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The pen. Biography in short story for children by Miguel de Cervantes

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Master choco

Master choco

The creator of the Maison du Chocolat has gone back to childhood to imagine this decor all choco full of poetry and greed. Toque chef in dark chocolate, blond, ivory and milk, 700 g: 120 € lamaisonduchocolat.fr

The creator of the Maison du Chocolat has gone back to childhood to imagine this decor all choco full of poetry and greed.

Chef's head in dark chocolate, blond, ivory and milk, 700 g: 120 €



Can a child be a psychopath?

Tatú y la capa de fiesta is a beautiful legend from Bolivia, Chile and Peru. The protagonist is a Tatú, a hard-working and persevering animal, who prefers to accept challenges and unforeseen events from a positivist perspective. It is a legend that will help you talk about many values ​​with your child.

Use the legend of Tatú and the party cape to reflect with your child on perseverance, positive thinking, resentment and forgiveness and on the importance of learning to solve problems from positivism and determination.

Legend has it that every year, during the first full moon of the summer solstice, a great party was celebrated in the Andean highlands to which all the animals were invited. It was celebrated every year during the rise of the great full moon. The seagulls were in charge of bringing all the animals the invitation.

The meeting place for the great party was Lake Titicaca. It was a beautiful lake that loved to receive the visit of all the animals. That way he listened to all the conversations and kept up to date on everything. For this reason, he was the one who organized the big party every year. And the animals happily prepared and groomed as best they could. They took out their best clothes, groomed their feathers and perfumed their skin ...

The best moment was the triumphal entry of each of the animals. They all turned to see how he was dressed. And that, Tatú, I knew. It was not the first time I went to that party, but it was the most important, since you have just been awarded an honorary title, and I wanted her entry to be truly amazing that year. So, as soon as he received the invitation from the seagulls, he began to weave a new mantle, to look really beautiful.

And Tatú wove and wove without stopping. It was a cloak that took a lot of work, because I wanted it to be like that cobweb that is between the branches of the trees, very fine.

And in the middle of your work, the fox appeared, who loved to make other animals mad. He entered and when he saw Tatú weaving, he said:

- But Tatú, what are you doing?

- Don't distract me, fox- said the animal patient- I have a lot of work and I want to finish this cape on time for the party.

- How? - then said the fox- What do you want to wear that cape for tonight's party? If you still have a lot of work to do!

Tatú was startled when he heard that:

- You say tonight, fox? ... Is the party tonight?

- Yes this night. It won't give you time. You'll see- said the fox smiling through his teeth. He loved causing harm to others. He left there with a kind of pleasure in leaving Tatú sad.

Tatú cried. How could time have passed at such speed? And yet instead of giving up, decided to find a quick solution: If you knit with very thick threads, you would finish on time. And although it was not what he wanted, he decided to knit what he was missing with thicker children, and indeed, he finished on time. At night, he went out with his beautiful cloak woven to two different children and that is when he realized that the fox had deceived him: the moon was not full! There were still a few days to go!

However, Tatú contemplated how beautiful his cape had been and smiled: It was not what she had planned to do, and yet she was truly beautiful. He thought that deep down, the fox had done him a favor. And so it was: on the day of the party, Tatú dazzled with his beautiful two-thread cape. it was original and very special. Everyone applauded him and the fox lowered his head.

The legend of Tatú and the party cape encourages children not to collapse in the face of adversity, to grow and become strong thanks to perseverance and positive thinking. And of course, not to hold a grudge towards whoever tries to annoy us. Has your son understood all this? Find out with these questions:

1. What was celebrated on a full moon night on Lake Titicaca?

2. Why did Tatú want to be very elegant to the party?

3. What did Tatú decide to do?

4. How did the fox trick you?

5. What did Tatú do to solve it?

6. Did Tatú finally get what he wanted?

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Spinach puree

Spinach puree is a healthy preparation, with a high iron content. It can be served as a garnish near the beef roll.

Preparation time

45 minutes




1 kg spinach

100 g butter

3 tablespoons flour

300 ml milk


2-3 cloves of garlic

Method of preparation

Clean the spinach and place it in a pot with boiling water. Save it until it softens. Chop the spinach with either a knife, the kitchen robot or the blender.

Separately, melt the butter. Pull the spinach from the heat and incorporate the flour and milk. Carefully mix it so that it does not form coconut.

Put the saucepan back on the heat and boil the mixture until slightly thickened. Add spinach and bring to a boil for another 20 minutes.

Add the garlic and season with salt.


Instead of fresh spinach you can use frozen spinach

The type of kitchen


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