Inspiring Interactions with Children Under 2

Inspiring Interactions with Children Under 2

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How to take good pictures of babies and children

Capturing the perfect moment is the goal of every photographer. Even more so if the photographer is the father or the mother and the photographed, their child. However, taking a perfect snapshot is not that simple. When we talk about children, it gets even more complicated. Children are restless and getting them to pose is a difficult task. However, you can get some great pictures of children and babies. You just have to sign up these tips.

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The toxins to which you are exposed during pregnancy affect your fetus, which can give rise to serious diseases. Congenital malformations and intrauterine fetal death are the most dangerous of them. Find out how to protect your fetus from toxins while hosting it in the tummy!
Toxins or pollutants are everywhere around you and range from pesticides, cleaning products, lead, paints, etc. When in the womb, your fetus grows and develops quickly, but at the same time it is very vulnerable. Remember that everything you eat, inhale and come into contact with in one way or another also reaches your baby. Here's how you can protect it from the toxins that surround you during pregnancy.

Go to all prenatal checks!

Compliance with all medical checks during the 9 months of pregnancy helps you to prevent some of the most serious complications of pregnancy and medical problems in the fetus.
If you have been working or still working in a toxic environment or if your partner does, talk to your doctor about the risks of pregnancy. You may be advised of herbal remedies to prevent side effects from exposure.

Be careful what you breathe!

Toxins primarily affect your lung activity. They are introduced into the body by inhaling them with the help of breathing. The air you breathe is extremely important for pregnancy health.
If you are a smoker, do all you can to stop smoking and avoid exposing yourself to passive smoking. There are many risks that can occur in the fetus when you are pregnant.
Ventilate your home daily. If you know you are suffering from many types of allergies and cannot keep the window open, consider buying an air purifier.
Carefully inspect the house and take care to solve problems such as mold or mildew, if any.
Install in the kitchen and in the house carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. In this way, make sure that the level of the pollutants never exceeds the minimum allowable level and that you do not breathe toxic substances.
Stay away from the smell of fuel or smoke from exhaust pipes. They are extremely toxic and can cause side effects in the fetus.

Drink clean water!

Do not drink tap water if you suspect it may be contaminated and contains debris. In this case, install water purification filters on taps or consume flat water.
Even if the tap water is clean, allow it to run for several minutes before drinking a glass. This eliminates the large amount of lead from it and avoids the risks of lead poisoning. Always cook only with cold tap water.

Eat smart!

To protect your baby from the tummy from the harmful effects of pollutants, make sure you include more foods with calcium, iron and folic acid in your diet. These nutrients strengthen the body of the fetus and help it cope with the problems.
Adopt a complex diet, consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, but also foods from whole grains.
Wash fruits and vegetables very well before consuming them in several drops of water. If they are non-organic, it is best to clean them and peel them.
Beware of what kinds of fish you eat. They can come from contaminated water and contain large amounts of methylmercury (it is a type of mercury that is naturally found in water, soil, plants and animals and has serious side effects on the fetus; irreversible congenital malformations can occur).
Use dishes and cutlery that do not contain lead, preferably from ceramics. Never place plastic in the microwave oven, because during the heating it eliminates toxic substances that enter the food and can cause poisoning and serious medical conditions both to you and to your baby ...

Other protective measures against toxins in pregnancy are:

  • avoiding or delaying the renovation of the house;
  • checking the level of lead in the house;
  • use of organic or natural detergents and cleaning products;
  • the use of cosmetics and organic care products with harmless ingredients for your pregnancy.


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Urinary incontinence: escape from surgery through medical recovery

Spanish salad with beans

Spanish bean salad is a great choice when you want to spice up your family's menu a bit and offer them new dishes. It is a satiety salad rich in nutrients essential for the health of loved ones!

Preparation time

20 min




500 g green beans
2 red peppers
2-3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 small red onion, finely chopped
1-2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon of sugar
1/2 parsley link, chopped finely
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

Method of preparation

Green beans boil. If you have canned beans or jar, it may already be boiled. Fry the peppers on the grill, then clean them with peel and seeds, keeping only the pulp, which you cut into thin slices.

Put the pepper over the boiled green beans. Prepare the dressing by mixing the oil with vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper, sugar and parsley. Pour the mixture over the vegetables and mix the ingredients well. Serve green bean salad on a bed of green salad.

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False movements in pregnancy

False movements in pregnancy

We all
pregnancy is a very sensitive period. Most to ourselves, to our baby
we are in the period that we need to pay attention. Especially during pregnancy
we need to stay away from movement. So what to do in this period and what
We should avoid? What are the wrong actions we should not do?
Give birth? What should we do in negative situations and crisis situations?

Let's clarify the most important issue. Now we have another creature with you.
Imagine that you carry it and think that its weight increases day by day. This
so stay away from all the sudden movements. your reflexes
slow down, stay away from sudden movements. Suddenly, a lot of moves,
may cause unwanted results.

Of course
Avoid two sudden movements, you will never move, exercise
does not mean that you will not. However, the exercise you will do during pregnancy
it should not consist of instant compelling movements. Optimal for this period
exercises, swimming, walking and cycling.

and how should we act when we are lying? Here we stand
your hips are extremely bent.
It is not. On the other hand, remember that while resting your feet with a support
should be higher than the hip level.

From this
then you should definitely not lean forward. Reach for something
or crouch when you want to lean on the ground. After this
squatting. You can also avoid staying in the same position for a long time.
Take care. When you realize that you have been in the same position for a long time
gently change your position.

your pregnancy
be careful not to lie on your back along. Especially during the last stage of pregnancy
should not lie on your back. We told you not to make any sudden moves.
Let's draw attention to an important detail here; especially from the waist
Avoid movements. Most importantly, the sudden turn from the waist

the other thing you shouldn't do is pulling both legs up at the same time
will remove. However, splashing, high reach, heavy lifting and
We must avoid such movements as jumping.

What kind of rhythm do we need to achieve in your exercises? your doctor
recommended exercises, each movement in the first two weeks 2-3 times and for 5 minutes,
then up to 20 minutes a day
You can do. If you do not have a physical problem,
you should continue until the 36th week of pregnancy. Exercises
If you feel any pain, immediately stop
Do not forget to apply.

Crispy carrot, tomato and radish salad

On hot days the children ask us to take them to the beach or the pool. We can also organize a field trip and take the opportunity to have a fun picnic with recipes for children like this salad.

For a salad to be appetizing for children, it must be cheerful and colorful, so they can dare to try it even if it is all 'green', as in this crispy carrot, tomato and radish salad, original and totally vegetarian.

  • 1 lettuce
  • A bunch of radishes
  • 3 carrots
  • 12 cherry tomatoes
  • Oil
  • Vinegar
  • Black pepper
  • Salt

1. Wash the lettuce well and dry it, if possible, with the centrifuge. The lower the water content, the crispier the salad will be.

2. Wash the rest of the vegetables well. Cut the tomatoes in half (normal tomatoes can also be used). Cut the radishes into thin slices and grate the carrot.

3. Mix everything in a large bowl, season with a pinch of pepper, a little salt, a drizzle of oil and vinegar to taste. Serve very cool.

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