How to stimulate a good mood in children

How to stimulate a good mood in children

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6 things you shouldn't feel guilty about

Emotions, fear of the unknown, enthusiasm are states that every pregnant woman goes through when she learns that her baby has taken a baby's life. For nine months, the experiences are the most diverse, ranging from euphoria to depression. Most of the time, future mothers are afraid not to make mistakes that could endanger the lives of unborn babies.

Whether it's something you did, something you didn't do, or something you didn't do enough, you'll find plenty of reasons to feel guilty or ashamed. Experts believe that these anxieties stem from the desire to be a perfect mother. In addition, it seems that many mothers believe that the more they feel guilty, the more it means that they love their children more.

In reality, however, the fault is of no use. It just makes you feel bad. So get rid of these feelings and look at everything in a positive way. We will reveal some of you below the things you shouldn't feel guilty about while you're pregnant.

For the fact that you continue to work

Many women choose to go to work until the last weeks of pregnancy. I do this because, as the legislation is designed, every day in addition to work adds a penny to the child growth allowance. Beyond that, employers rarely have an understanding even with pregnant women, which is why you may find it difficult to break up with hard work just to avoid disappointment.

There will be many people to accuse you of putting your pregnancy in danger. After all, you are the only one who can decide when there is already too much. If you physically allow yourself to go to work everyday, even when the pregnancy is eight months, you have no reason to do so.

Because you're the first to leave the party

You may feel the need for more sleep. When you are pregnant, the body is more sensitive, you are not as strong and you need more rest. And especially sleep. Therefore, you may not be able to stay at parties with your friends until late at night, but at 22:00 you will retire in glory. Well, you have no reason to feel embarrassed. After all, you lead another life, which is energy consuming. It may take many years from now until you manage to put your eyelid back on your eyelid properly.

Because you feel the need to eat junk food

When you are pregnant, you are unofficially allowed to do anything. You don't have to be ashamed to stop at the fast food for a hamburger or shaorm. You also know that you should eat as healthy as possible and that is why you have reprimands. But it's better to eat what you crave than to suffer. It's important not to overdo it. Two or three extra chocolate squares does not kill anyone.

Because you can hardly wait to know the sex of the child

"I don't care what it is, healthy to be," you say in your mouth, but in the depths of your soul you already have a name for your little girl or boy. It is normal for each of us to have an affinity for a particular gender of the child. And there's no reason to be ashamed of it. Curiosity is normal. Obviously you want to know if you have a girl or a boy. And no one is judging you for this and it is not doubted that you love your child just because you are queer to find out faster.

Because you're just waiting to be born

It's normal to hate your pregnancy. It happens to all women. And that's because only the one who didn't carry a baby with a few kilograms in his belly doesn't know how difficult it is. It's hard to move, it's hard to walk, it's hard to stay and especially to sleep. The nine months are wonderful, but at the same time they are very difficult. And it is normal to dislodge and wish in your soul to have a fast-forward button to press and bring closer to the moment of birth.

Because you don't have the perfect belly

Social-media channels have accustomed us to photos in which pregnant women with a perfect belly, as if carved in wax, are proud. And you look in the mirror and you see a blackish streak on the abdomen and possibly with some stretch marks, the eggplants that tuck your skin. And you just hate your belly and don't understand why it doesn't look so good to you to fall in love with it. What you need to know is that any pregnancy belly is beautiful, because in it it grows a life, it beats a heart.

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Quick microwave brownie. Recipe for kids

Quick microwave brownie. Recipe for kids

For children with a sweet tooth and lovers of chocolate There are few sweets more irresistible than a brownie. This American dessert is characterized by being very crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, a real pleasure!

But it may happen that we don't have much time to cook. That will no longer be a problem with this recipe for quick microwave brownie, in just a few minutes you can have a delicious one ready snack for your children.

  • 125 gr. chocolate fondant
  • 125 gr. butter or margarine
  • 130 gr. of sugar
  • 75 ml. milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 75 gr. Of flour
  • 75 gr. walnuts
  • 1 teaspoon yeast

1. Spread a mold with butter or margarine and sprinkle with flour or cocoa powder. Please note that it must be microwave safe.

2. Melt the chocolate with the butter, all chopped. You can do it in the microwave (heating it in batches of 30 seconds, to ensure that it does not burn), or in a traditional way in a water bath.

3. Beat the eggs with the sugar in a bowl until white. Add the previous mixture and mix, when the chocolate is already warm so that the eggs do not set.

4. Finally, add the flour to thicken and the finely chopped walnuts, and mix until a homogeneous dough is left.

5. Pour into the mold and microwave for 4 minutes at maximum power, although times may vary depending on the power of the microwave. Let stand 10 minutes before removing from the microwave, unmold and decorate.

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Yum, tomatoes disguised!

Yum, tomatoes disguised!
The Social Campaign Donates Anything

About coexistence - this time from the utility point of view

Use of forceps at birth

Using forceps at birth is a way to ease the baby's arrival on the world, not necessarily necessary, but preferable to cesarean section. When reaching the last stage of labor, sometimes an episiotomy, the use of a forceps or a suction cup is needed.
The forceps presents as a large, slightly curved forceps that is inserted into the mother's vagina to grab the fetus's skull and is used to remove the baby quickly if it is in a dangerous situation.
When can the forceps be used?
At the end of labor, when the pregnancy begins to push, it may happen that things slow down and that the last phase of labor is unexpectedly prolonged.
By the time the baby's head is already on the birth canal, but the mother is exhausted and unable to push, or if the baby does not feel well, the baby should be rushed to ensure the baby's health.
The forceps is also used when the fetus is not returned to its normal birth position, but is with its legs towards the birth canal.
What happens when the forceps are used?
The pregnant woman should be lying on the bed, in a position similar to that of the gynecological examinations. If an epidural or spinal anesthesia has not been administered until then, it can be done then.
The forceps is then inserted into the vagina and placed on the baby's head, each arm of the clamp above one ear of the fetus. The obstetrician gently pulls for about half a minute each time you have a contraction, to help the baby move forward little by little, until it can be removed manually or through an episiotomy. The rest of the baby's body is removed without the use of forceps.
When the forceps is inserted into the vagina, if the baby does not move at all for three contractions, it is recommended to abandon the instrument and start a caesarean section.
Normally, the pregnancy does not feel any pain when the forceps is in the vagina, but anesthesia is recommended, as the case may be.
What are the risks of birth with the help of the forceps?
Although some moms feel that they were born assisted, wanting a natural birth, the effort that exempts you from using the forceps is worth considering, especially when you are exhausted and have no power to push.
It is possible for the baby to:
• have small bruises on the head or face, but this fact is transient and does not leave traces in time.
• suffers injuries of the facial nerves, but in rare cases and is corrected in time.
• have a fractured collarbone due to the forceps applied
• suffering from cranial malformations, as osteopathic doctors say (who deal with bone pathology), who complain that most of the children they have as patients suffer from the use of forceps at birth.
However, the use of forceps may increase the risk that the new mother may need stitches, due to a tissue rupture or an episiotomy, as well as the risk of affecting the muscle around the anus.

Could a c-section save your sex life?

Could a c-section save your sex life?

Having a baby changes just about everything, including your relationship. But could c-section delivery help keep your sex life intact?

A worried mom-to-be recently took to the our site Community to confess that her partner would rather she shelve her plans for a natural birth in favor of a c-section: "I'm pretty sure it's obvious why. He thinks the sex isn't going to feel the same," she wrote. "Does it really change the feeling? For both?"

Her question garnered plenty of responses, my personal favorite being this one: "What the actual hell??? Your boyfriend wants you to electively have an invasive surgery just to make sure your vagina doesn't feel loose after you're done pushing HIS child out? Wow."

Yeah, what she said.

My jaw would've hit the floor had my husband even hinted anything along these lines, but it does spark an interesting discussion on the lasting effects that childbirth can have on what goes on between the sheets. I'd guess that many moms - and dads - wonder if a natural delivery might put a damper on things, and not just because of possible physical changes. Let's face it, ladies: He's about to see your vagina in a whole new light.

Interestingly, just last month it was revealed that Brazil's sky-high c-section rate - 52% of Brazilian women deliver via c-section, more than the 32% of women in the US and far more than the 10-15% recommended by the World Health Organization - is due in large part to moms' concerns about their post-baby sex lives.

"The Brazilian woman is concerned with her sexuality and fears that giving birth will alter the perineum, which is a myth," says Vera Fonseca, director of the Brazilian Federation of Gynecological Associations.

Other doctors agree, saying that if anything a c-section could have a greater impact on intercourse than a vaginal delivery. According to Dr. Arun Gosh of the Liverpool Spire One clinic: "[You'll] retain vaginal tightness, which is great for your partner.... [but] Caesarean sections can actually make vaginal intercourse more painful. There's a greater risk of surgical scarring around your uterus and you're much more vulnerable to infection."

Having had two natural deliveries, that's the only type of childbirth that I can speak to. To be honest, I was a little perturbed at the thought of my husband watching me push our babies out, but my plans for him to stay "above the waist" were quickly forgotten when the nurse instructed him to hold onto one of my legs. In that moment, I could not have cared less what or how much he was seeing. And in the end, it really didn't make a difference - there was no negative impact, be it of the physical or psychological variety.

That's not to say that having a baby didn't affect our sex life. How could it not? Taking care of a newborn is an around-the-clock job, and changing dirty diapers doesn't generally put a person in the mood for romance. When two people become three - and when the littlest one has a habit of screaming bloody murder at 2am each morning - it's bound to put a damper on things, at least for a while.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

When Can I Resume Intercourse After a Cesarean

On our site we present different crafts ideas for cards or postcards to congratulate Christmas. The ideas, as well as the making of the cards, are a special collaboration of Bambola creative house. Here are the written instructions on how to do the craft in case you have any questions. Enjoy the video of this craft and make a personalized card with your children.

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