Tuna tart and beans (Poupady)


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He gives out free potency boosters, so the kid gets bigger

She was surprised by the mayor of a French village: she gave couples free potency-boosting medicine because she hoped to have more babies.

Jean Debouzy, the mayor of Montereau, a village of just 650 souls, has decided to give all local couples between the ages of 18 and 40 free potency-enhancing drugs, increasing the chance of having more children locally. Also, you're ready to reward your newborn babies with special "boons" (though you don't detail what you mean).What does it take to have more children in small towns? With fewer children, there is an increased risk of closing the school and forcing families to seek appropriate educational facilities away from home.May , yes nobody actually applied for the free pharmacy.Egyelхre tisztбzott not, either, how does the legбlis potencianцvelхkkel "ьzletelni" such mуdon, because they tнpusъ gyуgyszerek vйnykцtelesek Franciaorszбgban.A smaller villages vбrosok йs elnйptelenedйse, lakossбguk elцregedйse rendkнvьl serious kйrdйs Franciaorszбgban, йs the local vezetхk deploy azйrt хrьltebbnйl хrьltebb цtleteket, to change the situation and avoid having to close out online transactions. The mayor of Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois, for example, tried to call attention to the shortcomings in health care by forbidding city residents to get sick. And in the city of Jules-Ferry, 15 sheep were symbolically entered into the local school to provide the institution with the necessary funding. (Via)Also worth reading:
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You may also need to reclaim the CSOK

Expanding the CSOK, Wednesday's Gov. Gulyabs, Prime Minister, spoke about this.

Gulyabs said the government said the apartment cassette was light, with less than 10 years less than 3 years with CSOK. The ltp program spends around $ 70 billion a year on CSOK expansion. There are still many questions about CSOK expansion, but the Index says that two elements seem to be sound, according to Goulash's government report: CSOK can be used for refurbishment. comes the village CSOK. Whether or not they extend the circle of rightholders, nothing can be known. You may also need to reclaim the CSOK With regard to the elimination of house coverings, Gulyab said that the opponents of the social backing were more likely to represent the banks in Parliament, in favor of housing support for the LTP, Gulyab said: it has changed in the meantime that the House has adopted a law change. The government believes that this money will simply be better utilized within the CSOK program, which was considered when supporting the proposal.
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Once upon a time, every mother experiences a sense of guilt when, for some reason, she has to look after her child. If you do this because you go back to work, you will be immediately received. From this we collected a bunch of currency.

12 questions not to ask a working mother

1. Is it too early to go back to work?
Oh… no. I think this is the perfect time.2. Why don't you take advantage of being home now?
After all, you have no idea what it means to be home (even with more kids). It's all fun and laughs.3. And who cares for your child?
One among the people who are still responsible for it.4. Do you have no consciousness?
None, unless you ask for them.5. Does your child miss me?
And don't you miss a bit of goodness from the star?6. Don't you worry that you miss her?
Fortunately, I can see it inside two urns.7. Don't want to spend more time with it?
Izй. We live under one roof, you know.8. Isn't the builder / private a bit shy?
Thanks for remembering.9. Why is your work so important?
Urgh.10. Has your career always been the first?
Just look…11. And what does your boss say about this?
Yeah, he can't. LOL12. Aren't you very tired?
You see, you're right about one thing.
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3-4 years: our toys selection

The weekend of Marvel superheroes in Bucharest

The weekend of Marvel superheroes in Bucharest

The 4 Marvel heroes are dating for the first time with Romanian fans!

Bucharest, April 2012 - Marvel superheroes loved by audiences worldwide - Spider Man, Captain America, Thor and Iron Man - I arrive for the first time at an extra-ordinary meeting with fans from Romania, at Afi Cotroceni (April 28) and respectively Sun Plaza (April 29). The four are announcing the long awaited movie release in theaters Avengers on May 4, 2012.

Revenge is the most anticipated Marvel movie: for the first time in the studio's history, all the superheroes come together in the same production, full of adventure and suspense. The Great Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Howkeye, Black Widow and Thor respond to the agency's request for peacekeeping and unite their efforts against Loki and his accomplices in trying to save the world.

"We expect the little ones with a bum of energy and superpowers. It's a unique opportunity for kids, because Marvel superheroes are eager to get to know them and learn their tricks," said Corina Constantin, Marketing and Communication Manager, Walt Disney, Romania.

Saturday at AFI Cotroceni and Sunday at Sun Plaza, starting at 14:00, Spider Man, Captain America, Thor and Iron Man they will parade in front of the public. The little ones and the big ones will be able to photograph with the characters and they will be able to demonstrate their superpowers within the specially arranged area within the two malls.

The children are expected with prizes and surprises in the space with coloring pages of the Warriors and the themed logo areas. Also here, they will have the opportunity to become a mini-Spider-Man, training with the new Spider-Man video game and painting with the supertinctive marks of the superhero.
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Yum, croquettes golden wish that will surely open the appetite. From 16 months.


  • 80 g of a big potato
  • 40 g cooked fish
  • 1 C. fresh cream
  • 1 egg
  • 1 C. tablespoon breadcrumbs
  • frying oil
  • salt


Peel the potato and cut it into cubes. Cook for 10 minutes in salted boiling water. Drain it and pass it to the potato masher with the fish and cream. Form small balls in the palm of your hand, roll them in the bread crumbs and fry them in very hot oil. When they are brown, take them out of the skimmer and let them drain on paper towels. Serve hot.

I became a baby - you are buying a lifestyle

I became a baby - you are buying a lifestyle

Meaning of the name Ítalo. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Ítalo. Name for boys

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