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Desert or downtown glass?

Dry air attacks the mucous membrane, while mold is a problem in the wet heat. And the kids have to pay special attention!

Desert or downtown glass?

Even though the symptoms are over, you can accurately measure the humidity in the room air with the help of hygrostats. Under the average outdoor temperature below 10 degrees, the relative humidity of the air in traditional heated (wood) lined areas is 20-30% - very dry, we also feel like, As well as our eyes, the symptoms of asthma and dermatitis get worse.
A relative humidity of 40 to 60 percent is considered to be optimal. Under warm, humid conditions (above 60 percent humidity), fungi and mites will reproduce better, causing severe respiratory symptoms. If the lining of the plastic lining does not have the ventilation elements - and unfortunately this is not the case - the air in the house "stops": not only will it become too humid, but the used, contaminated air will not be replaced, and contaminated.

Refresh or antifreeze?

Both of them need the right equipment, because low performance, low priced products will not solve any of the problems. When out the window water drips regularlyBefore starting the picking process, it is worthwhile to purge the air with compressors with high performance warranties and service. It is important to ventilate frequently and avoid excess water (incorrect cooking without cover, prolonged showering).
When in a room with too dry air We use vaporizers, then we want to breathe in the coolness of the head from the sea, the frost, or the high mountains, pollen-free, and even like the "scrubbed" air of waterfalls. No wonder, because medical examinations have proven to have a beneficial effect in the cure and prevention of upper respiratory diseases. However, it is essential not to smoke in the apartment!

Crying in the apartment

The cold couple because of asthma, croup seizure are recommended for children with predisposed pathways, or for frequent infections. Cold pairs are obtained by breaking the water into small drops or by natural evaporation. In ultrasonic devices, a high-frequency oscillator atomizes the water and filters it into the air.
Lйgmosуval dust or pollen-free indoor air biztosнthatunk. Special air purifiers filter the room air through a filter system that removes impurities (dust, pollen, smoke, smog, bacteria), up to 97-99 percent.
For drug inhalation, or in addition to medical inhalation, we recommend using a nebulizer. The dense and nutrient content of the sparkling water promotes stomach solubility and volatilization. With the help of a suitable pairing, you can also create a mat in the bathroom.
Gay matches are ideal for matching large hotplates. The vapor emitted is generated by boiling the water, so it is sure to be bacterial-free and also raises local temperature slightly. These formulations generally contain essential oils, are simple to handle and have a long life.

Use the steam correctly!

  • Keep your equipment clean! THE they are not used for a few days fungi, bacteria can proliferate in aquatic deposits. If you start pairing this time, you will filter them out in the air. Change the water daily, dissolve the water regularly with vinegar or citric acid, and dry completely when not in use.
  • Be careful with essential oils: they are effective, but some can cause allergic reactions, especially minor ones. Do not use essential oils in preparations that are not indicated as suitable.
  • Perform medical inhalation only on medical advice! Take the time and catch your eye with a film or picture book.

  • What are you paying attention to?

  • Check out the finishers power and noise level! A power output of 30-40 W does not significantly increase electric power, and a noise level of 24-26 dBA is considered to be low.
  • The amount of fats that you make depends on how fast you get out (the low content may be in the middle of the night).
  • Built-in hygroscope and adjustable blade level and automatic shut-off are practical.
  • Most importantly, choose the capacity of the cookers according to the size of the room.

  • Clean, humid air!
  • Why is housing remodeling important?
  • What is the ideal temperature in the apartment?
  • Healthy room air
  • What is cybertext, safety for children on the internet

    What is cybertext, safety for children on the internet

    Have you ever heard of cybertext? The cybertext or sexting is the use of mobile phones to send erotic and sexual content to children.

    Isabel Plaza, expert in Children's Use of New Technologies of the Alia2 Foundation, clarifies to parents and teachers, in this interview with, what is cybertext in more detail, what risk does it pose for children and what to do to avoid it.

    Realization: Ainhoa ​​Ferragud

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    More than 20 million children do not receive vaccination against bends

    More than 20 million children have received no protection against a bend in the last eight years, according to a report by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

    It is estimated that 169 million children did not receive their first dose of vaccine between 2010 and 2017, leaving an average of 21.1 million children without protection each year.More than 20 million children do not receive vaccination against bends "The curve of the bend will always find the unvaccinated children. according to World Health Organization data, 112,063 infections occurred in 2017. About 110,000 people died in corners of the world, a large number of children. The figure is 22 percent higher than the 2016 figure. Bends are a highly contagious disease that can cause blindness, deafness and brain damage, but can be fatal. It is currently spread across many parts of the world, including the United States, Europe, the Philippines, Tunisia and Thailand.The dose of vaccine needed to protect the child. According to the WHO, 95 percent of vaccinations are required for so-called sham immunity, that is, to protect the community from those who cannot receive vaccination. Reportedly, 85 percent of children received the first dose, but only 67 percent of them received the second dose worldwide, due to poor health, lack of vaccine or dearness, and excessive leniency. there are the most, 2.5 million children who did not receive the first dose of vaccine between 2010 and 2017. The country is currently struggling with the biggest twists and turns of the past twenty years. Second in the list are France and Great Britain, where 600,000 and 500,000 children were left uninvolved during the same period. ranks second with India at 2.9 million, followed by Pakistan and Indonesia with 1.2 million, followed by Ethiopia with 1.1 million, according to Reuters and MTI.
    • The United States has a bend in 22 states
    • The symptoms of bending in children
    • Facebook also opposes illegal content
    Get Smart

    Heartwarming Moment: The First Catch of a Baby and a DogVideo That Everybody Melt

    Heartwarming Moment: The First Catch of a Baby and a DogVideo That Everybody Melt

    Children are legendary honest and express their feelings with this honest honesty. Here's a video of when a toddler first catches up with the giant puppy in the family. 1 minute of love, Yours.

    Almost 1 million people around the world have seen a video of a little girl named Lilac pointing to and staring at the huge, gruesome Berne Mountains.
    Did you know that the baby will have fewer problems with the allergies he encounters in his early years?

    A few years have passed but until today I remember the cries of a child that I heard in the medical consultation, while I was waiting for my daughter to be treated by her pediatrician. Those screams were desperate, scary ... The nurses tried to remove from the depths of the boy's nose, a couple of leaves of some plant that he had gotten himself into, playing with his brothers.

    There are really chilling stories of accidents that happen with children. Children who drink cleaning, hygiene or beauty products, who burn themselves with lighters or hot water, who fall down the stairs, who swallow coins, pins or other foreign bodies, who beat themselves every three out of four, who they slip in the bathtub or in the kitchen, well, there are cases of accidents in the home to get bored.

    The domestic accidents they are more common than we imagine. Specialists attribute these accidents to poor supervision of children or neglect of adults, and the lack of preventive measures. That is why they never tire of recommending parents to be more vigilant and to put some preventive measures into practice:

    1- Take care of the edges of furniture and objects. The ideal is to use devices to round these edges or distribute the furniture as long as the child gains more space to move around, and thus prevent him from falling and hitting.

    2- Keep medicines and cleaning products out of the reach of children. Both one and the other are not toys. Its ingestion can be dangerous and cause poisoning in children.

    3- Prevent, in any way, that children have access to windows, balconies or terraces. You can put railings, bars or another type of support that makes it impossible for the child to fall.

    4- Choose safe toys that are properly approved. If the child is less than 3 years old, it is advisable not to have toys with very small parts. You could choke on it.

    5- If the child sleeps in bed or in a bunk, it is advisable to place fixed safety bars to prevent the child from falling while asleep.

    6- Small children should not be alone in the bathtub of the bathroom. Bathtub accidents are frequent and dangerous. A non-slip mat should be used for the child's safety.

    7- If you have a carpet at home, put anti-slip pads underneath to prevent children from slipping. And if you have stairs, you should get your child used to walking down them holding hands.

    8- Always have a first aid kit at home in case an emergency arises. If you see that you cannot help your child, take him immediately to the nearest health center.

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