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Alcohol and sex

Alcohol and sex

Alcohol affects the sexual life of both women and men in various proportions. There are both beneficial and harmful effects of alcohol consumption on sexual desire or potential. Find out what is the limit that separates arousal, sexual performance and increased libido from impotence, loss of sexual desire, absence of orgasm when it comes to alcohol.

Positive effects of alcohol on sexual life

Consuming small amounts of alcohol can have a beneficial effect by providing a dose of courage to those who consume it and suppressing shyness. These encourage social life and make it easier to connect friends and relationships between people of the opposite sex. Also, the specialists claim that a little wine or an alcoholic cocktail makes people more romantic and more passionate and helps them to reach the excitement easier when they initiate in a sexual match. It also removes inhibitions when it comes to sex and can help you feel more at ease. The very small amounts of alcohol help shy and nervous men at the time of sexual intercourse more easily reach climax or orgasm - also having the role of preventing premature ejaculation. However, alcohol is not a treatment for this condition.

Negative effects of alcohol on sexual life

The list of harmful effects is much longer and more serious than the positive ones:

  • excessive alcohol consumption causes certain persons to engage in sexual relations with unknown or unwanted persons, in certain conjunctions, and thus the risk of an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases appears;
  • divorces or marriages of families and families occur by engaging in various sexual adventures with strangers under the influence of alcohol;
  • alcohol confuses consumers so strongly that they are no longer able and lucid to take effective contraceptive measures during a sexual act in this state;
  • alcohol consumption is harmful to the fetus during pregnancy; this has been associated with serious congenital malformations, which is why most doctors recommend avoiding alcohol consumption during this period;
  • alcohol is a major cause of impotence (erectile dysfunction); many men do not realize this, having the feeling that, on the contrary, this is an aphrodisiac; it is true that it sometimes increases desire, but "cuts" from performance;
  • in the long term it can lead to decreased libido and sexual performance in both women and men.
  • Alcohol and sexual life of man

    Men consider that when they drink alcohol they feel more in control and have better sexual performance. This enhances the libido and helps them to feel better and more confident during a sexual intercourse. In other words, they believe that alcohol helps them have better sex. There is some truth to these statements, experts say, but only if it is consumed in moderate quantities.

    However, even if there is this immediate effect, long-term harmful effects are imminent, experts say. The large quantities of alcohol have a reverse effect on the sexual potency and thus on their fertility. The more alcohol the man drinks, the lower the sexual performance, even impossible. They may have difficulty achieving erection and may have difficulty reaching orgasm. In addition, after only a few hours, effects such as dehydration, dizziness, headache, nausea and fatigue may occur. Excessive alcohol consumption has long-term adverse effects on the whole body and on all organs, and sexual ones are no exception.

    After a period, alcohol can damage the central and peripheral nervous systems of men. This effect leads to impotence, loss of sexual desire or inability to reach orgasm. Alcohol abuse leads to other effects that are ultimately reflected in the sexual life of men. Those who consume excess alcohol and often have a poor social life, fewer relationships with women and have financial difficulties and health problems, which affect their life and sexual desire. They have less and less sex partners and they often fall into depression and ruin their lives. They need specialized help to overcome the problems.

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    Lost property chaos. Short children's story for clueless children

    Lost property chaos. Short children's story for clueless children

    East short children's story It is so much fun that it will make the whole family laugh. "Chaos in lost objects" is a story for children that talks about animals that are always losing everything. Therefore, some clueless parents and children can come to feel identified with these adorable characters. If you are looking short stories to read with your children before going to sleep, don't miss this beautiful story!

    In Animaland all the inhabitants were very clueless. And the Lost and Found Department was always busy. Mr. Topo worked there, who hadn't found his glasses for years and barely saw what he was doing. As helpers he had his little children. There were more than ten and what they liked the most was playing hide and seek. Therefore, nothing was where it needed to be and chaos dominated the office.

    Mrs. Sheep went to the Lost Property department with great concern. That morning while she was taking her little ones to school he had lost his woolen cloak. Mr. Topo wanted to help her and he knew that Mr. Crocodile, just a few hours ago, had brought her a woolen coat that he had found on the edge of his pond. But the article of clothing did not appear. So Mr. Topo offered Mrs. Sheep a nice hat with cute duck feathers. How beautiful Mrs. Sheep was now!

    Mr. Cheetah was sad because I could not find his stains. He felt naked and many confused him with Mr. Cat. After getting up from his nap, he decided to go visit Mr. Mole to lend him a nice suit. And after searching and searching for stained suits in every corner and finding nothing, Mr. Mole gave Mr. Cheetah soft zebra stripes to get dressed.

    It was Miss Swan's turn. This he had lost one of his many white feathers. Miss Swan explained to Mr. Mole that the water now entered her through that small hole and since then she could barely swim in the lake. If Mr. Topo had any feathers he did not find them, but in return he offered them to Miss Swan a shiny fish scale so the water wouldn't sink her while she was swimming.

    While all this was happening, Master Gacela explained to her students the importance of taking care of our things and, also, that one should not get sad when we lose an object, because there is always a solution for everything.

    Take advantage of this children's story to practice reading comprehension with your children. We propose some simple questions based on the story that will help you to check if your children have understood what they have read. Then ask them about your opinion about the story. Please listen to them carefully!

    1. Who worked in the Lost and Found Department?

    2. What mischief do Mr. Topo's children like to commit?

    3. Give an example of something that some inhabitant of Animaland has lost

    On our site we have many more stories to read with the children this year. Don't miss them!

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    Pregnancy stopped evolving. follow

    Pregnancy stopped evolving. follow

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    The "mother to the mother" acted in vain on the bed of Heim Paul, and the parents continue to sleep on the ground.

    The parents still sleep on the ground even though they wouldThe Heim Pбl Children's Hospital and the Children's Clinic of Debrecen received 20-20 beds in January in the framework of the "Bed for the Mothers" campaign launched by a father in Fejér County, the parents always stay with the children, he wrote a letter to the hospitals and gave birth to them in February to either give the beds to the parents or give them back. The towns did not reply to the man's letter. In his resolution, he warned that it was not possible to solicit money to allow a parent to stay in the hospital with their child.Lig that they come from him. The spokesman thus took the bed to a home for the elderly in All Saints.
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