How children around the world celebrate Christmas

How children around the world celebrate Christmas

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Does the Moon's Change of Mood Affect?

The fact that the alternation of the lunar cycle may influence human behavior has been suggested thousands of years ago, but has been completely rejected by modern Western medicine.

However, according to recent research, there seems to be some truth to the matter.Does the Moon's Change of Mood Affect? Psychiatrist David Avery said in a recent BBC article that In 2005, their Seattle clinic spent a fortune telling hangulatingadozбsai they were: he struggled with profound thoughts like suicide, but also hallucinated things that weren't really there. The man's sleeping pattern was similarly extreme, ranging from total insomnia to 12 ounces of sleep. The man made accurate records of all this, which the psychiatrist realized he had there is a pattern in the mood and the profound alternation of sleep that follows the alternation of the moon phases.Unfortunately, at first they did not find an explanation for it, nor did they know how to treat a man whose phototherapy and drugs had been prescribed to stabilize his mood and sleep. As no other solution was found at that time, the patient was discharged and the case was largely not dealt with. However, a publication published 12 years later by Thomas Wehr, a psychiatrist, published Reported 17 patients who performed extremely fast bipolбris hangulatingadozбs. This means that these patients switched from depression to morbid behavior at a much faster rate than usual, and showed an uncertain pattern, just like Avery's previous patient. Researchers have begun to investigate whether there is any external influence on these patients, suggesting that the lunar cycle may also be a problem. After all, for centuries, people thought that the moon could influence our behavior, our way of life. Many pregnant women know the belief that in full moon far more birth begins, however, there is no scientific evidence to support this. However, there has been evidence that the Moon has an influence on violent behavior in patients with psychiatric problems and prisoners, and has also shown that the Moon also affects our sleep. there is a problem: none of the research observe the habits of each patient in the various lunar cycles, but the only correct way to do this would be to observe these patients in different moon phases from time to time. Followed a 7 day cycle of mood swings - these follow largely two-week periods of fluctuation in height. After reading Wehr's research, Avery took the test again and realized that it was experiencing 14.8 day volatility. However, no matter what mechanism is involved, neither Wehr nor his research team have come to terms. In fact, the light of a full moon can disturb people's sleep, which can affect their mood - this is especially true for bipolar patients. There is also evidence that sleep deprivation can be useful in curing depression in bipolar patients. Wehr found that patients' time to lie down / fall asleep as the days change, while their sleep times remain unchanged. "But the main problem is not that these things can't happen because of the moon, but that research on this is very limited, he said.Unlike some birds, fish and insects, humans are not sensitive to magnetic changes, but this is disputed in a previous study. Because we realized that when people are exposed to magnetic field variations, it reduces the activity of the brain's alpha waves. We generate alpha waves when we are awake, but do not perform any activity that requires concentration. This theory is important, according to Wehr, because research over the past decade suggests that in certain organisms, like the fruit flies, the white of the cryptochrome acts as a magnetic trigger. It is a key white that affects the 24 circular circadian rhythm of our body, which also affects the functioning of our cells and tissues.The cryptochrome is linked in some species to a flavin-sensing molecule that not only indicates in the circadian rhythm that it is morning and clear, but also has an effect on magnetic sensation.According to research, exposure to a low-frequency electromagnetic field can alter the circadian rhythm of the fruit flies, which can also have an effect on sleep. If this is true of humans, it can also explain Avery's and Wehr's bipolar patients' sleep fluctuations. "The cryptochrome of humans and other mammals is not linked to flavin, which without its effect does not have a magnetic sensation," said Alex Jones, a United Kingdom National Physicist, .There is another possible explanation thatpeople respond to the gravitational attraction of the moon just as the oceans do with the sky. Although 75% of man is water, the attraction is so weak that it is difficult to see the function from a physical point of view. The water molecules move through the cells' gutter, Thus, water flows from the inside or outside of the cell, depending on the direction of gravitational force that can affect the entire body. So far, this has only been investigated in plant cells, but according to Fisahn it may work in human cells. Even if the mechanism is not yet known, Wehr's finding that mood swings in bipolar patients exhibit a kind of rhythmicity that is close to the cyclical changes of the moon is not contested by any science And there are some who hope that more exams can be made on the subject. (VIA)Related links:    

The best short dictations for children

Dictations are themselves an essential tool for practicing and improving your spelling of the kids. It is a good option to teach certain spelling rules to our children and teach them to write correctly.

Writing is easy, but writing well takes practice. Nothing better than using these short dictations for children. With them you can help your child get rid of certain spelling mistakes so common in the first years.

Use these short dictations to help your child improve his spelling. Here you will find dictations to practice the most 'conflicting' letters and spelling rules for children, such as 'b' and 'v', 'h' or the placement of the tilde.

1. Short dictations to practice the letters B and V

'He great grandfather of Vincent he has kissed to its beautiful granddaughter; I had twenty months without see her. Has given him the welcome in a room very large house, the library; in it we can observe a lot of books in some furniture very old that she, to good sure, he will inherit. '

'Let's go to look for he ship plus nice from the pier. It can be a sailboat or a vessel. Or a ship with flag embroidered in silver threads. Let's go to search ships brigs or one caravel. Eye, no skull; that the you will search and you will find in flags of boats pirates'.

'Yes you see any vane move fast for him wind, it is because the wind blows with enough violence. If the vane is it so pretty like that witch of the green house, will have found a true treasure.

2. Short dictations to practice H

'We have found beans white. Now we have to carry them until the house of fairy. There there will be than planting them in the sand. There will be what to expect and will a big party when beans grow up and grow until heaven'.

'When Heliberto found the room open got scared. Had fog and a stench unbearable. Toward long time that he did not appear there and that did suspect. What if someone had entered before the room? Fortunately everything had been a dream, and Heliberto woke up relieved. '

'Carrots, beans and a little horchata... It was the list of Hector, than had decided to go to the supermarket to do the purchase. Until that did not come out of the room did not realize that had forgotten to point burgers.

3. Short dictations to practice accentuation

'Had once in a paramo distant, a magician who she lived in a place populated by vegetation. Had iincredible flowers of all colors and shapes: Lily pads, daisies, peonies... the magician they knew with the name of Barbarian, and it was the plus famous of the place for its spells and potions invincible. '

'When Ramon kicks at ball, time seems to stop. To the father of Ramon, ElijahHe loves to see the delusion that your child dedicates to each game. With effort, each day Ramon play better. And of course, he dreams of being the best. Some days Ramon feel that nobody may match him. And that will win Many and fantastic trophies competition after competition'.

'Marina is a girl fearless and brave that dreamed a day than beat to a huge dragon. The animal spit fire and had seven colored heads Brown. But Marina had a secret weapon: a song. When Marina la singing, he dragon I know slept and at last he was able to catch him. You tied and locked up in a cave. Never he left of there. Marina will beat!'.

23 short dictations for primary school children. Compilation of short dictations that you can do with first class children during the coronavirus quarantine. We propose revision exercises for your child according to the primary grade they go to. We go over the spelling rules with these fun dictations.

8 short dictations about spring for primary school children. Compilation of short dictations about spring for elementary school children to review spelling and grammar. We propose you examples of texts for your children or students that talk about flowers, rain and sun. You will also find poetry that talks about this station.

22 short dictations to review punctuation marks. Don't miss these short dictations for kids to learn and review punctuation marks. Comma, period, colon, question marks, semicolon ... These are the best texts to dictate to children and learn spelling and grammar easily.

39 short dictations taken from children's films. List of short dictations for children based on phrases from their favorite children's movies. Picture movies can give you value-filled phrase ideas that you can dictate to your children to learn spelling and grammar. Don't miss out on these fun dictations.

7 short dictations that talk about winter for children. We give you examples of short dictations that talk about winter to children. These exercises are very fun but also very educational, so parents and teachers can use them for their children or students to review spelling and grammar in an entertaining way.

Short and long dictations for children to work on the letters Y and LL. Invite your children or students to review the spelling of Y LL with these short and long dictations for children. They are review exercises for children to learn the spelling rules related to Y and LL. These language exercises are a valuable educational resource.

23 short dictations on peace for children. We have compiled some short dictations on peace designed for children of different ages. Here you will find some review exercises with different rules for spelling and grammar. They are very useful and beneficial for children to improve in school.

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10 fun activities for 2 year olds

Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for girls to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Elisa.

Elisa is the primitive name of Queen Dido, who according to mythological legend was the founder of the city of Carthage / was Pygmalion's sister and in The Aeneid the poet Virgil presents her as the beloved of Aeneas.

It comes from elyasa: "salvation of God, divine promise"

June 16, July 20, November 5 and December 2


  • Elisa Lerne, writer (1932-)
  • Elisa Ramírez, actress (1945-)
  • Elisa Peimer, singer (1961-)

Drawings of the name Elisa coloring page printable game

Elisa: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Elisa name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Elisa coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Elisa name to color and print

Beloved, the first edition of the competition, organized in cooperation with, has barely finished, and we are already starting with another fun. We hope you will send lots of inspiring emails this time. We are counting on you! We have supernaturals that we will gladly hand over to you!

The good news is that this is the second edition of our competition, after which we invite you to the third competition. All great prizes are funded by!

What will the competition task consist in this time?

Beautiful weather means that we spend more and more time outdoors, with children ... We go for short walks and longer trips. We show children the beauty of nature, relax and spend time in a healthy way. And this activity will be devoted to the competition: walks ....

1st prize in the competition

Competition task

How to facilitate a walk with a child? What works when hiking together? Maybe some gadget, an item from the offer or maybe you have a reliable way to walk together ...? Do you organize walks with a specific purpose (you collect flowers, colorful pebbles), themed games, you turn the walk into a treasure hunt with a magic map or something else?

Answer how to make your walk with your child more pleasant and win a stroller and pram bag funded by MiniTraper.p!

We are waiting for the answers at the address: [email protected] in the title "MiniTraper II". Don't forget to sign with your name.


1st prize: Baby Design Mini stroller color 09 (brown)

2nd prize: Trolley bag Maxi-Cosi Flexi Bag, total Black

2nd prize in the competition

Duration of the competition

The competition runs from May 19 to June 2, 2015 until midnight.

Detailed regulations are available here.

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How to prepare your baby for the cold

In the cold months we must exercise extreme caution to avoid outbreaks of bronchiolitis and other feared respiratory diseases in the baby.

The experts give us a series of very useful guidelines to prepare your baby for the cold. These are tips that can help us avoid suffering more pictures of colds, flu and other diseases associated with the winter months.

When winter arrives, we are accompanied by waves of cold, storms of wind and rain, and snowfall. This makes viruses proliferate, since the cold facilitates their survival and proliferation. That is why every year when temperatures drop, the incidence of outbreaks of bronchiolitis and other respiratory diseases that affect babies increases. It is because of that we must prepare the baby for the cold.But what do we need?

- Winter jacket: Babies should go for a walk every day, even if it's cold. Pediatricians themselves recommend that babies go outside every day also in winter. Remember that in the Nordic countries babies even nap outside in sub-zero temperatures, without anyone finding it an abomination. However, it is essential to properly protect the baby outside with a winter jacket, preferably with a waterproof outer fabric and a breathable interior. It is also advisable to always carry the bubble for the rain, just in case.

- Avoid very thick clothes: It is better to have several layers of clothes than very thick clothes. Excessively thick clothes not only not warm more, but also make it difficult for the baby to move and make him uncomfortable. The ideal way to shelter a baby in winter is the so-called "onion technique": dressing him with several layers of thin clothing that can be easily removed or added according to the temperature of each place (when going outside, when entering a store, in the car or public transport, etc.). In addition, it is important that the garments are made of cotton and other natural fabrics, because wool and synthetic materials irritate the skin.

- Protects your skin: Babies' skin is very sensitive so the cold and wind can cause them to become dehydrated. To avoid this, it is necessary to protect all the skin that is exposed to the air (face, ears, lips and hands). How? You can use a cream that has protective and moisturizing properties. You also have to take into account that its formula does not irritate the baby's skin. If we take the baby to see the snow, we must also add a child sunscreen.

- Do not abuse the heating: the temperature of the room where the baby sleeps should be around 22ºC during the day and 18ºC at night. Raising the thermostat above these levels can cause the baby to sweat when sleeping, with the consequent risk of catching a cold. As heating tends to dry out the environment and this dehydrates the child's skin, it is advisable to install a baby humidifier in his room to replenish the humidity.

- Caution in bath time: so that the baby does not get cold, you can heat the bath and keep the door closed. The best way to dry a baby without getting cold is to immediately wrap him with a hooded bathrobe, since the head is the part of the body that loses the most heat.

Source: Bebitus

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Treating Your Babys Cold: Nasal Saline and Suction - Boys Town Pediatrics

Sweet recipes with goat cheese for children

Sweet recipes with goat cheese for children

Sweet recipes with goat cheese for children

Children do not need special moments to be spoiled. Because they make us happy every day through their very existence, in our turn we can return their joys through simple and handy things.

As every moment for them is a good opportunity to play, we propose you to play with them through sandwiches that will amuse them and they will surely quench their appetite.

The recipes were made by our collaborator Alina Avram Dohotariu, a very talented and creative culinary blogger. All are based La Colline goat cheese, produced at the factory with the same name on Feleacului Hill and obtained from milk collected from goat farms in Transylvania.

Sandvis Omiduta


250 g sliced ​​bread for sandwiches

100 g LaColline classic premium goat cheese

70 g of ham

3 tomatoes

1 cucumber

decorative cuffs

Method of preparation

Wash the tomatoes and cut them into 3-4 mm slices. On slices of bread sit prosciutto, sliced ​​cheese and tomatoes. Above them lay another layer of slices of bread.

With the help of a round shape, about 7 cm in diameter, cut different sandwiches, making sure that one part stays straight, for stability. You can use a knife to cut a right side of the sandwich. Compose the body of the omida from these discs, supporting each other.

Wash the cucumber, cut it into 4-5 mm rounds and then into triangles to form the legs of the omiduta. Also from the same rounds formed mouth and antennas. For the head, use a red tomato, cut the base to create a support.

With the help of a knife cut two small disks of bread, he will represent the eyes and fix them in red with two knives.

With the same knife make a semicircular cut in red and attach a slice of cucumber. This is the mouth of the dead man.

Finally, to finish the head of the caterpillar, fix in red and two antennae from cucumber. Put the wheel next to the sandwiches and ready to go.

Sandvis Broscuta juucausa


4 slices of bread

100 g LaColline classic premium goat cheese

2 slices of prosciutto

2 slices of cucumber

4 stuffed green olives

Method of preparation

With the help of a cylinder cut the slices of bread, and with the help of a star shaped molder cut the cheese.

Place one slice of bread, one prosciutto and 3 slices of cheese on top. Cut a cucumber lengthwise and place a slice in the middle of the sandwich.

Fix the olives with toothpicks and the sandwich for the little ones is just good to enjoy.

Strawberries with goat cheese


150 g of flour

40 g of sugar

1 tablespoon of cocoa

50 g butter

1 sachet of vanilla sugar

1 or

12 strawberries

100 g of classic LaColline goat cheese roll

2 tablespoons powdered sugar

2 tablespoons brown sugar

mint leaves

chocolate flakes

sugar hearts

Method of preparation

The first time the dough from which we will make the owl nests is prepared. The flour is mixed with cocoa, cough sugar and vanilla sugar. Add the cold butter cut into cubes and knead. Then add the egg and knead until the dough becomes homogeneous. The dough is squeezed into a rolling ball and cold for an hour.

Press the flour on the work table and spread the dough out of the cold in a sheet not too thick. It cuts round shapes that sit on the bottom of a tray of bricks. We have to make 12 such mini shapes. They are given in the preheated oven, at 160 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

Then remove on a grill to cool and prepare the strawberries. Wash, dry with a towel and brush inside with a knife. Fill with cream cheese prepared from goat cheese mixed with powdered sugar. Then they pass through brown sugar only at the base.

In each mini-cold form place the mint leaves and then the strawberries. The remaining cream is put in a pose with the tip unmarked and the eyes of the owls are formed. In each of these eyes is placed a drop of chocolate in the form of a drop. For the nose are used red sugar hearts that are anointed with a little cheese cream to stick easily.

They are cold, but can be served immediately.

Good appetite!

Tags Recipes for children Snacks for children Recipes for babies

Homework: How to Survive Them!

Homework: How to Survive Them!

Have you not thought that, even though we are no longer old enough to go to school, we still have schoolwork to attend to? Sometimes it complicates our existence a little more the fact that we must help our children day after day with their homework, and we wonder from what age we should teach them to take responsibility for their duties and when the time will come when they will put their obligations before their desires for fun and entertainment.

After a day of work, those of us who have school-age children know that not only is it enough to bathe them, make dinner or take them to the extracurricular activities that correspond to the day, but that, on many occasions, their schoolwork overflows us and upset the pending tasks we have at home and family care.

Many times we have to insist and even argue so that our children sit down to do their homework; we must monitor them so that don't waste time in front of the book, looking at the shrews or playing with the pencil, answering questions and supervising the finished product.

I do not deny the need to face our responsibility as educators of our children and to help them in their learning, but sometimes it is difficult to survive the demands of our children and their teachers. That that for tomorrow they need a red cardboard or colored wool for their crafts, and have to go to the nearest stationery (or far away) can end our patience and our limited time.

I think that, initially, children need our supervision, our encouragement and encouragement to do their homework, but at a certain age, from 7 or 8, they have to let go of our hand and assume their daily jobs naturally and like any other routine such as putting on pajamas, washing teeth or pee at night.

The ideal would be to get them to understand that they can always count on us when it comes to solving any doubt, but that they should be the ones who take charge of their schoolwork (although there are always cases that require more of our attention, for example, when there are learning difficulties or school failure).

Patro Gabaldon. Copywriter

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