Our Lady of Magdalena Day, July 22. Names for girls

Our Lady of Magdalena Day, July 22. Names for girls

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5 superfoods that a mother who does not sleep enough needs

For a mother, sleep becomes a rarity, especially in the first years of the child's life. Therefore, she needs a diet that will restore her tone and energy.

Parents are the most tired people, shows a study of a fitness company, performed on 1000 parents, according to which 86% of them suffer from chronic fatigue, and 26% of them sleep less than 5 hours per night. Moreover, one in five parents acknowledges that he or she was out of work or forgot to take their child to kindergarten because of fatigue. And for moms, the baby's first year of life is all the more difficult, especially if she is breastfeeding. For them, however, there are a number of foods, whose rich and diverse nutritional content has made nutrition specialists rightly call them superfoods. They can play some of your energy and tone, so you can successfully cope with the role of mom.

Goji fruits, the most handy source of antioxidants

Goji are the fruits with the highest concentration of antioxidants and are a natural tonic for the body. They have a pleasant taste and you can consume them as such, with yogurts or cereals, or in salads, being slightly sweet and sour. Besides the high content of antioxidants, goji are also rich in polysaccharides, amino acids, essential oils, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, E, magnesium, iron, potassium and beta-carotene. And because of their properties, Goji fruits strengthen the immune system, maintain body weight within normal limits and slow down the aging process. Another unbeatable argument to include in your diet is the price. As you can see, goji fruits are affordable, you can order them online and you don't have to spend a lot to make substantial supplies of this superfood.

Brown rice, the healthiest carbohydrate food

We used to avoid carbohydrates, because they are associated with weight gain, bloating and that feeling of exhaustion that occurs after a high carbohydrate meal. But they should not be missing from our diet, being the fuel that helps the body to function, produce energy and keep us fit. The secret lies in what type of carbohydrates you include in your diet. Brown rice is one of the best choices you can make. It is richer in fiber than white rice, helps increase breast milk production, keeps your blood sugar under control and is very satiated. To make it easier to digest and nutritious, we recommend letting the berries soak in cold water for several hours before cooking.

Spinach, the best vegetable for moms

All green vegetables have their benefits, but for the new mom, there is one that stands out through its nutritional values. Spinach is not only good for you, but also for your baby, being rich in vitamin A, folic acid, which helps regenerate red blood cells, magnesium, which helps in bone development, cartilage and stimulates collagen production, and is an important source of calcium, vitamin C and iron. You can eat it raw, in salads, or you can prepare delicious soups or soups with his help, but you can also make spinach juice or tasty smoothies in the blender.

Almonds, stars in the seed category

Almonds are an excellent snack, rich in protein and are the best source of calcium, after dairy. Breastfeeding moms need at least 1000 mg of calcium daily, as the milk you produce will dry out your body's calcium supply, which can lead to problems with your bones or teeth. They are also an important source of vitamin E and fatty acids essential for the proper functioning of your body. Also, almonds can help if you do not have enough milk for your baby, but you should leave them in a glass of water overnight and consume them the next day.

Yogurt, the best dairy product for new moms

In addition to being delicious and easy to consume, yogurt is the best source of calcium and protein for your body, it is satiated, refreshing, reasons why you should have it permanently in your fridge. Greek yogurt is richer in protein than regular yogurt and is creamier, and the fats contained in yogurt are good for your body, so avoid choosing dietary yogurt with 0.1% fat. They are poor in nutrients and do not benefit your body.

How many of these foods do you eat daily? What will you include in your diet from now on?

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April 1st cheat ideas to make with children

April 1st cheat ideas to make with children

The April 1st parcel is a good opportunity for you and your child to have a little more fun and to entertain themselves because of the naivety of loved ones in the family. Make your child complicit in some cute and innocent farces and put up the best Easter Day farces for dad, siblings and grandparents! It is a good opportunity to show the child what the limits are and how far they can be reached with these farces and that the points should not adversely affect the others! Their purpose is fun and fun, isn't it ?!

Salted cake and sweet food

Changing sugar with salt in desserts and vice versa, in foods, is one of the oldest and simplest poems you can do to the family, along with the child. Make your little cook's help and start preparing some dishes to your liking, so you can be sure that they will be cooked quickly.

Then, when it comes time to add salt or sugar, swap, so that the cake is salted and the food is sweet. Prepare the beautiful meal and invite the whole family with you. Do not try to make a fool of yourself by jerking. Watch closely the reactions of family members when they put the fork in their mouth and notice that the food is a bit ... sweet!

Shout in your mouth "The April 1 trick!"

Banknote Buclucasa

Cheating with banknotes is another popular farce, which you can put up with your child. Hole a note, and attach a longer, colorless drop to it. Place it on the floor, in an intensely circulated area of ​​the house and retreat behind the couch or piece of furniture, holding the other end of the gutter.

When you hear footsteps, take a look and see if the person walking through the house intends to take the note from below. As he bends, gently pull the drop so that the banknote moves, then go out and surprise the person on the deed, shouting that he was fooled.

Colored milk

One of the simplest and most effective cheats for dad and siblings is colored milk. Buy a non-toxic food dye and place it in the milk box from which you know your daddy and brother are serving every morning.

Put it in its place, in the fridge, and be careful to wake up and get to the kitchen before the others. Then stand and watch as each of the family sleeps trying to drink colored milk in red, yellow or brown and you catch the reaction. Have fun copying on account of their astonishment.

Cane stung

Another nice trick you can "bake" with your baby is to stick a mug on a plate or a stand and let the other family members pay attention to it. Use your father's or brother's favorite mugs and wait for their reactions, then burst into laughter, announcing that they have been fooled.

The surprise gift

Take your baby's carriage and go around town looking for those special gift boxes that hide inside an arched snake, which snaps when you open the lid. Buy some boxes and go home, planning the farce plan.

Agree on the people to whom you are going to give them the sweet gifts. Then, meet those people and tell them that you have prepared a surprise for them. They will be eager to open the beautifully packaged boxes, and when they spring from the animals on the bow, they will be very scared, at which point you can burst out laughing saying that they were fooled.

Flower bag with uninvited guests

Organize a family movie evening and make the child complicit in the farce you are going to put into practice. Agree on the movie you are about to see and tell everyone that you are going to prepare the flowers, snacks that can not miss from watching a movie.

Take your co-assistant child and set up a farce that will cause family members to tremble with fear, all with the bowl of flowers in their arms. Prepare a bowl of popcorn for each person in the family. Then hide in each of them a huge plastic or rubber cockroach, from the collection of toys of the child and wait for the reactions. You will have a lot of fun on account of the naivety of your loved ones!

What cheats did you put up with your child over time? Tell us your ideas in the comments section below!

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Fetal movement: Feeling your baby kick

Fetal movement: Feeling your baby kick

Snippet: Tracking fetal movements at 24 weeks

Top skin problems that arise during pregnancy

Top skin problems that arise during pregnancy

The charming glow of pregnant women is not the only possible skin transformation in pregnancy. Unfortunately, disturbing dermatological problems can also occur, caused by the guilty hormonal oscillations and by other changes felt by physiologically pregnant women. The good news is that they pass by themselves after birth or can be easily treated in the postnatal period!

Increased skin sensitivity

The first symptom usually felt on the skin during pregnancy is the increased sensitivity of the skin tissue. It reddens faster, the painful sensations appear more easily, and the direct contact with aggressive agents (perfume, chemicals, etc.) can result immediately with unpleasant irritations. Therefore, it is good for pregnant women to avoid perfumed cosmetics and to opt for those with natural, fragrance-free ingredients.

Exfoliation solutions are also to be avoided, as they can cause minor damage to the skin. Harmful ingredients in soaps and other care products include triclosan, parabens and perfumes. Scientists associate these chemicals with potential health risks to the fetus.

Excessive skin drying and itching

While some pregnant women notice that their skin produces more sebum than normal, others suffer from excessive dryness of the skin tissue. Moreover, these two problems can occur even at the same time, in the most unfortunate cases. Against the background of dehydration of the skin, itching and itching (itching) are often triggered. The solutions in this case are:

daily use of a moisturizer for the skin and body;
• use of a room humidifier;
• increased water consumption;
• warm baths with oatmeal.


Hormonal changes in pregnancy can increase the chances of acne on the face, chest or back, or aggravate it, if it is a pre-existing condition. Blame is the increase of the production of androgen hormones, which stimulates the sebum secretion in the skin responsible for blocking the pores. Classic acne treatments are not recommended for pregnant women.

Oral medications can cause congenital malformations, certain antibiotic formulations can be dangerous, and benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid have been associated with an increased risk of fetal growth problems in research studies. The safest treatment options are lactic acid, tea tree essential oil or sulfur.


Skin contact with ultraviolet rays should be avoided as much as possible during pregnancy, when the risk of melasma is very high. Hormonal oscillations are those that increase the skin's susceptibility to this dermatological condition, characterized by the appearance of unsightly brown pigmentation.

Prevention of this skin problem is possible by using a broad-brimmed sun hat and applying a sunscreen lotion with SPF factor of at least 30. The safe protective formulas in pregnancy are those based on minerals (titanium dioxide or zinc oxide). Chemical ingredients absorbed into the bloodstream and can affect the normal development of the fetus, warns specialists.

Stretch Marks

The skin problem that most pregnant women are afraid of is stretch marks, visible linear scars that appear in 90% of pregnant women. The abrupt increase in weight causes excessive stretching of the skin, resulting in rupture of the connective tissue. Stretch marks occur frequently between 4 and 6 months of pregnancy, due to the progressive stretching of the tegument on the abdomen, breasts and hips. Pregnant women who do not have a genetic predisposition to stretch marks may not face this aesthetic problem. The only preventive method is the regular use of moisturizing creams on the belly, bust, hips and thighs.


The appearance of rash accompanied by itching on the upper and lower limbs can announce the installation of pregnancy cholestasis, a dangerous complication that can cause liver damage to the fetus. Therefore, this symptom must be investigated by a blood test.

What skin problems did you face during pregnancy and what treatment did you use to solve them? Tell us your experience in the comments section!

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The mother most criticized for buying 350 Christmas gifts for her children

Emma is the mother of three children. So far, it may seem normal to us. But Emma topping she has become famous for something else. One fine day he surprised everyone with the photograph of a Christmas tree buried in a mountain of gifts.

In total, there were 87 gifts, that she showed proud. 1700 euros had been spent. And yet criticism began to pour in from everywhere. How did Emma answer all these criticisms? Increasing the number of gifts! This is the result.

A year after harsh criticism of her 'Christmas philosophy', this 28-year-old British woman responds with another photograph: This time the mountain buries the Christmas tree with ... 350 gifts! Even more gifts. More expenses. A total of 2300 euros. She proudly comments on the following:

'Another hard year of saving and planning. Another year in which my family makes me proud every day. They deserve the best Christmas. I know I have many enemies but this will not change the way I celebrate Christmas. '

Total, each child will receive more than 90 gifts. They are all cheap gifts. And not all of them are toys, but also clothes and school supplies. But what is surprising is not so much what is spent on them, but the number of packages that each child will receive. Criticism, of course, was not long in coming. Poor children! 'Say many of them. 'He does not know the evil he does by indulging them so much.' Many others, on the other hand, defended it. "Why can't he do what he wants with his money?" They say.

This mother says that during the year, her children do not receive a single gift. So concentrates them all at Christmas.

Yes, Emma's children will be able to boast before the rest of friends and schoolmates. They will think they are the happiest children. Your eyes will immediately light up when you see the tree surrounded by hundreds of gifts. They will think that there cannot be a better mother in the world. But ... what will happen in the future?

- Lack of motivation towards effort
If you give everything the child asks for and grant all his wishes, he will think that everything is easy to get, that it is enough to ask for it. What will happen when you grow up and meet him, things really take dedication and effort?

- Low tolerance to frustration
When a child receives everything he wants and everything he asks for, he imagines that the world will always give him what he wants. What will happen when things don't go your way? Will you be able to cope with the frustration that ensues?

- More whimsical
The more a child has, the more he wants. These children actually become more fickle and anxious.

- Tendency to depression
The loss of values ​​such as effort and perseverance, and the fact of giving so much importance to material goods, leads to an inner emptiness that in the future, can cause many emotional problems.

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Meaning of the name Palmacio. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Palmacio. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

In ancient Rome it was customary for generals to celebrate their victories wearing a tunic embroidered with palms, a symbol of the victorious. Its spread as a name is due to some martyrs such as Saint Palmacio, martyr in Trier in the IV century.

It comes from the Latin palmatus, which means "adorned with palms."

March 10, October 5


  • Saint Palemon, abbot in Egypt in the 4th century

Drawings of the name Palmacio coloring page printable game

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