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Zucchini soup Laughing cow (Ait-Habib)

A delicious soup to enjoy in all seasons! For baby but also for parents:


  • 1 kg of zucchini.
  • 5 or 6 portions of laughing cow.
  • Half a liter of water.
  • Salt, pepper.


Cut the zucchini into cubes. Put them in a casserole (pot, large saucepan ...) and add half a liter of water. Salt, pepper. Cook for about 15-20 minutes until the vegetables are melting. Remove from heat and mix well together. Add the Laughing Cow and mix again until the soup is smooth. Check the seasoning. It's ready!! Treat yourself!
Aleppo soap, the return!

Originally from Syria, this oldest soap in the world has been manufactured for over 3000 years in the northern city of Aleppo. It has many benefits, but still need to know them well and beware of imitations. The point on its uses.

How to choose the real Aleppo salon?

It is produced from olive oil obtained during the first or second cold pressing. It is heated with natural soda and mixed with bay laurel oil. To know if he is authentic, he must:

  • Be green-brown in color and not too fat.
  • Appear darker inside once cut.
  • Wear a label that lists the ingredients (olive oil, laurel, soda and water).
  • Contain only olive oil and no palm or any derivative.
  • To possess on one of its sides, an encrusted seal.
  • Feel the smell of olive and laurel.

What are his virtues?

Without preservatives, dyes, fragrances and biodegradable, Aleppo soap is gentle and respects all skins, even those of infants. You can use it for:

  • Clean your face, your body, your hair.
  • Treat acne problems and eczema because it is hypoallergenic.
  • Pamper very dry skinbecause it is considered a "surgras" soap.
  • Treat dandruff as a shampoo once or twice a week.
  • Be active on problem skin, laurel oil with antiseptic and disinfectant properties.

Use Aleppo soap well

Its action is different depending on its laurel oil content and texture. To know :

  • Be very active on the skin when it contains 30% laurel oil.
  • Perfect for normal skin with a content of 20%.
  • Serve as a mask by letting it work for a minute and then rinsing it with clear water.
  • Be careful, be wary of liquid formulas which may be less moisturizing and contain glycerine.

Monique Fort

This painted wooden drag toy will follow your child everywhere. Be careful, this adorable mouse will be jealous in the park or on the street! Its price: 13 €.

This painted wooden drag toy will follow your child everywhere. Be careful, this adorable mouse will be jealous in the park or on the street!
Its price: 13 €.

Family story book activity: children 3-6 years

Making a family story book: why it's good for children

Family relationships give your child a sense of self and belonging. And when your child feels safe, secure and like he belongs, he has confidence to learn and develop through exploring his world.

A family story book can foster your child's sense of identity and belonging. And making the story book can help to develop your child's early literacy skills.

What you need to make a family story book

  • Photographs of your family
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Pens and pencils
  • Staples, or a hole punch and string or ribbon

How to make a family story book

  1. Show your child the family photographs and talk about them. The photos might be of people your child knows well, like a sibling or parent. They might also be of people she doesn't see often or people who have died. You could include pictures of people when they were younger, including yourself.
  2. Tell your child you're going to make a family story book together. Let your child decide which pictures he wants to put in the book and what story he wants to tell. It could be a story about something your child remembers, like Roly the dog getting lost. Or it could be a story you've shared with him, like what happened the day he was born.
  3. Make the book by cutting out the pictures and gluing them on the pages.
  4. Write the story together. Encourage your child to decide what details to include and how to say things, rather than writing the story for her.
  5. Your child might like to draw pictures of people and things you don't have photographs for, like family pets.
  6. Staple the pages together, or punch holes in them and tie them together with string or ribbon.
  7. Keep the book nearby so your child can read it. A home-made family story book is lovely to share together at bedtime. Your child might also like to show the book to other family members, carers or friends.

Adapting a family story book for children of different ages

Your younger child might need help cutting and gluing the pictures. Try to guide your child by holding his hand while he uses the scissors, rather than just doing it for him.

Your younger child's stories are likely to be very simple - for example, 'This is Mummy. This is Daddy'. She'll need you to write words and names for her. You can encourage her to try tracing over or copying letters and words as well.

Your older child might be interested in who fits in where. He might be able to understand that Auntie Jayanthi is Daddy's sister, for example. He might also be interested in things that happened before he was born, like how his grandparents came to Australia.

Fast food diet

Fast food diet

What is it?

If you like fast food and want a simple diet, the fast food diet might be the solution for you.

It may sound false, but the author of the diet, cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, believes that you can easily lose weight with this plan if you choose foods from the menus carefully and exercise regularly.

In principle, the fast food diet is a six-week guide that teaches you how to make the healthiest choices in any fast food restaurant, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The book also includes tips on how to choose healthy food from supermarkets with fast food stands, regular restaurants, airports and kiosks.

The target of this diet are very busy mothers, those who prefer fast food or do not have time for anything else.
Of course, Sinatra would like his patients, and the other 80 million people who eat fast food, to follow a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, low dairy and lean meat. But he realized that this is very difficult for many people.
Sinatra believes that "People like fast food because the food tastes good and is cheap, and no matter what the specialists say, they will continue to eat there. So why not help them at least to make healthier choices? It is the first step towards a healthier diet and weight loss with relatively little effort. "

What you can eat

Those on the diet can enjoy grilled chicken breast sandwiches, chili peppers, baked potatoes, fruit ice cream and even mini-burgers. What they won't be able to enjoy are fries (and generally fried foods) or sweetened juices.
But you might not miss them. Sinatra also offers healthy alternatives for these foods.
For example, if you choose dressing vinaigrette (oil and vinegar) for salad, instead of cheese sauce, you can go "cheaper" by 130 calories. If you order mineral water with lemon you will still save 310 calories. If you give up on mayonnaise or other sauces, you can "save" 170 calories per sandwich.
The fast food diet also includes some easy recipes, which can be prepared in less than 15 minutes, for healthy and fast meals.

How it works

The plan is simple: you should only eat the recommended foods, which in total have about 1,500 calories per day, and walk 1.5 kilometers per day.
With this diet you will eat about 250 calories less, you will go 1.5 kilometers a day and you can lose weight by up to one kilogram per week.
If you keep the diet for one year, you can lose even 25 kilos, without too much effort and without starving.

What the experts say

"It is not good to tell those on the diet that they are not allowed to eat fast food, because if you are very selective and careful with portions, many of the fast food can be integrated into a diet. to lose weight, "according to Dr. Leslie Bonci.
She agrees with the fast food diet because it is a realistic diet, for people who are very quick and who also encourage physical exertion.
However, she acknowledges that the title of the diet can be misleading and that some people will find that they can still eat fast food without having to worry.
Specialists recommend using this diet as a first step towards a healthy diet that will include, finally, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fiber and some hot meals prepared at home.
The diet will ultimately reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, certain forms of cancer and other chronic diseases.

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