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9 fun activities for children on rainy days

Cantonese rice

From 18 months, surprise your young gourmet and invite him to travel.


  • For 2 meals:
  • 60 g of rice
  • 2 tbsp. frozen peas
  • 1 small carrot
  • 1 small slice of fat-free ham
  • 1 egg
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • oil
  • soy sauce (optional)


Wash the rice and let it cook in salted boiling water for 20 minutes (it should not be crisp anymore).
Meanwhile, peel the carrot and cut it into cubes. Cook it with the peas in boiling water.
Detail the ham into small pieces.
Beat the egg in a bowl and pour it into an oiled frying pan over high heat. Lower the heat and let the egg take, then cut the omelette diced.
Drain the rice. Mix all the ingredients.
Divide into two portions and serve with or without soy sauce.

Name Enis - Meaning and origin

Name Enis - Meaning and origin

The navel of the newborn: What a nuisance!

When we see our newborn for the first time, it attracts our attention: they seem wrinkled, hairy, greasy, red, with lost eyes ... But we do not care, it is our baby, there is no softer and more wonderful creature on earth! Of course, the belly button is beyond me ...

The newborn's navel and its care It is something that, even after practicing with several children, still seems like a real nuisance. From our baby's swollen and strange belly hangs a flap with a clamp that is larger than it and that, no matter what you do, always stains and bothers us when dressing, grooming or changing the bottom. All this, added to the fear of being able to harm it in its handling and cure, is one of the most frequent difficulties of new mothers and fathers, although it only rarely brings complications.

The nurses will tell you the navel must always be dry to promote healing; To do this, they teach us to screw on a sterile gauze with a little 70ยบ alcohol. So far so good, but sometimes the navel is exposed to the depositions of sticky meconium (skin rash) and to the urine of our baby, especially if it is a boy, so cleaning and drying it is quite difficult.

We would need three hands: one to grasp the tweezers, another to clean, and the last to soak the gauze and wrap precisely. I don't know, maybe I'm not very skilled! After a week, days up or down, the rest of the umbilical cord finally falls off! What a pleasure to be able to submerge our little one in the warm bathtub without tripping over the damn clamp when we sponge.

But that is not the end of everything, until our baby does not have abdominal muscles as God intended, which does not usually happen before 5 or 6 months, our little navel can become, by its cries, a slightly swollen or herniated belly button, which many times makes us look for solutions as crazy as placing coins with bandages, sinking it under a tape or some other invention of the grandmother ..., all this so that our baby can wear a beautiful navel in a bikini or swimsuit.

Quiet! over time, navels tend to be as precious as their little owners.

Patron Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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In an age when sedentaryism is catching on and catching more and more of the child, parents are looking for all kinds of methods to open their appetite for sports and physical movement. Here are some fun ways to convince your toddler to be active every day!

Outdoor walks and activities

No day without a breath! This is the slogan that should start the fun and active moments outdoors, with the child. Go out every day with the little one outside and always be prepared with new ideas to make him fall in love with the physical movement.

Whether it's ball games, badmington palettes or traditional leash, face-concealment, treasure hunting, rope or satchel, it always diversifies play ideas. This way, he will not get bored and you will always keep his awake interest in the move.

Only by diversifying the fun activities you will be able to overcome in the fight with the computer, that harmful temptation that causes more and more children to be sedentary. The predisposition to obesity and serious illnesses increases with every minute your child spends in front of the computer.

Rides and bicycles

When the child seems to get bored of the ordinary outdoor rides or classic games, they introduce heavy artillery: reels or bicycles. There are two "toys" that almost all children adore and that have a great merit in keeping them active and helping them grow big and strong.

Play in groups, play meetings

"Where there is one, there is no power, where are two, the power grows" - there are two classic verses from Vasile Alecsandri (Hora Unirii) that are great in this context. When the child plays in a group, together with several children, he makes much more movement than when playing alone. Group games involve a lot of agitation and movement on the part of the little ones, thus becoming a good way to keep fit.

Dance, ballet, karate and other sports

Find out what sports passions your child has and stimulate their appetite for them. Take him to test more courses and sports - dance, ballet, contact sports (judo, karate, etc.), football, basketball, handball, etc., until he finds out which of them he sows the most.

Once you discover what sport or course you like, sign it up for a long term and turn it into a constant activity in your program.

Walking to the fitness room

You think a kid with a few anisors is a little too young to pull the beasts and run on the tape in the room, right? Certainly, it is! But there are gyms where adults can come with children. As long as adults get used to their workout routine, children are encouraged by specialized instructors to move, playing with the fitness ball or doing aerobics.

What kind of physical activities do your child like? How do you manage to convince him to be active and to spend less time in front of the computer? What sports do you like the most? Tell us your tips and suggestions in the comment section below!

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