing machines with low energy consumption and that leaves the entire family's clothes impeccable. A good idea is to put your laundry on at night, because these cars are quiet and will not disturb you when you sleep. The next morning you only need 5 minutes to stretch them, and by the time you return from the office the clothes have dried.

Frozen food, as nutritious and tasty

Another trick to having more time available for things that really matter is to use your freezer more. Many mothers avoid freezing their food, believing it is losing nutrients. Nothing wrong! An analysis in the UK and quoted by The Daily Mail revealed that some vegetables are even better if frozen.

Instead of preparing every morning a natural juice for your child, prepare more once and freeze it. You have fewer washing dishes and you always have a vitamin-rich juice for the little one.

The same is true for cooked food, instead of going weekly to the supermarket for dinner ingredients, you can make frozen vegetables and whenever you want to prepare something, just remove the ingredients from the freezer.

A quick and healthy salad for dinner is prepared in a few moments with defrosted corn and peas, a little cheese, tomatoes, an avocado and a little olive oil!

It clearly divides the activities

A study quoted by The Telegraph revealed that one day, a mother only has 17 minutes left for herself. The same analysis also reveals that a mother is responsible for 78% of the household chores and that even when they have a few free minutes they cannot really relax.

It is essential for the happiness of your family, but also for your physical and mental health, to share the tasks with your partner so that you have time for yourself. If the picture where the father plays happily with the children and you wash the dishes seems familiar, then it is necessary to make a clear division of affairs.

Lay out on a sheet everything that can be solved in one week and divide the work equally between you and your partner. Put this list of activities on the fridge to always have it in front. Even if it seems to you that things are not done well or that they are late, do not enter the "territory" of the partner, with time it will enter the rhythm and make them perfect.


This is not necessarily a trick, but more a tip. What does he mean? That sometimes you have to detach yourself, give up the obsession for cleanliness, order and other things that waste your time and energy. Your child will never remember how clean his room was or that his clothes were always shiny white, but he will remember the beautiful moments spent with you!

Putting your family in the first place does not always mean spending hours in the kitchen cooking 5 dishes, scrubbing floors from morning to evening or spending your weekends treading every fabric in the house. Your family needs a happy, smiling and happy mother, even if this sometimes means a quick salad for dinner or uncooked towels.

Not only we, but also the specialists. An analysis by the Institute for Social and Economic Research in the United Kingdom shows that the happiness of our children is closely linked to the happiness of mothers.

In other words, a happy mother will have happy children!

What do you think about our proposals? How do you manage to manage all the mother's activities? Share us with your secrets in the comments, in the section below!

Photo source: creativecommons.org, pixabay.com

A very contagious laugh. Children's story about magic and laughter

A very contagious laugh. Children's story about magic and laughter

The power of laughter it is not just therapeutic. Laughter transmits the best of emotions to children, it amuses them, makes them happy, makes them see life in a different color, makes them face their problems with another perspective, that is why any reason is good enough to be able to laugh out loud .

This is a children's story about magic and laughter, where also laughing has incredible effects, do you want to know what they are? ...

Everyone knew that in the castle of the Sunny Kingdom the birthdays of the little children were magical. Many things were heard and some were so rare that it was hard to believe. Even the wise court magician, Marlowe, was unable to explain or understand these enchantments.

It would soon be Prince Louis' eighth birthday. An enormous chocolate cake had been ordered for the celebration. So big, they thought it wouldn't fit through the living room doors. And it is that, all the boys and girls of the kingdom were invited to the Big party.

The big day has arrived. And when the little ones entered the royal hall they discovered the young prince and his brothers suspended in the air. They floated between the big lamps, they tumbled ... but the most surprising thing is that they didn't stop laughing. The young guests were amazed and more than one was open-mouthed. And it was the son of the baker of the kingdom who said: "the party seems to be up there, how will we go up?" Hearing him, Prince Louis explained: "You just have to think of funny things and you will see how you rise and end up in the air."

They did so and everyone had a fun afternoon thanks to the laughing gas that gave off the happy thoughts of the little ones. They danced on the heights, they ate the cake clinging to the curtains, and some of them even had a drop of pee escaping from laughing so much. And it is that, the gas of the laughter flooded all the air.

The magician Marlowe did not understand what was happening in the royal hall, but he did know that the afternoon was drawing to a close and the guests had to return to their homes. He tried to climb a ladder to grab their feet and help them down, but was unsuccessful. He asked them to please stop laughing and think about how sad their moms and dads would be if they didn't come home that night. It was then that hesadness filled them, when the enchantment disappeared and everyone was back on the ground.

It had been a great birthday and Prince Louis had had the best of gifts, the laughter of his kingdom.

If you want to know if your child has understood the text, you can ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

- Why was the prince's birthday so special?

- Was it the wizard Marlowe who had cast a spell on the birthday?

- What had to be done to be able to fly?

How could they come down from the heights?

- What thought would make you fly?

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The Story of the Happy Buddha

Vitamin therapy

In Quebec, vitamin treatment is traditionally associated with the coming of the cold season. As soon as autumn is announced, pharmacy shelves abound in bottles with labels that attract the attention of consumers. Contained in a frenzy, they get a real stock: Vitamin C against influenza and colds, capsules with fish oil for strengthening the immune system, iron against fatigue, multivitamins for strengthening the immune system ... As if it needed vitamins only during this period of the year!
In fact, we tend to forget that vitamins and minerals are nutrients strictly necessary for the body to satisfy its needs.
The absence or a small amount of even just one of them can unbalance the functioning of the body and its resistance to different diseases. All specialists agree that food is, without a doubt, the most important source of vitamins and minerals. However, many of them lose some of their nutritional value due to industrial processing. That is why, even in developed countries, part of the population suffers from vitamin deficiencies. The specialists recommend an additional nutritional contribution to fill these deficiencies.
Ultimately, specialists show that vitamins and minerals, although not a universal remedy, are very necessary, in fact indispensable to delay aging, prolong life and fight even against diseases such as certain types of cancer or cardiovascular disease. . Also, consumed in appropriate doses, they increase the energy potential and strengthen immunity.
However, if they are present in excessive amounts in the body, they may be toxic or may interact with other drugs.
These are the reasons why vitamin therapy should not be ignored. Vitamins can successfully replace some drugs, and their choice and use will not happen by chance.
Although they are very effective, they are not miracle pills, they will never replace food. Vitamins must be combined with proteins, carbohydrates and lipids to have the expected effect.
This material belongs to Niculescu Publishing House. Any reproduction thereof without the consent of the Publisher is prohibited.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding are not diseases, but these conditions of the female body require nutritional supplements. During the nine months of pregnancy, when the fetus is formed, the woman must pay special attention to the diet.
Some doctors say that this care is necessary even three months before fertilization. In addition, avoiding alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, drugs and drugs is strictly necessary.
Recommended vitamins daily:
- Vitamin B1: 1.6-2 mg;
- Vitamin B2: 1.8-2 mg;
- vitamin B3: 20-25 mg;
- Vitamin B6: 2.5-25 mg; some specialists argue that a 150 mg supplement taken in three doses helps to eliminate water retention and nausea;
- Vitamin B9: 0.8 mg to avoid congenital malformations;
- Vitamin B12: 4 mcg;
- C vitamin: 130 mg (up to 4000 mg according to the opinion of some specialists);
- vitamin E: 30-100 IU; your doctor may recommend the ideal quantity; a supplement between 200-400 IU and applied locally can prevent stretch marks, hemorrhoids and dissolve any blood clots;
- calcium: 1200 mg;
- iron: 20-22 mg or 30-50 mg;
- potassium: the minimum required dose is 3500 mg;
- zinc: 30 mg; some suggest even 200 mg daily.
This material belongs to Niculescu Publishing House. Any reproduction thereof without the consent of the Publisher is prohibited.

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