Silent Night, Holy Night

Silent Night, Holy Night

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It is very normal that at the end of the day or after eating children, especially the smallest ones, are tired and often have tantrums or anger. Parents have to learn to deal with the child when he is exhausted and throws tantrums but above all it is essential that we understand them and know how to calm them down.

The little ones do not know how to identify or manage fatigueThey don't think, "I'm mad because I'm tired so I'd better go to sleep." Tiredness and sleep create discomfort and irritation, and this often turns into a tantrum over anything. They get angry because they don't want to have dinner, because their pajamas annoy them, they answer us and throw a toy, to any offer we make to them they cry or get more angry ... and this sometimes makes us angry and we end up in a battle that it is totally avoidable.

As we said, children do not have the same emotional regulation capacity as adults, therefore we cannot react to the child's fatigue as we would to the adult's fatigue. If I, my father or mother, are sleepy, it is normal for me to go to bed to sleep, because I interpret that feeling or that fatigue, and I act accordingly, but young children do not know how to manage it, therefore it is very important that we the elderly interpret the signs of fatigue in children and help them to calm down and rest.

There is something very important toavoid when the tantrum is due to fatigue or sleep: getting angry with the child. This will only make you more nervous, have a harder time calming down, and you will go to bed very restless.

Some suggestions for handling these situations are:

- Anticipate. If we know that when he is tired he is more irritable and it seems that "he does not even know what he wants", we have to learn to anticipate, "endure the downpour" calmly, from understanding. In this way we transmit calm and tranquility to the child, we help him to calm down and we are also calmer.

- Make routines and rules more flexible when you are tired. We can skip bath time, and prioritize dinner and go to bed, for example.

- Verbalize what happens to him. Tell him that it is normal for him to be this angry, but in reality he is very tired, and that when we are tired it is normal to be angry or cry. In this way, we help you to gradually associate feelings and emotions with states of fatigue.

- Help you sleep. Sometimes they are so exhausted that they cannot fall asleep, they cannot get to sleep. It is important that we stay by his side, give him a massage for example, tell him a story and accompany him until the dream comes.

- Recognize your fatigue and leave on time. If we are away from home and we notice that the child begins to be tired, (he complains about us more, complains about everything, gets angry, everything seems wrong) it is time to retire and let the child rest.

- Get enough sleep. Children need long hours of sleep, but the stresses of everyday life sometimes make them fall asleep late. It is important to prioritize and adapt routines to your rest needs. If the child does not get enough sleep, fatigue accumulates and is more likely to be more irritable.

Patience and calm. This is a golden rule for any child's tantrum, but when they are tired it becomes more necessary.

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Christmas log. Christmas recipes

The Christmas log It's a nice Christmas tradition. It originally consisted of choosing a beautiful, durable log, decorating it, and letting it burn in the fireplace all through Christmas Day. In the 19th century this tradition passed to the world of confectionery, with this dessert.

This sweet, known as'La Buche de Nöel' o Christmas log, is very popular in Europe, and consists of a cake that can be filled with various creams (cream, vanilla, nougat, nuts ...) and covered with chocolate.


  • To make the cake:
  • 6 eggs
  • 70 gr of wheat flour
  • 40 gr of cornstarch
  • 80 gr of sugar
  • 100 gr of powdered chocolate
  • To make the filling:
  • 250 ml of liquid cream
  • 200 gr of Jijona nougat
  • To make the coverage:
  • 60 gr of covered chocolate with 70% cocoa
  • 50 ml of liquid cream

A beautiful way to end Christmas dinner, and an ideal recipe to prepare with your children this Christmas.

1- First, we make the filling. To do this, put 100 ml of cream in the blender, together with the crushed nougat. Beat everything until a homogeneous cream is obtained. Next, divide the pasta in two and separate them into different containers, since one will be for the filling and another for the coverage. Put one of the pasta halves back in the blender and beat it together with what is left over from the cream, and stir slowly. Put the mixture in the fridge.

2- Now we will make the cake. To do this, beat 4 yolks and two whites with the sugar with a mixer until a smooth dough is obtained. Separate the whites from the yolks in the other eggs and put them in different containers. Mount the whites until stiff. When they are assembled, add the previous mixture little by little together with the whites until stiff and stir everything carefully.

3- When everything is mixed, add the flour, cornstarch and powdered chocolate, little by little, and stir gently.

4- Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Spread the baking tray with a little butter and pour the cake batter over it, spreading the batter over its entire surface. Take the tray to the oven for about 15 minutes. When the cake begins to brown, remove it from the oven and spread it on a greaseproof paper and let it cool.

5- While it cools, prepare the coverage. To do this, we have to cut the chocolate into pieces and pour them into a saucepan. Bring to low heat to melt. Then add the rest of the cream and stir. Then add the nougat and cream mixture and stir again. Let it cool down.

6- Meanwhile, fill the cake with the coating that was in the refrigerator so that it covers its entire surface. With the help of the kitchen paper, carefully roll up the cake, loosely.

7- And to finish, brush with the sauce from the coverage on the surface of the gypsy arm and take it to the fridge to solidify. Take it out of the fridge an hour before serving.

And here we have our Christmas log.

Christmas log with cream and peach jam. Do you like the Christmas Log? Try this original recipe where the peach jam is incorporated, which you can substitute for peach in small pieces. A homemade recipe and very easy to make for Christmas dinner. A star dessert of the Christmas parties.

Christmas log of cream and strawberries. Here's a delicious twist on the popular Christmas Log for the holidays. It is a log with chocolate dough and cream filled with strawberries. Ideal to add some fruit to your dessert. Enjoy a homemade recipe, exquisite and very easy to make.

Christmas trunk in Thermomix. The Christmas log is a very widespread European tradition. Prepare a quick version of this sweet with the Christmas log recipe for children in Thermomix. Fast and easy. Learn how to make a simpler Christmas log using the Thermomix device.

Christmas log in a reinvented recipe. We teach you how to make the most delicious Christmas log of chocolate and cookies. We reinvent the traditional recipe for this Christmas dessert and propose a vertical trunk, as if the tree had been cut down. Write down the ingredients and prepare the recipe with the children.

Recipe for Christmas log or Swiss roll. Homemade Christmas log recipe in the style of a Swiss roll. our site shows us how to make this delicious Swiss Roll for Christmas. The Christmas trunk is the same as a Gypsy Arm that is related to Christmas by having the appearance of a tree trunk.

The most popular Christmas log recipes. If you like the Christmas log, here you will find recipes to your liking. Of cream, with truffle, with nougat ... The Tronco de Navidad admits many variations. Find the recipe that you like the most and the one you make will surely be successful. We teach you how to prepare various recipes for that traditional Christmas dessert.

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The Making of a Yule Log

5 beneficial plants for baby's bath

5 beneficial plants for baby's bath

5 beneficial plants for baby's bath

Baby bathing can be transformed in a very short time from birth into one of the most important rituals for your child. Hot water has calming effects on babies and helps them relax and sleep better.

Therefore, it is also very important to make sure that everything will go perfectly during this ritual.

The water temperature should be pleasant, 37-38 degrees Celsius, and the care products you use should be some specially designed for the delicate skin of your child, such as those in Johnson's Baby range.

Whether you choose to use Johnson's Baby soap or Bedtime Bath or Top-to-Toe bath lotion, you will be able to use a number of fireworks to turn this moment into a perfect one. One of them is the aromatic herbs that are beneficial for babies that you can use during drinking. Here are these!


Use chamomile infusion to soothe the irritated skin of your baby. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, so it is ideal for reddish or inflamed skin.

Lime flowers

Lime blossoms have an overwhelming and very pleasant smell, but also calming and soothing effects. If you use them during the evening bath, your baby will sleep better.


These delicate flowers have effects similar to chamomile: they disinfect the skin and leave it soft and pleasant to the touch. You can use them whenever the skin is irritated and are recommended for babies suffering from acne or eczema.


Highly agitated children can be "fooled" to calm down with the help of this aromatic plant with beneficial effects. The thyme calms and relaxes, so your little one will rest better after a bath in which you added thyme infusion.


Tarates help to restore irritated skin, having anti-inflammatory effects. They are also recommended for the treatment of baby acne or eczema, soothing itching and helping to restore the skin.

What plants do you know are beneficial for baby's bath? Share with us the tips in the comments section below!

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I want my kids to see classic cartoons but there's so much racism

I've been reading Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland to my kids at bedtime. We've also watched the 1951 Disney adaptation. My son, who is really coming into his own as a reader, got a kick out of all the puns and double meanings couched in Carroll’s original works. In the cartoon, another type of humor caught my kids by surprise: the slapstick routines.

Kids’ programming today doesn’t use a lot of physical comedy or sound effects the way older cartoons did. My kids found it both surprising and hilarious when Tweedledum and Tweedledee kept bonking themselves on the noggins.

It’s easy to dismiss slapstick as mindless cartoon violence, but the humor is a bit more complex than that. It requires a mix of strong animation, appropriate sound effects, and excellent timing. I’d love to show my kids more slapstick animation, but then I run into the Looney Tunes problem.

You Can't Go Home Again

The Looney Tunes problem is that there’s a lot of racism and other unsavory material in old cartoons. The most blatant examples of this are the Censored Eleven, which haven’t been shown on TV since 1968. But even among the stuff that I loved as a kid, there are plenty of unfortunate elements.

A surprising number of old cartoons used the Sambo image, which…yeah, let’s save that stuff for history class and not Saturday morning entertainment. Suicide becomes a punchline in multiple Looney Tunes classics. Pepé Le Pew becomes a lot less funny in a world where we’re finally starting to treat sexual assault as a serious issue.

In short, many of those cartoons have not aged well. While I watched the heck out of them in my grade school years, they’re now better as pieces of history than kid-friendly entertainment. That’s not to say they all contain objectionable content; they just require some vetting beforehand.

As an example, my son is learning about different adaptations of the classic fable about the tortoise and the hare. I know Bugs Bunny riffed on that a lot. Now I just have to track down those cartoons and hope I didn’t forget out a portion where Bugs breaks into a musical number while in blackface again.

Vetting Old Cartoons

The good news on this front means that I have a new excuse to watch through a bunch of Looney Tunes classics. Thankfully, I’ve determined that “The Rabbit of Seville” is still a go. That and “What’s Opera, Doc?” means I can educate my kids on both opera and slapstick humor at the same time.

I can think of a worse fate than having to re-watch a bunch of old Looney Tunes cartoons before sharing them with my kids. Still, I’m struck by how much humor in kids’ shows has changed…and how poorly a lot of cartoon classics age.

Images: Warner Brothers, John Tenniel

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

LOONEY TUNES Looney Toons: The Best Of Censored Eleven Banned Cartoons Remastered HD

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