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One in three six-to-nine-year-old European children is either overweight or pregnant

One in three children aged six to nine is overtime or deprived in Europe, according to the European Association for Gastroenterology (UEG).

One in three six-to-nine-year-old European children is either overweight or pregnant

The report also warns that the number of over-5s is estimated at the current 41 billion 70 million women worldwide by 2025.Researchers have also found that 20-30 percent of inflammatory diseases begin in childhood. It has been shown that children and adults living in western countries are the only and common cause of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. diagnosztizбltak you have already hбromйves kуrral the children - described the jelentйst The Guardian UK napilap.Az UAG data as eurуpai tйrsйg 46 orszбgбn alapulnak.A jelentйs цsszefьggх the elhнzбssal rendellenessйgek kezelйse fordнtott the egйszsйgьgyre kiadбsok egytizedйt emйsztik up Eurуpбban, which veszйlyezteti the kцzegйszsйgьgyi szolgбlatok fenntarthatу functioning in all the states examined.Europe's population of children is made up of, and the incidence of gastroenterological diseases is increasing. 90 percent of exiled children preserves fatigue even in adulthood.The concern about the increase in the number of homeless is not just about the New Age and not just about Europe or childhood. According to a recent study by researchers at Imperial College, London, The Lancet reports that 266 million men and 375 million women in the world will suffer from fetuses. The world population has become twenty pounds lighter in weight since 1975, British researchers have shown.
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  • They hope for a clearer situation with the new rules, there will be a difference between the so-called engagement list.

    Starting from April The National Health Security Fund Manager (NEAK) introduces new checklist rules from April. The institutions will also be controlled by software.
    They make a difference between the so-called appointment list and are expecting a clearer situation.There will be new list rules from April Those who are not operated on their own request at the earliest possible time, or because they are not available in the status list, will be added to the appointment list. If your doctor does not reserve space for the earliest date, but sooner, you will receive an error message and the patient will not be able to enter the system. And if a patient is picked up at the earliest date, the benefit will not be paid by the insurer until it is clarified, which is why, according to the document available to you, And no one should get a date as soon as possible. The health fund will send a daily error list to the services. If the necessary repairs are not carried out, the treasury will penalize the affected company on the tenth working day. The effectiveness of the system is based on the fact that, according to NEAK, if this rule had worked for the past, it would have been possible for a quarter of those on the list to impose a penalty.
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    Merry Christmas! Christmas carol to congratulate Christmas

    Merry Christmas! Christmas carol to congratulate Christmas

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    Congenital cataract

    Congenital cataract is a condition of the eyes that is characterized by opacification of the lens. It can be diagnosed since birth in children. If it gets worse, is not detected nor treated in time, the loss of vision is inevitable.

    What is cataract and congenital cataract?

    Cataract is the opacification of the lens of the eye. The lens is the portion behind the iris and functions as a lens. He is responsible for refracting and adapting the light so that a person can see.

    Congenital cataract means that this condition is present since birth, ie babies are born with this disease.

    It is the most common eye disorder in adults, and in newborns it is quite rare.

    What are the causes?

    Risk factors for developing congenital cataract in the fetus are:

    • pregnancy infections;

    • genetic disorders;

    • metabolic disorders;

    • heredity.

    If the disease occurs in one eye and the disease is considered to occur accidentally and the causes cannot be detected.

    What are the symptoms of congenital cataract?

    This condition can be recognized by parents or neonatologist by the fact that:

    • the pupil is white instead of black;

    • abnormal eye movements;

    • lack of tracking with the look of objects around.

    Also, doctors argue that it is easier to figure out if you have this condition than if it is present. When the pediatrician looks into the eyes of a child, he looks for the "red reflex". This is similar to the red light that is reflected in the eyes when taking a picture of a child. If the child suffers from cataracts, this red reflex is not present.

    What are the complications of congenital cataract?

    It depends on the position of the cataract inside the iris and the degree of severity whether or not the eyes or eyes are affected.

    Some types of cataracts are progressive and therefore the affected eye / eye should be carefully monitored to ensure that the vision is not affected.

    If the child is facing a mild, barely visible form of the cataract, the sight is not endangered. If the cataract is extremely visible (ie it is large enough or in a sensitive position where it blocks light from the retina, the sight of the respective eye or both is threatened.

    It seems that the disease is more serious in cases where it occurs in one eye. This seems to develop an extremely severe form of amblyopia ("lazy eye"). This occurs when an eye is not used long enough for the visual system in the brain to develop properly.

    How is congenital cataract treated?

    For the cataracts in which the vision is affected, surgery is required. This is called according to the impact of the affect on the child's vision. The operation replaces the opacified lens with an artificial one.

    Even so, this operation in children remains problematic because it is quite difficult to determine the dioptric power of the lens, given that their vision is constantly developing. Moreover, doctors do not fully know about the long-term tolerance of the new lens.

    Therefore, contact lenses or corrective glasses are used more often when the vision is impaired.

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    This should not make it harder for school

    Starting school often means that children are tired because they have to carry very heavy loads to school every day. Of course, the problem can be avoided with some care.

    "It's good for parents to periodically review the contents of a child's backpack. The experience is that children often carry too much with them: extra shoes, toys, jackets, and other things," Dr. Joshua said. York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital. Other Advice: Weigh the weights regularly. - Backpacks should not be more than 15 percent of the weight of the child. - There are books and aids that can be left at school. Discuss this with your teacher and your classmates. The size is the essence. - It is imperative that the child has a normal sized spike that can be adjusted in width and length so that the child is growing in size. - Proper backing is important when designing your backpacks, so that your shoes are more comfortable. - If your child's posture changes, you experience pain, there are red spots on your back, so be sure to pay attention. Sometimes it is worth consulting with a specialist.

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