5 Minute MINI PANCAKES! Pancake Cereal!  Mini Pancakes Recipe

5 Minute MINI PANCAKES! Pancake Cereal! Mini Pancakes Recipe

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Farm animals with Pinpin and Lili: the sheep

Help your toddler discover farm animals with this cute educational video with mascots Pinpin and Lili. Here, it is the sheep that is studied in all its forms by our two rabbits.

All the videos Discover the animals of the farm

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Montage: Our family
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Father's daily business offerings

What would a really hard father be looking for? They may not be frothy. It's more of a stand. What would you do for brutal running?

On June 16, the 7th kilometer BSI Brutal Race will be organized by the Budapest Sports Office, the heaviest running event to date. This event is not a traditional race, but rather a mix of a military training ground, an obstacle race and a race. The place is special by itself, a real, built motocross track with 14 hills, jumping in Nyírregyháza.
Participants start off in rough races on a predetermined route, part of which is on a motocross paddle, partly in a forest near him, on a field. You have to cross the rails on different obstacles for the runners: there will be swamp-ridden slopes, slopes, running in the sand, jumping in the middle of the ice, crossing the straw.
For more information, please visit: www.brutalfutas.hu

Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for boys to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Chemical.

From the Latin Quiricus, a variant of Cyriacus (Ciriaco). Its spread as a name is due to Saint Quirico, 3 years old, martyred in Tarsus with his mother, Saint Julita.

June 16


  • quiriacus, quiriaco, ciriacus

Quirico name coloring pages printable for kids

The Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel

Looking to take your baby name quest outside the box? Check out these unusual and creative sources of baby name inspiration.

Hobby hunting

Hobbies can be a wonderful – and surprising – source of baby name fodder. "My husband and I love to sail, so we chose a nautical name: Oceana," says one mom.

Another explains, "My husband and I met through singing. Because music means so much to us, we named our daughter Aria, a solo piece in an opera." (Check out our list of other ear-pleasing musical names.)

So take a look at your own interests. Are you an art buff? Consider names inspired by famous artists. A sports fan? Shoot for a name that borrows from basketball, baseball, football, or soccer.

When it comes to the things you love, don't be afraid to cast your net wide. One mom told us that she and her partner found baby name inspiration in the title of their favorite album.

What dreams are made of

Choosing a name can be tough, especially if you find your mind churning obsessively on the topic. So give your conscious brain a break and let your rich subconscious pick up the slack; the perfect baby name just might come to you in your dreams.

"When I was pregnant, I had a dream that I was chasing a little boy named Benjamin. That's what we ended up using," one mom says.

Of course, sometimes it's hard to remember your dreams. Keep a notepad or your phone by your bed so that when you first wake up, you can quickly jot down any dream imagery or names floating through your head.

Family puzzles

Your baby's name could be lurking within your own. "All the letters in our child's first and middle name come from the letters in my name and her father's name," one mom tells us.

For example, you could rearrange Carrie and Damian to create Darcie Marina.

Along these same lines, some parents combine part or all of their first names to create a name for their child. James and Lynn can recombine into Jamilyn, for instance, and Harry and Alison into Harrison. Of course, not every set of names lends itself to this trick – but when it works, it's pretty awesome.

All in a day's work

You may not view your workplace as a source of baby name inspiration, but a fantastic name could be awaiting discovery in your latest job assignment, the name of a distant colleague, or a city where you do business.

One couple, for example, named their baby Gavin after an airplane at the husband's workplace. Another, in the book business, borrowed the name of a publishing company, Sage.

Objects of desire

It's an often-overlooked fact that the English language is full of beautiful words for inanimate objects. "We named our child Lathe after a piece of machinery," says one mom. Another reports that her baby was named Packard, for an old car. Still another used the name of her favorite perfume, Chanel.

The next time you spend an afternoon out running errands, keep your eyes peeled for objects with interesting names – like Magnolia (the tree), Borden (the brand of milk), or Cabriolet (the car).

If you like an object's name but don't want to bestow it on your child, you can always use it as a jumping-off point for a similar-sounding alternative.

Gamin' and namin'

Plenty of parents-to-be turn to movie and book characters for baby name inspiration. But what about characters from another realm?

Video and computer game characters can have fascinating names – like Sephiroth from Final Fantasy or Minsc from Baldur's Gate – or names that cross over into the mainstream, like Mario from Mario Brothers or Lara from Tomb Raider.

"We named our child Alyx after a character in an online game," says one mom. "We love it."

The world of mythology

Mythological names are lovely and distinctive – and infused with cultural history and meaning. For example, Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, and Zhongli Quan is one of China's mythical "eight immortals."

For more ideas, browse our lists of mythological names and names inspired by African gods and goddesses.

Borrowing from the kids

Don't worry, we're not suggesting that you steal your sister's favorite baby name right out from under her pregnant nose (though a surprising number of people do steal baby names!).

Rather, think back to kids you knew once upon a time. Remember that sweetly named boy you babysat 15 years ago? Or the kid at summer camp with the unique name?

"I used the name of a child in an afterschool program I used to volunteer in," one mom tells us, and another says, "An elderly coworker used to tell me stories of her childhood friend. The name of that friend is what we decided to name our baby."

From lit to life

Writers give lots of thought to their character's names – and some parents are inspired enough to use these names for their babies. "We named our child Helen after a character in a poem," one mom told us.

Want some literary inspiration? Hit your bookshelf or your local library, or read through our lists of names inspired by children's books and comic books.

Pet love

For some parents, naming their child after a pet is the perfect choice. "When I was pregnant, my beloved dog Luli was diagnosed with cancer and given only a few months to live," says one mom. "She was my best friend, so naming my baby after her was a nice way to honor her memory."

If you want a name inspired by – but not identical to – a pet's name, look up the name in our Baby Names Finder and poke around to find something similar.

Holiday time

If your baby's due date falls near a holiday (or you happen to love a certain holiday and want to show it), there are lots of baby name ideas just waiting to be plucked from the festivities.

"Because my son was born the day after St. Patrick's Day, we chose a Celtic name," says one mom.

For loads of holiday-themed names, check out our lists inspired by Valentine's Day, April Fool's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holidays.

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Bumm Bumm Bole Full Movie. Darsheel Safary and Ziyah Vastani. Full Length Bollywood Movie For Kids

A scepter and a crown ... of princess
Sun: make it a friend!

Friend of the holidays, the sun can also be a formidable enemy, especially for the little ones. Until how old do you not expose your child? How to protect it best? What benefits does the sun bring? Answers with our quiz.

Question (1/9)

Before the age of 3, there is no question of exposing a baby to the sun.

That's right. It's wrong.


Toddlers have very thin skin and are much more sensitive to ultraviolet light than adults. Before 1 year, the skin does not produce melanin: UV is not filtered. It is therefore necessary to keep your baby in the shade (and fresh air, if possible). For up to 3 years, the melanocyte system remains immature and your child is particularly sensitive to sunburn. So avoid exposing it. Sunburns accumulated during childhood increase the risk of developing skin cancer in adulthood.


Story about the exciting life of Galileo. Biographies for children

Who was Galileo Galilei? What was your contribution to the story? We bring you an exciting biography for children with which you can discover this astronomer, who was also a philosopher, engineer and mathematician. Do not miss the tale about the exciting life of Galileo. We have accompanied it with some reading comprehension questions and very fun and educational activities about space. Shall we take a ride among the stars with this tale?

Galileo was a happy, restless, imaginative child who, from a very young age, had shown great curiosity about the universe. He liked to wait for nightfall to discover the brightness of the stars, he imagined that he flew between them and traveled to the moon.

- Look how they shine, Mom! Are they not precious? - He said pointing to the sky with his finger.

- One, two, three, four ... - he sang counting them.

- Why don't you do your homework? - His mother said without giving him an answer.

When evening came, Galileo's friends would go to the town square and sit around him to listen to his fantastic stories.

And so he spent the days of his childhood, happy, imagining, looking at the sky and living a thousand adventures in the universe with all his friends. He grew, as did his passion for the stars and his curiosity, and he became a teacher.

One day in town, he overheard two men talking near the university.

- They say it is true, it is a device with which you can bring the stars closer to see them better.

- Excuse me! Where can I find that gadget? - Galileo said to the men totally beside themselves.

The men looked at him with amusement, and seeing his curiosity they gave him all kinds of signs to find him.

Galileo wanted to see if what they said was true, and when he had the telescope in his hands, which was the name of the device, he pointed it quickly to the sky, excited.

- Ohhhhh! It really works! - She exclaimed with tears in her eyes.

Since that day, Galileo could not sleep thinking of doing something better to bring him even closer to the universe. And he built his own telescope!

He was so successful with his discovery that he became very famous.

- How much beauty! - He said observing the stars every night, now much more closely.

He had so much passion for the universe and so many hours he devoted to observing it, that he confirmed that Nicholas Copernicus, a very famous astronomer who died a century earlier, was right: Earth and the other planets revolved around the sun and, although they were both taken for crazy, time proved them right.

The first thing we propose are some reading comprehension questions with which you will be able to know if your child has been paying attention while you were reading the story. Ask yourself them and, if you don't know the answer to any of the questions, reread the story.

1. What was it that most attracted Galileo's attention?

2. What was the name of the device you were told about and what was it used for?

3. What did Galileo discover?

[Read +: The biography in short story about the life of Cleopatra]

Is your child passionate about space? We are not surprised because it is fascinating! In order for you to continue discovering it in the most fun way, below we propose some varied and fun activities.

- Story about the formation of the Solar System
How did the solar system form? What are the planets that compose it called? This story tends to be very popular with children because it reveals to them in the most entertaining way how our system of planets works.

- Teach children to look at the stars
Do you know the name of the stars that crown our sky every night? How can they be seen with a telescope? Learn first and then teach your children to look at the stars.

- See a meteor shower
Taking an excursion to see the Perseids is an experience that is never forgotten. Meteor showers are one of those wonderful phenomena that nature gives us. Don't miss the next one!

- Your own solar system, at home
Can you imagine having your own solar system at home? It is a very simple craft to do but it is very attractive. Your children can use it as a school project or you can simply place it in the room as a decorative element.

- Explain the concept of the universe to the children
And last but not least, we have to explain to children the concept of the universe, a difficult idea to understand for everyone, children and adults. In the earliest childhood it is impossible to conceive the idea of ​​'infinity', but as they grow older we must teach our children to understand the most abstract terms.

More children's biographies to read with your children

You can read more articles similar to Story about the exciting life of Galileo. Biographies for children, in the category of children's stories on site.

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