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No need to be afraid of bends in Hungary

Tiribam Tiribum is back! Saturday, February 23, 2013, 11:00 am at CinemaPro!

Tiribam Tiribum is back! Saturday, February 23, 2013, 11:00 am at CinemaPro!

Tiribam Tiribum is back! Saturday, February 23, 2013, 11:00 am at CinemaPro!

Date and time

February 23, 2013, 11:00 am


The most loved and awaited children's show is back. On Saturday, February 23, 2013, from 11:00 am, at CinemaPRO, Gasca Zurli calls all children and parents with a desire to play at the show "Tiribam Tiribum" the first and only children's show in Romania.

Tiribam Tiribum changes everything that has happened so far in children's entertainment: original music, fascinating costumes, experienced actors and the unique concept of the show causes all spectators to enter the game.

It is a show in which the little ones and the big ones are invited to sing, to dance, to stand up, to shout, to keep their fists, to count.

Good Fairy needs the help of children. The reason? The super wicked Tura-Vura witch, who no one fears, is trying to steal the children's fun! Does he have a chance? When the children ally with Gasca Zurli and remove the arsenal of songs, games, magic and good mood, Tura-Vura discovers that the good wins, and the spells have no effect.

The story is supported by the favorite songs of the children - Has a mother a little girl, If she is happy, Counting, but also new original songs, rhythmic, with beautiful text and easy to remember.

The show is simple and easy to understand by the little ones, the choreography is easy to imitate, and the message is always with a subtext for the parents.

One of the great strengths of the show is the transformation of the negative characters into funny, likeable, unsavory characters. Children need negative characters that are easy to overcome with the mind, easy to correct with the soul. In the Zurli concepts, the negative characters are bored, crushed, broken-pots, tangled-jars. Their evil intentions are only superficial. Their gaze is friendly, their voice can be warm and their actions can at most bring a smile to their children's lips.

Last year, the show Tiribam Tiribum was watched by over 100,000 children from all over the country and involved in the campaign "You have one more book, give it away" and in the "Proistoriafest" Festival.

Tickets were on sale at the CinemaPRO cashier (phone 031.824.13.60) and online on vreaubilet.ro, phone 0724. 016.269 / 0725.873.282. The price of a ticket is 20 RON per person.
The ZURLI team is waiting for you!

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On the International Day of Hand Hygiene (May 5), over 300 children planted good hygiene habits with Dettol

Exhibition Ancient Egypt, an adventure full of surprises in the fascinating history of Egyptians

Exhibition Ancient Egypt, an adventure full of surprises in the fascinating history of Egyptians

Children unravel the mysteries of the pyramids in Ploiesti Shopping City, at the exhibition "Ancient Egypt"

An impressive adventure in the universe of Egyptian civilization

In period April 7 - May 3, 2016, Ploiesti Shopping City brings, for the first time in the region, the exhibition Ancient Egypt, an adventure full of surprises in the fascinating history of the Egyptians, dedicated to children aged 5 to 12 years. The exhibition is for the first time in Prahova, during a national tour and aims to bring the mysteries of Egyptology to the little ones in an interactive and easy to understand form.

Every day, in the hourly interval 12:00 - 20:00, Kids in Pyramids team It welcomes the little ones with an interactive course of about 45 minutes, where children will find essential information about one of the most important civilizations of the ancient era. The lesson encourages interactive learning through play, while pyramid models, children's costumes and puzzles will turn the course into a fun experience. Throughout the route, the children will be supervised by specialized guides who will answer all the questions of the little ones.

The route is fun for Kids in Pyramids

The children enter the spirit of Ancient Egypt from the first minutes of the experience, when they are dressed in Pharaohs or Cleopatra, before the tour begins. Enter the new roles, the children begin a unique journey into a mystical world, where they can visit the pyramid and the small house, find artifacts, decipher fun puzzles and hieroglyphs, discover Tutankhamun's sarcophagus and find out details about the best known pharaoh. of Egypt.

Children will take part in the construction of a miniature pyramid and find out how they were built in antiquity.

The fun accompanies the curious little ones at each point of the exhibition - the children will get to know the mummies and learn more about how this frightening myth appeared, and the treasure room will greet the little ones with surprises. Funny pictures will complete the successful recipe for a fun learning portion.

The ticket for the Kids in Pyramids exhibition is priced at 10 Lei, includes a photo and can be purchased from the information office. Groups organized with a minimum of 10 children, can purchase the entrance ticket at a reduced price of 7 lei / child.

More details about the event can be found on www.ploiestishoppingcity.ro or on Facebook, www.facebook.com/PloiestiShoppingCity

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Pumpkin-brown cream soup

Pumpkin-brown cream soup

A velvety recipe to offer to your baby from 6 months. See the pumpkin-brown cream soup recipe

A velvety recipe to offer to your baby from 6 months.

See the pumpkin-brown cream soup recipe

Products that make breastfeeding easier

Breastfeeding is a unique experience, but that can be difficult in the first few weeks. That's why many products have been created that make breastfeeding easier for moms and babies, eliminating much of the discomfort and problems associated with this delicate period. From silicone nipples to avoid sores due to suction, to clothes with special support for the breast bust, products that make breastfeeding easier are gifts of modern life, which offer excellent solutions thanks to technological advances.

Look also at the positive breastfeeding and find out what products you can use, for a satisfying and uncomfortable experience!

Silicone nipples

Unfortunately, breastfeeding can be painful, especially at first, because the sensitive skin of the mammary areola can be easily irritated by the strong friction it is subjected to. Precisely because of this necessity, silicone nipples were produced, which act as a protective barrier between the areola / nipple and the baby's lips.

The silicone nipples, also called silicone nipples, adhere very well to the breast and also help the baby catch the nipple better so that it can feed without problems.

You can try Avent's small / standard nipple protectors, Tommee Tippee nipple protectors, Medela Contact nipple protectors or NUK silicone nipples.

Correctors for inverted nipple

Breasts can have different sizes and shapes, and not many mothers have inverted nipples (facing inwards). This anatomical feature may prevent the baby from properly grasping the nipple when feeding. The pharmaceutical market has also found solutions for this problem, in the form of corrections for inverted nipples.

These rubber devices are worn on the breasts during periods when breastfeeding does not occur, even before birth (for optimal nipple exposure). They are comfortable, risk-free and effective in correcting inverted nipples.

You can try Niplette Reverse Nipple Corrector from Philips Avent, Medela Reverse Nipple Corrector or Ameda Nipple Formers Nipple Corrector.

Breast ointment

No matter how many precautions a mom might take, breastfeeding can predispose her to nipple irritations. Precisely for this common problem, the ointments for the breasts were created, usually based on lanolin, which quickly heals cracked skin and bleeding, without being dangerous to the baby.

After each breastfeeding, use a special ointment for the breasts, even with the appearance of minor irritations that may worsen.

You can try the Gamastan ointment from Protina (based on guava oil, an oil extracted from the guava tree), Sudocrem ointment (with antiseptic effect, stimulates epidermal regeneration) or Multi-Mam ointment with lanolin.

Pillow for breastfeeding

Appreciated by many moms everywhere, breastfeeding pillow makes breast feeding baby much easier, both for the mother and the baby. This product offers the necessary support and keeps the baby at the breast level, so that the mother does not have to bend at all.

The profile market offers you numerous variants of cushions for breastfeeding, in different forms, depending on your needs. You can give MilkyWay, MamoTato, the Mombo multifunctional cushion from Bright Starts or the Bertoni brand cushion a chance.

Breastfeeding chair

Another product that can make breastfeeding easier is the saddle seat, which has an angular structure, which helps to correct the position of the mother and baby during breast feeding. If you do not know very well what position to take when breastfeeding, the aforementioned chair helps you stay in the correct position. In addition, you can later reuse the breastfeeding chair as a footrest, practice table, computer chair, etc.

Try the model from Medela (called Nursing Stool), the Philips Avent chair or the Hapfa breastfeeding chair.

Breastfeeding blouse

Another product that might be useful to you as your baby is still a baby is the breastfeeding blouse, a special clothing accessory created for good bust support, but also for quick access to the baby's nipple.

Breastfeeding blouses can be worn at home or abroad, can replace the breastfeeding bra and remain garments that can be worn for years, even when they no longer serve the purpose for which they were created.

Examples of such useful clothing are the Victoria breastfeeding and pregnancy blouse, the Autumn Leaf discreet breastfeeding blouse, the Carriwell Caj long-breasted breastfeeding blouse, etc.

Breast pump

Sleep deprivation can be a real torture for new mothers, which is why breast pumps were created, which allow the extraction of breast milk and its storage in baby bottles, so that the baby can be fed by someone else.

Breast pumps can be both electric and manual. They are also used to prevent a major problem during breastfeeding, namely milk rage.

You can try breast pumps from Ameda, Chicco, Medela, Nuvita, Philips Avent, Tommee Tippee etc.

Breastfeeding pads

Not infrequently, it has happened that breastfeeding moms face wet spots on their clothes, due to excess milk secreted by the breasts during or immediately after breastfeeding. Get ready early to remedy this often embarrassing problem and keep in your bag a few breastfeeding pads, specially made to absorb the accidentally leaking breast milk from the nipple.

You can find disposable or reusable breast pads in pharmacies (they can be washed and used repeatedly), from numerous brands: Philips Avent, Chicco, Charlie Banana, Tommee Tippee, Nuk etc.

Find the right breastfeeding products for you and your baby at the best price!

What products did you use to ease your baby's breastfeeding? Also recommend to other moms useful solutions for breast feeding the baby in the comments section below!

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