Rogelia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Rogelia

Rogelia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Rogelia

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Dukan diet

Dukan diet

Quarantine or puerperium after delivery

Quarantine or puerperium after delivery

The woman's body has been changing and adapting to pregnancy throughout 40 weeks. In addition, it has been essential in the development of the fetus and has prepared for the period of breastfeeding when the baby is born. After delivery, all organs must recover their state and return to their place. In addition, motherhood causes emotional and psychological changes. All this makes it take a while for the mother to fully recover from the pregnancy and delivery.

Quarantine is a time when a woman faces her own physical changes after giving birth together with the emotional changes and fatigue of the first weeks in which the attention to the baby is constant and there is little time to sleep. In this period a series of changes take place:

Hemorrhage: Throughout 6 weeks after delivery there will be a vaginal bleeding similar to that of menstruation. During the first days the bleeding will be more abundant and red in color, but as the days go by it will subside. If the blood is very abundant or has a bad smell, go to your medical center. Do not use tampons during quarantine, only compresses.

Discomfort from the episiotomy: during the first two weeks you will feel discomfort if an incision was made to facilitate the delivery of the baby. The episiotomy stitches will fall out on their own or be absorbed but you will need to wear a careful hygiene to avoid infections.

Afterpains: they are contractions of the uterus to return to its size. They occur during the first days after delivery. They can be annoying and in lactating women the pain is more intense since the suction of the child stimulates contractions.

Adaptation to breastfeeding: especially in first-time moms there are times when you have to learn to breastfeed. Sometimes the discomfort caused by poor posture, the pain that can cause cracks or even if mastitis occurs, can lead to early abandonment of breastfeeding. However, good information will help make breastfeeding easier and enjoyable.

Mood swings and even what is called postpartum depression are very normal in your forties. After the joy of the baby's birth, a period of physical tiredness, exhaustion, and even low spirits. It is convenient that you lean on the people around you to receive comfort in this situation and help with the baby so that you can rest.

Sexual intercourse is also affected in this period. During the puerperium, couple relationships are not recommended and also the baby absorbs all the time of the parents preventing having a closer relationship with the partner. When sexual intercourse is resumed, it is often uncomfortable for the woman. Kegel exercises will help the pelvic floor to regain its elasticity and the uterus to return to its initial position before delivery.

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Raw Vegan Diet

Diet with raw foods or "raw vegan" is one of the most beloved weight loss regimes, due to its beneficial health effects and rapid weight loss!

Based on the exclusion of meat, dairy and cheese from the menu and the fire-free cooking of foods, raw food diet is a modern weight loss treatment that helps you reshape your figure, without paying the price of health, as in the case of other "wonderful diets"!

Basic principles of diet with raw foods

Diet with raw foods it has some basic principles in its respect, which any potential follower of it must know from the beginning. In the raw vegan diet, it is not consumed:

- thermally cooked food;
- meat;
- dairy products;
- cheeses and other products of animal origin.

The diet is based on the exclusive consumption of raw foods, without animal origin. In an extreme variant of vegetarianism, such as veganism, even the consumption of honey, which is considered to be from bees, is not allowed.

The benefits of diet with raw foods

The raw diet has not only benefits on the figure, but the whole body, being a very healthy diet, based on foods with multiple therapeutic and nutritional properties. Among the main beneficial effects on health are:

- detoxification;
- longevity (combating premature aging);
- energizing and strengthening the immune system;
- improving the skin's appearance and combating dermatological disorders;
- combating constipation and improving digestive functions.

Due to the lack of proteins and nutrients, there is a risk of avitaminosis or metabolic disorders. For this reason, it is advisable for the diet to be kept under the close monitoring of a nutritionist.

Foods allowed in the diet with raw foods

In the proportion of 75%, the menu of this diet is composed of fresh fruits and vegetables, but besides, the diet also includes:

- whole grains;
- seaweed;
- seeds;
- oily fruits;
- legumes;
- spices and spices;
- germs or germs.

The diet also imposes a series of dietary restrictions, apart from the basic ones, ie without meat, dairy and cheese. It is not allowed to consume alcohol, sugar, preservatives, smoking and no thermally prepared foods, regardless of whether they are admitted to the diet or not.

Cooking food in raw vegan diet

Since heat preparation is prohibited in this regime, the food is cooked by grinding, dehydration and cold storage. Food is consumed as natural and less processed as processing destroys some of the nutritional properties.

Fruits and vegetables can be prepared in the form of salads, smoothies or cold mashed potatoes. Grinding the seeds or oilseeds allows to make some cakes or even a variety of bread.

Have you ever eaten raw or raw vegan foods? Do you find it difficult to consume only thermally prepared foods? Tell us your opinions in the comments section!

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