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Meaning of the name Herculano. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Herculano. Name for boys

Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for boys to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Herculaneum.

You owe its disclosure to numerous saints, including a bishop of Perugia martyred by the Goths.

"Herculean, relating to Hercules"

March 1 and 12, November 7


  • Bernardo Joaquim da Silva Guimarães, Brazilian writer and poet (1825-1884)

Herculano name coloring page printable game


Hotels and restaurants in London for kids

On a trip to London with children, it is advisable to prepare matters such as flights or accommodation in advance. You have to make sure that the hotel has adequate facilities and offers for children and babies.

The same happens with restaurants, since when the children start to get tired it is convenient to stop to regain strength and ensure that they do not get bored. It is vital to bring some information if children have any food allergies.

London is a very large city, so look for a well-located area, either near the tourist attractions or a good tube station.

The most comfortable option is usually the hotel, in London there is a multitude of accommodation options and it can be found at a good price, although the better the situation, the higher the amount.

If you choose, you have to choose it carefully, being guided by the opinions of other users and making the reservation from a reliable website and in advance.

We must also remember that we must check if an extra bed is included, its price and if they offer discounts for children.

To make the trip as comfortable as possible, we can find a hotel that includes breakfast in the price, children tend to like the hotel buffets, especially if the establishment has a special menu for children.

Other options are looking for apartments, which give more freedom, especially if we are traveling with a baby or several children, and the charming Bed & Breakfasts, with a more homely air and attention.

While English cuisine is not very popular, that does not mean that excellent dishes cannot be enjoyed in London.

One of the most popular and interesting for children is the classic 'fish and chips', white fish accompanied by chips that can be eaten in almost all restaurants or stalls.

In addition, in London we can find a wide variety of international cuisine from any corner of the world, from Italian to Asian.

The pastry shops that sell the popular cupcakes, which are muffins decorated with creams of different flavors, are also very popular, a real delight for children's dessert.

Before entering a restaurant make sure they include dishes for children, a children's menu or an entertainment area in case they get tired.

You can check the menu with the dishes and prices in many restaurants, especially in the tourist area, in addition, gluten-free or vegetarian dishes are usually indicated.

You can read more articles similar to Hotels and restaurants in London for kids, in the category of Tourist destinations on site.

Carrot Cake Recipe

Delicious carrot cake recipe without sugar addition!

For your baby fun and delicious and healthy How about trying a recipe?
1 Pack HAMMM Goat Milk Biscuits
  • 1 piece of carrot
  • Half of tea cup with walnut inside
  • Half of tea cup with nuts inside
  • Cinnamon, ginger
  • coconut
  • Pistachio nuts

Hammm 🙂

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Learning to walk starts well before the first step. Here are the mobility milestones to expect from birth to age 5 – from crawling to running and jumping.

Learn more about your child's walking and physical development.

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From the moment they're born, babies start developing the strength and skills they'll eventually need for walking.

In the first 2 months of life, if babies are held in a standing position on a hard surface, they'll reflexively move their legs in a stepping motion.

At 3 and 4 months, babies will raise their head and push up with their arms during tummy time. These mini push-ups build upper body strength important for walking.

At 5 months, babies held in a standing position will bounce up and down, which builds leg strength.

Learning to sit up, which usually happens at 6 to 9 months, helps babies develop balance and coordination.

So does learning to crawl, which babies typically do between 7 and 10 months. Some babies skip crawling entirely, which is just fine.

Around this time, babies can support themselves in a standing position by holding onto something. Soon after that they'll start cruising, or taking sliding steps while holding onto something for support.

Around 9 or 10 months, babies can pull themselves up to a standing position.

As they approach their first birthday, they'll likely be able to stand unsupported for a few seconds. And soon – often between 12 and 15 months – they'll be taking those exciting first steps.

While it's normal for a child not to be toddling by 15 months, if that's the case, you should mention it to your child's doctor.

By 16 to 18 months, many toddlers are dancing and can manage stairs with help. Some toddlers this age can walk backward.

And get ready: As children approach their second birthday, they'll begin to run. They can also kick a ball and jump from a low step to the floor.

Around age 3, kids can zip left and right when running and can jump off the ground, feet together.

By 4, they learn to hop on one foot and can go up and down stairs without holding onto anything.

By the time children reach 5, they've mastered it all: walking, running, jumping, hopping, and skipping.

Baby Crawling Development Novice to Pro in 2 Min Cute

Funny: New Year's resolutions for your child

Funny: New Year's resolutions for your child

Have you ever thought about what your child's New Year's Resolutions might sound like? Who says the little ones do not have their personal ambitions and wishes for positive change in the new year? It is right that in childhood, the most important thing is the present, not the future. But if adults make lists over the list of goals to be achieved in the coming year, let's imagine how these plans would sound if they were made by children (in the spirit of fun, of course).

1. Eat less

In the case of adults, the resolution of the weak in the new year implies the phrase "I will eat less." If it were formulated by children, it would turn into "I will eat less vegetables", supplementing "but more sweets, if I manage to trick my mom."

2. To improve my acting talent

Another resolution that the little ones could set in the new year is to improve the acting talent, very useful when moms and dads need to be convinced to approve: more hours spent on television, fewer restrictions on playing games. computer and limited objections regarding the purchase of sweets from the supermarket.

3. Get more sleep

Adults are always concerned about ways in which they can better organize their sleep program, so that they can rest a decent number of hours each night (despite the demanding daily rhythm). Children do not have the same problem, fortunately, but they may also want a change in this regard. Their resolution would sound like this: "I'll go to bed earlier, but in his mom's bed, of course."

4. To read more books

A good reading is an excellent method of relaxation for adults. In the case of children, especially preschoolers, books are just another source of fun. The resolution of the reading might sound, in the case of the little ones, like this: "I will insist more that my mother and father read at least one story to me every night."

5. To watch TV less

With the tablet at hand, the parents' smart phone close at hand and the two-step computer, who else needs a TV? The little ones could propose a daily program with several drawings, as they can only play hours in a row on other more exciting electronic devices.

6. To do more sports

Kids might also want to do more sports in the new year, because just moving is healthy, right? Anyway, it sounds good to be able to run in the house at your leisure, without being challenged, because the goal is one that is as noble as possible: to achieve the goal of doing as much sports every day!

7. Help my mom cook more

Any ambitious child wants to do "big people" things, like cooking, for example. So, at the beginning of the year, a chick could set their resolve not to miss any meal preparation, since the ingredients for dinner can be wonderful toys, if you have imagination.

8. Redecorate how I can house

The walls would look better with a few original paintings, and the furniture should not always stand in the same position. These are thoughts that could go through the head of the little ones, eager for positive changes in the new year: so start the redecoration!

Has your child set new year's resolutions? Tell us about his original ideas in the comments section below!

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Shock, elation, nervousness – emotions run high when you find out you're having a baby.

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You know when you sort of plan out your life, you think, “Okay, I’ll get married, and then we’ll have children.” You think you know what it’s going to kind of be like, but then when it actually happens, part of me was certainly like, “Oh, what did we just get ourselves into?”


I knew I was pregnant the night before I took the test. My friends actually all laughed at me because the next day, I was like, “I’m pregnant. I know it worked this time. I know I’m pregnant.” Then two weeks later, I took a test, and it was positive.


We had decided after eight years—seven years to have a bonus baby. We got pregnant right away. I was in shock, like, “Wow. Okay. We’re having another baby.” I was very excited.


I was definitely happy, but I was also real cautious. I just wanted her to make sure she took enough rest, and we did everything on our end that we could do.


I just could feel it in my body. I just could feel something was different so I just kind of already knew.


I went ahead and took a test, and I saw a faint line. I’m like, “Oh my gosh. Do you see this line?” My husband was like, “Yeah. I see it.” I’m like, “I’m going to the store and buying more tests,” so I did. For the next two, they both came up positive.


It was a big surprise. She told me right after work. She was afraid to tell me at first, but it was a welcome surprise.


I just had like a overwhelming rush over my body of accomplishment.


So two weeks before I was supposed to have my hysterectomy, I found out I was pregnant. The moment I found out I was pregnant was just amazing. I was in shock because it had been 17 years since I had been pregnant.


I was shocked. I was overjoyed. I couldn’t believe it took the first time because the odds for the treatment that we did—60%.


It kind of took both of us by a little shock. I mean it was a happy surprise because we were talking about having a child. We just hadn’t come up with a final yes, made all the plans, so it was a good surprise.

We tinker?

Here is an easy DIY to make with small pebbles found on the beach or in the garden. You need: pebbles, hook-and-loop tape (Velcro), acrylic paint of different colors, a fine brush, a felt pen. Time of realization: 3 hours.

Here is an easy DIY to make with small pebbles found on the beach or in the garden.

It is necessary :
pebbles, Velcro, acrylic paint of different colors, a fine brush, a felt pen.

Completion time : 3 hours.

Migraine in pregnancy - how to survive?

Migraine in pregnancy - how to survive?

Your 18-month-old's behavior: Tantrum triggers

Your 18-month-old's behavior: Tantrum triggers

New this month: Tantrum triggers

Some days it may seem as though the littlest things set your toddler off. You serve his morning milk in the "wrong" cup and he throws it at you. Or he wants to go barefoot, even though it's raining outside, and screams his head off when you insist on putting on his boots. What's going on? Sometimes the triggers will be more obvious than others. He may be tired or angry. Or he may be frustrated by his inability to complete a task that he is determined to do, like putting a round peg in a square hole.

What you can do

Tantrums tend to occur at the worst possible time for you. It seems like when your toddler blows a fuse you're either in a hurry to get out the door in the morning, at the grocery store with half the shopping done, or in the waiting room of the doctor's office. What do these situations have in common? They are times that a typical toddler might feel emotional overload, and like he doesn't have your full attention.

If you're aware of the situations that trigger tantrums, you may be able to prevent many of them with minor adjustments or a little advance planning. Get out of bed 15 minutes earlier in the morning so you're not rushing around the house. If you must grocery shop with your child, do it when he is well rested and fed. Carry a favorite book or stuffed animal to doctor visits — anything you can do to keep him calm will help. Also remember that the occasional tantrum is a normal byproduct of toddlerhood and development. When your child is upset, stay calm, stay close, and use simple phrases to help name the child's feelings, such as "You feel sad," or "You feel mad that we have to leave the park."

Other developments: Learning how to share, comfort objects

There is no "yours" in a toddler's vocabulary — everything is "mine!" So your car keys, a sibling's beloved stuffed dog, his dad's boots, the slide at the local playground — all these things are, in the eyes of an 18-month-old, his. Children this age can not really share or take turns or understand why their behavior might upset someone else.

You can help your child begin to understand what sharing means by praising him when he does give a toy to another child or lets another toddler go down the slide first. When reading a book or watching a video, point out examples of sharing. Try to avoid scolding him when he doesn't want to; sometimes just acknowledging how difficult sharing is will make him more willing to do so. You will have to be patient, and take comfort in the knowledge that other parents of toddlers are going through the same thing.

For a toddler, a favorite stuffed toy is a great source of comfort. He might also have some habits that soothe him — like twirling his hair, rocking, or sucking his thumb. Most children naturally outgrow these behaviors by the time they're 4, so there's probably no need for you to intervene now.

See all our articles on toddler development.

When we introduce turkey meat to the baby's diet

When we introduce turkey meat to the baby's diet

Turkey meat is, like chicken, a great source of iron, zinc and other minerals essential for baby growth. Many doctors consider it an even healthier alternative than chicken. The turkey has some small differences in nutrition, but also in preparation compared to the chicken, although both types of meat are introduced at the same age and have the same benefits for the health of the child.

When do you put it in food?

According to the recommendations made by the American Association of Pediatrics, turkey meat can be introduced into the baby's diet starting at the age of 7-8 months, as well as chicken.

What vitamins and minerals contains?

Turkey meat is an important source of protein and iron, an essential mineral in combating anemia (a common condition in infants and young children). The turkey has less calories and fat than the chicken, which makes it a healthier alternative. In addition to these essential nutrients, turkey meat is rich in other essential vitamins and minerals:


  • Vitamin A;
  • B vitamins (including folic acid);
  • Vitamin D.


  • Potassium;
  • Magnesium;
  • Zinc;
  • Calcium;
  • Phosphorus.

Among the main benefits of turkey meat are:

  • strengthening the immune system;
  • cancer fighting;
  • strengthening the bone system;
  • improving the activity of the central nervous system;
  • prevention of heart disease etc.

How do you choose turkey meat?

Like the chicken, the turkey can be found on the galleries of the stores either whole or in pieces. The most indicated parts of turkey in baby nutrition are the pulps (including hammers), that is the pieces of meat that have dark colored parts, because they are richer in iron. In addition, they have a more friendly texture to the baby's stomach and are easier to pass in foods after thermal preparation.

Buy organic turkey meat, to avoid growth hormones and antibiotics treated with industrially grown poultry, and make sure the product is within the shelf life of the packaging.

What tables do you introduce?

Like the chicken, the turkey can be introduced, at first, at lunch tables in the baby's menu (12: 00-13: 00). As it grows, it can also be added to dinner preparations.

How do you prepare and serve turkey meat?

The turkey meat must be thermally prepared before being served to the child. Unlike chicken, it has a longer boiling or baking time, up to 2 hours. It is important to be well prepared, as there is a risk of contamination with salmonella, a bacterium that is found in raw meat and is dangerous to the baby.

It is best to cook the meat in the oven or boil, as it retains most of the essential nutrients after cooking.

What other foods can you associate with it?

The turkey meat is associated, at the beginning of the diversification, with the vegetables used in the preparation of soups - carrots, albit, peppers, celery, pumpkin. Surprisingly, turkey meat, like chicken, combines very well with fruits - apples, apricots, etc. Later, after the digestive system tolerates it better, it can be combined with cereals.

At what age did you first give your baby turkey meat? Do you think your child tolerates turkey meat better than chicken? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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