This is how you can boost the immune system of premature babies

This is how you can boost the immune system of premature babies

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Recipes with pear for baby

Pear, babies love its sweet taste! Folic acid, calcium, potassium and iron, it is an excellent fruit for your little one. Our ideas recipes sweet and salty to treat it.

  • The pear, a fruit that pleases the baby and one of the first that he v. This fruit has a delicious sweet taste and a fun texture for your baby. Discover our sugary and salty recipes ideas to offer at the time of diversification.

Recipes around the pear for baby

Poached pear

Chocolate and pear delicacy

Duck Triffle

Banana-pear mousse

Pear crumble

Blackcurrant mousse

Pear-strawberry soup

Four-quarter with pear

Pear-goat mousse

What did I learn from my kids?

A mother tells her how her children have changed. So kid, so fresh start.

Children also teach us a number of things

When I was a kid I was more of a kid, so I can't say I was conscious of my responsibilities, but when it came to a handbook, the first thing I saw was that I would have a bad baby. In the middle of my seventh year, during my biggest part of the party, the lightning strike on the test flashed, which we really shook after the initial miracle. I spent most of my time back to childbirth reading specialized books (huh, where was the power of the internet). I wanted to make everything about baby Rick perfectly. Spock's book was lying on the bedside table like a grandmother in the Bible, and I believed it in the same way as he was in the Holy Book. Yes, there was disinfection, weighing, time feeding szenthбromsбgaand the "I subscribe to the baby" story also worked. Currency is also a little overpowered by my dietary incentive, so one of my most important memories of the first few months of motherhood is mellszнvу General shaking. And I cut my hair short at that time because I simply didn't care for long hair.
First time I got the birthright, the lifelong responsibility of life, and the art of acting to the brim, we were two years old. megszьletett I got my little, and I got gold from one of my little, other little biographies. So I remember not at all bothering to give me the principles below, for the simple reason that I did not have enough hands and reserves of energy (except for the stock that was put on me after birth). The rules were relaxed, which was also necessary because Csongor was not a believer in the textbooks, and he considered his needs much more primitive.
We have been taught to adapt, to creativity, to patience, and to conflict management because of our sister warriors.
After two handsome kids, we felt we could not be deprived of the continuation, so we quickly started third baby project (defiant with two lines in my palm). However, after a year of waiting, our fate fell on our son. Of course, Soma is as much a forehead as her brothers, and since we have not received any instruction manuals, new principles of parenting have come to pass.
Our third made a great strategy and professional logistics. He taught me to dwell, to slow down, to simplify. The principles were finally watered with humor.
With our children and in the meantime purchased kutyбnkkal It felt like the world was round, and when the family machine started to get oiled, and I became a useful member of society again, it exploded into our lives. nйgyeske. Weak is only a year old, so we're still looking for the right key, but it's clear that we've got a lot from the fourth-grade pick. Of course, no milking, no weighing, no bottles, no unnecessary para (well, that's it). The approach is clear and encouraging. From my fourth quarter, I learned to be incredibly flexible and relaxed.
Vйrprofinak I feel comfortable, though I'm not sure our current trail is a salute. Because I do great in theory, I know exactly how frail I am in practice many times. However, I have come to the point that I do not regret my somewhat inconsistent and wrong decisions, for I am. The base and the condition our kids put on me, who they are better teacher we can't even dream.
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Videos of Christmas wreaths for the door or the table

During the Christmas holidays, we can entertain the children with many fun and creative activities. Crafts is one of her favorites. Thus, has produced a series of videos in which you can find a tutorial to make Christmas wreaths.

As you well know, Christmas or Advent wreaths are usually used to decorate the front door of the house or the center of the table. This, we suggest some crowns of different formats and materials. Ideal ornaments to make a personalized decoration of the house.

In these videos you can learn how to make Christmas wreaths with felt, cardboard, wrapping paper, wooden clothespins (the kind we use to hang clothes), pine cones, etc. A very original way for children to decorate the house for the holidays. Follow these videos:

Tutorial videos on how to make Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreath with wrapping paper on video. With this video tutorial on our site you can learn how to make an original and beautiful Christmas wreath using the origami or origami technique. We have made this original wreath, ideal to use as a Christmas ornament to hang on your front door.

Christmas origami wreath on video. Do you want to make your own Christmas wreath to decorate your front door? On our site we suggest you create this beautiful ornament following the Japanese art of origami. It is a craft made with paper very simple to make and ideal for children to collaborate with the Christmas decoration.

Video of Christmas wreath with wooden clothespins. On our site we teach you how to make a beautiful Christmas wreath using wooden clothespins. It is a very simple Christmas craft to make and very inexpensive. Children can make it to their liking by following these tips.

Felt Christmas wreath on video. An original Christmas wreath made with felt. our site proposes a Christmas craft for children to make a holly wreath at home. Video crafts to make Christmas decorations with felt. Christmas holly wreath made of felt.

Many people wonder what the meaning of the Christmas wreath is and why they hang it on the front door of the house during the Christmas holidays.

The story goes that garlands first arose in ancient Rome. They were in the habit of exchanging gifts at the end of the year celebrations. The gifts were varied but basically consisted of green branches that were called 'strenae', in homage to Strenia, goddess of health.

To make the branches more beautiful and attractive, they began to give a round, ring shape to the garland. In addition, to show that they had received the gift and to ensure home health for the new year, the Romans hung these wreaths on the front doors of their houses.

Over time, crowns, which before were just green foliage, began to be made with various materials and colors. At Christmas, she symbolizes the sanctity of the family and home. Each family adorns the crown with the symbols they want, depending on their beliefs or creativity.


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Recommended daily doses of essential nutrients in children (by age group)

Recommended daily doses of essential nutrients in children (by age group)

The nutrition of the child is similar to that of an adult and must include the same essential nutrients, but in different daily doses. Everyone, including the baby, needs daily vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which they must get from their diet. Here is the daily dose of the main nutrients the child needs, depending on the age!

2-3 years


Between these ages, nutritional recommendations suit both genders. Starting with the age of 4 years, the nutritional needs are divided by sex.

  • calories: 1000 - 1400 (depending on the level of activity and growth);
  • carbohydrates: 45 or 65% of total daily calories;
  • protein: 5 or 20% of daily calories;
  • fats: 30 - 40% of daily calories;
  • fibers: 14 - 20 g / day, depending on the level of activity and growth;
  • calcium: 700 mg / day;
  • sodium: 1 g / day;
  • Vitamin D: 600 IU / day.

4-8 years


  • calories: 1200 - 1800 (depending on the level of activity and growth);
  • carbohydrates: 45 - 65% of the recommended daily dose of calories;
  • protein: 10 - 30% of the recommended daily dose of calories;
  • fats: 25 - 35% of the recommended daily dose of calories;
  • fiber: 17 - 25 g depending on the total daily calories;
  • calcium: 1 g / day (1000 mg);
  • sodium: 1.2 g / day;
  • Vitamin D: 600 IU / day.


  • calories: 1200 - 2000 (depending on the level of activity and growth);
  • carbohydrates: 45 - 65% of the recommended daily dose of calories;
  • protein: 10 - 30% of daily calories;
  • fats: 25 - 35% of daily calories;
  • fiber: 17 - 28 g / day depending on the daily calorie requirement, but also on the activity level;
  • calcium: 1 g / day;
  • sodium: 1.2 mg / day
  • Vitamin D: 600 IU

9-13 years


  • calories: 1400 - 2200 (depending on the level of activity and growth);
  • carbohydrates: 45 - 65% of daily calories;
  • protein: 10 - 30% of daily calorie requirement;
  • fats: 25-35% of the recommended daily dose of calories;
  • fiber: 20 - 31 g / day depending on the movement and necessary of calories;
  • calcium: 1.3 g / day
  • sodium: 1.5 g / day
  • Vitamin D: 600 IU / day.


  • calories: 1200 - 1800 (depending on the level of activity and growth);
  • carbohydrates: 45-65% of daily calories;
  • protein: 10 - 30% of daily calories;
  • fats: 25 - 35% of daily calorie requirement;
  • fiber: 22 - 36 g / day, depending on calories and daily activity level;
  • calcium: 1.3 g / day;
  • sodium: 1.5 g / day;
  • Vitamin D: 600 IU / day.

These are the main doses and types of nutrients that should not be missing from the daily diet of any child. But there are also other vitamins and minerals, extremely important - vitamin C, zinc, iron, vitamin A, B, E etc. - which must be provided to the body daily.
The best thing is for the little boy to get these nutrients from the food and avoid supplementing them with artificial variants. Recommendations for dietary supplements with vitamins and minerals are given only after thorough blood tests, especially in the case of nutritional deficiencies or deficiencies, and in exact doses, prescribed by the doctor.

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The panoply of the superhero

The panoply of the superhero

Being a good professional and a good mother at the same time ... is it possible?

Being a good professional and a good mother at the same time ... is it possible?

How To Be An Effective Working Mom

You risk it if you wear high heels!

In spite of the gaiety, the feet, the blisters, the heel attracts the weight of loyal women fans.

It's really sexy for a high heel foot, but is it worth the suffering?

Among them are the pop stars who perform intricate choreographies on the stage. Lady Gaga 30 cent Alexander McQueen appearing in the corners of the Bad romance movie video. The theatrical piece came out of the designer's fall collection last year. "We embark on the heightened ruthlessness of shoes," he said. Elizabeth Semmelhackauthor of the book "Heights in Fashion: The Story of Elevated Shoes". THE corners are getting higher in times of economic recession, he added. Although the heel seems to be longer, and the women feel thinner, often cause ankle sprains, hats, pains, kнnzуeszkцzцkrхl. "In part, we can also thank that we have a job," he said Dr. Martin Alongi podology specialist from Beverly Hills, CA, California. "I think women in their twenties look so good. If they pay attention to their feet at times, it's not that much of a problem. Few people get so crazy." beautiful painful suffering however, it can be reduced. According to InStyle Magazine's Fashion Director, being fashionable is not like dressing in the highest corners. During this time, for example, women can shop for high-heeled shoes, wedged-toe shoes, and ankle sandals. "I think there are many solutions to choose from," he said. The times have come when you have despised does not wear a helmet. This is already a faded fashion show. Now the balance and proportions are in the spotlight. It's not just a specific shoe heel. This is what distinguishes shoes from other garments. "If you feel sexy and confident in your high heels, you should wear it. If you suffer from it so much that you can't wait to take it off - you can choose Rubinstein. "Should anyone wear ruthless shoes too? No, why do we make ourselves obscene with any garment?" However, not everyone agrees with the council. A 20-year-old from New York Megan Forlines he said he would die just as the Jimmy Choo 18 cm heeled shoes. "My soles are crazy, I couldn't stand. My foot became blunt because I was bad in it. I felt like my bones were broken." In spite of this, she wore the shoes because she thought she looked very cute, and she had to suffer a lot. During the fun, Forlines wore changing shoes, or rather he was sitting alone to secretly remove his lacy footwear under the table.Dr. Kathleen Stone, President of the Podolunian American Federation, recommends that everyone in the day relax your leg, and only wear high heels in the evening. He does not recommend corners higher than 5 cm, but he knows that many people make fun of it. The health consequences are well known. "Not only does it damage the toe, but it also affects the knee and the lower back," he said. Bones of the soles of the foot may be damaged or even damaged. Continuous pressure on the foot can cause thickening of the tissues around the nerves (Morton's neuroma), which results in pain, numbness, and diminished sensation. According to a study from Harvard, 29 percent of the 1,900 women surveyed reported generalized ankle pain. The research has shown that those who walk in unhealthy shoes at a young age pay for it with a lower level of lust. Men do not experience similar lives. According to a Korean study, high heel shoes between them can cause muscle changes in the body. Stone warns that no one should make a living or strenuous movement in the high heels, as it may overload ankle bands that resemble rubber bands and may snap.More interesting articles:
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