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Name Dietmar - Meaning of origin

Name Dietmar - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

According to its Germanic etymological roots "eud" and "meri", the name Dietmar means "famous people" or "famous people".


Dietmar Feichtinger, Austrian architect, Dietmar Hamann, former German international footballer, now coach, Dietmar Hopp, German entrepreneur, Dietmar Huhn, German actor, Dietmar Rothermund, German historian known for his research on the Indian economy.

His character :

Dietmar is generally a serene person with a balanced character allowing him to act with confidence. He does not spare his efforts to defend the causes that are dear to him. His nature drives him to rally the causes of weak people in difficult situations. He is very invested in the missions assigned to him. Professionally, he has a great willingness to act in everything he undertakes. His dedication to others could lead him to a career in contact with the public.


Dimitar, Diet, Dietrich and Dietmann.

His party :

Dimitar, Diet, Dietrich and Dietmann.

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Screening for deafness in newborn babies

Screening for deafness in newborn babies

Communication and its different systems to get in touch is one of the greatest achievements of modern society. But, what happens when a child or a person cannot communicate because they do not hear or hear well? According to the World Health Organization, 32 million children in the world suffer from deafness, a disease that can be prevented with early detection, immunization and through good programs for mothers and children.

According to the WHO, of the 60 percent of cases of deafness in children that are preventable, 31% are due to diseases such as meningitis, measles, mumps or rubella, 17% is due to complications during labor or premature delivery and 4% is related to the use of medications that have harmful effects on the baby's hearing.

When the lack of hearing is not treated early in babies, they cannot acquire the ability to communicate, the acquisition of language is delayed and all this hinders the emotional and intellectual development of the child. However, early identification and treatment of children with these hearing problems facilitate language development and, at the same time, improve their learning and communication.

For this reason, the WHO (World Health Organization) has recommended that for the detection of deafness in newborn babies, all undergo a neonatal screening test for the early detection of congenital hearing loss. With early detection in newborns, a diagnosis of hearing loss can be reached before 6 months and treatment can begin early.

Normally, up to 2 years on average, deafness is usually not detected in children who are not screened at birth and, at this age, the delay in language acquisition is already significant.

The screening test for deafness it is a simple test that does not cause any discomfort to the newborn. The usual thing is to do the test between 12 and 48 hours of life, before leaving the maternity ward. In any case, it should be done in the first month of life, while the baby is calm or sleeping.

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Hammm Calcium & Vitamin D Bar Honey Pudding Recipe

Dietitian Beyza Uyan Says:

Calcium and Vitamin D are necessary for the normal growth of bones in children. We've made nutritious pudding with calcium and vitamin D bars for your baby! 😊

- 1 Piece Hammm Calcium & Vitamin D bar
- 1 Glass of Milk
- 1.5 Tablespoons Rice Flour
- 1 Dessert Spoon Honey
1- Put milk and rice flour into a saucepan or coffee pot. Cook with continuous stirring.
2- Cook the pudding from the stove to warm up a little. Add the warmed pudding with honey and mix.
3- After holding the shell over the pudding you received in the serving bowl, sprinkle it with the help of a knife Hammm Calcium & D vitamin bar on the pudding.


10 mistakes you can make when you want to have a child

Are you planning a baby? Do I get pregnant often, the baby never comes? There are a few things you wouldn't mind if you wanted a baby.

Mistakes you may have made in this case

Parents.com has collected some of the most common sex errors that can prevent pregnancy. Here are the 10 mistakes you may have made:

1. If you haven't had enough sex

Many people think sexual life is only worth living on the day of ovulation because if "hold" the sperm, they will be smoother and faster on the big day. However, this is not necessarily the case. Have sex, not just on the day of your ovulation, but every time it is raining, paying special attention to the day before your ovulation.

2. If you have had too much sex

More is not necessarily better. Some people think that if they have a lot of sex, the chances of getting pregnant are many times higher. But this is not necessarily true either. If they had sex every day or more than once a day, then they could get out soon, and it may happen that you are in the mood to make love on the days that are best for getting pregnant.

3. If you always had the same sex

Did you read somehow that being a missionary is the easiest thing to get pregnant? Or if you raise your hips after sex? They're both old! The truth is that no matter how much love you make, it doesn't matter that you are up to your couple or that you have a new, horrible position. When a man ejaculates, the sperm begin to fall, directly above the fallopian tubes. All this takes a few seconds, no matter how they were placed under the ejaculation. So instead of always having sex in the same "kid-making" posture, try some new poses and have sex!

4. If you blame yourself

When a couple has problems with getting pregnant, they first suspect immediately something is wrong with the woman. After all, the man's ejaculations and implements do not mean that the amount or quality of the sperm in the fluids may not be sufficient. 50% of infertile couples have a problem with a female and 40% have a male with a "bug". 10% of them both or neither, and the cause of infertility remains unknown.

5. If the timing is bad

The day of ovulation is not easy to determine. If you have an average 28-day cycle for a woman, then the 14th day has the highest chance of getting pregnant, but as the cycle changes, so does ovulation. Rather than guessing, you should visit a specialist to find out, exactly when you have ovulation, on which day or days you are worthy to be born.

6. If you had sex during the day of ovulation

If you already know when you have ovulation, you should also pay attention to it do not shut down the date. Because the egg is only able to survive for 24 hours, which is the time it takes for fertilization to occur. However, sperm survives for 3-5 days, so it is worthwhile to check on the few days before ovulation to increase the chance of becoming pregnant.

7. If you use a skeleton

Careful with your friends! Also available in the trade can have a negative effect on the movement of sperm, make it difficult for the hatching to the egg. If you insist on lean use, you should use a natural substance, such as olive oil or baby oil, and even egg white can be safe and effective.

8. When I run to the doctor

Did you try two or three months ago, to no avail? Don't rush to the doctor! According to experts, even the most common, productive couples need an average of six months to become pregnant. If you are still 35 years old, have regular menstrual cycles and have no health problems, then wait for a year And only consult a specialist immediately.

9. If you do not seek medical attention in a timely manner

If you are not 35 years old yet have a regular cycle you have health problems (for example, pelvic inflammatory disease, or possibly catching a sexually transmitted disease), you should consult a doctor. Even if you have been 35 years old and half a year old, you have you don't have that much timethan younger couples.

10. If you are not concerned with your health

It is a common mistake for a couple planning a child to have so much they focus on reproductive healthto neglect their general state of health. They know everything about sperm numbers and quality, about ovulation, about timing. But at the same time, they do not worry about health: they are stressed, they smoke, they are overweight, they take medicines. Before you commit to infertility treatment, it is worthwhile to assess your overall health. Visit your home doctor and talk to them about your fertility tips.Related Articles:
- Average Pregnancy Time: When to Worry?
- Nutritional deficiency can also prevent pregnancy
- The age of the male also influences whether the baby will come together
Chicken salad with mango

Do you want to eat something healthy, healthy and easy? Choose a delicious chicken mango salad, which you prepare in just a few minutes.

Preparation time

25 min




100 g green salad

320 g chicken breast

1 baked mango

1 lemon


1 powdered sugar

Method of preparation

Wash well and cut the chicken strips thin. Season with salt and pepper, then fry for about 5 minutes on the grill on both sides. Cut the mango cubes and mix it with the salad in a large bowl.

For dressing mix lemon juice with salt and sugar until the latter dissolves. If you like the special flavors, you can add in a dressing and a teaspoon of freshly ginger or yogurt that contains very little fat.

The mango chicken salad is served cold, simple or with a paste.

Tags Salad

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