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Sadie and the Snowman - Winter Kids Books Read Aloud

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Focus on the first name Pascal

Pascal, a sweet name for baby! What is its meaning, its character, its date of celebration, its favorite color ... zoom on Pascal video.

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The Government amended GEO no. 111/2010 regarding the allowance for child rearing, establishing a maximum limit of 8,500 lei per month. The provision applies from September 2017 and applies even to persons who currently benefit from an approved allowance.

According to the new provision, the allowance for the child's growth will be established as before (85% of the average of the net income realized in the last 12 months of the last two years prior to the date of the child's birth), maintaining the current minimum amount of 85% of the gross minimum wage amount in the country guaranteed in payment, but with the limitation to a maximum level of 8,500 lei.

By the same Ordinance, some aspects related to are clarified granting the insertion incentive for persons returning to work at least 60 days before the end of the leave period for raising the child: the clarifications do not affect the establishment and payment of the insertion incentive, this being realized as at present.

Two weeks ago, the Minister of Labor, Lia-Olguta Vasilescu announced that the allowance for the child's growth will be limited to 1,800 euros, maximum as there is in Europe at present. Currently, the state pays 250 million lei monthly for 160,800 parents on leave to raise their child. Only 1,100 parents with high or very high incomes received an allowance of over 9,000 lei this month.

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Mask craft for kids. Diy. How to make animal masks

Famous models bet on breastfeeding

The model Doutzen kroes she just shared a photo on social media where she can be seen using a breast pump. It is a photo that has been around the world for two reasons: the main one is because it looks like a 'celebrity' supports breastfeeding and, on the other hand, we see a person accustomed to photos, sequins and luxury life in a normal attitude and with normal clothes at one point in their daily life.

The Victoria's Secret 'angel' next to the image left a comment: 'Daily routine! I'm promoting breastfeeding, it's best for your baby when possible. ' Doutzen has two children, a four-year-old boy and a 9-month-old baby who is still breastfeeding.

The top model thus joins the group of famous moms who have made public images breastfeeding their babies. Among them Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr, Natalia Vodianova or the models Alyssa Milano and Olivia Wilde.

Some of them received criticism for showing the world a moment that for some should be intimate and private, however, pro-lactation associations and many anonymous moms have supported these celebrities through social networks for supporting breastfeeding.

The statistics show how the abandonment of breastfeeding in many cases coincides with the reincorporation to the world of work, therefore these images make it clear that the Careers are not an obstacle to breastfeeding. These celebrities are probably lucky enough to be able to take the baby to their photo sessions or filming to give them their shot on a break, but there are other alternatives such as expressing milk like Doutzen Kroes does and thus continue to stimulate production during the time in who is not with her baby.

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The juices increase the appetite
Ariel, Belle and Rapunzel come to Sun Plaza for the weekend. Gift for girls, June 1!

Join us for two magical Disney days in Sun Plaza!

For any girl who dreams far, there is a princess who can show them that it is possible!

Loved princesses Ariel, Belle and Rapunzel are special guests from Disney on May 28 and 29 at Sun Plaza as part of the "Dare to Dream, Princess!"

Starting at 12:00, children are expected in the specially arranged area from the first floor with creative and fun activities. Our little ones will learn to draw their dear friends and they will learn the musical instruments. In addition, children may have the chance to meet one of the Disney princesses Ariel, Belle or Rapunzel!

Young, beautiful, bold and determined, princess Rapunzel she is extremely friendly and creative.

With an open mind, a high vocabulary, Belle considers that in every man there is a good thing. The passion for reading and the love for books make this princess an example worth following.

Cheerful and daring, with a strong passion for adventure and exploration, the princess Ariel it always proves a free spirit, but responsible at the same time.

Through each story, children around the world are encouraged to dream, believe in themselves and their ideals, be ambitious and courageous.

The presence of Disney princesses in Bucharest is part of the tour to promote the Disney campaign and contest "Dare to dream, Princess!"

Come celebrate Children's Day in advance and give you two magical Disney days at Sun Plaza!

Admission is free.

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