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Easy scarecrow craft for kids. How to make Scarecrow with paper.

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Happy in your day. Children's birthday song

Happy in your day It is one of the best known songs to sing at birthday parties. It is a song by Miliki, one of the best known and loved clowns by children.

If you do not remember the song or if you want to teach it to your children, in Guiainfantil.com We show you the lyrics of the song Happy, happy in your day so that you can sing it.

Happy, happy in your day
little friend God bless you
may peace reign in your life
And have more years

Happy, happy in your day
little friend God bless you
may peace reign in your life
And have more years

Happy, happy in your day
little friend God bless you
may peace reign in your life
And have more years

Happy, happy in your day
little friend God bless you
may peace reign in your life
And have more years

And have more years.

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The snake and the cobra. Poetry for children

Poems have so many benefits for children and brings them so many good things that parents must bring them closer to their day to day. In Guiainfantil.com We propose you a very funny poetry that your children will love.

The snake and the cobra is an ideal children's poem to read as a family and to promote a taste for reading poetry in children

Why are you always late

having time to spare?

tired of waiting she said

a snake to the cobra

I entertained myself between the stones,

playing with a rat,

I hid after a cat

inside an old can.

I got lost in some bushes

I got tangled in some wires

then I started eating

because I was very hungry.

And then as usual

I need to go to sleep,

-said while yawning-

but I have to go now.

And turning around

crawling he left there,

while her snake friend

he didn't even know what to say.

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कआ और सप - Hindi Kahaniya. The Crow and Snake 3D Hindi Stories for Kids

What day did you choose to dedicate your health?

There is a great deal about our health about our health: for example, what our health is like. Researchers have now found that the baby's heart has changed a great deal in the past year, and this may be associated with serious illnesses.

The PH of baby dolls has changedFetishes are quite a bit of a health issue - well known to parents, who are able to examine the contents of a diaper for the very first time and watch over when their baby changes. Doctors may also order a lung test, but a change in littermate habits, or the color of a litter, may indicate a disease. also, as more and more people are diagnosed with certain diseases. There are good bacteria in our bowel system that help digestion, but our immune system also supports proper functioning. If the balance of the bile flow is upset, the harmful bacteria can proliferate, making it easier to become ill. There are three factors that influence the development of infant's intestinal flora (though I do not know to what extent): have they received any antibiotics in the baby, breast-fed, or breast-fed. Experts have analyzed studies that investigate the pH value of infants. Data are collected from 1926 to 2017. So I found that in the past decades the baby's birth has become more important, which means that there was less in the stool (and also in the intestine) of a particular bacterial stock called Bifidobacteria. Because the newborns "got" their mother flour from their mother, the later generations still had less of this bacterial strain in their body.Bethany Henrick йs Jennifer Smilowitz, according to the study's lead authors, this change has serious health implications: weak (or very poorly functioning) immune system, and more likely to develop allergies or autoimmune diseases. According to experts, further research is needed, for example, to better detect the intestinal flora, ie to determine more precisely which bacterial strains are indispensable to the whole organism. At the same time, research like this can help to understand the importance of intestinal flux and contribute to the development of professional protocols that can ensure a better understanding of infants' health. (Via) You may also be interested in:
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Cuesta: origin and meaning of the name for girl Cuesta

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Cost.

It comes from the Marian invocation of Nuestra Señora de la Cuesta, whose image is venerated in the town of Herrera, in Zaragoza.

This name alludes to the toponym Cuesta, side or side of a mountain.


  • Agustín Díaz Yanes, film producer (1950-)
  • Agustín Lara, Mexican composer (1900-1970)

Cuesta name coloring pages printable game

Cuesta: pictures of the names to color, print and paint

Drawing of the name Cuesta coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Cuesta coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Cuesta name to paint, color and print

English names for baby girl - the best names for your baby -

Agathemcazteque Tunic Fancy Strawberry

Agathemcazteque Tunic Fancy Strawberry

Agathemcazteque Tunic Fancy Strawberry

Bohemian chic spirit for this tunic that will show you: 29,99 €.

Where to find it?

Sperm culture is a method of diagnosing genital infections in men, especially blenorrhea, which affects their fertility. It involves analyzing the sperm collected in order to detect bacteria that may make the sperm unusable for the baby's conception. Once the diagnosis is established, the doctor prescribes antibiotics to treat the present infection and restore fertility.

Why is it called sperm culture?

When a man presents to the doctor with a diagnosis of infertility, the doctor uses special tests to identify all the possible causes that can lead to this condition. Some of them are genital infections, which can be best identified by sperm culture.
Sperm culture is a procedure required especially for patients suspected of blenorrhage or gonorrhea, for the detection of gonococcus, the germ that causes the disease. Blenorrhea (gonorrhea) is a highly contagious venereal disease that is part of the picture of sexually transmitted diseases.
But sperm culture is also made for the detection of other germs or microbes that affect and alter the quality of sperm. Men who have abnormal results in semen analysis within the spermogram are directed to other tests and analyzes that have the role of analyzing more closely the problems they face. One of them is sperm culture. In general, the analysis is recommended in case of suspected genital infections.

Photo: santiagodexeus.com

How is sperm culture done?

Sperm culture involves collecting a semen sample and analyzing it in the laboratory. The most used method of harvesting is masturbation, that is, self-stimulation and ejaculation of semen in a sterile container, called a urocultivator. It is important to collect the entire amount of ejaculated sperm, and not just part of it.
Before harvesting begins, patients should do their local hygiene with soap and water and then wipe them gently by tamping with sterile compresses.
The semen sample can be collected at the office or at home, but it is important to remember that it must be brought to the laboratory at the latest one hour after the emission. If the domicile is in a remote area, it is more appropriate that the harvesting take place at the medical office.
The specialist analyzes the sperm sample and detects bacteria or germs that can cause the infection. After obtaining the results, the doctor may recommend performing an antibiogram, to establish the most appropriate type of antibiotic to kill the bacterium causing infections.
The doctor may recommend a repeat of the sperm culture after the end of treatment, to see if it was effective and whether or not there are traces of the infection.
However, physicians are reserved in making statements about how bacterial infection affects fertility in men. There is no scientific evidence, but infections are thought to influence fertility and may be a barrier to conception. In addition, for optimal functioning of the reproductive system, but also to increase the chances of conceiving, it is advisable to treat these infections, which can degenerate into serious complications.

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