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Mam manual breast pump

Mam manual breast pump

Simple to use, its milk suction level easily adapts to your needs. The soft pads in the funnel offer a pleasant sensation on the skin: € 49, sold with 1 anti-colic bottle and 2 sealing discs (Mam).

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In the case of a fertility problem, the most effective way is to try to prepare the body and the soul for the birth of the child.

Higi Vera Psychologist, Mediator

In Hungary, according to estimates, 20% of couples have a conception problem. Many ask for help from a crib or a specialist in infertility, others turn to a psychologist or believe that childbirth will be over. In a domestic infertility clinic, this inter-professional problem is cured by inter-professionalism, where relaxation and hypnosis can now be achieved for couples.
Higi Vera, a psychologist at the Versys Clinics Human Reproductive Institute, has helped guide how these methods can help couples trying to have children.- Managing infertility is, according to popular belief, a basically medical process involving physical intervention. How does a psychologist relate to narrowly focused medical disciplines?
Higi Vera: The body and the souls form an interrelated system that is impossible to separate. Of course, this does not mean that there are no specialized areas of treatment, since physicians are basically responsible for bodily interventions, whereas the role of the psychologist is to assist in mental processes, but we are both responsible. A person can only be contacted as a normal being, and during a consultation a physician interacts with the bodily processes through the psyche even when he / she is not even touching the patient, and the psychologist also helps the body with his / her own tools.
- In medical terms, the success of infertility treatment is the birth of a newborn baby, what is your stated goal?
Higi Vera: Above all, it is an important goal for couples who have children to accept that not only medical interventions are successful, but that they can do a great deal for their own parents. In Hungary, it is typical that people who have problems with their conception go to a psychologist or seek help for infertility in the infertile area, and there are, of course, many alternative methods. However, the importance of each area is ubiquitous, as the practice of childbirth in the infertility area provides extra support for the child's conception, and psychology, by mobilizing internal resources, aids in the process of mobilization of internal resources.

Hypnosis can help with infertility treatment

- What is the reason that many people in Hungary do not go to a psychologist even when they are in a very emotionally stressful life situation? Higi Vera: First and foremost, we meet the need for men to turn to a psychologist for a sign of weakness. I do the opposite, I think it is rather a very foolish end to take on the problem. Patients who have a conception problem often feel that they have a psychological concern because during the physical interventions part of the whole professional team wants to have the most spiritual choice. This is a completely compassionate part about this part, but if you finally vote for our work, we can help you stay intimate and safe in this extremely precarious situation.
- How does a psychologist work with a patient with a conception problem?
Higi Vera: At the very beginning of the program, it is possible to discuss with the couple in a frank discussion whether there is any life event, trauma, or any relationship problem that may be related to the child. It is a huge relief when someone finds their answers to their own requests.
- Are there any special methods to help the child?
Higi Vera: indнtottunk in Idйn a egyedьlбllу hazбnkban program that sorбn the child vбgyу nхk kцzvetlenьl the beavatkozбsok - can elхtt relaxбciуt and hipnуzist igйnybe, ezбltal elхsegнtve the elйrйsйt its physical йs spiritual бllapotnak that the lehetх legfelkйszьltebben vбrja the embriу befogadбsбt - pйldбul the embriу visszaьltetйse . Relaxation is largely known to couples, but in hypnosis it is important to dissipate preconceptions. Many people are afraid that they will remember nothing, but in a similar vein, hypnosis works just like watching a movie that captivates us completely in a movie theater. In this case, the external environment does not matter, we also feel the time, we are involved in the situation. We work in a similar fashion to hypnosis, helping to relax in a condition that the hope mother is best suited to get out of here and now, anxiously and physically.
- How did this process help?
Higi Vera: There is a great need for this, as these couples do a great deal to buy a baby, so there is a great deal of intervention before the intervention that the female body feels. It is our job to find the physical and mental state that is most conducive to embryo adhesion, but our work is not here to stop. Often such anxiety is accompanied by greater anxiety, right up until the child's birth, or even after the couple, when they need this kind of support.
- What successes have they achieved?
Vera Higi: It is always a great pleasure for a woman to be able to conceive, even spontaneously, after having a child at work. We talk little about roulette, but sometimes success is not easy to process. We often find that if someone goes to the clinic after years of unsuccessful attempts and first grabs the child, he or she will face a greater crisis than if he or she had another failure. This is a natural process, because if you are fully committed to the certainty that the IVF program will succeed, you will be overwhelmed with disappointment in your pregnancy test and your menstruation. Initial confidence is replaced by caution, followed by "routine" participation in IVF programs, where the child is less and less able to grasp the future. Perhaps this is the reason why many babies conceive when their parents put down the burden and choose adoption.
- What does infertility psychology suggest to couples who have a conception problem?
Higi Vera: A number of studies have shown that the mental state significantly influences the chance of embryo attachment, and that is why it is worth helping the spiritual side of the program. At the same time, I suggest that you thoroughly investigate the problem of conception, as there are some differences that require medical attention. If a woman has, for example, a mole that is located in a way that the fetus has no room for development, then it should be corrected by endoscopic surgery. Of course, psychological help can be sought during surgery, as many are still in need of one-day surgical intervention and anesthesia, but in the case of childbirth, this is the first case. All in all, I would recommend to every child not to forget that the help of a doctor and technology can cure many problems, but be aware that they can do a lot to succeed.

Vaginal birth after caesarean section

Vaginal birth after caesarean section
Very often you will notice some regularity, especially in weather like today. The young mother is wearing a light, airy dress, possibly bermuda shorts and a blouse with straps, pushing a pram in front of her and in it ... lies a baby dressed inadequately to the weather: long sleeve, long shorts, socks, autumn hat, the child is covered with a heavy blanket. In addition, so as not to accidentally irritate the baby's delicate skin, or actually exposed fragments - the face and hands - a blanket is accused on the stroller. Of course, Buda is built so that the baby is not too cold. According to the insane social paranoia - let it not blow, do not freeze, so let's dress warmer, just in case ...

This fear of the child's body cooling down, especially of the youngest one, is quite understandable due to the latitude in which we live. The weather rarely pampers us, only for several dozen days a year the sun is shining and it is hot ... Therefore, when the warm days finally come, many of us do not notice it.

The infant, unfortunately, does not always inform him that he is hot ...

What's more durable children lie and sleep. Others protest loudly because they are too warm.

And you young mother, wouldn't it be?

Make an experiment. Dress like a child - put on long pants, long sleeves (not to mention the diaper, which also does its job), wrap the blanket, throw a flannel diaper on a hat with a big brim ... and lie on the grass. For obvious reasons, let go to the gondola ... I guarantee you will understand. You will start sweating, there is a risk that you will also be breathless, it will get stuffy ...

Now you know how your child feels? Do you really want that for him?

A child alone in the car?

The topic of leaving a child in the car when the outside temperature is higher than 20 degrees has already been publicized. What happens with a toddler left in a heated car can be seen here.

Still, there is no lack of view of children in prams dressed for fall ...

Welcome to the sauna

Not only do we dress the children inadequately to the weather, we also reach for blankets or diapers and cover them with a stroller to protect the toddler from sun rays and insects. However, we should not do this!

In this way, we can make the temperature inside the truck rise to dangerous levels. Swedish scientists compare the conditions in the wheelchair ... to a thermos, and even a heating oven. There is no free flow of air, and we do not see a child. The temperature is rising fast. Checked quickly.

In the gondola uncovered - 22 degrees.

In a gondola covered with a thin layer (diaper) after 30 minutes, the temperature rose to 34 degrees, after an hour it was already 37 degrees ...

Unfortunately, hardly anyone realizes that such an innocent act as covering the gondola with a blanket on a hot day can be very dangerous!

Remember, small children are particularly vulnerable to overheating and stroke. Symptoms are hot, red, dry skin, fast heartbeat, fast, shallow breathing, anxiety.

What to do?

We dress newborns and babies only in one more layer. In other words, before you go outside, look at yourself in the mirror and dress the child similarly. Take a thin blanket, this will be the extra layer in question. Do not put anything on the stroller. If you are afraid of the sun, choose an umbrella for a stroller, a mosquito net is great for insects.

Older babies and children who are already able to walk - we dress the same as ourselves. No additional layers needed! Preschoolers who are very active can wear lighter clothes than parents.

Give more fluid when it is warm.

Photo: Flickr / betsy

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