How to sew a Sunglasses Case - cute + easy!

How to sew a Sunglasses Case - cute + easy!

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Breast milk is a miraculous food source! You should not spare this miraculous source of food, especially from your baby for the first 6 months. In general, from the tenth month onwards, breastmilk can no longer be a child's basic food and can be discontinued at a time suitable for the mother until 2 years of age. What about the nutrients of our baby's eyes after we cut off the breast milk? Dietitian Ayşegül Bahar shares these points with you.

What should be the general principles for healthy nutrition of your baby?

1. The child who is 13-14 months old after one year of age can now practice using a fork and sitting with the other members of the family. You should give your child food below what you know he will consume, and let your child want to eat more. Stop trying to make them members of the Tab Clean Plates Club..

2. Children should be taught to eat as early as possible using forks and spoons.

3. In this period, children should be fed four to six meals a day, milk and milk foods; meat, chicken, fish, eggs and legumes; vegetables and fruits; bakery and starchy foods should be given adequate and balanced. One of the most common mistakes made in our country is to feed the child by dipping bread into the food water. This form of nutrition with no nutritional value should not be applied.

4. Every day, one of the meat and legumes should be on the nutrition list. If you wish, you can also mix these foods with vegetable dishes so that even if there is a food she doesn't want to eat, it will mix between other flavors.

5. Try to feed one egg every day, but it is more appropriate to give eggs every day to children who consume meat.

6. Children should be given half a liter of milk every day. Milk can be given in any way. Calcium contained in milk is very important for the development of children. 25 grams of cheese has 200 grams of calcium in milk.

7. Vegetables should be given once or twice a day and even legumes and protein sources should be added to increase nutritional value.

8. Fruit should be eaten once or twice a day. Giving an extra meal can replace vegetables. Fruit juices can also replace the fruit.

9. Starchy foods twice a day and three slices of bread must be on the nutrition list.

10. All kinds of confectionery, pastry, cake, ice cream are foods that should not be given frequently. Children should be introduced to sweets as late as possible. Giving the child a nap between meals leads to undernutrition by reducing appetite and is the leading cause of tooth decay.

11. It is best not to let children taste these drinks as tea and coffee may cause irritability because of the stimulants they contain.

12. Water loss increases in hot weather. For a regular metabolic activity, we must replace the lost fluid. 1 ml of liquid is recommended for every 1 kcal of energy. Therefore, the average fluid intake for 1-3 year old children should be 1000-1500 cc.

13. Ice cream is an indispensable dessert for children. Nutritional value also has a place among other desserts. 100 g. nutritional values ​​of ice cream: 193 calories, 4.5 g protein, 148 mg calcium, 0.1 mg iron. You can easily give your child ice cream in certain sizes. Protein, calcium, energy and iron are the most important nutrients in 1-3 year old child nutrition. 1 g milk instead of 100 g of ice cream can be consumed. 1 ball of ice cream is approximately 40-45 calories and contains 35 mg of calcium. Especially children who cannot gain weight consume peanuts, almonds and chocolate particles in the afternoon meals and provide a good source of energy. An important issue that should be considered is that the labels should be read when buying ready-made ice creams and not consuming the past ones.

14. Ready juice is not recommended for children because it does not have normal cola, soda nutritive value. Children should not be given these drinks as much as possible. To meet these foods should be thrown as late as possible. If your child pushes too hard, you can give these drinks by diluting. However, these drinks should be recommended to encourage fresh juice, milk, buttermilk instead.

Weewell nutrition products will not be difficult to follow these principles!

Weewell Multipurpose Feeding Robot WPF610

Juice extractor Vegetables and fruits can be squeezed easily, thanks to the safety straps and non-slip rubber feet supported by the handle and the easy-to-use ergonomic design. The finely perforated steel sieve can be used to produce completely unrefined fruit / vegetable juice. The squeezing chamber and pulp container can be washed in the dishwasher.

Blender Stainless steel knife with fruits, vegetables, nuts, such as food can be divided into small pieces. It provides practical use with its 1.5 liter sized jug-shaped chamber.

Chopper Thanks to its large blades, fruits and vegetables can be chopped to the desired size, minced meat and ice can be broken.

Grinder Foods such as coffee and spices can be ground effortlessly with the grinder. It can be stored in the airless container where it is ground to be fresh for a long time.

2-stage speed control - 450 Watt
1,5 lt blender tank
Robust safety system with safety strips and snap-on parts
Rubber feet to prevent slippage and vibration
Ease of use and high efficiency
Detachable and dishwasher safe parts
Stainless steel knives
Airtight chopper and grinder container

Weewell Steam Sterilizer WSB140

Micro-computer controlled operation: Quick and healthy sterilization process in 3 minutes with automatic shutdown feature.
Ergonomic design: It fits anywhere in the house with its highly efficient and compact body and is easily transported during travel. With its 6-bottle capacity and ergonomic handles, it stands out among other large size competitors in terms of performance and practicality.
Safe and secure: Stainless steel heating plate.
Multi-functional: Suitable for any size bottle, breast pump, pacifier and other accessories.
No back-pollution: Special compartment to prevent the dirty water from evaporating more than once. Re No Re-Pollution Technology ”
Sterile holder: Keeps the contents sterile for 3 hours unless the lid is opened.

Weewell Feeding Bottle and Food Container Warmer WEM590

Universal Baby Bottle and Food Container Heater
WEM590 is designed for all baby bottles. You can also warm your baby's food with the food warmer that comes out of the box.
Home & Car Use
The WEM590 is specially designed for both home and car use. During your travels, you can prepare your baby's food as comfortable as at home.

Electronic Control & Precision Heating
With the special design and grading feature of the WEM590, you can heat your baby's food or bottle to a desired temperature from 37 ° C to 50 ° C with 100% accuracy.

LCD Display
Thanks to the specially designed LCD display of the WEM590, you can constantly monitor the temperature of the food in the bottle and ensure that the right temperature for your baby is reached.

Maintaining the reached temperature - Automatic
When the desired temperature is reached, the WEM590 switches to automatic temperature protection mode and protects your baby's food until it is ready.

Timer - Automatic
The time reached to the desired temperature and the time spent in temperature protection after it is reached is displayed on the LCD screen so that you can see at what temperature you keep the food at any time.

Weewell Yogurt Machine WYM400

Features :

Making Natural and Fruit Yogurt
Digital LCD display
Digital time adjustment function (0-12 hours)
8 pcs glass yogurt container with transparent lid and refrigerated
Ability to make special ketchup with fermentation
Automatic shutdown with sound alert following time setting
Dishwasher-safe yogurt containers and lids
Stylish and ergonomic design

This stroller comes in three or four wheels and its performance remains the same: the hammock easily transforms into a pram and can be used from birth thanks to the fully extended position. Its lightweight aluminum chassis, puncture-resistant tires and compact folding appeal to demanding parents. Britax's Click and Go system makes it easy to attach the Baby Safe Sleeper and Baby Safe hulls from the brand. Its +: the padded hammock and the breast pads are "cocoon" for your baby. Its price: 279 €. More info here.

This stroller comes in three or four wheels and its performance remains the same: the hammock easily transforms into a pram and can be used from birth thanks to the fully extended position. Its lightweight aluminum chassis, puncture-resistant tires and compact folding appeal to demanding parents. Britax's Click and Go system makes it easy to attach the Baby Safe Sleeper and Baby Safe hulls from the brand.
His +: the padded hammock and the breast pads are "cocoon" for your baby.
His price : 279 €.
More info here.

Yucca empanadas for children. Peruvian recipe

Yucca empanadas for children. Peruvian recipe

The Peruvian gastronomy it has influence from various parts of the world. From the typical Mediterranean dishes to Asian food passing through the typical recipes of sub-Saharan Africa.

One of the most used ingredients in Peruvian recipes is cassava or cassava. A tuber similar in appearance to carrots or potatoes that can be used in many dishes, for example, to make delicious dumplings cassava, stuffed with cheese, which children love.

  • 500 gr. cassava or cassava
  • 1/4 of glass of melted butter
  • 1/4 cup of flour
  • 1/4 of glass of Parmesan cheese
  • 2 yolks
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • Cheese to melt (it can be mozzarella or another cheese)

1. Peel the yuccas and wash them. Place them in a pot with water and cook them until they are tender.

2. When tender, remove from heat and mash with a fork to remove the roots.

3. Add the two yolks, the butter, the Parmesan cheese and the yeast, and knead well with your hands.

4. Roll out the dough, cut small circles and put a little cheese to melt in the center. Fold the dumplings and seal them with the help of a fork.

5. Heat oil in a frying pan, pass the dumplings in flour and fry them until they are golden brown. Remove the pasties and place them on a plate with absorbent kitchen paper to remove the oil.

Guiainfantil's trick. You can fill them with all kinds of ingredients, but try not to load them too much to avoid breaking them.

You can read more articles similar to Yucca empanadas for children. Peruvian recipe, in the category of Peruvian Recipes on site.

How to reconcile family and work?

Kate, mother of a baby of 6 months, resumes her work soon. How to best manage this new step? How to maintain the same quality of family life while spending less time with his son? Anne Gatecel, Clinical Psychologist answers her questions.

How to manage your family life when you go back to work?

  • Everything will change, but nothing fundamental. Your world will change because it will be more rhythmic because of the professional organization, but you will appreciate even more these little moments that you will have with your baby. It's not in the long run that things will be played out, but you will also appreciate the small moments of the morning, the moments of the evening, which will be less important in amount of time, but rich also in quality. It will change things, but your type of relationship with your baby will probably benefit from this opening to another environment, to other people. That's a wealth for a baby.

I live very far away from my family in New Zealand and I care about the relationship my baby has with them, his grandparents, his uncle, his aunt ... How to make him already have this notion of family ? How to build or maintain a quality relationship from a distance?

  • There is what the child can memorize as images in his head, so regularly show him pictures and especially tell him about them. He can hear them, on the phone or other newer systems, It is you who will make them present, in his universe. And then, of course, when it can facilitate exchanges, if you can go see them more often, even better, even if it is not obvious. This will be very rich for him because he will understand what it is like to have a family far away, what it is to be separated, perhaps more than any other child who is used to seeing his great -parents often. Through your story, he will better understand what it is to be far, far away, the feelings and emotions that one experiences. This can be a wealth for him. It will also enrich your relationship with both of you.

With my spouse, we are used to traveling a lot, we like new experiences, adventure. With a child, we will put that a little aside. How can this not become a frustration?

  • It is more a parenthesis than a lasting deprivation. I do not think a child "deprives" a couple of something. He puts in parenthesis. Be sure to discover other pleasures shared with a young child that you would not have imagined in a couple's life. That's what's interesting in a family life. It's always about discovering "what can we do?" We can do a week of hiking with a donkey. You can do a lot of things that kids love. And so reconcile something that you liked to do when you were childless and that you could do with a child, but adapting it differently.


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