The antimicrobial agents are attacking you! Watch out for the antibiotic!

The antimicrobial agents are attacking you! Watch out for the antibiotic!

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Meaning of the name Cesáreo. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Caesarean. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Name widely used by the Romans in honor of Julius Caesar. Very common in Spain in medieval times.

Derived from "Caesar", "predestined, taken from the womb".

February 25, August 27


  • Cesáreo Estébanez, Spanish actor (1941)

Drawings of the name Cesáreo coloring page printable game

Sophiane Name - Meaning and Origin

Sophiane Name - Meaning and Origin

Hemorrhoids in children

Hemorrhoids can affect many adults. They are especially annoying in some situations, such as pregnancy. But we must not forget that also can affect children. We explain how they affect the smallest of the house.

What exactly are hemorrhoids? The margins of the anus and rectum are surrounded by a set of veins called the 'hemorrhoidal system'. Commonly, it is understood by hemorrhoids the dilation of those veins. Parents often report that the child has a 'small purple cord', or 'a kind of chickpea' on the margins of the anus, which swells with effort. Its main cause is constipation.

Hemorrhoids they can be external or internal, depending on where they appear. The internal ones start from deep areas to the dentate line; the external ones depart from territories close to it. The most common in childhood are uncomplicated external hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids run a local bulging, itching, stinging, pain, and bleeding in relation to defecation.

The most important thing in the treatment of hemorrhoids is correct the cause that is motivating it.

- Constipation: In those cases secondary to constipation, the intake of fiber (fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals) and fluids must be increased. In addition, we have to sit the child on the toilet or urinal, for 5 minutes, after each meal, so that he tries to evacuate and avoid being held. It is also advisable to avoid sedentary lifestyle. On the other hand, especially at the beginning, we can help ourselves with pharmacological measures, such as the administration of polyethylene glycol.

- Diarrhea: If the hemorrhoids are secondary to diarrhea, we must guarantee a correct replacement of fluids and electrolytes, through the supply of oral rehydration serum.

- Specific diseases: There are several diseases with specific treatments (such as portal hypertension or Crohn's disease) that can lead to significant hemorrhoids.

It should be noted that many topical treatments contain corticosteroids and, if used, it must be done in short cycles of less than five days.

If the evolution is not favorable with medical treatment, or if the hemorrhoids become complicated (rupture, thrombosis), it may be required surgical treatment.

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Constipation in Children: Understanding and Treating This Common Problem

He will know the joys of skiing

He will know the joys of skiing

The mountain, that you win ! This may be true for you, but not so obvious for a child. Little game of tracks to help him enjoy his first vacation in the snow.

Snow, a destabilizing element

  • The snow slides and sinks. For your toddler, she calls into question an act as simple as the walk he thought he had mastered. This is even more true if he spoke very early, because he is likely to be interested in walking later. A child needs to focus on only one of these two big acquisitions at a time. He exhausts the pleasures and possibilities before moving on to the other. Good talker or champion seed, you have to choose!

Initiation to the joys of snow

  • The snow is cold and wet. Not necessarily pleasant! It's up to you to show him the happiness it can provide. Play together, walk, run in the snow, make snowball battles to discover these new sensations. Do not feel your hands when you plunge them into this carpet all white, it can be scary.
  • Encourage him. The fuel that pushes him to go beyond his limits is the emotional. To discover this new world, your child must feel that you are close to him. You must respect what he is able to do and, above all, never force him.

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Meaning of the name Colmano. Name for boys


Penis size in babies

Penis size in babies

The boy's penis increases with age, like any other organ in the body. Have you ever wondered if your 5-month-old baby has a penis big enough? Find out what size is appropriate for each age stage!

The penis in small babies is a special concern for mothers, they are aware that the care of this area has certain peculiarities. You just have to inform yourself and follow certain criteria in the care and careful monitoring of penis development in babies.
KW Feldman and DW Smith made a chart of (normal) penis length in infants at various stages of age. There are certain measurements that are considered optimal in babies, but do not be afraid if you notice that your baby is a little longer or smaller, there is a margin of approximation.

Here are the dimensions:
0 - 5 months - 3.81 cm +/- 0.76 cm
6 - 12 months - 4, 31 cm +/- 0, 76 cm
1 - 2 years - 4, 82 cm +/- 0, 76 cm
2 - 3 years - 5.08 cm +/- 1.01 cm
3 - 4 years - 5.58 cm +/- 1.01 cm
4 - 5 years - 5.58 cm +/- 1.01 cm
5 - 8 years - 5.58 cm +/- 1.01 cm
8- 11 years - 6.09 cm +/- 1.01 cm
When measuring your baby's penis, to see if it fits within the normal limits set by specialists, you must consider a few rules:
- the baby's posture should be as straight as possible;

- the measurement is done when the penis is erect;

- it is measured from the root (base of the bone) to the tip.

When should you worry?

Penis absent

One of the cases where you have to worry is if you notice that the penis is missing! It is an extremely rare condition, occurring in one of 20 million boys. In this case, the scrotum and testicles form normally, but the penis does not develop at all. In this case, a team of specialists is made up of geneticists, endocrinologists, urologists and pediatricians who determine what to do.


This is a much more common condition in babies and can be detected during pregnancy, in the 14th week, when the penis begins to form in the fetus. It represents a hormonal disorder and manifests itself by a size of the penis below the average length corresponding to the age; usually has a deviation of 6.35 cm.
It is given a testosterone treatment that should give results and observe an increase of it in maximum 3 months and a normal functionality.

The size of the pension - what problems can you face?

There are a few particular situations that could interfere with the normal enlargement of the penis. There are related problems that can make organ development difficult and in which case you need to take action!

Fymosis in babies

One of these problems is phimosis in which the preputial hole of the boys is too small and does not allow the descaling of the penile gland.
The foreskin (the skin fold located at the tip of the penis, which covers the glans) should not be stretched, and if there is no infection or embarrassment during urination, no treatment is required.
However, sometimes decalcation may be required as an option to remedy phimosis in infants. It involves the action of withdrawing the foreskin of a sexually immature boy prematurely and forcefully. Therefore, if the foreskin is too tight (phimosis), some doctors recommend gradual descaling over time.
In other cases, circumcision may be a method used to treat phimosis. This represents the surgical removal of the skin that covers the head of the baby's penis (foreskin). "In the case of children with phimosis, circumcision is indicated," says Alina Pop Bogdan, resident physician.

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Pregnant belly prick - when is it dangerous?

Pregnant belly prick - when is it dangerous?

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