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How should I give birth?

How should I give birth?

Normal delivery is vaginal termination of pregnancy. It is a natural process and a form of human reproduction since the world existed. The gestation period is 40 weeks. Calculated from the last menstrual date. Birth pain usually occurs between weeks 38-42. While the process is 12-14 hours for first-time births, it can be shortened in later births. There are advantages and disadvantages of normal birth. First of all, it is an action appropriate to the nature of the event. If the expectant mother has managed to give birth normally, she will stand up very quickly. Hospital stay decreases, cost decreases. If the hatch did not take anesthesia, it is fully involved and immediately embraces and nurses the baby. This is an action that increases the convergence of the mother and the baby. In a natural and easily progressing vaginal birth, the baby passes through the birth canal and compresses the chest and removes the fluids in the lungs.

However, normal birth should not be considered if the mother expects the birth event with great fear. It can also be full of surprises until the end of normal birth. Sometimes the expectant mother suffers from labor pains, and if there is an adverse situation, the delivery may have to be terminated by caesarean section. The expectant mother experiences both normal birth and caesarean section, which is undesirable. Since it is not possible to predict when and where normal birth will begin, both the expectant mother and the doctor may be caught unprepared. In vaginal birth, birth canal, birth muscles and bone structure all participate in the event, so vaginal trauma caused by force is inevitable. Urinary incontinence and sexual intercourse may occur due to the deterioration of this anatomic structure.

Nowadays, the advancement of technologies, increasing pregnancies in older ages, not wanting to have surprises, the desire to make the planned planned birth, the increase in overweight babies with the improvement of nutrition and the fact that previous deliveries were performed by cesarean section caused an increase in cesarean rates. Cesarean section is a surgery. It includes all the risks involved in surgery. It takes about a week for the mother to fully recover. There are no surprises. Planned, programmed starts and ends. With advanced anesthesia techniques, mothers can breastfeed their babies no later than 15 minutes after the end of the surgery. If the baby comes upside down, comes with soft parts, the side stands, the placenta is placed in front of the baby, the placenta is separated from the ear early, if there is cord retention, there is an internal disease that threatens maternal health and it is not possible to terminate pregnancy vaginally, the mother is too cowardly If there is no alternative to cesarean section. The mother who had previously delivered by caesarean section is still obliged to give birth again by caesarean section. Because normal labor pains can create tension in the previous surgery site and lead to dangerous consequences. Normal delivery should be allowed in highly selected cases. Babies of mothers whose birth time is not well planned and taken unnecessarily before cesarean section can often have respiratory problems.

Normal delivery with epidural anesthesia is a widely used form of delivery, especially abroad. The success of the anesthesia team is the basic rule here. After opening the mother's cervix 4 centimeters, the anesthetic is administered epidurally, otherwise birth will not progress. In other words, the mother will hear the pain up to 4 centimeters. There is no pain. At this stage, the obstetrician who watches the birth needs maximum attention. Both the pain should not harm the uterus and the baby's well-being must be closely moniterized during the pain that is not felt but is present. In this type of birth, interfering births may increase as the feeling of straining in the hatch is weakened.
In epidural caesarean section, the expectant mother experiences all procedures clearly and without any pain or pain. Postoperative pain relief will continue to be given through the epidural catheter, so it is comfortable for pain. However, as with any method, epidural anesthesia may have undesirable side effects. General anesthesia can be switched in the same session. Permanent headaches, incontinence and persistent itching may be very distressing. In addition, there is no operation to the epidural region in patients with blood disease, such as anatomical disorders, bleeding-clotting problems that describe discomfort in the lumbar region.
I wish all mothers to have healthy, trouble-free births. Associate ProfessorSerap Yaltı

Name Coleen - Meaning of thumbs

Name Coleen - Meaning of thumbs

Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

Coleen is inspired by the Greek name Nikolaos. He derives words Nike and Laos resulting in "victory" and "people".


American actress Coleen Gray and British TV host Coleen Rooney. The Coleen are celebrated in honor of Saint Nicholas. Born in the 3rd century, Nicolas de Myre was a bishop in Lycia and renowned for his unshakeable faith and generosity.

His character :

Coleen has a strong personality and an undeniable charm. Sincere, she often says what she thinks, but tactfully. Putting his intelligence to the service of others, Coleen proves good advice. She also embodies a faithful and loyal friend. Nice, she has no difficulty in approaching others. As a child, Coleen shows a keen intelligence that she will continue to cultivate as she grows up.

Born leader, she has a good sense of organization. This hard worker is fully involved in each of her businesses. This passionate woman does not shy away from obstacles, the challenges further reinforcing her motivation. Possessing a great team spirit, she knows how to motivate her colleagues by transmitting her good humor and optimism. Determined, she abandons her projects only in case of force majeure.

Coleen is interested in different fields, including art. Bibliophile, she finds refuge in her books and thus has a great general knowledge. His analytical intelligence allows him to quickly understand things without omitting any details. Coleen will flourish in a profession related to law, art, finance and medicine.


Coline, Nickie, Nicky, Nikki, Nicole, Nicol, Nikky and Colleen.

His party :

The Coleen are celebrated on December 6th.

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Scorpio features

Last year, success was secretly stuck with you. Next year you will begin to get the physical consequences of this development. Your horizons expanded; you are more confident and generally more happy. This happiness will lead you to live a good life and increase your well-being.
You deserve beautiful developments in your business life. That's a good thing, because if you weren't working for it, you might have to deal with the jealousy and evil of those around you. Your hard work keeps them away from you.

In 2006, finance and career issues will play an important role in your life and you will be very successful in these areas. On the other hand, there will be no significant change in your love life.
Home and family issues have been an important issue for years, and in 2006 öyle

But while this is a very stressful issue for you in the past, everything is easier this year. Your health is normal. You will be able to handle the issues you have in mind about appearance, wishes, financial situation and health until 23 June. Children, entertainment and creativity will come up after 23 June.

Major changes in your life will occur in your career or in your relationship with your family. Now let's look at the developments that await you next year in detail:

Home and family
Home and family matters will cover a significant part of your life throughout the year. Unexpected and rapidly changing emotions will be your focus. These emotional fluctuations can be personal or experienced among family members. These feelings may appear abruptly and brutally; you can come to the point of breaking ties with your family. Scorpions, who have childbearing years, have a high chance of pregnancy this year. You may experience unexpected pregnancies.

You can purchase art supplies or sports equipment to make your home more cheerful. If you intend to go through radical changes in your home, the best time period for this is June 3 to July 21. If you intend to decorate your home or buy new furniture, it may be a good time from March 5th to April 6th, August 2nd and September 6th.

Love and social life
Socially this year is not one of your best years. But that doesn't mean you won't have a social or love life; these issues will not just be the focus of your life. Married Scorpions will continue to marry, single Scorpions will remain single. Most scorpions are satisfied with their current situation and will not make any effort to change it. The gap that emerges in this field can often be regarded as heralding good news.

Your love relationships that start in this period will not be serious, they will generally develop as 'entertainment'. This type of relationship will come across this year and will excite you. This type of unstable-unstable relationship has always been in your life, but it will be more this year. None of them has the potential to turn into long-term relationships.

Even though 2006 is a relatively d stagnant yıl year in terms of entertainment, there are no times when your social life will revive and you will be very happy. These dates are: 20 April - 20 May, 29 May - 24 June and 24 October - 17 November.

Finance and career
Over the next year, your focus will be on finance and your career. You can make important progress on these issues, but there may be situations where you will have to face them. 2006 seems to be a year of prosperity for you, not just a year, but as the beginning of a long term.

Financially strong people will continue to support you. With the development of your financial situation you will begin to enter different environments; people's attitude towards you will also change. Your outlook will be as effective as your skills in achieving this position. You can have expensive items, such as clothes, jewelry, accessories ...

You will travel more in 2006 than in previous years. Your self-confidence has reached its highest point and there will be opportunities for you in business. You can only complain about one thing at work; it may be that your boss is pushing you too much. isfrom.

Do you need to wash your stuffed animals? And when to do it? There are two schools. One says about the obligatory washing of everything (even new things) that are to be surrounded by the baby. The second one is less restrictive and assumes cleaning of things only when they get dirty. And at the outset there may be doubts. Do you have to wash everything that has contact with your baby's skin? The baby explores the world with his mouth, so should a new teddy bear be washed before we give it to the child? Do you need to wash your stuffed animals? If so, how?

Do you need to wash new stuffed animals?

While it is natural to wash and burn a teether or rattle before giving it to an infant, throwing a newly purchased teddy bear into the washing machine is not obvious to everyone. On the packaging of many rattles is information about the need to wash and burn. You won't find similar tips on mascots. So what to do? Wash a teddy bear smelling a store?

It is difficult to unequivocally decide. It is worth listening to yes and no. First of all, it is worth washing a new teddy bear, because we never know who and with what hands touched the toys in the store. Stuffed animals lie or stand "loosely" on shelves, they are rarely stored in protective packaging, hence their soft material can be full of various types of bacteria. That is why, as it is recommended to wash reusable diapers, underwear and clothes before use, it is also worth washing stuffed animals.

Anyway, similar caution is indicated not only in the context of children, but also adults. Before the first use, it is recommended to wash underwear, towels, i.e. all things that will come in direct contact with the skin.

Are there any arguments saying that washing new stuffed animals is an exaggeration? Yes, such voices also appear. The main argument is "no" for raising children in sterile conditions. In the opinion of many people, washing new bears is also pointless if older children are to play with them.

When to wash stuffed animals?

Of course, the decision on when and how often to wash stuffed animals belongs to each parent. However, it is worth considering washing when:

  • a soft toy gets a baby,
  • the toy can be easily washed,
  • a small child gets a toy that until then was in the basement, in the attic,
  • toy, objectively speaking, needs refreshing.

How to wash stuffed animals?

Stuffed animals are best machine washed using the "hand wash" program. The safest temperature is 30 degrees, but in most cases 40-60 degrees will also be possible. If you are afraid of damage to the toy, it is worth throwing it into the washing machine in a special bag.

For washing stuffed animals, especially if they are to be toys of an infant or small child, it is worth using a hypoallergenic powder created for young children. Then good dry the toy on the dryer, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight. The final step is her careful combing.

The systematic washing of toys is especially important for children suffering from allergies and asthma.

Is he a future champion?

Is he a future champion?

Tonic, agile and skillful ... your child is definitely a real sportsman. Future champion? Not necessarily ! Find the right pace and the right amount without breaking all your dreams of an Olympic podium.

Your boy? Always ready to shoot in the ball or sprint at the slightest opportunity. Your daughter ? She tries the entrechats and makes the wheel as she breathes. Your child is already registered in a club and, no doubt, he does not ask for anything better than to excel in his favorite field, especially since he has been noticed by his coach.

  • You are shared: must one curb his ardor or encourage him to go further, in competition or in a suitable school structure? It would be a shame to curb a gifted, but you risk to make a medalist despite himself.

Future champion? Stay lucid

Having a medalist in the family would not displease you, either. But, in your child's interest, it is important that you exercise good judgment.

  • Do not invest in his place and do not take personal pride in his prowess.
  • Whatever its level, do not play the role of coach. Even if you burn to give your opinion, avoid as much as possible technical advice or make a judgment on the progress of your little sportsman ... Let the professionals, you will only better ensure your role as parent.
  • Be sure to spare your child "psychological" pressure If the sport involves significant financial effort or monopolizes all your time to the detriment of your siblings, you risk guilt. Find the right measure.

Future champion? The medical point of view counts

  • Take a checkup with your doctor, the pediatrician or, if the coach advises, a sports doctor recommended by the federation. He will tell you if it is desirable to slow down or go further.
  • Prepare for the doctor's questions. Did your child hurt? This can happen but repeated injuries indicate a fatigue problem. Is he sleeping properly? If he is struggling to find sleep, especially before a test, the tension is surely too strong. Is he too small, too big, is he having a difficult time with his family or at school? In this case, an update with a psychologist may be helpful.
  • Be objective. If you observe any of these manifestations, the doctor will surely advocate for moderate practice. If your child stays calm and in good shape despite a steady pace (never more than ten hours a week for 10-11 years), perhaps you will be tempted to let him go.

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