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  • This is a beautiful name that comes from the Greek "agathê", meaning brave and good. Very common in the Middle Ages and the nineteenth century, he returned today. It is celebrated on February 5 for Saint Agatha of Catania in Sicily who was tortured on hot coals around 450. According to legend, a gigantic earthquake shook the city ... and a year later Etna appeared.

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From Hebrew "Yesha'yah", Iavhe is hello. Isaiah was one of the four great Jewish prophets of the eighth century, a martyred death in Judea under King Manasseh. His birthday: May 9 (in the East) or July 6 (in the West). Its derivatives: Isaias, Jesaia, Esaias.

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Vanilla ice cream. Children's series Telmo and Tula. Chapter 20

In Chapter 20 the little cooks make vanilla ice cream. While Adult heats the milk with the vanilla, Telmo and Tula have fun mixing the sugar and eggs.

Telmo and Tula, little cooks is a very fun animation series where children will learn to cook the best breakfasts, sandwiches, salads and desserts in a fun, safe and entertaining way.

Telmo and Tula will teach children how fun it is to prepare delicious dishes step by step. An excellent way to introduce children to the world of cooking.

Material provided by Motion Pictures.

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Telmo and Tula - Arts and Crafts: Colored Bottles

This dessert in the form of Santa's head will surely make your children happy. Made with pastry cream, brioche, ice cream and fruit, this dessert is simply tasty and ultra-gourmand.


  • 1 large brioche (400 to 500 g)
  • 50 cl of custard cream
  • ½ l vanilla ice cream
  • ½ l strawberry ice cream
  • 40 cl of uht cream
  • 1 tablespoon of candied fruit macedonia
  • 2 tablespoons icing sugar
  • For the decor:
  • 15 small white meringues
  • Some candied fruit (angelica and cherries)
  • About fifteen pink pralines
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • Small red hearts in sugar
  • Silver pearls
  • Icing sugar


Take the ice cream out of the freezer so that it softens a little.

Cut the brioche into small dice, then mix the latter with custard in a salad bowl.

To put the liquid cream very cold in whipped cream, incorporating the icing sugar.

In a salad bowl, mix the vanilla ice cream with 2/3 of the pastry cream with the brioche and the macedonia of candied fruit, then, very delicately, 2/3 of the whipped cream.

Combine the strawberry ice cream with the remaining custard cream and add the remaining whipped cream.

Line a 20 cm diameter skillet of food film and pour in the vanilla mixture. Smooth the surface and take 2 to 3 hours in the freezer.

Shape the strawberry mixture into a sort of triangle (which will form the cup) in parchment paper or aluminum foil. Also harden in the freezer.

On a large tray sprinkled with icing sugar, unmould the vanilla and strawberry mixture, to form a head and cap. Simulate the eyes with candied cherries, nose and hair with pink pralines, mouth with a vanilla pod.

With whole meringues and half meringue, shave and eyebrows.

Make the border and pompon of the cap also with meringues. Decorate the inside of the hat with red sugar hearts and silver beads.

Finalize this Christmas table by arranging some lemon stars around Santa's head.


- I am pregnant in 16 weeks and I performed the torch pallet analysis, and the results were: IgG cytomegalovirus: negative 0.5; cytomegalovirus IgM: negative 0.4; herpes simplex IgG: positive 7.5; herpes simplex IgM: negative 0.22; rubella virus IgG: positive 4.5; rubella virus IgM: negative 0.3; toxoplasma gondii IgG: negative: 0.48; toxoplasma gondii IgM: negative 0.4. How are the results of these analyzes and what effects can they have on the tasks?


From the results presented by you it appears that at some point in your life you had contact with the herpes simplex virus as well as the rubella virus, which would justify the positive values ​​of the IgGs for these two viruses.

From the results presented by you it appears that at some point in your life you had contact with the herpes simplex virus as well as the rubella virus, which would justify the positive values ​​of the IgGs for these two viruses.
As long as the IgM value is negative it means that at the moment the infection is not present, so to keep only the immunological memory (IgG) without the active immunity being triggered (IgM).
However, determinations of IgG can be made in dynamics; a sharp decrease in the values ​​of these immunoglobulins may mean an infection that has occurred in the past, but in a not very distant period, which correlates with the gestational age to determine whether the infection occurred during pregnancy or not.

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