40 Unique Biblical Names for baby boy with meaning

40 Unique Biblical Names for baby boy with meaning

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Day of Holy Happiness, March 7. Names for girls

Happiness It is a name for a girl of Latin origin of obvious meaning. It is therefore a name with great connotations of well-being, abundance and good luck, ideal for your baby. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not outdated or extravagant, since the concept that represents its meaning is on everyone's mind. Celebrate your name day March 7th, which is the day of Santa Felicidad.

We can think of many reasons to call a baby Happiness: the precious meaning of the name, the elegance and positivity it conveys, the beautiful diminutives it allows ... But it is also a cool name to call your girl if she is born on March 7, especially if your family has a tradition of calling the baby according to the saint of the day it is born.

March 7 is the day that the saints dedicate to Holy Happiness. The story of this saint with such a beautiful name is linked to that of Perpetual Saint. Both, who celebrate their birthday on the same date in March, were two martyrs who died defending their Christian religion.

At that time (around the year 200) the emperor Septimius Severus had started a persecution against all those who professed Christianity, since they considered it a forbidden faith. It came to his ears that Perpetua and all her family, illustrious neighbors of Carthage, were Christian, so he ordered them to be arrested. Along with her, her slave Felicidad or Felícitas was also arrested under the accusation of being a Christian. Despite the torture, they refused to abandon their God. They were locked up in jail along with the rest of the Perpetua family and slaves, until they were beheaded.

It is said that Felicidad was pregnant when all this happened, which is why she is considered the patroness of pregnant women and mothers.

Happiness is a name that her saint celebrates on March 7. However, also the November 23 It is a special day for grandmothers, mothers and girls who are called that. And it is that there was another holy woman with this name who celebrates her name day this day.

Holy Happiness of Rome She is also a martyr for the Catholic Church who perished defending her faith. She was a matron from the nobility who lived in Rome around the year 100. She had 7 children (Jano, Felipe, Alejandro, Silvano, Vidal, Félix and Marcial) who were also tortured for their religion. When she was widowed, she dedicated herself to charity, caring for her children and prayer.

The name Felicity is known all over the world, being especially frequent in the Anglo-Saxon sphere in the variant of Felicity. Felicidad also presents numerous possibilities in Spanish, such as its diminutive Feli, Felicia or Feliciana. Nor can we forget its variants in masculine like Felix or Feliciano.

We meet several personalities named after your daughter, such as American actress Felicity Huffman, famous for her role as Lynette Sacavo on the series 'Desperate Housewives'. In the male variant of Felicidad, we have a worthy representative of your daughter's name in the figure of the acclaimed tennis player Feliciano López.

But this girl's name is especially attractive because of the importance that its meaning has for all humanity, not in vain, The pursuit of happiness it is the goal of all people.

We propose you a game! We will discover what number corresponds to all the girls named Happiness and what does this mean. To find out, we go to numerology and add the value of each of the letters that make up the name: F (6), E (5), L (3), I (9), C (3), I (9 ), D (4), A (1), D (4). If we add these numbers we have 44 and if we add it again we have that the number of Happiness is 8.

According to numerology, Felicidad is a very active girl, always looking for something new to do. Their curiosity about the unknown draws a lot of attention, to the point that they are sometimes a little reckless. If there is something that also stands out about his way of being, it is his great honesty and empathy.

Because of the meaning of her name, Felicidad arrives surrounded by good fortune, joy and optimism. Felicidad is a girl adored by all her friends for her sympathy and her open and friendly character. But in addition, Felicidad is characterized by her perseverance and capacity for effort, and she has a great sense of responsibility. For all this, he does not hesitate to commit himself and to provide his loved ones with the tranquility they need.

If you are thinking of calling your daughter Happiness because of the beautiful meaning it conveys, you might also like these other nicknames whose meaning is just as positive.

  • Alaia. In addition to sounding very beautiful, the meaning of Alaia could not be more precious: 'the one who is cheerful'. It is a name of Basque origin, that is, of a region in the north of Spain.
  • Joy. In English, Joy literally means 'joy'. In addition, being a word that is used on a daily basis, it can become a beautiful name for a girl, especially since it is short and direct.
  • Nara. This is a very original name that, as you may have already guessed, also means 'happiness'. It is a choice whose origin is Greek.
  • Naomi. Do you know a girl named Naomi? Of Hebrew origin, this name means 'one who transmits charm and joy'. It describes quite well what you are looking for for your daughter, right?

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ZAYN, Zhavia Ward - A Whole New World End Title From Aladdin

Food prohibited during pregnancy

Food prohibited during pregnancy

18th week of pregnancy We have prepared a great article about you. ? We wish all the expectant mothers a pleasant reading.

Changes in the Baby - Week 18 Pregnancy

When you enter the 18th week, your baby is about 150 g and about 18 cm tall. Isn't that great news? How it grows! Let's come to details…

  • Your baby's facial details continue to form, and their facial features are becoming increasingly clear.
  • Eyebrows also began to form.
  • His face and body began to form thin hairs called ug lanugo ve which would later fall out.
  • Your baby's skin is now thin enough to be transparent. Therefore, veins under the skin can be seen.
  • Sleep and wake periods began. This way you can feel your baby's wiggling during awake periods.
  • This week your baby becomes sensitive to sounds. The loud noise from the outside can activate it.

During these periods, you can listen to your baby's calming music in the womb.

Health Advice to the Mother - Week 18 Pregnancy

The size of the uterus was roughly up to a medium-sized melon. From the outside your belly shows that you are pregnant. By choosing to wear maternity clothes you can choose clothes with waist width and elastic to make her comfortable.

The growth of your uterus together with some organs in the abdomen are naturally displaced. Pushing the stomach up and leaking between the stomach and esophagus reflux in pregnancy called.

To prevent reflux during pregnancy:

  • As a precaution, you should stay away from bitter and spicy foods.
  • Do not take solid food 1-2 hours before bedtime.
  • Prefer high pillows.
    If your complaints persist, you may use chewable tablets or syrups that reduce the effect of gastric acid.

Premature Risk - Week 18 Pregnancy

It is appropriate to measure the length of the uterine canal during these weeks in pregnant women at risk of preterm birth. Multiple pregnancies early birth or cervical insufficiency is very important for mothers who have lost 5-6 months. If shortening and opening of the uterus canal is detected by ultrasound measurement, cerclage, which is a suture to the cervix, can be taken. If you are bleeding, you should definitely see your obstetrician.

Increased Appetite in Pregnancy - Week 18 Pregnancy

18th week of pregnancy As a prospective mother, we are sure this week “How many pounds are taken?”Or“ how much is everything normal? Dur Because during these weeks you may experience an increase in your appetite and a desire to eat everything. In parallel, your weight gain may be higher than you anticipated. Therefore

day 3 main meals, 2 or 3 snacks You should create a nutrition plan.

The time period between lunch and dinner is very important for appetite control. During this time period, you can consume two snacks instead of one. You need extra calories for your baby's development, but it's worth not exaggerating. Otherwise as you know pregnancy weights it can turn into pounds that you cannot get rid of later.

Shopping Advice to the Mother - Week 18 Pregnancy

Note from your baby:

Mommy, hello from my 18th week! Now my eyebrows are out ufak The small hairs on my body will pass when I am born. Now I have ears! That way I can hear the sounds outside. Now you better sleep with the high pillow, Mama, so we can sleep comfortably. 18. I liked to hear the sounds coming from the outside during my week, what did you like the most, Mommy?

Sporty kids get better school grades

Sporty kids get better school grades

10-Year-Old Has INSANE Basketball Handles

What should you do if your child swallows a foreign object?

Swallowing foreign bodies, especially between the ages of 1-3 years, is a common problem in children. The most common respiratory substances; nuts and nuts such as nuts, small grain fruits such as plums, small toy pieces and coins. Sudden breathing with swallowing liquid or solid substances into the respiratory tract. It is easier to remove liquid substances from the mouth by cough, while some of the solids can be coughed out, but it is more difficult to remove. How to tell Foreign bodies entering the respiratory system can be understood by coughing and wheezing. If your child has difficulty breathing, if there is reddening or even bruising on his face, the object escaping to the airway may cause suffocation. Foreign bodies pass from the mouth to the esophagus sometimes hangs here and sometimes progresses to the stomach. These substances are very dangerous as they can cause poisoning, perforation in the stomach, and most importantly, sudden death by breathing. What can you do?If your child has swallowed a foreign object, you can: Tilt it first and hit it on the back. In the meantime, since there will be exhalation, the object will be ejected. If there is bruising and your child has difficulty breathing, put the knee down with the upper body down. Striking between the inside of the hand and the shoulder blades will promote coughing, making it easier to remove the substance. However, if the object has not come out, if it has advanced to the larynx, do not try to remove it by hand. Take him to a hospital immediately. How is it detected?When foreign body is swallowed, radiological examination is used as a diagnostic method. With the help of X-ray, the location of metal objects can be easily detected. However, endoscope support is needed for objects such as fabric and plastic. The aim of the endoscope is to remove the object without damaging the body in a short time. If the foreign body has left the stomach, the child's feces are observed and the child is kept under control until the foreign body moves away from the body. Do not leave the measure by hand1- Do not leave small objects within the reach of your child. 3- Children should eat while sitting in a chair together with adults. 5- Give the food to your child after removing the seeds. 6- Do not leave your child alone against possible choking hazards while eating.
4 awards

Turkey's first mother-baby site content broadcast to continue life since 2001, took place yesterday evening in Istanbul Uniq lower than 14 4 awards at the Golden Spider Awards Ceremony.

He was a finalist Health and portal categories with jury votes first field, but also portal and Corporate Blog also in categories People's Favorite chosen.

He has been awarded the Golden Spider Web Award many times before.

2002 Golden Spider Web Awards İkin Best Health Category İkin, Second Prize,
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Teach children autonomy habits before going back to school

No exam after the 10th grade

No exam after the 10th grade

The graduates of the 10th grade can continue their studies, in the same profile, without taking any further examination, according to the methodology recently approved by the Minister of Education and Research, Mircea Miclea.
According to the ministerial order, graduates of compulsory education and, respectively, those of the year of completion can continue without exams in the same field, profile, field, specialization or professional qualification, according to the Ministry of Education and Research (MEC), transmits Mediafax.
In contrast, candidates who wish to continue their studies in another sector, profile, field, specialization or professional qualification must support and pass exams of difference. The allocation of places for each educational unit will be done in such a way as to ensure the continuation of studies by all the graduates of the lower cycle who request this.
Admission to the upper cycle of the high school is done in stages: in the first stage, candidates who wish to continue their studies in the same educational unit are admitted, and in the second one those who wish to continue their studies in other schools, on the available places. Candidates who continue their studies in the same educational unit and in the same branch have the places insured, only if they promote the year of studies.
According to the Law on education, compulsory education in Romania is 10 years.
Source: Day

Visits to a gynecologist during pregnancy

Certain breakfasts can worsen your vitality

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