Food hygiene during pregnancy

Food hygiene during pregnancy

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Most women can continue their lives during pregnancy as before, but it is worthwhile for them to make small changes to keep both the mother and the fetus healthy. What is it recommended to avoid?


One pohбr drink is befolyбsolhatja the fetus fejlхdйsйt, alcohol tцbbek kцzцtt pйldбul physical deformitбsokat, nцvekedйsi elmaradбst, fejlхdйsi rendellenessйgeket cause, and the kognitнv kйpessйgek romlбsбnak the szьletendх kisbabбnбl the viselkedйsi problйmбknak the koordinбciуs disturbances, finommotorikбnak the csцkkent the rizikуja also jelentхs mйrtйkben megnх . Drinking alcohol was generally not recommended for pregnant women


Like alcohol, smoking is extremely severe for the fetus (not to mention the effects on the mother's body). Exposure to tobacco during pregnancy increases the risk of congenital heart disease, but also increases the risk of premature birth, low birth weight, early onset of pregnancy, and malformation. Ideally, it is advisable to drop the cigarette right before conception, but at least try to quit if the test is positive! It should not be forgotten that passive smoking is as damaging as smoking cigarettes!


There is just enough to read about the health effects of drugs, but drugs are still more valuable during pregnancy. Not only does it increase the risk of developmental abnormalities, miscarriage, premature birth, but the fetus can also be dependent and may have severe withdrawal symptoms after birth.

Certain drugs

Few drugs have been shown to harm the fetus and should be avoided during pregnancy. These include, for example, painkillers containing ibuprofen, anti-cancer cold medicines, anti-acne medicines or so-called ACE inhibitors that are used to suppress blood pressure. Neither is recommended for some good medicine! Always consult with your doctor before taking your medicine!

Risky foods

Every baby has foods that he or she avoids during his or her months of pregnancy, for example, because he or she has cravings, stomachaches, or outright disgust. This may also be due to altered odor and sensation. However, for safety reasons, we recommend that some foods be left out of baby food for safety reasons. For example, raw meats, unpasteurised milk and dairy products, flat cheeses, high mercury fish (eg mackerel), raw eggs are not recommended. In these foods, certain pathogens can be more easily colonized and multiplied, which the adult body (more or less) can easily control, but can also have infectious consequences in the fetus.

Too much caffeine

One or two not very strong stones are acceptable, but too much caffeine should be dropped during pregnancy. Too much caffeine can affect the birth rate, and even increase the risk of miscarriage. It is recommended that 200-300 mg of caffeine should not be consumed during pregnancy, which is much the same as a cup of coffee.

Hot baths and sauna

A long hot bath, jacuzzi, or sauna is extremely relaxing for many people, but it is more worthwhile to give up on these pleasures, primarily because it can increase the risk of excessive heat. According to experts, any activity that causes excessive increase in body temperature, including "hot yoga", very intense exercise, sunbathing and dryness, should be avoided.

Contact sports

Pregnant pregnant women are not advised to exercise with strong body contact, such as boxing or fighting, or those with a high risk of collision (such as football or hockey). Doing so may increase the risk of burping the lump, which may cause premature birth or fetal loss. It should not be forgotten that during pregnancy, the business will be looser and this will increase the likelihood of injuries.

Activities where we can fall

After the first trimester, you should avoid activities and sports where there is a high risk of falling. Examples include skiing, skating, mountain climbing or horseback riding. Pregnancy changes posture, and abdominal growth affects the balance, and the consequence is that it is much easier to fall, and that rain also carries a higher risk of injuries.

Risky forms of motion

It is true that it is worth staying active and exercising regularly during pregnancy, but it does not matter what kind of sport your mother chooses. Too many jumps, sudden movements, can increase your chances of getting killed, but can also be dangerous when lying down on the ground, such as abdominal presses.

Corpses and other attractions

The amusement park "games", for example, wobble along with movements that lead to mild malaise, even in completely healthy, non-freaking people! Sudden onset and stopping, and jerky movements can also cause placental collapse.

Home cat kitten replacement

Fortunately, no one is telling a pregnant mom to get rid of her pet immediately, but it is worthwhile to try to replace the cat litter these months. Cats' fetuses may be contaminated with a pathogen that causes a disease called toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis in adults is often mild but can cause extremely serious irreversible lesions in the fetus, for example, damage to the eyes or brain.

Lifting heavy objects

One of the most common advice that little babies get is to avoid lifting heavy objects. This may increase the risk of muscular arthritis, but may also increase the risk of herniation, premature birth, or excessively low birth weight. You may also be interested in:
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5 ideas for outdoor games for the whole family

5 ideas for outdoor games for the whole family

To draw near summer vacation and children are just waiting to get rid of homework. Their thinking is just playing. Help them enjoy the beautiful weather by giving them ideas for fun outdoor activities. If you have exhausted all your ideas, try these 5 projects, proposed by experts, which guarantee fun for the whole family.

1. Paint for asphalt paintings

Kids love to draw chalk on the sidewalk. But when it comes to young children, you have to consider the risk of accidentally ingesting chalk dust. You can avoid this by making your own paint on the sidewalk from natural ingredients. The child's creativity will be stimulated with the help of this simple and harmless project for health.

How do you prepare the paint? In a plastic bowl, mix cornstarch with water, in equal quantities. Then pour the composition into the supports for the eggs or bricks and add a drop of food coloring to each support. Once you have prepared the paint, you only have to take your children by the hand, arm yourself with a few brushes and go out in the yard or in front of the block, to make wonderful paintings on the asphalt.

2. Sparkling grenades for bombing bales

This spring has had more rainy days than sunny, but for the children it was not a problem. The rain leaves behind the ponds and the ponds are wonderful! Even the chicks who learn to walk know this. How to let them take a few steps alone, how to stop in the first balcony. It's a muse to swing his hands in the water. The big ones can try another fun activity.

Ingredients for colored grenades:

- half a cup of baking soda;
- food coloring;
- 2 teaspoons of citric acid.

Preparation: Mix the above ingredients in a bowl, then add a tablespoon of olive oil. The mixture should remain slightly fragile, but bound. If the ingredients do not blend well together, add a small amount of olive oil, until you can shape it into balls. Let the "ammunition" dry overnight. The next day, try the foaming explosive power of the grenades by throwing them in the balconies, along with the children.

Do not imagine that you will provoke who knows what an explosion, but it will be fun to see how the bombs in the kitchen burst.

3. Fluffy bun of dough

With only 2 ingredients you can get excellent material for sensory play. The children have a lot of fun when playing with the dough, but its preparation will leave with a total chaos in you in the kitchen. If you stay in the yard, you could prepare the dough outdoors. That way, you won't mind if the flour is spread everywhere. All you need is:

- 8 cups with flour;
- 1 cup of baby oil or canola oil.

Preparation: Allow the children to mix the flour with the oil to make the dough. If they use whole wheat flour, it will look like sand. The preparation process gives them the opportunity to feel the texture of the ingredients and to learn a lot of new things about the kitchen.

4. Huge soap balls

Playing with soap balloons is one of the children's favorites. What would you say about some giant balloons? We propose another interesting project, which will surely be enjoyed by parents as well:


- 6 cups with water;
- half cup of blue dish detergent;
- half a cup of corn flour;
- 1 tablespoon of baking powder.

Once prepared the mixture, you only have to build a large balloon blowing ring, with which to make huge soap bubbles. To do this, you need 2 stronger fillets, such as straw style ones, used as a support for air or helium filled balloons. Insert a string through them and attach it to one of the ends, so that you get a square or rectangle with two sides of the tie, and the other two, made of sticks.

5. Chalk spray for asphalt drawings

Before you get started, get some spray bottles. You can buy them from hypermarkets or from shops with products for 1 lei.


- 1 tablespoon flour;
- 10-12 drops of food coloring;
- half a cup of hot water.

Preparation: Mix flour with water, then add to the preparation obtained dye. Pour it into the spray bottle and shake the container well before each use.

To obtain chalk spray of different colors, first pour the water mixed with flour in bottles and then put drops of dye in each container. You can create your own shades by combining the colors.

I'm having fun!

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Sports during pregnancy

The practice of some physical activity during pregnancy is recommended for all women. What's more, it is essential and beneficial for both the baby and the woman, controlling their weight, improving their physical condition and acting positively on their mood. However, if you are pregnant and want to practice some type of physical exercise, before starting consult with your doctorfor your approval.

A woman who can enjoy exercise during pregnancy will feel much better in every way, as it will help her:

  1. Feel more controlled and with more energy and vitality
  2. Tone the muscles of the back, avoiding pain, and strengthening your posture
  3. Balance bowel movement
  4. Activate and strengthen joint movements
  5. Falling asleep more easily
  6. Manage stress and anxiety
  7. Improve the appearance of the skin
  8. Control breathing and pain during labor
  9. Not accumulate fat during pregnancy and, thus, be able to regain physical shape after pregnancy.
  10. Sports for pregnant women

The type of exercises will depend on the pregnancy status and the physical shape of the future mother. Physical exercises will have more limitations, in the event that the woman presents hypertension, dizziness, uterine contractions, vaginal bleeding or fatigue. In more special cases such as heart disease, risk of premature birth, multiple pregnancy, an improperly growing fetus or a loose uterus, this practice is contraindicated.

Specialists on the subject affirm that the best activities for pregnant women are those that can be practiced in the water, such as swimming and hydro-gymnastics, because they avoid gravitational efforts, reduce fluid retention and back discomfort. .

Yoga, as well as Pilates, dancing, or simply walking, is also advisable as a good alternative to improve flexibility and strengthen muscles. According to most doctors, pregnant women should not carry weight or do abdominal exercises, at least in the first months. They should avoid activities that include bouncing, jumping, descents and ascents, radical changes of direction, or that offer risks of injury to the abdominal area. Sports such as skiing, diving or horse riding are not recommended.

If you did not practice any type of physical exercise before you were pregnant and now you want to do it, it is best to start little by little with low-risk activities, such as walking, moderate swimming, etc. If, on the other hand, you have always practiced gymnastics, you can continue with the exercise that you did before you got pregnant, of course, reducing its intensity and the speed of the movements. In any case, never forget to consult your doctor first.

To begin with the exercises, it is recommended that the woman feel comfortable. Dress in light clothing, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and avoid exercising in times of high temperatures. For this, you need to wear light clothes, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, and avoid doing exercises in times of high temperatures. Here are some tips:

  • Start gradually, from 5 minutes a day, up to 30, adding 5 minutes to each day
  • In addition to a comfortable and loose clothing, put on a suitable bra to protect your breasts
  • Baby much water
  • Avoid exercising if you are sick
  • Observe and discuss with your doctor in the event that you notice any discomfort in your body, such as fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, pain in the back, tachycardia. Our body is wise, and it may be warning you that something is wrong

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5 discipline mistakes parents make

5 discipline mistakes parents make

Parents want our children to be educated, disciplined and to respect limits. However, children cannot do it by infused science. We are in charge of making them understand that there are rules to comply with and explaining what they are.

Sometimes we think we are educating our children in discipline, but children show disrespect, bad behavior, and disobedience, so where do we go wrong? There are several mistakes we make along the way, how many do you recognize yourself in?

1- We educate negatively: Throughout the day we can say the word 'no' more than 80 times. 'Don't hit your brother, don't take that, don't watch television, don't talk with your mouth full, no, no, no ...' There are so many times that our children generate a kind of immunity and it has no effect . Psychologists recommend that we educate with positive reinforcement, that is, change the previous message to 'treat your brother well, you can take that other thing, can we read for a while? ...'.

2- We give vague orders: the usual 'behave yourself' or 'you have to be good' does not provide any information to children. We should be more specific and specify what we expect from them. For example: 'in the library you have to speak softly' or 'we have to queue to enter'.

3- We lose patience and we end up yelling or being stern in situations that don't demand as much authority. It is more effective to control emotions and count to ten and use firmness and assurance. The screams, even if they vent or unload tension, only cause the child to act violently and reproduce the screams.

4- Don't be an example: children are smarter and more observant than we imagine. Each gesture or word is assimilated by small eyes that do not lose any detail even if they do not look. If we do not follow the rules, are disrespectful or undisciplined, they will replicate the behavior.

5- Do not give explanations: there is a typical mother phrase that ends with 'because I said so, period'. We use it when we are too tired or when we have run out of arguments. However, for our children to act within the limits, we have to explain what they are and why they have to behave in a certain way.

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